tagNovels and NovellasEducating Marri Ch. 17

Educating Marri Ch. 17


I woke up Wednesday morning to my alarm clock. I groaned and forced myself to get up. I couldn't afford to miss classes, not even for my nice, warm, Della-filled bed. I gently fixed the blankets, tucking them in around her sleeping form, and kissed her forehead.

I took a quick shower and got dressed. I grabbed a bottle of water out of my fridge and an apple from the bowl on the counter and headed out. I'd jotted a quick note for Della explaining where I was and put it on the nightstand so she wouldn't think I'd ditched her. Hopefully she wouldn't be mad that I didn't wake her up.

Classes were routine and I all but floated through the day. Every moment brought me closer to seeing Andrew again. I hurried back to Torch once I was done with school and went up to my room to get ready.

I unlocked the door to my apartment and unbuttoned my blouse. I was turning into quite the shower freak, but I wanted the night to be perfect, and the smell of sweaty armpits was never a good omen on a date.

Della was gone, but she'd made the bed and left the vibrator on my pillow with a note telling me to enjoy the gift. I laughed and put it in the top drawer of my dresser. I picked out my clothes and went off to shower.

I took even more time getting ready than I had for lunch. I had no idea what the plan was, but I wanted to be ready for anything. I wore a knee-length black skirt with blue flowers and a lightweight white shirt. I put on a black garter and stockings and a pair of low heels. A simple gold choker and hoop earrings completed the look.

I left my hair down and went easy on the makeup and perfume. I was ready to go, and once again I found myself playing the waiting game. I actually managed to read a little while I waited for Andrew to call and tell me what time and where to meet him.

I nearly jumped out of my seat when I head a knock on the door. I got up and opened it, totally clueless as to whom it could be. Surprisingly, it was Lawrence. He had a goofy-looking smile on his face, clearly amused about something.

"Hi," I said. "What's up?"

"You'll never guess who's waiting for you down in the foyer."

"You're right," I said, even more confused. I didn't want to go downstairs to see anyone. Not only was it my night off, I didn't want to miss Andrew's call. He wasn't even scheduled to be out of work yet.

"You're no fun, you know that?" Lawrence said, shaking his head. "Now come on. He's waiting for you."

"Who? Lawrence, I can't go. I'm expecting a phone call. I have plans to night."

"Trust me," he said, grinning again. "Come on. Before Beverly finds out."

Intrigued, I took my chances and followed him. I figured a few minutes wouldn't hurt. We went down the stairs and to the back of the foyer. He smiled broadly and announced, "Here she is."

To my total surprise, Andrew turned around and gave me a quick kiss. "Hi."

"Hi," I breathed, still confused. "You're supposed to be at work until five. It's only four-thirty."

"I had some time coming and I left early." He glanced at Lawrence and added, "I didn't mean to get you into trouble."

Lawrence grinned. "Don't worry about it. Go on and have fun."

He left and Andrew kissed me again, this time taking longer and sliding his tongue into my mouth. He pulled back and said, "Go get your stuff. I'll meet you out at my car."


I hurried back up to my room and grabbed my purse. I locked up the apartment and went back down to the foyer. Clients were just starting to trickle in, and a few of them eyed me appreciatively, but I breezed right past everyone.

Andrew was waiting for me by his car. He smiled when he saw me and opened the passenger side door. Once we were settled, he drove out of the lot, leaving Torch behind.

"What's the plan for tonight?" I asked.

"How about a movie?" he suggested, putting his hand on my thigh. His touch excited me, even through the skirt. I had a feeling by the time the night was through my panties would be soaked. "There's a new comedy at the cinema."

"Okay," I said, not really caring one way or another. "Have you eaten dinner yet?"


"You want to get some food first, then?"


We went to a small restaurant and ordered. The food was good and the service was excellent, so we made it to the theater in plenty of time. We got our tickets and filed into seats toward the back.

Andrew took my hand and turned my face to his. "I'm really glad you wanted to see me again. I was worried I'd be too boring for you."


"I'm sure you meet lots of interesting guys."

I laughed a little at that one. "You'd be surprised. I bet I could write one hell of a thesis on sexual repression and deviation."

He smiled and asked, "How would I fit into a study like that?"

"The control subject?"

"You don't think I'm a deviant or repressed?"

His eyes were sparkling in the dim light and I smiled. "I don't think so."

"That doesn't sound very scientific. Shouldn't you do some more research before forming any conclusions?"

"It would probably take a lot of research," I said, my voice getting husky. "At least, it would take a lot to get any concrete evidence to support any hypothesis I've come up with."

The lights dimmed and the previews started. The theater fell quiet and the few other people scattered in the seats became engrossed with the summer's promised box-office hits, but I couldn't take my eyes off of him.

He took my hand and placed it gently on his thigh, his expression still soft and serious. "You should see just how concrete my evidence is," he whispered. It was corny and stupid, but I didn't care.

I opened my mouth to answer, but he put a finger to his lips and pointed at the screen. The movie was starting and he watched the beginning credits with sudden apparent interest.

I tried to watch the movie, but I just couldn't concentrate. His cock was less than three inches from my hand, and it was driving me crazy not being able to touch it. Ten minutes later, I made a bold decision.

I slowly brought my hand up his thigh and brushed my fingers over the material covering his zipper. He sucked in his breath but didn't move. A few more minutes passed and I carefully opened his belt and undid his button. He glanced around nervously and put his jacket over his lap, covering my hands from the view of nonexistent eyes. The rest of the people in the theater were laughing hysterically and I could only assume the movie lived up to its hype, but I still wasn't paying the slightest bit of attention.

I unzipped his pants and slowly slid my hand inside, brushing it over the front of his boxers, the material straining against his hard-on. I traced the outline of his cock, loving how it quivered and twitched under my fingers.

"Marri, stop, you're driving me insane," he whispered, not sounding like he wanted me to stop at all.

"You said I should check out the concrete evidence," I murmured back, sliding my fingers through the slit in his boxers, the tips touching the shaft of his dick.

"Don't start what you can't finish," he warned, his voice breathy.

"Who said anything about not finishing?"

Before he could answer, I slid down onto that floor, ignoring the cramped space and the uncomfortable way it pressed my knees to my chest, and got between his legs. He covered his cock with his hand instinctively, but I brushed it away. He groaned softly and put the jacket over my head, lacing his fingers in my hair.

I eased his dick out of the boxers and licked it from shaft to tip, making his fingers tighten into my scalp. He tasted wonderful and I pulled that rod into my mouth, swirling my tongue all around it without sucking. I took it down to the base, feeling it hit the back of my throat and making him groan again.

I cupped his balls, feeling the skin move around them as I pressed my lips against it. I sucked one of them into my mouth, gently running my tongue around in circles, feeling his grip tighten even more. I really was driving him crazy, and it was turning me on big time.

I decided to stop tormenting him and I sucked his cock back into my mouth, using my hand to guide it. I sucked it like the tasty treat it was, savoring the drops of precum that kept oozing out. He moved my head with the rhythm, making me suck even harder.

"Marri," I heard him whisper, "God, Marri, I'm gonna cum."

I sucked with renewed vigor, wanting to taste his load. He started panting and his cock stiffened even more and I knew he was close. I allowed my teeth to ever so gently graze the shaft, and he moaned, making me happy there was no one close enough to hear.

His grip on my hair tightened again, and his whole body tensed. As I sucked, he climaxed, sending streams of his cum into my mouth and onto my tongue. I swallowed it all, wanting him inside of me any way I could.

He slowly untangled his hands from my hair and helped me back into my seat. He put his pants back together and pulled me over to lean into him. His arm slipped protectively over my shoulders and he kissed the top of my head. I smiled and settled back to be cuddled and closed my eyes.

After all, the movie wouldn't have made any sense to me by that point anyway.

* * * * *

We walked hand in hand back to his car. We'd spent the rest of the movie snuggling, giving each other the occasional kiss and pretending the rest of the world didn't exist. He opened the door for me and went around to his side to get in.

"Well," he said, turning a little in the seat to face me, "where to now?"

"Anywhere," I said, touching his cheek gently.

"You don't need to go home yet?"

"I told you before, Andrew, I don't have a curfew."

He grinned and gave me a quick kiss. He noticed the disappointment in my face and said, "I don't want to get started again. Not here."

"Where, then?" I asked, fully aware I was practically begging for it.

"My apartment? I live alone, and I have a big movie collection."

"So we can ignore another one?" I kidded.

"Only if I'm lucky," he said, turning on the ignition and pulling out of the lot. He flipped on the radio and held my hand as we made the short ride to his building. We got out and I followed him, still holding his hand.

We rode the elevator to the third floor, kissing all the way. The doors opened and we went down the hall to his apartment. Once inside, he flipped on the lights and tossed his jacket onto a nearby armchair.

"Go ahead and sit down. I'll go get something to drink from the kitchen." He went through a swinging door and I looked around curiously. It was a bigger place than mine, but it was still relatively small. It looked like there were only a few rooms total: the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. The furniture was simple, but all in all it was perfect for a single guy.

He came out of the kitchen carrying two cans of soda and a bag of pretzels and sat next to me. "You want to pick out a movie?"

The mere fact he'd taken me out not once but twice without trying to get me into bed, especially after meeting me at Torch, and the escapade in the movie theater, was enough for me. This went beyond "infatuation" or attraction. I really, really liked this guy and I wanted to be with him.

And I just plain wanted him.

In answer to his question, I leaned over and kissed him, all of the passion and desire I felt pouring out. He drew back at first, surprised, but then started kissing me back, his own wanting clear.

Our lips pressed against each other hungrily, our arms circling around each other and clutching tightly. Our tongues danced and probed, tasting and sucking.

His hand slid under the back of my shirt, running up my skin and making me shiver. His kiss traveled to my neck, his tongue running down the hollow of my throat. His fingers unhooked the clasp on my bra and I moaned, wanting him to touch me.

He pulled back and stared into my eyes. "I didn't bring you here for sex, you know."

"Does that mean you don't want me?" I asked, my hand still twined in his hair.

"God, yes," he breathed. "But if I make love to you, I won't want to bring you back."

"I don't have classes tomorrow," I said, using my free hand to work the buttons on his shirt. "You can always drop me off on your way to work in the morning."

"Ah, fuck," he murmured and stood up. He tugged me to my feet and led me to his bedroom.

We stripped each other and laid back on the bed. He reached over and turned on the lamp, saying, "I want to look at you."

I rolled him onto his back and straddled his hips, feeling the tip of his cock graze my pussy. He moaned and I leaned down to kiss his neck. I nibbled at his throat, tasting his skin and feeling the dampness collecting in my folds.

I pressed my pussy against the shaft of his dick, letting the lips grip it and the clit rest against it. He groaned and I slowly shifted my weight, sliding up and down his cock, my juices making it nice and slick.

"God, Marri, you are so wet," he murmured.

I sat up so he could see me and continued rubbing. I pulled on my nipples, twisting them between my thumb and fingers. He reached up and touched my clit, making me jump. He gently massaged it, watching me tweak my nipples. I moaned in response to his touch and felt his cock move under me.

I moved his hand away and leaned over despite his protests. I ran my tongue over his nipple, feeling it grow erect and hard. I started sucking on it, rolling it around in my mouth and taking the other one in my hand, still rubbing on his cock.

"Bite my nipple," he breathed.

I did and he sucked in his breath, burying his hands in my hair again. I kept on rubbing my cunt on his dick, loving how the pressure felt on my clit. I found myself panting, amazingly close to orgasm already.

"Please, I need to be inside you," he moaned. "I need to be in your wet pussy."

I drew myself up a little, lining up the tip of his cock with the opening of my snatch. I released his nipple from my teeth and began sliding down his shaft as slowly as I could.

He was rock hard and I knew he was going crazy, wanting me to go faster, but I wouldn't be rushed. I slid onto him little by little, his dick filling my pussy. Once I knew I was at the bottom, I stopped and held perfectly still.

After a few seconds, he realized I wasn't about to move and said, "What are you doing? Why did you stop?"

I gave his nipple a quick lick, making him gasp again, and said, "Because I like watching your face."

And watch it I did. For the next few minutes, I watched his expression move from being mildly distracted to tortured to hungry. He suddenly jerked his head up, catching my nipple in his mouth and biting down to keep me from pulling away.

"Fuck me," he said, my nipple still between his teeth.

I silently shook my head and he increased the pressure in his jaws before asking again.

I shook my head a second time and he bit even harder. I gasped but he didn't let go. I knew my pussy was sopping and his cock was covered with my juices and that only excited me more.

"Dammit, Marri, fuck me," he pleaded, his mouth still holding my tit.

Once again, I shook my head and he increased the pressure. He moved his jaw back and forth, rolling my nipple between his teeth and making me cry out. His eyes were wide and he tried thrusting his hips up, but I moved with him, keeping my cunt just out of reach for a good fucking.

"What do I have to do to get you to fuck me?" he demanded.

"You really want my pussy?"

"God, yes."

"Then take it."

A few more seconds went by, his teeth still working at my nipple and my pussy motionless on his dick. Then something in his eyes changed and in one smooth motion, he rolled us over and slammed his dick into my cunt.

I cried out again in pleasure, cumming almost instantly. He thrust into me over and over, harder and harder, and I moved my hips to meet him every time. I latched my mouth over his nipple, sucking on it again, adding teeth to make him groan.

"Marri, your pussy is so fuckin' wet!" he grunted.

I released his nipple and grabbed his shoulders, pulling his head down to mine so I could watch his face. His eyes rolled shut and I knew he was close.

A particularly hard thrust pressed his pelvic bone down onto my clit, making me cum again and I gasped. His eyes flew open and he whispered, "I'm gonna cum."

"Cum in me," I begged. "Cum in my pussy."

He thrust into my cunt a few more times before climaxing, sending jets of hot spunk into my snatch. He cried out and I came again, fully mixing our juices.

I held onto his shoulders, felt him shudder and quake from the strength of the orgasm, and stared up into his still-open eyes. As his breathing slowly returned to normal, he kissed me gently.

"Did I hurt you?"

"No," I assured him.

"Will you stay?"

I only nodded. He slowly pulled out of me and flopped onto his back, opening his arm. I snuggled into the crook, resting my head on his chest and listening to his strong heartbeat. His seed was sliding down my leg, making me feel somehow even more secure.

He flicked off the light and the room fell into darkness. His hand ran up and down my arm and he kissed my forehead lovingly. I sighed, content in his warm, strong arms.

"I love you, Marri," he whispered.

"I love you, too, Andrew," I replied, knowing it was the truth.

I closed my eyes and quickly fell asleep.

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Very good story of a young woman blossoming in her sexuality and finding first love. Well written and exciting wish there was more!

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