Eden Ch. 02


Slightly put out by her comment on my height but aroused by the thought of her with the other nuns, I said, "Oh, well. Looks like I've turned you off men for life then!"

"Oh no, not you, Grark. You were always so lovely to me; you don't scare me at all. If only I could take you somewhere private, I'd have sex with you straight away, for old times' sake. But I can't leave the convent and I can't take you off the church floor. Although, I could probably suck you off here though if you're not too noisy."

I hadn't been expecting any such thing but didn't hesitate. "Er, why not," I said standing up and pulling my cock out and pushing it through the partition for Sparkle's attention.

Sparkle's slurping mouth brought back memories of my time on the base. Watching my penis slowly sliding out of her full pout as her tongue danced over the head of my dick was both heavenly and comfortingly familiar.

Her big brown eyes looked up at me adoringly as she sucked, making me feel like I was the most important thing in the universe for those few minutes as she bobbed her head up and down me until I came generously over her loving tongue.

"Fuck, that was good, Sparkle," I said, as she wiped her mouth delicately, licking her fingers clean.

"I do miss you, Grark. I haven't touched a cock since I last saw you. You promise you'll come back and visit? I'll suck you off again."

"Oh, fuck, yes, Sparkle. I'll be back," I assured her.

After I'd said goodbye to Sparkle, I made the short hop to Merak III to find Carrie, knowing that she might be difficult to contact but determined to find her.

And indeed the greeting I got on Merak was inhospitable, to say the least. I was quarantined and fumigated like an animal before I was allowed to touchdown. The unfriendly Mod officials quizzed me on my reasons for visiting as if I were a common criminal. Well maybe, they were right about that but there was no need to be rude.

Obviously I didn't reveal my true intentions, instead fabricating a dull story about trying to set up an export contract for the local delicacy, an intoxicating yet faintly rancid tree sap. I was told that I had no chance but that I could stay in the sole hostel reserved for my kind ("Dirty Rocker Scum") and that I wasn't allowed out of the spaceport area.

The hostel was basic yet functional and staffed by a miserable Rocker family who told me that I was wasting my time trying to do any business with the Mods of Merak III. I thanked them for their concern, told them I'd be staying a few days and locked myself in my room, eager to access the local systems.

It didn't take long to find out that Carrie was now married to Lord J. Jango Hawberry, a scion of the immensely influential Hawberry family, and a respected politician in his own right. So she was no longer Carrie Butterfly-Loveflute but rather Her Gorgeousness, the Lady Hawberry of Merakby.

It took a lot longer to work out how to contact her.

It would have been easy to get in touch with her husband's office but that didn't seem the most politic of solutions. I mean what would I say? Hi, I used to fuck your wife a lot – please can you help me find out about a planet a rogue Mod planet? I decided to try a different tack.

After some patient research and some online deception, I eventually managed to find the communication details of Merakby Manor, home to the Hawberry family.

I considered trying to sneak out to see her but concluded that the risk would just be too great.

Instead I sent a message to the house from the fictitious Eden Clothing Emporium, proprietor Tinkle Grark, saying that her new suit was ready for collection and including my contact details. I figured that Carrie was more than intelligent enough to work out the message.

I was right but what I hadn't expected was for her to turn up in person at the hostel.

I was woken in the early hours by an insistent message on my communicator.

"I'm outside – let me in," Carrie said.

It was easy enough to sneak her in and up to my room without alerting anyone. Once there she slipped off the hooded cloak she had been wearing to maintain her anonymity.

I gasped as she revealed her long tall curvy body. As with every Mod woman, she was flawlessly lovely.

Her cool blue eyes contrasted deliciously with her glowing brown skin and her black hair was long and lustrous down her back. I'd forgotten just how lengthy her legs and just how large her breasts were. Her tight black two-pieced outfit showcased her figure perfectly.

Before I'd had a chance to speak, she said heatedly, "Grark! What the fuck are you doing here? Have you any idea how dangerous it is for you to be here?"

Slightly surprised by her anger, I replied sarcastically, "I'm pleased to see you too, Carrie."

With a sigh she sat down heavily on my bed, crossing her long legs and shaking her head.

"I'm sorry, Grark. It's just that Rockers aren't very welcome on this planet and if anyone found out I were consorting with one... Let's just say my life wouldn't be very pleasant. I'm a married woman now."

I smiled at her encouragingly, sitting down beside her. "It's OK. Nobody will know. I think my message was cryptic enough to fool anyone who might have seen it. So what's happened to you then?"

Carrie appeared a little more reassured and began to explain that, once she had made sure that Tinkerbell and Sparkle had made it back to their families, she had been determined to get her life back to normal, in particular wanting to make sure she was financially secure.

After some research, she had decided to spend some time at a resort known to be frequented by the influential and wealthy, sharing her delectable body as a bribe to pay her way. Eventually she had met Hawberry and seduced him, ultimately becoming his wife.

I congratulated her on the successful execution of her plan and she smiled wryly in return.

"Grark, I can't stay too long otherwise I might be missed. As it happens, Jango is off-planet at the moment so I'll be OK for a little while but I don't want to take any ridiculous risks." She stood up and kicked off her shoes, before peeling down her tight black trousers to reveal her lack of underclothing. "Come on then, let's get on with it."

I stared at the tiny strip of dark hair sitting just above her lewd pussy lips, my penis hardening instantly.

"What are you doing?" I asked rather stupidly.

Carrie stopped, her eyes wide in surprise. "Oh! I thought you were here to fuck me. You mean you don't want to?"

I hurriedly pulled off my pants. "Oh, no, I really really do! There's something else I'd like to discuss too though."

Carrie pushed me back on the bed, her long brown legs straddling me as she rudely fingered her cunt, before plunging down on my cock with a deep sigh.

As she slowly ground her hips back and forth, squeezing me with her tight pussy muscles, she lent back and pulled off her top, her fat breasts bouncing hypnotically as they were released. I reached up to pinch her high dark brown nipples which were as perky and suckable as I remembered.

We fucked for a good hour in several different positions, Carrie coming repeatedly, making delicious high animal grunts as she orgasmed. Eventually I couldn't hold off any more and held her tightly in my arms as I spunked long and hard deep in her delightfully snug pussy.

As we held each other's sweaty naked bodies in a post-coital haze, I commented that I hadn't expected her to be so keen to fuck, considering her status as a respectable married woman.

She kissed my cheek, whilst idly playing with the mat of hair on my chest.

"I couldn't think why else you'd want to see me. I just assumed you missed using my Mod body and had turned up to shag me. Was I wrong?" she said, tweaking my left nipple.

"Oh, no. I really missed your body. And that was a fantastic fuck. Thanks so much!" I answered truthfully.

She kissed me tenderly. "I missed you too, Grark. Although, I'm very happy to be married and to be so well off. I don't want for anything. And Jango is gorgeous, tall and muscled, like all Mod men."

I hated him already.

She continued, "But the sex just isn't as free and as forceful as it was when I was with you. Before I came here I was expecting that you'd want to have me and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to pretend that I was enjoying it. But when I saw you, I just wanted it to be like it used to be."

She seemed to have forgotten that she was in a hurry. "What else did you want?" she asked, idly tickling my soft cock with her long fingernails.

I explained about my quest to find out all I could about the planet Celestine.

"I think I've heard of Celestine," she answered. "It's supposed to be a colony of Mods who hate Rockers so much that they moved Beyond to get away from them. Considering the resources that Jango's office has at its disposal, I should be able to find out a lot more. I won't be able to slip away but I'll send you some data tomorrow."

I thanked her with a squeeze of her huge firm breasts as she languidly wanked me with both of her hands before slipping down my body to toss me off into her mouth, flicking her tongue over my knob. I tried to hold off for as long as possible but it wasn't long before I spunked generously over her tongue for what seemed an age. She happily swallowed every drop with relish, before getting up to get dressed.

As she left, she kissed me lovingly, "Please be careful, Grark. And come back and see me if you can, although make sure you're discreet."

As promised, Carrie sent me a full profile of Celestine the next day. Within a few hours I had left the hostel and was on course for Beyond.

Apparently the colony of Celestine had been founded a couple of hundred years before by a group of radical Mod separatists whose view was that Rockers were a different sub-human species. There were only a few hundreds of thousands in the community but they believed in strict segregation from Rockers and wouldn't even import Rocker-made goods.

Finding a suitable planet to support a large population was extremely difficult and, despite being a haven from Rockers, Celestine was highly geologically active with a poor atmosphere, forcing the colonists to live under artificial conditions on the Southern tip of the largest continent. The plan had been to terraform the planet further but the strict rules covering the use of Seeding Bombs had made this prohibitive in terms of cost.

As I absorbed the information pack, I was beginning to see why Celestine was so desperate for a Seeding Bomb. I sat up though when I read the section on recent history.

Just a few years before, Althea Smite, the current Arch-Prime or elected leader of Celestine, had won office on a platform promising that she had access to a Seeding Bomb that would allow the colony to expand. However since then her promise had remained unfulfilled. And indeed with another election coming up, she looked like being dismissed by the disgruntled electorate.

It didn't take a genius to conclude that the Seeding Bomb to which Smite was referring was the one I had found. Which would then lead to the inevitable deduction that Arch-Prime Althea Smite had ordered one of her own navy ships to locate me, kill me and take the bomb.

I planned carefully how I would approach Smite. I was really looking forward to meeting her.

I stopped off at a friendly world, not far Beyond to stock up on some particular items and to make a few precautionary modifications to the Libertine. And then I headed off to Celestine.

Celestine was relatively far Beyond, a long way from civilisation. My impression as I approached was a world not too much smaller than Earth but with a lot less land area.

I was hailed by an automated brain as soon as I was spotted, warning me that no Rocker would be allowed to land on Celestine and that I would be destroyed if I approached any closer without identifying myself. Very friendly, I thought.

I stopped and sent a message marked for the attention of Arch-Prime Smite containing a simple picture of the first of three ignition keys for the Seeding Bomb. I put my feet up and waited for them to take the bait.

Within an hour I was being hailed by video.

I hadn't been prepared for just how gorgeous Althea Smite looked so I probably gaped vacantly a bit when her face appeared on screen. She had waves of shiny black hair and the greenest eyes I had ever seen, large and luminous. It was difficult to tell her age but she looked like she used to being obeyed. If she hadn't already tried to kill me, I would probably have fallen in love with her, although I understood she was married. I could certainly see why she had been voted into office: even for a Mod, she was implausibly attractive.

"Who are you?" she asked haughtily in a husky melodious voice, with a look of disgust on her face at the sight of my unsightly Rocker face.

I smiled back at her. "Well, that's not a very nice way of greeting someone who can grant your dearest wish. My name is Captain Grark Shank. I believe I've got something you might want."

"Shank!" she exclaimed, her beautiful face furious with shock. "But you're..."

"...Dead?" I finished for her, my suspicions confirmed.

She stared at me in astonishment. "Wh-what do y-you want?" she stammered eventually.

"I think it might be a good idea if we meet. Like I say, I have something you really, really want."

The line went dead.

I chuckled to myself at his stunned reaction. I settled down to wait.

A few hours later, I was woken by the ship's alarms signalling that we were under attack. I checked the screens. As expected, Smite had sent a ship to take the Bomb, attacking using a UV-missile with the aim of killing me and destroying the ship's control systems without damaging any cargo aboard.

Now, I know I can be a fool but there was no way I was going to fall for the same gag twice. I had, relatively cheaply, armoured the Libertine with a defensive grid which happily absorbed the pulse of radiation and stored it. They were cumbersome devices not normally found on freighters like the Libertine but easily fitted if really necessary.

The missile was harmlessly absorbed by the grid, charging up the ship's defensive fields. Chortling, I waited to be hailed once more.

Smite took a long time to swallow her pride; I was attacked ineffectively by UV missile twice more, obviously with the aim of destroying me while not damaging the Seeding Bomb, before I was finally contacted again.

She looked at me as if I were a pubic hair she'd just found in her luxury ice cream.

"I will send up a transfer vessel to bring you to the surface," she began haughtily, as if she hadn't just tried to kill me for a third, or rather, fourth time.

"I don't think so," I cut across her, although I really could have listened to her smoky voice forever. "Considering your clumsy attacks, I'm not so sure I'd be too safe down there. You can come up here. I'm not so stupid to expose myself to whatever welcoming committee you've prepared for me."

Her deliciously challenging eyes widened in anger. "Never! I'm not coming up to your filthy germ-ridden ship!"

I smiled my most irritating smile. "Well, in that case, I'll just have to see if I can find a market for my merchandise elsewhere. See you, later Arch-Prime!"

"Wait! Just wait!" I could see her desperately searching for the right words. "Have you really got a Seeding Bomb?" she asked in an almost humble voice. Almost. Her eyes still flashed contemptuously as she spoke.

"Yes, I have. You come up here alone and unarmed and you can check it." I showed her the full set of initiation keys, a series of marked metal discs with Hitachi-Morris branding. "This is my final offer. Refuse once more and I'm gone."

She gasped, as those glorious verdant eyes stared hungrily at the keys. She nodded slowly before answering. "OK."

Two hours later her shuttle docked with The Libertine.

I watched her via camera as she entered the airlock. She was tall and dressed in bulky white clothing which hid her body effectively but it was obvious that she was absolutely gorgeous.

I waited a moment to admire her beauty before I activated a microphone and spoke to her via a speaker. "Welcome, Arch-Prime Spite. I see you've kept the first part of our agreement by coming alone. Now, I want to make sure you are unarmed. Please stand still."

Her eyes widened in alarm as the ship scanned her remotely. Immediately a warning chime sounded.

"Oh, dear, Arch-Prime," I chastised. "It seems that you are carrying a weapon. A Diablo-XC7 Ass-Popper Laserpistol if I'm correct."

She looked crestfallen, obviously not expecting me to have installed sophisticated scanners in the airlock.

"I'm afraid you have violated my trust once too often. If you want to come in, then you can disrobe and put your clothing into the open hatch."

"What! Never! Don't be obscene," she refused angrily,

I smiled. "In which case, please feel free to recall your shuttle and leave."

She hung her head dejectedly for a full minute before lifting her face and shaking her head. I wasn't sure but she seemed to have tears in her eyes. She murmured to herself inaudibly whilst pulling off her boots, jacket and heavy trousers, before dumping them in the hatch. Underneath she was wearing nothing more than a tight white vest and matching panties as well as an arm holster for her gun.

I let out a long sigh as I admired her body, long and curvaceous.

"Put the gun in the hatch or leave," I ordered.

She hesitated further, obviously torn between the salvation of a Seed Bomb and getting out of this awful situation.

Evidently, she made a decision because she pulled off the holster and weapon and unceremoniously dumped it into the transfer hatch before crossing her arms sullenly.

She looked stunning, her bold features and wide mouth framed perfectly by her shiny dark hair.

I rubbed my expanding crotch whilst the ship analysed her again. She was safe now.

"Ok," I said via the microphone. "You can come in." I opened the door to the cargo bay remotely and went down to meet her.

In the cargo bay, she walked towards me warily, obviously uncomfortable at being partially undressed.

"Wait, there," I said. "Put your arms above your head and turn slowly."

She grunted in annoyance but complied, allowing me to inspect her body, ostensibly for any undetected weapons.

I sighed in wonder at her taut slender body and enormous boobs while she peeled off her leggings. She really was tall, maybe 15cm taller than me, with extraordinarily long legs and a stupendous bosom.

I got a closer look at her pale creamy skin, smooth and perfect. On closer inspection she appeared maybe only in her early-thirties, young to be a successful politician. Then again, maybe because she was a Mod, she looked younger than she really was.

Her delightfully shaped mouth was tight in anger as I stared through her thin vest at her boobs, which appeared to be perfectly round and with large dark nipples that were stiff with cold, pointing at me accusingly.

Her knickers were semi-transparent and I could clearly make out a small patch of dark hair sitting cutely above her pussy.

I had to remind that she had had no compunction about ordering my killing.

She looked down at me disdainfully. "If you've had enough of ogling me can I have my clothes?" she demanded.

I just smiled and shook my head. "No, you've already tried to murder me. You don't deserve any consideration."

She seemed to deflate at this and once again she looked like she might cry. I was impressed when she took a deep breath and looked back up at me assertively once more.

"Do you have it?" Her voice was softer, perhaps less demanding. Maybe she was realising that she wasn't exactly in the strongest of positions.

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