Educating the Teacher


"Come here," he said again, his voice hard. He wasn't used to having to repeat himself, and his eyes blazed angrily. Lisa gulped, and did as she was told, walking up to him so that she had to crane her neck to look into his eyes. He tangled one hand into the hair at the nape of her neck and pulled downwards until she took the hint and got down onto her knees.

It was obvious what he wanted, but Lisa refused to do anything without being told. Angel slid his hand to Lisa's jaw and lifted her face until her eyes met his again. "You've got two choices baby," he growled. "You can blow me, or not. But if not, you're gonna regret it. It's up to you."

Of course now that she had a choice, she couldn't possibly relent. Even though it meant that she was going to suffer for it (and then probably have to blow him anyway). Lisa lifted her chin in defiance and sat still, refusing to move. Angel raised an eyebrow in amusement.

"Let me put it this way for you," he went on. "You can blow me, or you can blow every single one of the ten guys standing outside, and then me. Do you think you need the practice first baby?"

Lisa scowled. She had been determined not to give in, but what would be the point if it just meant humiliating herself in front of even more people? She slid the palms of her hands onto his thighs and stroked gently for a moment, then slowly unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants.

She gulped in apprehension. He was pretty big, and Lisa had always had a well developed gag reflex; this was going to be difficult. She slid her hands back on to his thighs and stroked up and down slowly, feeling the muscles move beneath his skin. The suit certainly hadn't over-exaggerated his build, and his legs were beautiful. Lisa slid one hand to her mouth and licked over her palm up to her finger ends, before gently gripping his shaft and sliding up to cup the head.

The soft moan that Lisa heard above her spurred her on a little, and she stuck out her tongue and lapped it from the base of his shaft to the tip, returning to gently lick over his balls before sliding back up and flicking her tongue into the opening at the top.

The feel of Lisa's mouth on his dick was electric as she first started to suck and Angel moaned softly in pleasure, his fingers sliding into her hair and rubbing her scalp gently. As much as he had enjoyed his past achievements in getting to where he was today, even murdering his biggest competitors with his own hands didn't compare to the feeling of elation he was experiencing at this moment. He closed his eyes and groaned harshly as Lisa slid her hand to his balls and stroked for a moment before squeezing gently.

She had him coming a lot quicker than he'd expected, and he was almost annoyed that she had gotten off so easily. She stood up again slowly, used her middle finger to mop up a dribble of his come that had landed on her chin, and then sucked her finger clean. She'd staged it to tease and it worked perfectly, but he was going to need a few minutes before he'd be ready to finally screw her into submission.

Lisa frowned apprehensively as Angel called another man into the room. He was one of the men that had brought her here in the first place, so she'd seen him before. He'd been there when they'd forced their way into her house and manhandled her to her knees - at his feet, no less. She remembered the feel of his palm on her face as he lifted her head so that he could see her clearly, checking that he had the right person. He was tall, taller than Sean, and also well built but not bulky. She knew very well that he would be able to handle himself in trouble.

Angel motioned for Nicky to come over to him, and whispered something in his ear that Lisa couldn't hear, but she was pretty sure she wasn't going to like it. He then walked back to Lisa and pulled her against him from behind, so that he could whisper into her ear and look over her shoulder.

"You're good with your mouth, baby," he whispered softly, stroking his fingers along her jaw gently. "You suck like one of my $1000 a night whores. And I am really gonna enjoy hearing you moan while I watch you squirming on the end of my dick." Lisa shivered slightly, fearful of her own body's response to his intentionally crude language. Angel smiled, nuzzled her ear for a moment before speaking again.

"You remember Nicky, don't you baby? He brought you here." Lisa nodded slowly. "Good. He's my right hand man, and I trust him with my life." Where was this going? "Which means that he ends up working very hard for me," Sean went on. Aha. "Everyone deserves a break once in a while, don't you think baby?" he asked. "Or maybe a little reward for their efforts?" Shit. "He was very good to you earlier today, wasn't he? Stopped one of my guys from fucking up your face, even though you deserved it?"

One of the guys that had grabbed her had tried to feel her up. She wasn't going to just put up with it. She smacked him in the face before shoving her knee into his balls full force. He was less than amused, and started laying in to her with his knuckles until Nicky arrived. He stopped him with one word.

"Did you even say thank you baby?" Angel asked, and Lisa shook her head slowly. She wasn't exactly going to thank one of her kidnappers. "Don't you think it's time you did?" he asked, and she sighed shakily. "Just do for him what you did for me honey, and that's all you need to do. You don't need to fuck him, just show him what you can do with your mouth."

Angel pushed Lisa forward gently and she took the hint. She walked up to Nicky where he was leaning against Angel's desk and she gulped nervously. As embarrassing as giving Angel a blow job had been, she did at least know him a little. This guy was a complete stranger, and to get down on her knees in front of him and let him come in her mouth was utterly degrading. Not that she had any choice, however.

It didn't seem right to just walk up to someone, pull down their pants and start to suck, so before getting down on her knees Lisa stroked her palms against Nicky's chest and then leaned upwards to kiss him. He had a gorgeously soft mouth and she moaned softly as he slid his hands into her hair and held onto her as he kissed her back. She slid her hands down and stroked him through his clothing gently before unbuttoning his pants and moving inside.

Nicky moaned softly as he felt the girl slide her mouth onto him and swallow his entire length until her nose hit pubic hair. She slid back again so that she could flick her tongue over the head of his dick until he was almost whining in frustration. She then started to suck in earnest as she slid two fingers to his perineum and pressed gently.

Several minutes later, Nicky was finding it difficult to hold himself back. "Oh baby," he whispered softly as he slid his hands into Lisa's hair. He held her against him gently as he said "I'm gonna… mmm." His semen hit the back of Lisa's throat suddenly as he came and she gagged slightly, which could only serve to increase the pleasure that he was feeling. He held her down on top of him for a couple of moments until his body calmed down a little, and then he remembered that she needed to breathe, and let her go.

Nicky left as soon as his legs were able to support his weight again, and Lisa turned back towards Angel, knowing that this was going to be revenge time for him. He was sitting in a comfortable chair, leaning back casually, face unreadable. He motioned for her to come towards him and she obeyed, her body trembling. Once she got into touching range Angel pulled Lisa so that she straddled his knee with her arse grinding into his crotch.

Lisa gasped softly as Angel settled her on top of him, the warmth and hardness of him causing her heart rate and her breathing to noticeably increase in intensity. Her body stiffened, unable to decide whether it wanted to hold itself away, or grind against him even harder.

"Did you enjoy that, baby?" Angel asked, sliding his hand into Lisa's hair so that she couldn't look away from him. "Huh? Are you still wet for me?" Lisa blushed in humiliation and tried to look away, but Angel tightened his grip in her hair until her eyes watered and she flinchingly met his gaze. "Are you still wet?" he asked softly.

"I don't know," Lisa replied, trying to avoid answering him. Her cheeks were burning and there were tears glistening in her eyes. Angel smiled, pulled Lisa closer until he was nuzzling her ear and could whisper directly into it.

"Baby," he murmured, his voice husky and gravelly to the point that Lisa felt herself flush with heat just at the sound of it. "I'm gonna hold you down and slide my dick so deep inside you that you can't even fucking breathe. I am gonna fuck you absolutely senseless, baby."

Lisa whimpered in response to Angel's voice, the whimper turning into a groan as he rocked his hips upwards to thrust against her. She was shaking, her body still confused over how it wanted to react to him. However, there was one thing that remained constant, and that was the feeling of shame burning through her veins. Angel slid his free hand under her skirt and brushed the pad of his thumb over her clit gently, then harder as she arched her back toward him. She moaned softly in humiliation as she realised that there was no way she could stop herself from responding to him.

Angel got up from his chair, lifting the girl in his arms with him. He carried her over to his desk and laid her on top of it, pushing her down until she lay prone, her ass on the edge of the desk and her legs dangling to the floor. He slid her thighs together for a moment as he hooked his fingers into her underwear and slid it free of her legs, then slid his palms back up the inside of her legs to part them again. The girl shuddered a little as she realised how exposed she now was. He repeated the move of his thumb-pad against her clit and the increased friction caused her to squeal sharply. He smiled as she tried to close her legs and thrust up against him at the same time.

Lisa absolutely could not control her body as Angel twisted his fingers in a circle, keeping his thumb on her clitoris as his middle finger circled her opening gently. Just as she was sure that he was going to push that damned finger inside her and ease the burning in her belly, he pulled away and slid it up and down the length of her outer lips instead. She whined in frustration, and Angel smiled down at her. He knew exactly what she needed, but he wasn't going to let her have her way just yet. He continued to torment her until her tortured cries made his dick ache.

Angel finally relented and slid two fingers inside Lisa up until his first knuckle, just enough to make her need more. She instinctively jerked her hips, pushing his fingers inside her a little deeper. Angel smiled, started circling them inside her slowly. She keened softly, arched her back and started rocking against him, trying to increase the fiendishly gently rhythm that he had set. He slid inside her a little deeper for a moment, then pulled out again.

Leaning over, Angel slid his palms to the top of Lisa's thighs and parted them further, until her clit stood up and away from her body. He lowered his head slowly, until he could use the very tip of his tongue to graze the top of her clit very, very gently.

"Oh god…" Lisa whimpered, desperately trying to lift herself closer so that he would lick her again, but Angel was having none of it. "Oh, please!" He smiled, breathed out over her wet flesh gently until she shuddered. He lowered his face again, circled his tongue around her opening and licked it up to her clit, repeating this several times before sliding it into his mouth and starting to suck.

As Angel slid his fingers back inside her and started circling deeper, his mouth and tongue still firmly attached to her clitoris, Lisa felt like her world was turning upside down. She couldn't think, could hardly even breathe, and had no idea what was happening to her except for the fact that she desperately needed to come. She lifted her head slightly so that she could look down at Angel, and gasped sharply as a thought suddenly struck her like a lead weight.

She saw two different people in the man kneeling between her legs. Firstly, the pain in the arse kid who had made her working life hell and whose life she had ruined in return; and she felt almost immobilised with shame at the thought of him. But secondly, she saw Angel Morgan, literally the most powerful man in the city. He was both feared and admired by the media and the masses, and he could do anything he wanted, get anything he wanted, and kill anyone he wanted, period.

Angel Morgan was kneeling between her legs, eating her out. And she was terrified, and disgusted with herself, but at the same time, a thrill shot up her spine. As that thought occurred to her, Lisa's body shuddered for the last time, before surging into orgasm. She finally came back to her senses as Angel's mouth descended onto hers, his tongue sliding inside to tease her own. He had loosened his trousers again, and he thrust himself against her, with just the fabric of his boxers stopping his dick from sliding into her swollen wet warmth.

Lisa moaned softly, one hand lifting to bury itself into Angel's gorgeous hair, the other curling into claws and lightly scratching down to his arse. He jerked against her harder, slid his mouth down to her throat and started to suck gently. Lisa's pelvis jerked as her nether regions began to stir again.

This hadn't exactly gone to plan, Angel thought as his mouth slid further down, shoving Lisa's shirt out of the way so that he could fasten his mouth onto a nipple. But right now, he didn't give a shit. He had wanted her for so long, and the memory of the taste of her had still driven him crazy even after the court case. Now that he had her, he wanted to make the most out of it. He reluctantly lifted himself back off the girl so that he could remove his pants and his shirt, but Lisa followed him, sliding back down to the ground.

This time, Lisa slid her mouth straight down his shaft until her nose hit his abdomen, and started to suck hard. He gasped in surprise, whispered "ohh, fuck!" as he had to try desperately to hold his orgasm back. He wasn't sure if she was trying to make him come again in the hope that she would get out of getting fucked, but it wasn't going to happen. He allowed himself two full minutes of bliss before lifting her off him, and back into the same position on the desk.

Angel grabbed Lisa's wrists and dragged them up above her head, holding her still as he leaned over her to whisper into her ear. "You're good with your mouth baby," he growled softly. "But don't even think you'd get to blow me again and get out of this. You're still getting fucked." He punctuated the end of his sentence with a thrust of his hips, and Lisa moaned softly, the combination of the helpless position she was now in, the thrust of his hips and the coarse language he was using suddenly making her body burn again. She knew that she had a thing for being dominated, but she'd never before experienced it with a man who could (and might), kill her in an instant.

Angel felt the woman's reaction to their new position and smirked to himself. She liked being dominated. He lowered the tone of his voice as much as he could, and sank deeper into his old Brooklyn accent as he continued to growl in her ear. "You're going to feel every single inch of my cock sliding into your cunt, until I'm so deep that you can't breathe and you're whining for me to stop. Then I'm gonna start to fuck you, baby. And you're gonna get it so hard you'll be seeing stars and crying for more."

Lisa's face was burning as Angel talked. She hated the word cunt, and he knew it. He'd used it on purpose to get a reaction, and it definitely worked. Her body had started writhing against him; she was deeply ashamed of the way that she was responding but she couldn't stop. Couldn't even make herself want to stop. He was rough and coarse but he was beautiful and the most powerful man in the city, and he could do absolutely anything he wanted. And right now, he wanted to be inside her. And just that very thought sent shivers of guilty pleasure through her body. She moaned softly, and wasn't sure if the moan was longing or despair.

As the girl writhed beneath him, Angel felt like he was going to explode. He was slowly grinding his hips against her, and her juices had soaked through his boxers until they were slick against the head of his cock. He couldn't think straight, almost felt like he was stoned. He slid his free had to her jaw and held her eyes in line with his for a moment.

"You need it baby," he whispered at the woman lying beneath him. "Don't you?" Lisa whined softly, but couldn't bring herself to answer. Angered, Angel growled as he yanked his boxers out of the way and dragged them off his legs. When he next ground his hips into Lisa's, he let the head of his cock rest just inside her opening. She moaned in anticipation, tried to wriggle so that he would enter her, but he was having none of it.

"Answer me baby," he growled, circling around her opening gently. "Or I will make you not come all fucking night!"

Lisa couldn't hold on any longer, she was burning and she knew he would make good on his promise. Her voice when she spoke was wavering and small. "Yes." When Angel looked less than impressed, she added "I need it."

"You need my cock in your pretty little wet cunt, baby?" he asked, enjoying the look of humiliation that came over his former teacher's face. "You need to be fucked?"

Lisa whispered another yes, squeezed her eyes closed to try to stop a tear from running down her cheek, and failed. Angel dug his fingers into her jaw until she took the hint and looked him in the eye again.

"You need me to fuck you, little girl? Huh?" Lisa nodded, more tears falling down her face. "Then tell me what you need, baby," Angel growled. "Say it."

Lisa whined softly at the thought, but she knew she had no choice. She took a shaky breath and whispered "please fuck me, Angel." He smiled slightly, but he was still waiting for more. "I – I need you in… inside me."

Angel slid his mouth to Lisa's ear and nuzzled gently. "Come on baby, you can do better than that. Just repeat after me: I need your cock in my cunt. Just seven easy words, all one syllable. Come on, baby. Say it."

Lisa's nether regions were clenching with every word as Angel whispered directly into her ear. His voice was gorgeous, and it was keeping her boiling hot even though he hadn't touched her in a good few minutes. With his mouth against her ear she also had a little more privacy, and she was able to whisper what he wanted her to say.

"I need your cock in my cunt," she whispered softly, squirming at the use of the foul and dreaded word. Angel groaned harshly, almost couldn't stop himself from burying his cock balls deep inside her.

"You're gonna scream for me, little girl. Do you know that?"

"Oh yes. Oh please!"

Angel hooked one of Lisa's legs under his free arm, and spread her wide. He slid his cock another inch inside her, stopped as he savoured the semi-pained look of desperation and longing on her face. She groaned in contentment, then started writhing again, searching for more. He continued to slide himself into her, making sure that she felt every inch disappear into her slick insides. The head of his cock eventually bumped her cervix, but his balls hadn't yet touched her ass. He pushed a little harder, waiting for her body to stretch to accommodate him. She moaned softly, then whimpered as he forced her body to bend to his will.

"How does it feel, baby?" Angel growled softly. "How does my cock feel inside your hot little cunt?"

"Oh my," Lisa whispered breathlessly. She was finding it very difficult to speak clearly. "Oh god!"

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