tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEJAX-472: Ch. 02

EJAX-472: Ch. 02


EJAX-472: Chapter 2

As John's strength was somewhat depleted by his first series of orgasms, I directed Lynette to bring out a padded recliner—a modern, modified version of the traditional exam table—and place it center stage. This would allow the women to have full access to his genitals while John would be able to concentrate more on his performance rather than worry about maintaining his balance. Cushions were placed under his legs and buttocks so that his lower body was elevated, thus offering the audience—and the two camerawomen who were positioned to the right and left of him— a completely unobstructed view. Restraining straps were used to keep his hands and feet secure so that the women could maintain complete control over him at all times.

While I was engaged in supervising my crew, Sheila approached me, followed by her daughter Jill and Jill's friend Laura. She smiled as she took my hand.

"I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes," she said unable to suppress her enthusiasm, "but I must admit that I am happy to have been proved wrong. You have advanced the frontiers of fertility research by decades. Congratulations Christiana, it's a great achievement!"

"Thank you, Sheila. And thanks to you, and to you too Jill, for your assistance. It's exciting isn't it?"

Jill gave me a big smile.

"Exciting isn't the word." Sheila continued. "It's absolutely electrifying! Look at these people. Have you ever seen a bunch of women act so wild? Look at them!"

My eyes quickly scanned the room. Most of these women were caring, dedicated professionals who, under normal circumstances, could never have been mistaken for the uninhibited, bawdy bunch they now appeared to be. But something had triggered this unexpected response and it certainly wasn't alcohol or drugs. My only explanation for it was that they were experiencing a tremendous rush of sexual energy derived from their vicarious domination of the male subjects. They knew that the stupendous ejaculatory feats they had been witnessing were wholly unprecedented, and the fact that such feats were made possible only through the agency of my drug—a drug created by a woman—made the victory doubly sweet.

"I couldn't believe the amount of sperm he kept shooting out." Jill remarked.

"It was funny," Laura offered. "I could actually see the veins in his penis contract every time he ejaculated."

Sheila looked thoughtful. "As a physician, I must say that his orgasm was exemplary. Don't you think girls?"

"Oh, come on mom," Jill said. "There's nothing like it in the record books!"

"There's nothing like it ever!" Laura chuckled. "It's really great!"

All of us broke out in a fit of merriment.

"I hope you don't mind that Laura and I crashed your party," Jill said. "I heard mom talk to her friends about this experiment and I just had to see it for myself."

"But we never expected to see your mom participate in it!" Laura piped in.

"At first it freaked me out, but then I got caught up with all the excitement."

"My daughter is quite promiscuous, Christiana," Sheila admitted freely. "Just like her mother I'm afraid."

I smiled. "I'm glad you were both able to lend a hand."

The three women laughed at my unintended pun.

"Do you mind if we stay and watch?" Jill asked impatiently.

"Not at all. I replied. "We're almost ready to continue. He's going to put on quite a show for us this time."

"Better than what we just saw?" Laura asked wide-eyed.

"Much better," I promised her. "If you want, you can both sit on either side of the subject and see for yourself."

The two girls looked at each other and grinned. I saw their eyes twinkle with a newfound intensity, absorbed as they were with the overwhelming erotic tension of what they were about to witness.

"Thanks Dr. Swensen," Jill said. "See you later mom."

"Try to stay out of the line of fire," Sheila warned them as they made their way toward John.

Sheila thanked me for allowing the girls to stay and left to resume her seat with her other colleagues from the university. Rebecca, who had been overseeing things on the stage, now returned to tell me that the subject was prepared.

"We're ready to go," she said.

"What are the girls' names?

"Tiffany is the blonde, the tall redhead is Andrea, and the brunette with the big boobs is Jacquelyn."

I noticed that all three girls were pretty. I could tell they were anxious to begin by the way they looked at John, giggling nervously each time he smiled at them. Because this part of the experiment required strict attention to timing, I was going to leave John's masturbation in Rebecca's expertly skilled hands. However, seeing his wonderful reaction put forth in regards to being handled by strangers, I decided to let the girls take care of him and hope for the best.

"Attention everybody," I began. "Attention please! Thank you again for your patience. We are now ready to continue." I looked directly at the blonde girl. "Tiffany, are you ready?"

"Yes, Dr. Swensen," she said sweetly, as she rubbed the lube cream into her hands. "All ready."

"I would like to remind you and all the girls that you may employ any masturbatory technique you wish as long as you do not cause the subject any pain. Is that understood?"

"We understand," she said quickly.

"Good. Remember that we are testing the subject's capacity to experience continuous ejaculations after a very brief interval of rest. During those intervals, I will call upon another girl to replace the previous one, so that we can witness the subject's reactions to various tactile stimuli. Are there any questions?"

The girls looked at me quietly, awaiting my orders. I turned to the audience.

"Ladies, you are now going to witness the first-ever demonstration of recurrent ejaculation; something previously unattainable in the human male. Tiffany, you may begin."

The blonde girl knelt down to John's left and enveloped his prick in her warm, moist hands. The drug had kept him semi-erect, so it only took a few quick strokes for him to regain his full 10-inch status. Pleased with her results, Tiffany now employed a slow, deliberate masturbation technique. She caressed the sensitive underside of his shaft and reacted with delight as his testicles once again began to fill with sperm, swelling to even greater proportions than before. Jill and Laura, who were kneeling on opposite sides of John, noticed this transition with wonder. Jill extended her hand to feel the expanding scrotum, reveling in the feel of the smooth and heavy testicular sac that would soon be emptying its contents in violent spasms brought forth from Tiffany's hand.

As Tiffany continued to masturbate John, Andrea and Jacquelyn moved directly behind him, watching intently. Ann stood off to John's right, casually observing her husband's masturbation with increasing interest. It appeared to me that she wanted to participate, but seemed to be waiting for something. What that was I could not imagine.

Rebecca, Maria, and Cheryl stood with me by the podium, watching as John's facial expressions changed in response to Tiffany's shifting masturbatory technique. There was no doubt in my mind that the young girl was a practiced masturbator, judging by her varied and intense hand motions. Her favorite method seemed to be drawing her right hand slowly and firmly up his shaft, stopping for a moment at the tip and then quickly returning her hand to its base. John soon grew accustomed to this form of manipulation and let out a low moan on each sustained upstroke, causing Tiffany to smile.

"It looks like the girls are enjoying themselves," I said.

"He is cute," Rebecca replied, her eyes never leaving the scene. "I'd love to beat that big prick of his off myself."

Cheryl giggled. "You and every other woman in this room."

Maria said nothing. Only a barely audible sigh escaped her lips even as Tiffany's incessant stroking was bringing John's massive tool closer to climax.

The women in the audience had grown quiet. I think they realized that they were going to see something special and I hoped that they wouldn't be disappointed. I myself tried to stay as detached from the emotional aspect of the experiment as possible. Although I allowed my assistants to participate, I could not do so without losing credibility in the eyes of my colleagues. Even so, watching these men being masturbated one after the other made me very horny. On the surface I appeared cool, but on the inside I had to fight from becoming every bit as turned on as the rest of the women.

"Look, Rebecca said. "The girls are teasing him."

It was Jill who had started the taunting. I found it amusing that they felt it necessary to speak lewdly to him but I guess it made it more entertaining for them. The audience seemed to appreciate it because they strained to hear every word.

"Hey mister," Jill said sweetly, "your balls are getting really full huh?"

Laura tugged on his nut sac. "You getting ready to come for us baby?"

"I wanna see you shoot a big fucking load," Andrea said thickly.

John was getting really turned on by this outrageous talk and started to drive his cock up into Tiffany's stroking hand.

"Look at this girls," Tiffany said, titillated. "I think he wants to give us something."

Jacquelyn leaned her head down onto his chest and stroked his nipple. "Yeah," she said sexily, "he wants to give us his sticky white goo."

The ladies in the audience were really getting into this sexual banter and some of the more outspoken among them contributed their own slew of sexual innuendos.

The combination of all this lecherous talk and Tiffany's expert handjob were having its desired effect on John. He began to groan loudly as he began to reach the point of no return.

And then, suddenly, something beautiful happened.

I saw Ann move in between Tiffany and Jacquelyn and cradle her husband's head in her hand. She kissed his face repeatedly and told him how she was going to make passionate love to him after he first gave up his sperm for the ladies. She kissed him deeply, allowing him to suck on her tongue. Finally, the effects of the drug, Tiffany's now quickly moving hand, the teasing words of the girls, and his wife's passionate kisses combined to drive him over the edge.

"Tell me when you're gonna cum!" Tiffany said as she pulled on him with accelerated strokes.

Suddenly the teasing stopped, and all you could hear was John's heavy breathing, his chest swiftly rising up and down as his mouth gulped down great draughts of air.

"Oh, fuck!" he screamed.

As John's testicles rose high up into his body, I knew the first spurt was on its way. Tiffany knew it too, and stroked him furiously until she felt the first thick wave of cream rise up his shaft. And then, even as his first ejaculation began, she quickly removed her hand and left the giant cock unattended. This was certainly an unexpected move on her part, and I thought it would diminish the force of his ejaculation. But John seemed oblivious to her missing hand and arched his body upward as far as he could as his prick, like a wild beast unleashed, began to fire its full supply of cum.

Tiffany quickly moved back a little to watch as he crested, but Jill and Laura held their place, staring at the thick, pulsating slab of meat as the first huge load of sperm shot up high above their heads.

Witnessing his ejaculation up close was astonishing enough, but I will never forget what it looked like played back in slow motion when several of my female friends and I had a chance to see the video a few days later. I had invited my sister Bonnie, Sheila and her daughter Jill, Tiffany, Rebecca, Maria, Cheryl, and three colleagues of mine from the university, including one nurse, to watch the video with me. When it came time for John's orgasm, I slowed the tape down and told everybody to sit back and enjoy the show.

The video showed Tiffany's hand slowly pulling away from John's erupting cock. The back of Jill's head was still in the frame and the faces of Ann, Jacquelyn, and Andrea were seen clearly above John's head, now thrown back in ecstasy. As Tiffany released his cock, it bounced up and down for a moment and then a thick rope of sperm shot out of the tip, followed by three more hot blasts. The girls cried out in delight as the stringy ejaculate flew first backward, then forward and to the side, painting a marvelous figure eight in the air. This was followed by a very long rope of cum that shot directly upward above John's head and out of the frame. We all watched in amusement as Ann, Jacquelyn, and Andrea followed the trajectory of sperm as it splashed into the wall somewhere behind them. The camera came off John's cock for minute and panned right, capturing Tiffany's laughing face. Jill moved out of range next to Tiffany as they both observed the out of control cock as it continued to shoot sperm in every direction.

We then saw the camera move in for a close up of John's face, his eyes wide open, unable to understand what was happening to his cock. He was begging one of the girls to masturbate him. And then, in answer to his plea, a hand came into the frame from the left. It was Laura's hand. She pulled on his cock viciously, a wild, abandoned look on her face, as spurt after spurt was forced from John's tool. Then suddenly it stopped. The final string of cum flew past Laura's lovely profile and landed somewhere beyond the periphery of the stage.

After viewing the tape, I asked Tiffany what had made her decide to stop masturbating John at the last minute. She told me that she had done it once to her boyfriend as an experiment when they had parked with another couple in his car. She said that her girlfriend had watched from the backseat as she brought her boyfriend to orgasm and had simply wanted to see what would happen if she stopped stroking him. She was rewarded with a giant climax that sent his sperm flying into the windshield and then backwards over the girl's head in the back of the car. She said that she just sat there giggling as load after load shot out of the errant prick. This caused Bonnie to remark that she was going to try the same thing on her husband that very night!

In any event, Tiffany's little test proved to be a success. But John was far from done.

I asked Jacquelyn to immediately continue his masturbation, eager to see if the drug was still working. She quickly moved to his left and started stroking his prick in slow, sensuous movements. It took less than 20 seconds to encourage yet another spectacular display of sperm. As Jacquelyn felt him coming, Ann knelt over his cock and began sucking him off. She then opened her mouth over his prick as he yelled that he was beginning to cum. Hearing this, Jacquelyn took the tip of his prick between her thumb and forefinger and gave him several short rapid bursts. The first few spurts shot right into the back of Ann's throat and she swallowed every drop. Several more loads shot into her mouth before she had to pull away, the last few arcs of sperm splashing into her face and hair and some even flying several feet beyond her.

"Oh, God," John exclaimed, "I'm gonna cum again! Ah..."

"Andrea!" I yelled.

The girl rushed forward ready to grab his cock but Ann told her to wait. Pulling her hair out of her face, she again opened her mouth and took the full length of his tool down her hungry throat. Within seconds he was pumping more thick ropes of cum into her mouth. This time Ann did not pull away. She held him firmly between her lips as I watched her swallow what must have been a quart of hot sperm. Andrea's astonished face reflected my own feelings as Ann teased and coaxed her husband's penis to release yet even more of the creamy fluid.

Sensing Andrea wanted to help out, she took the girl's hand and had her start masturbating him. Ann herself pulled away, wiping her face with a towel as she watched her husband being masturbated to orgasm once again. Sitting astride him, Andrea used both her hands to bring him to climax, this time using strong upward strokes. The entire audience was shouting hysterically, urging her to make him cum. Pointing his prick toward the ceiling, we all watched as he fired off a continuous salvo of sperm. Her silky red hair raked across his genitals and caught a good portion of his load, making it one big sticky mess. She kept stroking, watching one creamy spurt follow upon another, to her utter delight. I counted about 15 separate ejaculations, each one as thick as all the ones before.

I heard Maria cry out just then and realized she had just fingered herself to orgasm. Rebecca looked at her and then at me and chuckled.

"Maria, you slut. In front of all these people!"

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself," she said apologetically. It's so sexy!"

I had to agree. It was difficult to maintain a professional decorum with such intimate sexual acts being committed right in front of our faces. I was almost certain that there must have been many other women, who, like Maria, had been overcome with lust at seeing John's performance and had secretly brought themselves to orgasm in full view of their colleagues. At times I looked around me and thought I must be at some wild bachelorette party, until the myriad professional faces reminded me that this was indeed a clinical experiment.

Andrea finished milking the last few drops of sperm from John's now depleted cock and climbed off him. The audience responded by giving her and John a standing ovation. Ann took her husband's hand and led the exhausted man toward the exit, winking to me as she passed by. I thanked her and all the other women who had participated in the test and watched as they resumed their seats in the audience, anxious to share their experiences with their questioning counterparts. As Lynette and her crew began to clean up the stage, I addressed the crowd.

"Thank you ladies, thank you," I said, as the most recent crop of volunteers were re-assimilated into the audience. "To all those who volunteered I want to say that your participation in these experiments is greatly appreciated by me and my staff. As I have mentioned earlier, the reason I have chosen to use volunteers is twofold: to avoid any accusations of falsifying results due to duplicity and to add an unbiased element by utilizing the services of women who are unacquainted with the subjects and therefore are unaware of the subjects' sexual predilections. As we now have three more tests to conclude, I will need more volunteers. If anyone is interested..."

"Right here!" said a middle-aged woman in a nurse's uniform who was sitting amongst a group of several other nurses in the front row to my far left. "I'd like to volunteer."

"Thank you," I said graciously. "Anyone else?"

Just then, an ocean of hands were raised simultaneously, representing more than two thirds of the audience; Bonnie's outstretched arm, waving wildly back and forth, being among them.

"This is wonderful. Thank you ladies. As this in the halfway point in our experiment, I am going to pause now for a brief intermission. We will meet here again in 20 minutes to conclude the test. There are refreshments in the adjoining conference room outside so please help yourselves. For those interested in volunteering, please see my assistant Rebecca now. Thank you."

As the women began to exit the lab to seek refreshments, I watched as Lynette and her assistants tackled the mess left behind in the aftermath of John's multitudinous orgasms. The amount of sperm he had ejaculated had been staggering, but I knew that the full potential of EJAX-472 was yet to be realized.

During the intermission I decided to go back to my office to relax for a few minutes before resuming the experiment. I realized that my entire body was shaking from the anxiety and tension associated with the uncertainty of the tests. So far, all was going well, but analysis of the various sperm specimens would tell the whole story. So despite the outward success of EJAX-472, I could not be assured of final victory until the analyses were complete and the drug's effectiveness was proven.

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