tagBDSMEducation of Nikki

Education of Nikki


I wrote this tale some years ago before I discovered Literotica. I had to change some things to fit with the requirements. I hope it still reads well. Please vote and check out my other stories.

Nicola Debuse was the last girl off the courts, having stayed on to act as ball girl for the last match of the day. Mr North was playing and Nicola thought this would help her get the tickets for Wimbledon that would mean so much to her mother.

Things were not so good at home lately and she was determined to get Centre Court tickets in an effort to keep the peace. She knew the club always obtained some tickets and, as chairman, Mr North liked to make a couple available to ball girls each year. By staying on for his game, Nicola hoped he'd notice her and improve her chances. Maybe a little flirting would help too.

On her way to the showers, Nicola caught sight of her reflection and stopped to look at herself in the full length mirror. She had a good shape, with firm breasts complemented by pert nipples.

She failed to notice Victoria North in the far corner of the changing room but Victoria had certainly noticed Nicola. She recognised her as an addition to the team of ball girls recently recruited for the annual tournament. Her husband could certainly pick them! She knew the girls had to be under 18 to qualify, but this one…she looked older...and what an appealing body.

Nicola had just worked up a nice lather when she felt hands on her tits. Squealing in surprise, she turned to discover her boyfriend Kevin. 'What are you doing here?' She exclaimed 'These are the women's showers'.

For a few seconds the fact they could be caught was of more concern than she was naked and Kevin had only seen her topless before. Instinctively she placed one arm across her breasts and a hand over her pussy. He was wearing his shorts and she noticed the bulge before she felt it hard against her thigh as he tried to kiss her. She giggled and said 'I said you had to wait!'

Just then, having heard the noise, Victoria had returned and was shocked.

'How dare you!' She snapped. 'Get out. Now!' She told Kevin. Nicola was frozen to the spot as Kevin went.

'It's a good job it was me who caught you two instead of one of our members. And just in time too by the look of things'

Nicola tried to tell Mrs North she hadn't let Kevin in but she was having none of it and pushed her back into the shower to remove the soap suds.

'You will have to report to my husband tomorrow and in the meantime I will give you something to think about' said Victoria as she grabbed her by the arm. Nicola was pushed against the shower wall.

'Put your hands flat against the wall and stick your bottom out.’ She did as she was told but it wasn't good enough. 'I said stick your bottom out!'

Victoria's hand slapped down hard, as she said it, right across Nicola's right buttock and the sound echoed around the shower area.

Nicola bent lower and pushed her legs backwards, making her cheeks as rounded as she could.

She felt humiliated as Mrs North pounded her buttocks, first left then right.

Victoria noted with pleasure how Nicola's breasts jiggled about as she shook with each smack.

'Please Mrs North, it's not fair. I never knew........My bottom hurts.'

'It's meant to hurt otherwise it wouldn't be a punishment.'

Victoria continued to spank and gave her a couple of extra hard ones causing Nicola to jump up.

As much as she enjoyed the sight of her bouncing breasts, still with water dripping from them, Victoria made Nicola bend again and this time she was smacked on the backs of her thighs. She squealed in shock more than pain

and it was almost a relief when her bottom was the target once again.

A tearful teenager was told to dress and report to Mr North the next evening.

All next day Nicola thought about not going but she really needed those tickets and she'd have no chance if she didn't show. She had wondered how far she would go to get them. She expected to flirt a little with Mr North but what if he wanted more? And now she was to report to him. Yes, that's what his wife said. 'Report.'

So, here she was knocking on the chairman's door, having just done a stint on the court, still wearing her outfit of ankle socks, short skirt and T-shirt.

To her surprise and embarrassment, it was Mrs North who opened it. Nicola immediately recalled yesterday's events but she couldn't understand why she felt a tingle of excitement. She had always been responsive whenever Kevin had touched her breasts but she couldn't believe how her nipples were now hardening. She hoped they wouldn't show but Mrs North's look said otherwise.

Nicola thought she seemed more friendly today as she ushered her in.

Mr North told Nicola she would lose her membership but his wife came to his desk and told him that perhaps she was not to blame after all. She had asked around and discovered Kevin had a laddish reputation. Nicola, she now believed, was innocent.

Leaning close to her husband so Nicola wouldn't hear, Victoria said 'And I'm sure you understand how he wanted to get into her panties, darling.'

The chairman stood up and approached Nicola. He placed his hands gently on her shoulders as he agreed that expulsion was too severe. 'But I must take some action and there must be some punishment.'

Nicola looked up at him relieved and nodded her assent.

'I understand you had a minor spanking from Victoria yesterday. To remain a member you must look upon that as a taste of what will come this evening.'

Nicola bit her lip. 'Just a taste' she thought recalling the scene in the showers. A 'minor spanking' he said. However, the prospect of those tickets concentrated her mind and she said 'Okay Sir, whatever you suggest.'

'Very well. Victoria will warm you up while I go for a drink in the bar. I will be back later.'

Nicola was now watching Victoria removing various items from the desk drawer. There was a strap, a small stick with several strands of what may have been leather attached to the end and a cane. Her eyes widened. A cane!

Victoria held up the stick, dangling the strands in front of Nicola and told her it was her husband's favourite.

'Before we start I want to check something. Lift your skirt up' Victoria said.

Nicola did as instructed

'I thought so. Your nipples rather gave you away but your panties are damp too. You're excited by this aren't you?'

Nicola blushed. 'I don't know Mrs North. I haven't felt like this before.'

'Call me Victoria. Now bend over the desk................I would like to go easy on you but my husband will know.'

Recognising that Nicola reminded her of herself at the same age, Victoria rather cryptically suggested she could make it up to Nicola later. Then she raised the short skirt.

'You may keep these on' Victoria was saying as her fingers slid under the back of her panties, 'But I will make good use of them.'

She pulled upwards neatly splitting the target of her buttocks.

Nicola squirmed as she felt the material sliding into her cunny. She had given herself pleasure many times before using the same method and she found herself wondering if Victoria could show her other ways. After all, she was about seven years older.

Then two hands were on her bottom, gently stroking up, then downwards.

The tension was unbearable for Nicola. Although she recalled how much her previous spanking had stung, she really wanted this to begin. Whether this was to get it over with, she was not sure.

Such were her confused feelings.

She was taken by surprise when the first smack fell on her rounded bottom and three more quickly followed as Nicola yelped in a mixture of shock and pain. Then a pause and Nicola took the opportunity to reach back and feel her hot bum.

In calm but firm tones, Victoria told her take her hands away. 'Do that when my husband is punishing you and he will begin all over again. I suggest you lay your head on your arms.'

This movement caused her T-shirt to raise up slightly, revealing the smooth skin above her skirt.

Gazing upon this gorgeous girl with sexy little ankle socks and skimpy panties pulled up into her crack, Victoria almost forgot Nicola was there for punishment. But resisting temptation she hooked fingers and thumb into the strip of her knickers and yanked. She knew the effect this would have and smiled as she slapped her other hand down hard. Right cheek, left and right again.

Nicola was stifling her cries well. 'Good girl' Victoria said as she continued to spank in alternate fashion.

She knew the little sideways jerks her victim made with each smack would play havoc in her pussy and she gave an extra couple of upwards tugs on Nicola's panties for added effect.

Victoria noted a shudder through Nicola's hips as her leg muscles tightened but it was important there was not too much pleasure too early, so she released her grip on the material between the girl's legs.

Nicola groaned in disappointment and just as she was thinking how cruel it was to deny her, Victoria decided it was time the backs of her thighs had a few more slaps again.

Each smack was greeted with a high pitched 'Ow!' and Nicola raised her leg as if this somehow eased the stinging sensation.

'Keep still, I'm almost done.' Said Victoria as three more slaps landed.

Nicola was still. Then her panties were again cutting into her cunny and she gasped as the stinging turned into tingling.

Victoria was pulling at the strip of cotton rhythmically.

With a shudder, Nicola came.

Victoria stroked the girl's hair as she was slumped across the desk.

'You'd better compose yourself as he will be back soon to continue.'

Nicola had almost forgotten but how could there be more?

There had been a few tears and Nicola had needed some tissues from her bag.

Mr North was now seated at his desk as she placed her bag to the side of where only five minutes ago she had that delicious spanking. Unfortunately, her bag toppled over spilling some of the contents.

Victoria recognised the pills instantly but the chairman picked up the library card.

'Well what have we here, young lady?' Nicola went crimson.

'I'm pleased to see you use the library services but according to this you are 19 next month. You know the upper age for our ball girls is 17, so this means as well as anything else you have falsified your application form.'

This was all too much for Nicola who now burst into tears.

Victoria put her arm around her and asked what was wrong. Mr North found some brandy and poured a small glass. Not having tasted it before, Nicola sipped slowly and it felt good.

After a few more sips she recovered a little and explained about wanting Wimbledon tickets for her mum and how this would be possible by becoming a ball girl for the club.

Mr North was touched by this and after a moment made a suggestion.

'Okay Nicola, how about we continue with this and I guarantee you shall have those tickets?' He considered this was a small price to pay if it meant he could get his hands on her lovely body.

Nicola, hardly containing her excitement said 'Oh thank you Mr North, I will do anything to please you' and drank the rest of her brandy.

Of course she didn't quite mean 'anything' but the Norths exchanged knowing looks. The chairman always had plenty of tickets so it wasn't a big deal. What pleased them was the knowledge this young girl was not under aged after all. There were so many more possibilities. Beginning now.

While she was still compliant Mr North suggested they should have her knickers off before continuing.

Without thinking, almost as if in a trance, Nicola removed them. Although she did turn her back and positioned herself over the desk very quickly.

Victoria sensed his disappointment and said 'I think we should remember who is in control here Nicola. Let's have your Trainers and socks off and you can put them in the chair over there.'

Although Nicola knew this would give him a good view of her lower half, front as well as back, she realised she didn't have much choice. She moved quickly and was about to take her position when Victoria spoke again.

'Actually I have an idea. Leave your socks there but bring your Trainers back.'

Nicola knew they were playing with her but she had to obey. And this time she moved more slowly. The brandy she drank seemed to make it matter less that she was being exposed to Him. Them. And Victoria had seen it all anyway. And more!

Handing her Trainers to Victoria she finally went back over the desk.

The shoes were placed either side of her feet about 15 inches apart and Victoria told her to place her feet outside them.

Nicola had an idea why she had to stand with her feet apart but she was unaware just how much was on show.

Mr North was thinking how clever his wife was. This was an exquisite sight.

A young girl, bent over, bottom thrusting and legs parted just enough to reveal those lips at the top of her thighs.

This made him think of another special place but maybe that was for another day. First things first.

He picked up the strap and slapped it into his hand for effect.

It worked as a gasp escaped from a startled Nicola.

He would be reasonably gentle, not knowing how much she could take. At least to begin with.

A kind of relief swept over Nicola with the first stroke. It had begun but, more importantly, it hadn't hurt as much as she feared. It sounded worse than it actually felt.

'I think ten of these...then we'll see what else we have.' Said Mr North.

A few strokes across her bottom told Nicola it wasn't so painless after all.

What she didn't know was that these strokes were only backhand and that he was a better forehand player.

But now he was directly behind her and she knew he had moved.

She tensed in readiness but it did no good as he brought the strap down on her right cheek. Nicola sucked her breath in sharply.

She knew where the next one would be. It didn't help any as the whooshing sound was followed by a loud 'crack.'

She had already lost count but she knew he was changing his position again.

Now he swung upwards. Splatt!

'Ooooh!' She gasped as she was almost lifted off her feet.

The stroke was repeated on the other half of her bottom to the same effect.

There couldn't be more than a couple to come, could there? And she knew he'd moved again.

She had not known the strap was split at the end and she certainly wasn't ready for what came next as he swung at the back of her left thigh.

It obviously stung but a micro second after the first impact, one of the thinner strips had followed the curve and bit in to her inner thigh.

It was like an electric shock and she kicked out, dislodging one of her Trainers.

Nicola had forgotten and now he had to start again. She asked for more brandy. It was warming inside but so was her rear.

Back over the desk, she heard Victoria step over and a hand lightly brushed the skin of her bottom. She flinched, clenching her buttocks together.

'I don't think you would like any more of the strap just now would you Nikki? You were to have another ten but perhaps we can exchange this for two strokes of the cane'

Nicola found herself wondering what was best. And why had Victoria suddenly called her Nikki?

In her puzzled state, the brandy adding to her confusion, she was also aware of Victoria saying something about them having her naked for the reduced punishment.

Before she could protest Nicola was without her T-shirt and then her breasts fell free as Victoria released them from her bra.

Instinct took over as she went to cover them but Victoria's hands were already there.

She hadn't agreed to being naked but she decided showing her tits was no worse than Mr North had already seen.

And she couldn't say anything anyway because Victoria was kissing her.

Fingers were tugging at her nipples and she felt a little dizzy. She placed her hands on the edge of the desk to steady herself.

Peter North was surprised and not a little disappointed when Victoria had intervened. He had been looking forward to the next ten strokes and was planning to land a couple more on inner thighs knowing her legs would scissor apart revealing even more of what he wanted to see.

But he had to give her some credit for the erotic scene now unfolding before him.

His beautiful wife had this 17 year old girl with a sexy body in a completely submissive state. She was standing between her parted legs and sucking the girl's nipples.

For her part Nicola was happy not to have that awful strap lashing into her sore bum. But she was also incredibly turned on. This was so much nicer than anything she'd done with Kevin.

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed Mr North moving his hand over the front of his trousers and now she really noticed how good looking he was.

Then she saw the cane. In his hand. The hand that not long ago had held that wicked strap.

Victoria was leading a reluctant Nicola over to the chair.

'Don't worry Nikki, it's only two strokes and I'll help you through them.'


With this distraction she followed her instructions and climbed into the armchair, resting a knee on each arm.

This was a far more revealing position than when she was over the desk with her feet apart.

Before this registered, Victoria's hand was between Nicola's thighs and she was squirming again.

'Now we're going to give you one stroke each. I shall go first.' Said Victoria as she removed the hand which Nicola wanted to stay.

Brushing the hair away from Nicola's face Victoria showed her the implement that would soon be cutting into her bottom.

Again a hand was at her pussy. She wriggled then it was gone.

The whooshing sound was followed by a burning sensation as the cane landed on the crease where buttocks met thighs and she closed her eyes hoping it would ease the pain.

Once more, a hand between her thighs. It seemed different this time and not just because a finger was pushing into her.

She opened her eyes to see Victoria standing in front of her. Astonished, she realised the hand belonged to Mr North.

He was the one playing with her pussy this time. His finger pushing up and into her.

Despite herself she found she was pushing down to meet it and he introduced a second finger.

She whimpered and thrust her bottom back but the fingers were gone.

She felt them again but this time a finger slid down the groove between her buttocks. It lingered, just for a second or two, but long enough for him to notice how she opened up for him.

Then she heard it again. That sound as the cane whipped in.

Nicola's bottom was on fire but she had intense feelings in her cunny too.

Without caring what he could see, her own hand went between her thighs and she rubbed. She found her clitoris and she rubbed.

Victoria smiled but the best was yet to come.

'I will do that for you Nikki love but Peter here still has to use his favourite.'

Never having experienced such feelings before, she found herself accepting the name as well. She actually liked the sound of it. Nikki Debuse.

Victoria saw the frightened look on her face when she saw Mr North holding the stick with the leather strands and quickly reassured her. 'It's okay. It's nice.'

They led her back to the desk where she had to rest her bottom on the edge. Her sore bottom. She was made to spread her legs and before she knew it he was flicking the strands down the front of her thighs.

Each stroke was harder but instead of stinging there was tingling and he worked his way to the inside of her thighs.

Then on the front of her legs and back again to the soft flesh of her inner thighs.

When he knew she was a little more used to it he gave her a couple of flicks across her pussy lips and a ripple of orgasm spread through her.

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