tagTransgender & CrossdressersEdie's Journey Ch. 01

Edie's Journey Ch. 01


Chapter -1 - Beginnings

"We really have to do something to help grandma and grandpa Honey. I mean they aren't able to keep up with their house cleaning anymore and they aren't eating properly!"

"I know Tom, I know! I'm sick over it. We can't afford to pay for a helper and they love their independence so much! What can we do?" And that was the conversation between my parents that led to my changing from a son and grandson to a daughter and granddaughter.

My name at birth was Edward, the youngest of four sons. I was literally the runt of the liter dwarfed by my father and brothers, my mother even being a taller than me. I had just turned 18 years old and had graduated high school. My brothers were all out of the house either married or living in other places.

My grandparents were elderly, living in another part of the state, and needed assisted living but were not willing to leave their home to live in a nursing home and who could blame them. My parents were desperate to find a way to make this happen and this is how things came about.

It was my mother who convinced my father that I was perfect for their needs. "Tom, you know how Eddie is, so unlike the other boys. He loves to help me in the kitchen and do the housework. He is so much more sensitive than a boy should be! I often think of him as the daughter we never had!"

"Well, you're partly to blame for that -- dressing him up since he was a baby in girl's clothes and teaching him how to cook and clean! Why he can even sew better than you can!"

"I know Tom but look at him -- he should have been a girl! He is so naturally feminine not just in his mannerism but physically as well!"

"Oh you mean his tiny little pecker and the fact that he is barely over five feet tall, sure then! And you let his hair stay long, so what else could you expect?"

"Not just his penis Tom but his overall appearance. Small thin frame, gorgeous eyes and high cheekbones, he is lovely!"

"So what do you want to do with him?" my father asked.

"I'd like to send him to live with the grand folks so he could help around the house. But there is one problem Tom. Granddad is so set in his ways that he would never allow a boy to do woman's work so we have to send Eddie as a girl. It's the only way!"

So it was agreed upon that I would now become a daughter and granddaughter instead of the son and grandson I was born. My mother apparently had discussed this all with my grandmother long before she spoke to my father and the plans were made in the way women succeed by manipulating their men folk.

My grandmother told my grandfather that his "granddaughter" was coming to stay with them and granddad was slipping somewhat mentally and it was easy to convince him that I had always been his granddaughter.

That left only me to be manipulated and my mother was brilliant in how she did so. For weeks she talked of how poorly my grandparents were doing and how it was not financially possible to pay for help. She also laid a guilt trip on me by saying the only alternative would be a nursing home and how they would lose the house to pay for it.

I was very upset and asked how I could help and that was all it took for my mother to set the wheels in motion. She hugged me tightly and whispered how much she loved and appreciated me. She had always confided that she wished I had been born female so she could have a daughter in addition to her fine strong sons. So this was not new to me and in truth I always felt more at ease in feminine surroundings and loved wearing dresses when my mom allowed. Some of my brothers would make fun of me but mom shielded me and dad was not happy about it but he stopped my brothers from taking it too far.

At school I had been pretty much a loner and hated sports instead joining the glee club and the library club. I always admired how the girls dressed and paid special attention to how they walked, often practicing in my room before a mirror and teasing my long brunette hair out and applying different hairstyles from my mom's ladies magazines. I even used some of her makeup while practicing how to recreate the look models had from the magazines. I think my mom knew but she never said anything. Of course I "borrowed" some of my mom's panties and pantyhose since I did most of the laundry. How heavenly the soft shiny fabric felt against my skin.

So I agreed easily to my mom's plan and she started to "school" me immediately. She had me strip naked to see how much man hair I had but was pleasantly surprised to see only a slight downy trace of hair on my legs and almost nothing on my chest. I did not in the least find it strange to strip in front of her because it felt like "girl to girl" so I did so. She showed me how to properly shave my legs and under my armpits. She used a depilatory crème on my chest and was again pleased to find only light hair on my upper lip [more depilatory crème] and no beard to speak of.

"Eddie, I think a name change is in order, don't you? So what shall we call you?" I thought a moment and said, "Mom, if I had been born a girl what name would you have given me?". Without hesitation my mom smiled and said "Edie!". So I agreed, liking it very much and we both hugged and cried a bit. That was so good for me as a feeling of joy swept through me as we cried together.

My mom continued with my feminization and was pleased to find I could do my hair and makeup and that I could actually walk femininely -- arms, legs and rear all in harmony! She asked if I was happy and committed to being "Edie" and I said I truly was. This led to my mom suggesting I add to my appearance by augmenting my breasts and hips. I agreed and she produced hormones that she was purchasing over the internet in anticipation of this day. So I began a regimen of estrogen and anti-androgens, the first to enhance me femininely, the second to inhibit testosterone production.

She took me shopping and we bought a nice starter wardrobe of panties, training bras, hosiery, skirts, dresses, blouses, tee tops ,sleepwear (both sensible and some sexy) ,makeup, hair accessories , inexpensive jewelry (including having my ears pierced) and last of all shoes. I think my mom was so excited to find that we shared the same shoe size she gushed about being able to share back and forth. I wanted the highest heels possible but mom said it would be wiser to get some flat heels and maybe a few 3 inch pumps or sling backs until I learned to walk in them. She told me that in time I would thank her after my feet started to kill me from wearing lovely shoes -- the woman's curse! She said she had a couple of 4 and 5 inch pumps that she wore for dad on those "special nights" and I could borrow them anytime I liked.

When we returned home mom told me to fix my hair and makeup and to put on one of the everyday outfits then come help her in the kitchen preparing dinner. I put my hair up in a flip over using one of my new hair brocades showing my long thin neckline which had my new delicate silver chain and locket and also showed my small newly pierced silver ear studs. My makeup was simple: some jet black mascara, luminesse eyeshadow that really contrasted nicely with my brown eyes, a hint of neutral face powder, faint blush under my natural cheek lines, and a pastel crème shade lipstick opting not to use a lip liner since my lips were naturally full.

I was dying to wear a dress so I chose a pearl shaded sundress that had a thin red belt, off white sheer pantyhose and my new 3 inch red sling back heels. Underneath I wore a pair of lycra beige hip hugger panties and a matching training bra that I stuffed with cotton.

I looked at myself in the full length mirror and saw a young woman looking back at me -- slender arms, shapely legs, happy smiling face -- I was now the true me.

I went into my mom's bedroom and sprayed one of her perfumes, Borgese, that I adored on her and went downstairs, carefully in my new heels, to the kitchen. My mom had her back to me as she peeled vegetables over the sink but she apparently smelled her perfume as she turned and smiled the most radiant smile I ever saw.

"Oh, Edie! Oh, my beautiful girl!" She ran over to me and holding me at arm's length inspected every inch of me with tears in her eyes then hugged me and I rested my head on her breast and began to sob as well.

"No , no crying young lady! We don't want to mess up your lovely makeup now do we?" mom said laughing through her tears. So I sniffed the tears away and carefully wiped my eyes with a Kleenex mom handed me. "Someone has been using my Borgese! And it smells delicious on you! Oh, how fabulous you look!"

So Mom had me walk around the kitchen in my heels and she said I was a natural and every movement was just right and feminine! We sat at the kitchen table and held hands as mom told me how proud she was of me for doing this for her mom and dad. I said it was good for me too, as I now felt natural and wanted to be a female more than anything. That led mom to become serious and say that in time the hormones would enlarge my breasts and give me hip and rear sizing too. She said we were being aggressive in the dosing and that by month's end I would see changes and soon enough start to feel mood swings but not like a natural born female but swings none the less.

We discussed whether or not I should change back to boy mode for now when dad came home but I said no, that I wanted to start my new life immediately and that included going out or when company came. Mom agreed and said I should expect dad to be a little upset when he came home from work and I understood. Mom said we had about 3 weeks before I was to go live with my grandparents so we would be very busy learning things necessary to completing my transformation.

When my dad came home that evening I was in the kitchen helping mom set the table. As he walked in he looked at us, seemed confused until I said, "Hi Daddy!" then he just sat down at the table never taking his eyes off me and reached for my mom's hand.

"You were right', he said in a low voice to my mom, 'Eddie should've been born a girl!" My mom always in control said "Of course Dear and it's Edie now, not Eddie!"

"Yes, yes Edie now..." my dad's voiced trailed off.

The remainder of the evening went well. Mom outlined the plan and all the training, including the hormones, which surprisingly my dad said made sense to do. He asked if my voice would get more feminine and mom laughed saying it would because Edie would practice using it so. As it was I had a higher pitched voice than most boys but it still needed to sound more feminine.

So in the three weeks that followed my voice was good enough so mom was pleased, my breasts enlarged enough to be legitimate A cups (enhanced with silicon breast forms), my rear filled out a bit and by dieting a bit at mom's insistence my hips were enhanced by the disappearance of what little belly fat I had to begin with. We added to my wardrobe (including some 4 inch heels) and I had started calling my grandparents almost every day so primarily my grandfather would get used to my voice and to see if he caught on, but he did not. My grandmother confided in me she was so thrilled at my coming and she thought I was lovely having seen photos my mom sent of me. We had nice long talks and I was really looking forward to being with her. It wouldn't be long now!

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