tagRomanceEducating Dustin Rhodes Ch. 03

Educating Dustin Rhodes Ch. 03


Holly and I had only a few opportunities during the remainder of the week where we had enough time and privacy for sex. I was more than willing but Holly was having none of it.

"I'm not the least bit sore from Monday night, but I'm saving myself for this weekend," she declared. "You'll just have to take matters into your own hands if you can't wait," she added with an impish grin.

When we weren't together, I had plenty of time to think. I suffered under no illusions. Even though Holly was very mature for her age, I was acutely aware that she was still an eighteen-year-old girl who had just experienced sexual intercourse for the first time.

I was honored to be her first lover, but I knew it was unlikely that I would be her only lover for the remainder of her life. Any number of events could cause our paths to diverge somewhere down the line. I had no idea what our long-term future might hold, but I knew I would go with the flow and see how things worked out. I wouldn't go so far as to say I was in love with her yet, but she had gotten to me in in a big way. Falling in love with her was well within the realm of possibility.

On Thursday evening we were sitting in her porch swing. Holly was almost vibrating with anticipation of the weekend ahead of us.

"Mom is leaving right after work tomorrow. My shift ends at five, so I want you to come over as soon as you can. I'll make dinner. You're going to need lots of nourishment for what I have in mind," she informed me and then had an attack of the giggles.

"Let's cook burgers on your grill," I suggested. My work day was seven to four with an hour off for lunch. "I'll drop by the store on the way home and get everything we need. You can bag my groceries," I added with a grin.

"Good idea. While I'm bagging, you can look at me and think about what we'll be doing later in the evening."

"I don't know about you, but I'll be watching the Mets game after we eat," I said, poker-faced. "You can watch it with me if you only talk during the commercials."

Holly burst out laughing. My joke wasn't that funny, so I knew she was just releasing pent up energy. When she recovered, she pulled her usual stunt of catching me by surprise.

"How soon after you ejaculate can you do it again," she inquired, clearly serious. "I've been wondering how many times we can have sex each day."

This seemed like dangerous ground to me. I had never mentioned Alex to her and she had not asked about old girlfriends. Apparently I remained silent too long while deciding how best to answer her question.

"Well?" she asked, raising her eyebrows.

"About half an hour," I replied.

"Oh my! You must have made your girlfriends very happy. What's the most number of times you've had sex in one day?"


"How naïve do you think I am?" she asked. "At your age, you've probably had lots of sex with lots of girls. I'm guessing that sometimes it was more than once in a single day."

"It's none of your business," I answered, starting to become a little annoyed. I wasn't about to tell her about the hookers, all of whom were one-shot deals, and I really didn't want to get into any details about my relationship with Alex.

"I'm just curious," she persisted. "Have you ever slept with a virgin before this week?"


"Good!" she exclaimed, obviously pleased. "I'm glad I was your first."

"Me too," I said, and meant it. I was also hoping we could end the conversation soon.

"Okay, so how many times in one day? I'll bet I can narrow it down. It's at least two and I'll bet my tuition money it's a lot less than ten. Let's say no more than six."

I was frantically trying to recall how many times I had fucked Alex on our best day and I knew Holly was not going to drop the subject.

"Three or four," I told her.

"So which is it? Three or four?"

Goddammit, I thought. "Four."

"Thank you. Now I know what the minimum will be."

"Holly, we're not going to have sex four times tomorrow evening. I'll do my best on Saturday but we won't have enough time on Sunday before your mom gets home," I told her, no longer annoyed and once again intrigued by her direct approach to things. "So there is no way you're going to get laid twelve times over the weekend."

"You're probably right, but it's nice to have a goal in mind," she said, smiling radiantly at me. "Besides, we only have about forty-eight hours which is technically just two full days. I'll settle for eight times."

I decided to kiss her to shut her up.


I arrived at the market about four-thirty the next day, grabbed a basket, and headed inside. I saw Holly but she didn't appear to notice me.

After picking up what we needed for the cookout, I went to the personal care section and, just for fun, threw three large tubes of K-Y Jelly and a three-pack of condoms in with my grocery selection. A couple of minutes later I was in her checkout line, struggling to maintain a straight face.

When it was my turn, I put everything on the conveyor belt. When the cashier, a young woman about my age, got to the condoms and lubricant she shot me a look and then glanced toward the other end of the conveyor where Holly was smiling at me and bagging the first of my purchases. Seconds later, the first tube of jelly and the pack of condoms slid down the stainless steel ramp and stopped right in front of her. Snapping her head up, she looked at me and immediately began to blush furiously while the cashier broke out into a broad grin.

I was so proud of myself I could hardly stand it. For once I had startled Holly instead of the other way around. I hoped I wouldn't pay for it later.

Holly recovered enough to finish bagging my purchases and then smile sheepishly at the cashier while refusing to make eye contact with me.

I paid with my credit card and then moved down the aisle toward Holly and my cart full of bagged items.

"Wait for me outside!" she hissed, as I took possession of the cart.

I took a seat on one of the park benches in front of the store and waited, still pleased with myself even though Holly was not be very happy with me. Five minutes later she appeared and sat down beside me.

"You devil!" she exclaimed with a smile, which told me she had recovered from her embarrassment. "The cashier is my friend Amanda. I told her about you a while ago but didn't tell her we've had sex. I saw you come into the store and pointed you out. I think she's still grinning. And stop looking so smug."

"I can't help it."

"Yeah, well, get over it. We have a big weekend ahead of us and you'll need to focus. What time are you coming over?"

"I'm going home to shower and grab some clothes. How about six o'clock."

"Skip the shower. I need one too so we can do it together and maybe even fool around a bit this time," she ordered. Our combined shower Tuesday morning was a hurried affair because I had to be at work so early.

"Then I'll be there as soon as I can," I replied.

"Good. Don't forget that K-Y Jelly. And you can ditch the condoms."


My parents weren't home so I grabbed my stuff and left a note telling them I would not be home until sometime Sunday evening. I knew my mother would be pleased.

Holly was still in her work clothes when I arrived with two bags of groceries.

"Bring those in the kitchen. We'll put away the perishables and then jump in the shower."

Five minutes later we stepped naked into a stream of hot water and I pulled her into my arms for a kiss. Then we spent a long time making thick soapy lather and smearing it on each other, careful not to miss a single square inch of skin. I spent extra time on her breasts, the insides of her thighs, and her pussy. Holly seemed to take special pleasure in washing my erection.

"Don't get carried away down there," I warned her.

"Then let's get out of the shower and put that thing to good use," she suggested.

"I'm hungry," I countered, just for fun.

"Too bad for you."

We did a pretty good job of drying off before tumbling into her bed. Holly immediately took my hand and placed it between her thighs.

"Finger fuck me," she commanded.

I couldn't think of any reason not to do as instructed. After Monday night, I had a lot more room to work with and soon eased two fingers deep into her wetness.

"Ohhhhhh...," she sighed and pushed her pussy hard against my hand. "I thought today would never get here."

After only a minute or two of gentle probing and stroking around her clitoris, Holly was well on her way towards an orgasm, her cries announcing her ascent.

"Fuck me," she gasped. "Now!"

Holly was so wet that additional lubricant was unnecessary. Rolling over between welcoming thighs, I slowly eased my cock deep inside.

"Oh yes!" she cried, drawing her knees back a little to encourage deeper penetration. "That feels so good."

I was just as amped up as Holly so I sensed that we wouldn't last very long. The buildup of sexual tension throughout the week was soon going to take its toll.

"I want it hard and fast," she whispered. I willingly complied and began to pound my cock into her. Her yelps and squeals filled the room as she shot upward toward her goal.

It was all over in less than a minute. Holly buried her face into the side of my neck, let out a high pitched wail, and began to shudder beneath me as she went over the edge, taking me along with her when her pussy began rhythmically squeezing my cock. With a loud groan, I flooded her with several exquisite, powerful contractions.

I held my position inside her for a long time, cradling her in my arms and kissing every part of her body that I could reach.

Finally, I withdrew and rolled over onto my back. Holly nestled in close with her head on my shoulder.

"That was so good," she murmured. "I haven't been able to think about anything else all week."

"Me neither," I admitted.

"But, as much as I hate to get out of bed, I guess we need to go eat something so we'll have the strength to do it again a couple more times tonight," Holly declared.

"I still want to watch the ballgame." I lied.

"That's okay with me," she lied as she got out of bed and reached into her closet to retrieve Monday night's peasant dress. Suddenly stopping short, she glanced down between her legs as a small stream of cum oozed down the inside of her left thigh.

"Oh my!" she exclaimed as she grabbed the panties she had flung over the back of her desk chair with the rest of her clothing. "I didn't think of that," she added as she mopped up some of the mess and raced for the bathroom.

"Why didn't that happen the first time," she inquired when she returned. "I know you ejaculated inside me Monday night"

"I did, but we stayed in bed and slept throughout the night. By morning, your body had absorbed the fluid," I answered as I rolled out of bed, grabbed my shorts and T-shirt, and padded down the hall to the bathroom.

"I'm glad I found out about that," she said when I returned. "Sooner or later we are going to have sex without a bathroom nearby. I'll have to think about it a little," she said as she pulled the peasant dress over her head and adjusted the neckline to bare her shoulders.

"You are gorgeous," I said as she began to run a brush through her long thick hair. "I'll bet peasants had a lot of sex. I love that dress."

"I know. I could tell you liked it Monday night. That's why I'm wearing it now," she said. "We're going to fuck like peasants after dinner," she added with a wicked grin.

"You say the fuck-word a lot," I said with a grin of my own.

"I love that word," she replied, still grinning. "It's hard to misinterpret."

Our little cookout was a nice domestic scene. Holly made potato salad and a relish tray while I heated up the grill. While the burgers were cooking, we sipped wine from Solo cups to deceive any neighbors who might be watching. For my part, I enjoyed watching Holly's firm breasts jiggle enticingly every time she moved.

We took our time eating on the backyard patio. The sun was low on the western horizon and there was a nice cooling breeze.

"As soon as it gets dark, I want you to finger fuck me on the porch swing," she announced.

"Are you out of your mind?" I asked, truly shocked.

"Maybe, but no one can see us and it'll be fun."

"Based on what I've learned so far, you are too noisy to have an orgasm on your front porch," I offered.

"The Masons next door are on vacation. No one is home."

"Yeah, and how about Mrs. Wilcox?" I asked, concerned about her neighbor on the other side.

"She's deaf as a post. Her television will be up so loud she won't hear me."

"You have neighbors across the street," I reminded her.

"I'll be quiet. I promise. Now let's clean up this mess and take some wine out on the porch. It'll be pitch black out there in less than an hour." She suggested. "And really quiet too," she added mischievously.

We spent a pleasant hour in the porch swing drinking wine, talking, and waiting for full darkness. I kept my arm draped across her shoulder, occasionally slipping my hand inside her neckline to brush my fingertips across an alert nipple. Holly misbehaved as well, stroking my cock through my shorts often enough to keep me partially erect the entire time.

"It's dark enough," Holly announced, just as I was about to say the same thing.

We each turned to face each other. Holly draped one leg across my thighs and propped her other heel up on the swing seat, providing me with perfect access.

When I reached up under her dress, a very wet pussy was waiting for me. Without delay, I eased two fingers inside.

"Hmmmmm," Holly murmured.

"If you get too noisy, I'll stop," I warned her.

"I'll behave," she responded. "Now shut up and do what you did to me Monday night."

Holly ramped up quickly in response to my probing so I decided to employ the G-spot technique that Alex had taught me. Curling my fingers upward, I stroked the vaginal wall behind her pubic bone several times in quick succession and got the desired result.

"Oh God!" she cried out softly," and then clamped a hand over her mouth as I did it again.

"Oh God," she repeated, whispering though her fingers.

For the next minute or so, I worked her G-spot with my fingertips and massaged her clit with the palm of my hand. Whimpering continuously through her fingers, she rocketed up to the edge and went over with a thin, muffled, high pitched cry, her pussy rhythmically clamping around my fingers as I slowed to more gentle probing and then finally withdrew.

Holly's breasts were heaving and she continued to moan, her legs trembling occasionally from the aftershocks of what I suspected was the most sensational orgasm she had yet experienced.

"What did you just do to me?" she whispered, her voice raspy with emotion. "I've never felt anything like that."

"It's a trade secret," I whispered back. Apparently, in her research, Holly had not encountered a discussion about G-spot stimulation.

"You'll have to do that to me again some time," she breathed. "But now I'm going to take you inside. We're going to do it cowgirl style." Obviously Holly had come across the same internet site I had seen when I was researching virginity.

"Take your shorts off and sit in the middle of the sofa," she ordered when we got inside. "I'll be right back."

I did as she asked and took my place on the sofa with a pretty good erection lingering from our activity on the porch. When Holly returned bearing one of the tubes of K-Y Jelly I had purchased, she knelt in front of me and began to fondle my cock. Within seconds I was fully erect and ready for her to climb aboard.

Holly appeared to be in a hurry. After applying a light coating of lube to the object of her attention she rose to her feet, gathered the hem of her dress up around her waist, and straddled me on the sofa. Reaching down with one hand, she grasped my cock and lowered her body until only the head was buried in her pussy.

Satisfied that all was ready, she placed both hands on my shoulders, gazed into my eyes with a slight smile, and then dropped sharply down onto my lap.

"Ohhhhh," she murmured as she completed her descent and came to rest fully impaled. "The book says I'm supposed to do all the work in this position but you can touch me anywhere you like while I'm doing it."

In response, I grasped her dress with the intent of pulling it up over her head and casting it aside.

"Leave my dress where it is," she said as she pulled the top down to expose her breasts. "Keep your T-shirt on too. It'll be fun to do this partially clothed. This is probably how we'll do it the first time we have sex in your car. Or maybe we'll do it on the porch swing late some night after the neighbors have all gone to bed."

"You have a creative mind," I told her as I reached out to draw her near so I could suck a proud nipple into my mouth.

Holly allowed me to alternate between nipples for a few moments and then pushed back away from me to sit upright.

"I'm going to fuck you now," she announced as she ran her fingers through her luxurious hair and then began to move. Since the female-superior position was new to her, she spent a couple of minutes experimenting with different techniques, searching for a sweet spot that would allow clitoral stimulation when she rocked her hips. From time to time she would rise up on her knees until I barely remained inside her and then plunge back down sharply.

"Oh God, I love this!" she exclaimed as her arousal became apparent to us both and she began to move with greater purpose. Reaching forward, I grasped her slim hips and used my strength to assist her movements.

Holly continued to ride me hard for a couple of minutes and then a small frown began to form on her beautiful face.

"I can't get over the top," she panted. "I don't think I can cum this way," she added, disappointment plainly reflected in her voice as she slowed to a stop.

"No one bats a thousand, Holly," I told her as I gently stroked her shoulders and breasts.

"I felt so close, but I just couldn't get enough contact."

"Let me help you," I offered.


"Like this," I said as I inverted my hand and slipped my thumb down between her thighs until the pad was in contact with her clit and my fingertips were resting just above her pubic hair. "Now go ahead and move like you were before."

After rocking her hips for a second or two, Holly understood what was happening, found a groove, and accelerated her motion. Soon she was crying out continuously as she spiraled upward towards the orgasm that had evaded her minutes before. Her cries grew louder and her movements became more erratic as she neared the peak of her ascent. Suddenly she threw her head back, let out a high keening wail as she went over the edge, and collapsed onto my chest.

I held her close until her tremors subsided. When she had recovered sufficiently, I lifted her off my lap and set her aside on the sofa.

"What are you doing," she asked as I rose to my feet, my erection jutting straight out from my body.

"Lie back," I answered. When she complied, I grasped her ankles to open her legs and placed one foot on the back of the sofa. Still holding her other ankle, I knelt between her thighs, leaned forward, and eased my cock into her pussy.

"Oh, I get it," she said with a little smile when I was buried deeply inside, "you didn't cum when I did."

"It's my turn now. Lock your ankles behind the small of my back and hang on for the ride," I instructed her.

"I don't think I'll be able to cum again," she whispered.

"You won't have enough time," I answered. The truth was that I had almost lost it earlier, so I knew this was going to be over quickly. I began to thrust into her with hard, fast strokes.

It was over in seconds. With Holly smiling up at me, I exploded inside her with a guttural sound of release and went limp, barely able to support enough of my own weight to avoid crushing her.

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