tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEdward and Suzanne: Canoe Trip

Edward and Suzanne: Canoe Trip


The paddles dipped in and out of the river as Edward and Suzanne drifted up to their usual spot. Every year for their anniversary they came to Traverse City. They made the same canoe trip every summer. It was tradition. They always had the river to themselves.

They let the canoe run into the bank and looked at each other knowingly. They had taken advantage of the isolation the last couple years and had sex there. It was the only spot where the river got deep enough to jump in and get their entire bodies wet at once.

Suzanne took a quick survey of the area and stripped off her swimsuit top, giving Edward full view of her breasts. He hungrily looked over her large nipples.

She was beautiful, with long brown hair and blue eyes. She had a cute little nose and mouth, a mouth she could drive Edward wild with.

She lifted her hourglass body out of the canoe and stepped into the cool water. In the past they had brought a condom, their birth control of choice as Suzanne didn't like the pill, and had sex in the canoe. This year Suzanne decided to treat Edward.

She had him stand and step out of the canoe, joining her in the knee-high water. Looking into his hazel eyes, she stroked the front of his swimsuit. His hips moved with her as she rubbed her palm up and down the length of his cock.

As she pulled his swimsuit down it sprang into view and she wrapped her fingers around it, gently pulling back and forth over his shaft.

She bent down and put her hands on the canoe behind him. She knew how much he loved it when she didn't touch with her hands as she blew him. The head of his cock and her lips touched gently. She let him anticipate what would come next for a second and then slowly teased the underside pf the head with the tip of her tongue.

He took in a quick breath as she wrapped her lips around his cock and he felt them slide down to the base. She paused there for a moment with his cock in her throat and his balls resting on her chin, then pulled back, hands never leaving the canoe.

He wasn't huge but he wasn't small either, and whether she never deepthroated him for more than a second or two at a time was because she couldn't or she wouldn't, was a secret she never told.

She started a slow and steady rhythm, working him in and out of her mouth, looking up at him with her beautiful blue eyes. The peacefulness of their surroundings made it easy for him to get lost in the pleasure.

She pulled her head back and licked his entire length up and down. She sucked his balls into her mouth, flicking them with her tongue, and then took his cock into the back of her throat again.

They wouldn't even use the condom they brought, but she didn't tell him that. He would have all day to recover and she would fuck him later. This was just for him.

When they were younger and hadn't begun having intercourse, she would swallow for him all the time. That's just how their sexual episodes ended. But since they started going all the way, Edward found that he missed it.

As teenagers, Edward always gave Suzanne a warning before he reached orgasm so she could take him out of her mouth and tuck it back into his pants. The first time she swallowed for him was a surprise. He gave her the warning and she kept sucking his cock. She planned to give him a similar surprise today.

In the recent past, Edward had brought up some sex advice he had heard on the radio regarding a way to communicate secret fantasies and desires between lovers. She twisted her head from side to side as she remembered one of his.

Her pace quickened as did Edward's breathing. He loved to watch her suck his cock. Her head bobbed up and down and he watched inch after inch disappear into her mouth.

His legs began to tremble and he worried about lasting long enough to fuck her. He tried to gently push her head back, a signal to slow down or stop. She worked it faster and harder than before and he felt the tingling feeling that preceded release. He knew when she ignored such a signal that it was just for him and he let it build up. It could take so long sometimes, between feeling that he was going to cum and actually cumming. Like a sneeze that lingers for a minute before coming to fruition.

Her beautiful blue eyes smiled up at him as his legs trembled, she loved getting him close. She pulled back and sucked on the head, just taking the first inch in and out a few times rapidly, then slid her lips all the way down to the base.

She pulled her head back and continued to suck his cock fast and hard.

"I'm going to cum," Edward still said after so many years.

She took her hands off the canoe and popped his cock out of her mouth. She ran her hands up his hips and licked his balls, letting his cock lay across her face. She grabbed his dick with her hand and began to stroke. She licked the head and smiled up at him.

He trembled with pleasure. "I'm going to cum," he repeated as he had the first time she had swallowed for him. He looked into her eyes in anticipation, wondering what she would do.

She chickened out at the last second and tilted her head up, biting her lower lip and grinning, she was never completely on board with taking it on her face but she still planned to let him shoot it on her.

Her hand frantically pumped his cock as the first load landed across her lips and neck. Out of instinct she licked her lips before realizing what she was doing. She didn't mind, it's not as if she'd never tasted it.

She stopped stroking and took the second load on her tits, she pushed out her chest to let the third and forth loads collect on the tops of her breasts.

She held Edward's cock as he took in the sight. His breathing calmed and she felt it twitch in her hand.

"I need a swim," she said looking down at herself, and with a wink she jumped into the deep part of the river and swam topless until they'd had enough and started off to enjoy the rest of their vacation.

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