tagErotic HorrorEden's Nightmare Ch. 03

Eden's Nightmare Ch. 03


"So Fraulein," the priest asked. "Which one shall I whip you with?"

Eden was really scared now. The immediacy of her situation frightened her like nothing had ever frightened her before and truth, she'd faced death several times these past hundred plus years of vampiric life. That Gunther was going to beat her, just to do the act, not to get information, not as revenge, not as anything remotely justifiable to what she had done to him was so alien to her experiences.

He was really going to do it, she thought!


"Ummm, you..." She hesitated, the coppery taste of her blood still on her lips. "You said the riding crop was a good...for a beginner..."

She shivered, and not from the chill of the basement.

Gunther smiled and stepped close. With one hand he caressed her cheek, where he'd slapped her earlier.

"You can get through this," he whispered. "Be strong."

Eden was again struck by how deep an arctic blue the priest's eyes were. Good eyes, she thought. Sexy eyes too. She wondered what they would be like staring into while he lay between her legs, his hard cock inside of her, about to fuck her.

She closed her eyes and gave him the smallest of nods.

He moved away.

"We shall begin then..." he said.

Eden hung there for several long moments, eyes closed, while she heard him rummaging around in the bags he'd brought.

"Did you know that Council ordered me to record your Scourging on video?"

Her eyes snapped open at that.

"What the fuck!" she exclaimed, looking around the small basement for cameras. "Don't tell me those sick bastards are going to watch..."

Gunther laughed loudly.

"No, no, no." he said, kneeling behind the table. "I merely said they wanted me to."

He stood holding a short black riding crop in his hand.

"Not that I would."

Eden sighed in relief.

"A Scourging is a very personal experience." He slapped the tip of the riding crop in his other palm. "Not some sort of crude entertainment for the Masses."

Gunther shook his head.

"There were comments about wanting to make sure I did the job right." He frowned. "Luckily for them, there are some of the older members who still understand..."

He was clearly angry. Funny, she had a flash just then, of Gunther clad in priestly black, staring down the entire Council.

"There was a time in the Past when a man's Word was his Bond." Gunther almost growled. "When Honor meant something."

He swung the riding crop through the air hard.

"This current generation, they don't believe a thing without seeing it with their own eyes. Fraulein Renauldi and her bunch..." He walked to her side. "I do believe they wanted to make you the next Internet porn star."

"Fucking bitch," Eden muttered.

"A fitting term for that one, though it may insult dogs." Gunther smiled. "As I suggested, you would do well to get revenge on that one quickly."

"Yeah, I'm going to have to think of a suitable...Owwww!"

Eden yelped!

While she had been distracted by what the priest had been saying, he'd gotten into position where he could give her ass a spank with the crop. The blow had surprised her, more than hurt. She still had her panties on but the thin fabric didn't offer any protection.

Gunther smiled at her reaction.

"You've really never been spanked before?" he asked.

Eden, face red from embarrassment, shook her head no.

"I feel somewhat..." He shook his head, chuckling. "I'm not sure what."

He slide the leather tip across her ass softly.

"I feel almost used."

Gunther pulled the crop back, then hit her on the ass. Eden winched.

"Like hiring a skilled brain surgeon to remove a splinter."

He hit her ass again.

"Overqualified for the task," he muttered.

Eden felt anger herself for a moment, at the implied insult that she wasn't worth his time but then he spanked her again and she was focused on more immediate concerns. If the priest felt the job he was doing was beneath him, it didn't show in the way he did it.

The blows stung but not so badly as to be unbearable. Painful sure, but Eden almost wondered what the fuss was all about. Slowly Gunther spanked her, working his way across her buttocks. As he did, Eden found her breathing getting deeper and deeper, almost in anticipation to each blow.

Minutes went by as the priest spanked her, and Eden could feel her ass getting warmer and warmer with each blow. Soon her whole ass was glowing. It was almost pleasant she thought. It stung, yes and hurt but not terribly like his earlier punches. The sensation worked it's way around her hips and soon Eden felt a strange tingling in her crotch.

Damned, she thought, I'm getting turned on by this!

The pain got greater as the flesh became sensitive to the blows. Yet the pain only made the pleasure better. Eden closed her eyes and sighed. Her clit was a stiff point rubbing against the silk of her panties. It was almost enough sensation but not quite. When Gunther's next blow struck her, she pushed her ass back against the strike.

She moaned at the pain and pleasure the harder blow caused. If that felt good, what he did next nearly made her cum.

Gunther stopped spanking her. She wiggled at the lack until she felt his hand on her ass. Eden gasped, for as warm as her ass had felt, to feel his hand slowly stroke her buttocks, it felt to her like a hot fur covered glove caressing her flesh. She pushed herself back against his touch, breathing in great gasps.

"Please..." she whispered.

Eden felt then his other hand, slide itself along her ribs and then to her front. His hand cupped her left breast at the bottom and softly squeezed it through her bra. She moaned. Her breasts had been so far untouched and now that he lightly felt them, Eden's body shivered.

Gunther let his hand reach upward and grazed lightly across her bra. Her nipples were stiff hard points pressing against the silk. When his fingers touched them Eden shook all over.

"Please..." she whispered again.

The bra had a front clasp, and Gunther with quick deft movements opened it. The cool basement air on her flesh just added to her excitement.

"You vampires..." he said softly, his breath in her ear almost a caress. "Such sluts."

One of his fingers touched her left nipple. He slowly moved it around in a circle, stroking it. The finger was rough and callused, yet Eden had never felt anything so enjoyable as him stroking her then. Her whole body quiver on the razor's edge of a orgasm, one she just knew would shake her to the core.

Then he was gone.

Eden nearly collapsed, hanging from the bonds around her wrists. She gasped, her body limp, nearly weeping at the desire she felt. Eden would have sold the soul she no longer had, if Gunther would have only let her cum then.

She heard him over at the table, doing something.

Eden moaned, her legs quivering at having yet again been taken to the edge of pleasure and denied. She tried to wiggle her thighs back and forth, tried to cross over the edge herself and finally cum but she couldn't. The way she was spread and bound prevented her.

The forceful blow surprised her out of her lust.

Gunther reached back and hit her with the flogger a second time.

Both blows had been across her lower chest and the priest had been right in his description, they were like solid blows of a fist, pushing the breath from her. Worse, the many strands stung her skin like fire.

His third blow took her across her naked breasts.

Eden screamed!

He hit her there three more times before he paused.

"Did you think it was all tease?" Gunther asked, swinging the flogger slowly.

This time the strands of leather hit her belly, at the waist band of her panties. Most above, but some licked across the top of her sex. Eden's body jerked. She tried to turn away but the priest hit her there again.

And again.

He kept at his work, striking the front of her body from silk covered crotch to naked heaving breasts. And unlike the touch of the riding crop, the glow she felt as her skin was whipped was not a pleasant thing. No rosy glow to incite desire.

Minutes passed as he beat her, then he slowly began working his way around to her back. When he got to where the pole was in the way, he concentrated on her legs. Leaning in, he hit the tops of her thighs. Sometimes the strands would kiss the tender flesh of the inside of her leg, and once the tips caught her right at the top, stinging the flesh near her sex.

That brought a scream and another pause.

Her chest heaved as she tried to breath. Even though the basement was chilly, sweat dripped from her skin. The pause made her shiver. Gunther was behind her and she couldn't see him. She could hear him though slowly panting from his exertion.

The pause dragged on and on, and waiting became it's own form of torture.

"Shall we continue?" Gunther finally whispered.

Eden closed her eyes, waiting for the blows.

She didn't have long to wait.

His first blow was across her back and he worked his way up. One blow caught her under the upheld arm and licked forward. Eden moaned as he did it again, this time further. Several strands touched the side of her breast. He shifted to the other side and did the same there.

Then he shifted his aim and hit her ass.

Eden screamed again.

He gave her just a couple of spanks before moving lower to strike her legs from behind now. First the left leg then the right. Soon Eden was hoping from one foot to the other, the pain of the blow making the leg struck unable to support her weight.

Then he was back to her ass.

The earlier pain from the riding crop had faded but her ass was still sensitive. The blow of the flogger hurt like bloody hell. Gunther kept at it, hitting her over and over across the ass. It was too much for the fabric of her panties.

They ripped, baring the red abused flesh to the chill air.

Another pause.

Eden hung there, much of her weight on her wrists, for the repeated blows to her legs had them cramping and unable to bear her. She heard him walking back to the table but she was so exhausted she couldn't look up to see what he was doing.

Pain exploded across her mind.

She screamed!

Pain struck her again with a crack.

Eden pushed her head up through sheer force of will.

The priest stood there, now holding the long thin whip. He flicked it back and then struck her with it. The leather wrapped itself around her body and the tip hit her stomach. The pain was incredible. She'd been burnt once in a fire and this was all that and more. Sharp and focused where the whip touched. Worse, she clearly felt the burning sensation as it opened her skin. Blood began to drip from the blows and scent the air with coppery promise.

Gunther struck her again.

She screamed!

All thoughts of pleasure were gone as Eden tried to do anything she could to get away from the kiss of that whip. She pulled at her bonds, straining with all her might, trying to get free.

The priest hit her again.

Eden jerked and jerked.

He hit her yet again.

Eden jerked and jerked, each time pain forcing her body to recoil.

He hit her once more.

"Oh please God!" she sobbed. "Stop, please, stop..."

Gunther walked up to her hanging form, smiling.

"I said you'd call to God when I used this on you."

"Please," Eden gasped. "Don't..."

He looked at his watch.

"There is not much time left for this session," he said. "If you can hold out for a bit longer, then..."

Eden understood the promise. Could she endure Hell for the pleasure of Heaven?

"You have 10 seconds to decide."

She was gasping, the pain of that whip still etched starkly across her mind. Could she endure more of that horrible pain?

Did she have a choice?

"Now Fraulein!" he ordered.

Eden barely nodded, accepting the deal.

Gunther smiled and flicked the whip back in preparation.

When the leather touched her flesh, Eden screamed!


She hung unmoving from the shackles around her wrists.

It had seemed like an eternity of pain, yet now that her mind had a rest, it had probably not been more than five minutes. Still she was so drained she couldn't stand. Blood dripped from dozens of cuts, streaking her sweaty form in red.

Some of which were on her naked breasts. The priest hadn't restricted his blows to just her lower body. A few had been across her freshly spanked ass. She'd screamed her throat raw at those strikes.

Many of them had hit her across the back and then the chest. Her flesh was flayed open at the repeated blows. Here and there bone actually showed, where multiple strikes had cut her deep to the ribs. Those wounds slowly closed, her natural ability to heal repairing the damage.

What it could not do was heal the scars on her mind. Eden had just gone through the worst thing she'd ever experienced, and yet, the night was not done. The priest still had several hours to work his worst on her before it would end.

She understood then why he'd said she had the option to end it with the knife. The pain of the beating coursed in waves and waves across her bound hanging body.

Eden felt gentle hands on her neck as Gunther helped her raise her head.

"Drink," he said.

She expected water but was surprised. The cup he put to her lips held blood.

Warm sweet succulent blood!

Not much though. Eden greedily gulped the small amount down. It fired the demon in her body and set her flesh to tingling. She sighed, the pain of the whipping and the pleasure of the blood washing over her. She licked at her lips, savoring the taste and wanting more. Sweet and thick though there was something different about it.

"Now then, Fraulein," Gunther asked. "I made you a promise, didn't I?"

Eden looked up.

The priest was standing near the table, slowly stroking his arm below the rolled up sleeve. There was a fresh cut on it, that quickly closed. Eden realized then, that the blood he had given her to drink, had been his own.

"I promised you pleasure, didn't I?" he asked.

He walked over to stand before her.

"Would you finally like to cum?" he asked.

She gave a soft gasp, as his hand caressed her stomach below her breasts. His touch on her open wounds, now closing, set electric shocks through her flesh. He leaned in until his mouth was right next to her ear.

"Would you?" he whispered.

Eden sighed.

With first one hand then the other, Gunther softly caressed her beaten flesh. Slowly the wounds closed, the blood stopped dripping, the fiery pain she felt ebbed, and turned into pleasure.

She gave a gasp when his hand touched her breast.

He took them in his hands, the fingers stroking her lightly, until they found her nipples. Nipples stiff and hard. Gunther leaned down and blew his breath across them. The warm air was like a lover's kiss.

Taking one hand, he slid it then slowly down her shaking form. A bound and shaking form. Eden pulled against her bonds urging him to go faster but he didn't.

Her fangs dropped from the roof of her mouth and even that small pain was a joy.

Down, down his hand slid until she could feel its heat almost touching her sex.

Then it was.

Eden moaned.

Gunther let his finger press against her, like the knife had earlier. He pressed upward, and the lips of her sex opened, wrapping themselves around his finger through the silk. He moved that finger back and forth, lightly touching her.

Slowly he pressed upward, slowly he stroked her.

Eden's body shook at the feather light touch and then she felt it, her orgasm, long denied, long teased to almost, almost there, rolled up from inside her tortured body.

"Cum for me, Eden," he whispered.

She screamed in joy, wept in pleasure, and finally...Eden came!

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