tagIncest/TabooElastic Daddy Ch. 02

Elastic Daddy Ch. 02


This is the second part of this story. To see how a daddy winds up having sex with his daughter after snapping her bra you should read "Elastic Daddy." The writer of this offers no pretense that these events could actually happen which is the wonderful thing about a fantasy. The curious thing about a fantasy is that even if a person actually got a chance to make it come true the reality might be too scary and the opportunity lost. If the reader is offended by some same sex contact or anal you may want to read another selection.

The night after Steve had sex with his daughter, Sandy for the first time he fell asleep while watching television. He felt so relaxed. Yet, when Becky, his wife, talked with him he became a bit nervous and felt guilty. As for Sandy she seemed to have a new bounce in her step fluttering around the house like a bird.

It wasn't as if Steve had been looking to cheat on his wife with anyone let alone their own daughter. Becky was a wonderful wife and was a great lover and had sex with Steve almost anytime he wanted it. He had just lost control when confronted by the sexy vision of his daughter. He just couldn't resist the temptation to snap his daughter's bra strap that faithful day.

While Sandy was drop dead gorgeous he had no complaints with Becky's looks as like their daughter she had beautiful Blonde hair and blue eyes. Her breast were smaller than Sandy's as they were nice firm C cups but she had a splendid 42 inch ass. Whenever Becky's ass was in Steve's field of vision he got an erection as he figured there was no sexier ass in the entire world.

"Wake up sleepy head; you can't do anything for me like that," Becky cooed waking up her husband. Sandy was safely in her bedroom as her mother began the seduction of Steve. He opened his eyes too see Becky in a shortie nightie with her cleavage dangling in his face. He smiled broadly as Becky rubbed the outline of her breasts with her fingertips. Sure that he was now awake she stuck a finger in her panties and scooped out a finger full of honey from her pussy and fed it to her sleepy lover.

Anxious to please her but worried that his cock might not have its usual staying power after his hot session with his daughter earlier he reached over to her and caressed her boobs as he slid to his knees. Quickly he ran his hands to her hips and pulled down her panties. Becky was surprised by his actions as this was rather dramatic even for Steve.

"Fuck baby you taste great; I've got to have more," he whispered while gently pushing her legs apart. Steve cupped her big ass cheeks in his hands as he slid his tongue over her pink outer pussy lips. Still standing Becky spread her knees as wide as she could. She held onto her husband's head both to keep her balance and to urge him deeper and deeper into her pussy. His tongue swirled in tiny circles over her clit.

Then he buried as much of his face into her pussy as he could trying to lick up every drop of her juices that he could. His hands pulled her tight to his face; fingers digging into the pillowy flesh of her rump. Becky's hands were entangled in her husband's hair as she moaned out loud. Her knees buckled as her whole body shivered.

""Oh shit, unbelievable, I'm cumming babe; oh yes fuck," she screamed as she threw aside her nightie one handed. Sandy easily heard her mom from her bedroom and went out to investigate the loud noise. From the edge of the hallway she watched her dad eat her mother's pussy. It was at that moment she realized she was bisexual as she was just turned on by the sight of her mom's ass as seeing her father on his knees in front of her mom made her gush.

Sandy ran back to her room as her mother pulled away from Steve's exceptional oral assault. As Sandy brought herself off in her bed her parents ran back to their bedroom to continue their passion. Seeing Becky's ass run down the hall in front of him Steve knew he had to have it without delay.

The pair collapsed in a heap onto their king size bed; arms and legs flaying all over. They passionately exchanged kisses as they worked to remove Steve's clothes. He sucked both tits into his mouth before kissing her again. As Becky licked her honey from his face he moaned, "Oh you are so fucking sexy; give me your ass."

"It is all yours," she moaned breathlessly. Anal was not one of Becky's favorite activities due to the initial pain upon insertion of Steve's cock. But, she did really enjoy it once or twice a month because of the special attention her clit and tits got while her husband was pummeling her back door. Besides, Steve was wonderful in bed always keeping sex fresh and new like the attack in the living room a few moments earlier.

In mere seconds Becky rolled over and wiggled her mammoth ass in the air. Every time Steve saw her ass it looked just as sexy as the first time he saw it nude twenty five years earlier. Giving birth to two girls hadn't diminished her appeal in any way. He ran his hands over the two perfect creamy white pillows without a mark or blemish on them split down the middle by her very deep and dark ass crack.

A shudder ran up Becky's spine as she felt his tongue make contact with her skin. Passionately he kissed, licked and sucked all over both masses of flesh before pulling them apart and working deeper and deeper into the crevice. His cock was already throbbing as he came to her tiny rosebud. His wife pushed back against his mouth allowing to tongue deep into her bowels.

Neither of them liked the feel of most lubricants they had found so Steve did his best to open her up with his tongue and use his saliva to prepare her passage for his cock. Being convinced that he had her hole as well prepared as possible Steve got to his knees and pushed his cock head into her poop shoot.

As expected Becky let out a yelp as she gritted her teeth. Steve paused then pushed ever so slowly in. It took two or three minutes before he was all of the way in. He slid his member in and out very slowly several times before picking up speed. It didn't take long for Becky to begin to moan in enjoyment and thrust back against each stroke.

As the pace picked up Becky dropped her shoulders to the mattress so she could play with her tits while Steve reached around and twisted and teased her clit which seemed to be swollen to three times its normal size. Pussy honey dripped down Becky's thighs and Steve's balls thrust so hard that her ass bounced wildly with each hard stroke.

"Harder mother fucker; come on give it to me," Becky yelled between breaths. She was on fire as her body shuddered in rolling orgasms.

"Becky fuck I'm cumming; oh shit yes," Steve shrieked with sweat rolling from his forehead. Steve thought he might pass out as he was gasping for breath when, at last, his cock flooded his wife's bowels. Steve had the best night of sleep he had in years that night. When he woke up the next morning it was thoughts of Sandy that filled his head instead of Becky.

While he shaved he decided to wait until Becky left for work to talk to his daughter and let her know that they couldn't continue to have sex. It was wrong and he felt to damn guilty. Besides it wasn't as if Becky wasn't meeting all of his sexual needs and desires. Ten minutes later Becky gave him a deep kiss and walked out the door.

Wearing nothing but a robe Steve headed toward his bedroom to dress so he could talk with Sandy. Just then Sandy popped out of her room wearing nothing but her bra and panties. The beige front clasp bra was two or three sizes too small for her. He guessed it was several years old from when she was just beginning to fill out. Her breasts were spilling out of it on all sides.

"Good morning daddy," Sandy cooed in her best little girl voice. As she spoke she ran her long fingers under her D cups pushing them up toward her daddy's face as she did. But, it was her seductive smile that broke his resistance more than anything else. In less than a second all of the guilt disappeared and he wanted her more than ever; especially those gorgeous boobies. He froze in place as she unfastened her bra.

"Daddy are my tits bigger than Kim's and Mom's?" He thought it was a weird question and it was the first time during all of the play that anyone had mentioned Sandy's 23 year old sister. Ogling her impressive boobs that jutted straight out from her chest with the huge erect nipples he gasped as he thought about the question while closing the distance between them. He took her hand to guide her to her bedroom.

"They are truly bigger than your mother's but I don't know about Kim. I haven't seen your sister in a month side by side with you," he calmly answered as his heart beat a mile a minute. Kim was in Graduate School 600 miles away and only came home three or four times a year now. Standing beside the bed Sandy helped her dad take off the robe.

"You know what daddy?" she cooed as she wrapped her slender hand around Steve's rigid member.

"What honey?" he groaned as he kissed her neck.

"I saw you eating out mom in the living room last night. It was a very hot sight. Mom sure has a big butt doesn't she?" Sandy fell to her knees and licked the head of her father's cock. Softly she caressed his lemon drop balls.

"Oh fuck we thought you were asleep! And yes, Sandy, your mom sure does have a big ass," he gasped. Then wanting to lay down he helped Sandy to her feet and out of her silky panties.

"Daddy, I kept wishing it was my hands on her fat ass playing with it instead of yours," she admitted blushing slightly before kissing her dad with hunger. Steve was shocked at her admission but didn't let on and kissed her back in a fever. He had to change the subject before they both wound up embarrassed.

"That's sweet honey but right now I need to nurse on your fantastic boobs. Come on baby nurse your daddy. I could suck on these wonderful titties for hours," he said just before drawing her nipple into his mouth. Maternally Sandy put her arm around her father's back and caressed him gently while watching his mouth.

"Oh Daddy, I want you to nurse me for real. I wish they were filled with milk for you. So you could drink all you wanted my sweet daddy," his daughter whispered softly. This caused Steve's blood to boil and he attacked both boobs with a fury. While Earnest in his play he wasn't rough with her.

"Oh gawd Sandy that would be freaking wonderful; fuck your boobs are fantastic," he groaned. An evil thought came to Sandy's brain in that moment of pure lust and love for her father. She growled in pure delight as she ground her pelvis against him. But, just then she noticed the clock on the night stand.

"Oh shit Daddy, I have to leave for school in a few minutes; fuck me right now. I need your cock inside of me right away." she was almost begging to be fucked. Eager to oblige Steve moved up into position. Just as his penis touched the outer fold of her cunt he realized that he had no rubber on.

"Sandy baby, wait a minute we need a condom," he gasped.

"No we don't daddy. I want to feel the real thing inside and feel you cum inside of my hot pussy. Please daddy, I won't fuck you if you wear a condom besides I am out of them," she whispered. He believed that she actually had more condoms but he wasn't ready to argue the point. Steve was on fire and threw caution to the winds and plunged his member deep into her snatch.

"Oh baby, you feel so good," he moaned as his balls slapped against her ass. With a machine like rhythm his weapon pounded in and out of his child's pussy. Sandy's hips met every single one of her father's thrusts as the walls of her cunt squeezed his member each time it bottomed out inside of her.

"Daddy, cum inside of me; cum inside of your nasty girl," Sandy demanded. Her dad's face was red and sweat poured from him as he gasped and groaned. The passion was so hot that in just a couple of minutes he felt his daughter's body stiffen several times as she came causing him to deposit an amazing amount of spunk inside of her as he also came.

Steve watched Sandy get dressed as he recovered. She was running late and didn't even bother to wipe the mess off of her crotch. When she stood up to pull up her pants he took advantage of the opportunity and snapped the elastic waistband of her silky panties. She giggled and then kissed him passionately before running out the door.

Becky was surprised at what Steve told her when he called her during lunch break that day. Her jaw dropped when he told her that Sandy admitted to seeing him giving Becky oral sex the night before. She gasped out loud when he mentioned that her own daughter was sexually attracted to her ass. A strange feeling came over Becky that she tried to shake the rest of the day; not believing she was having taboo thoughts about Sandy.

Steve and his daughter didn't have the opportunity to fully enjoy each other much for the next week. He continued to play the elastic game whenever the chance came along. Sandy snuck into Steve's room a couple of times topless and let him nurse on her titties while her mom was in the shower or on the phone. They only fucked once during the week when Becky ran to the grocery store.

Steve was watching basketball when Sandy came into the den totally nude carrying only her panties in her hand. His daughter quickly undid his belt and yanked off his pants. Without any foreplay she sat on his cock and rode him wildly. Soon he was bathing the walls of her pussy with his spunk. Satisfied Sandy kissed her dad's cheek, put on the undies, and went back to her room.

There was a new sense of tension between mom and daughter but neither wanted to bring up the subject. Becky figured if Sandy wanted to talk about what she saw she would bring it up as she had done with her dad. Sandy didn't know how to tell her mom that she had a sudden desire to touch her sexually especially her hot ass.

Sandy was trying to figure out how to land her mother in bed as her curiosity was taking over all rational thought. A couple of nights later Sandy saw her mom getting a drink from the kitchen wearing nothing but bra and panties. She had just summoned up the courage to snap her bra when her mom slipped past her and into her own bedroom.

But, it was about a week later that Sandy got her big break. School got out two hours early and as Sandy walked home she noticed a strange car parked in the driveway. Glancing in the living room window she could see the mayor in the recliner with a weird expression on his face. Because of the angle she could see nothing else.

As stated in the first chapter the preferred and most common way for incest to occur is through slow loving seduction but sometimes a new door opens and it is hard to keep yourself from going right through it. This is the situation Sandy suddenly found herself in as she opened the door to see her mom on her knees with the mayor's big black cock in her mouth.

The girl grabbed her digital camera from her purse and took a picture of the scene. Neither of the two lovers had noticed the intrusion so Sandy walked closer. The mayor was totally nude and her mom was in matching bra, garter and panties with sheer black thigh-high stockings. Sandy reached down to her mom's plump ass and grabbed the waistband of the undies stretching it way out before releasing it. The pop was thunderous. Her mom squealed and the mayor looked up at the girl in shock.

"Hi mom and Mister Mayor; don't stop on account of little old me. In fact I insist that you keep it up," Sandy demanded. Sandy knew two important things about this situation. First, her mom's income was virtually nothing compared to her dad's and secondly the mayor was predicted to be the next governor of the state.

"What the fuck are you doing out of school?" her horrified mom exclaimed. The mayor had become a statue staring at Sandy. Seeing this Sandy quickly removed her blouse and bra and jiggled her boobs in front of him as she pushed her mom's head back down to the man's cock.

"I told you about early dismissal last night mother. Now suck that cock like I told you to. Mayor Jim do you want to suck my big tits?" She asked almost coldly. Not waiting for an answer she pulled his face between her twin mountains of tit flesh. Having no scruples the man dove right in and sucked and licked as if he were starving.

"Sandy I'm so sorry; let's talk about it, Becky pleaded with her daughter. Sandy would hear none of it as the mayor's hand had already slipped into her crotch. Sandy broke free and took a step back laughing at the mayor's hungry look. She snapped several more pictures then moved closer to her mother.

"Look mother dear I've got you both right where I want you. If you don't want to loose this life with daddy then you better listen to me. Besides I could destroy the mayor's career. From this moment on you will do as I say, understand?" she asked.

"I'm not sure I do," Becky said still holding the mayor's cock Becky had no doubt that she would have to agree to whatever her daughter said as she would be out on the street with the miserable amount she made selling real estate in the current economy. But, she wasn't going to agree unless she knew the terms Sandy was talking about.

Pulling her mother's panties free of her ass cheeks Sandy purred, "As of now I am in control of your body and your bedroom. You can't fuck anyone unless I say so. You will do whatever sex act I tell you and with who ever I tell you to do it with and, mommy if I want to fuck you or the mayor or my daddy you will make sure that I do it. I own your body dear mommy! Do you understand me?"

Sandy's pussy was gushing with her honey in the excitement of the situation. She gently caressed her mother's big ass cheeks. It was the first time she had ever touched another woman in this way and was enjoying it. Becky pleaded, "Sandy I'll do whatever you say even make sure the Mayor fucks you. But, sweetie, you can't have sex with your daddy. It is just wrong; it is incest."

"And I suppose you eating my pussy or me fucking you with a strap-on isn't incest? Come on, mother give up if I want daddy you will give him to me, right," she snarled at Becky. Then her hands slid between her mom's legs and she caressed her mom's dripping wet pussy. Becky gasped at her daughter's touch.

"You are a fucking bitch! I have raised a fucking bitch, I don't believe it," Becky exclaimed in horror. Immediately Sandy pushed her parent's mouth back on to the mayor's stiff rod. Instantly Becky resumed sucking on his erection.

"I'm glad we settled that," Sandy quipped as she removed the rest of her clothing. The girl got back out the camera and took several more pictures. She had the mayor spray his load on her mother's face and chest. Then the mayor gave Becky the spanking of her lifetime at Becky's direction before fucking her with all of it captured on camera.

When the Mayor pulled out of Becky her daughter immediately licked all of the juices from his cock and balls. An hour earlier Becky wouldn't have believed what a weird turn her weekly session with her lover had taken. Sandy kissed the man and let him feel her up before pronouncing, "It is time for you to go now. I'll call you and let you know when we'll give you an appointment to stick that cock in one of our holes."

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