tagBDSMEleanor's Descent Ch. 01

Eleanor's Descent Ch. 01


I first met Eleanor, when I was working as a site security guard at a sports complex. She was a volunteer First aider working for the Saint Johns ambulance service. She stood 6' tall weighed around 150 lbs, had shoulder length blonde hair. Her figure was striking with her trim waist and protruding tits. I later found out they were 38 B.

A film company was filming a TV special, so extra security was needed at the sports centre; you know the kind of thing, over rated stars trying to rescue their careers by getting TV coverage. It was being filmed in front of a live audience, so security was just as important as was the presence of the Saint John's Ambulance service. At the end of the filming, the TV Company announced they would like to thank the following, The Saint John's Ambulance service and here to accept a bottle of wine for their efforts is Miss Eleanor Smith. I watched as she walked forward and could not help but think she was much too good for the likes of me. She accepted the wine and left. Next for his excellent management of our security needs this bottle goes to, Mr. Ray Francis. I stepped forward and spoke quietly to the presenter, saying I could not accept the gift because our company rules forbade it. However I would be glad for them to pass it on to the first aiders on my behalf for all their hard work.

Again Eleanor came forward and collected the second bottle of wine. She smiled and mouthed thank you to me as she left. Once the stars had left, I began my usual routine and walk round the building securing outside doors. As I passed the first aid room, Eleanor called me in. "thanks for the wine" she said "have you got a corkscrew?"

my sense of humour kicked in as I replied "Of course I have, I am a male after all"

"No I mean a real one" she quipped.

"Of course its real, I am not made of rubber" I challenged.

"No, No, I want to open this bottle of wine to share with my staff" she retorted.

"Oh ok I will scrounge one from catering and be back soon!" I offered. When I returned, we stood in the First aid room, had a drink of wine and a cigarette.

A lump of ash fell from the end of the cigarette, it landed on my thigh. With out a word, Eleanor got up came round my side of the desk and lightly brushed away the ash, making sure she contacted my soft penis. It jerked as she brushed over it. I said "I will give you six months to stop that". She smiled and returned to her seat.

As I started to leave to finish my rounds, she asked "Want some company on your rounds?"

"Ok, if you're finished here." I replied.

"Well I have to come back here to run my colleagues home, but if anything happens at this late stage they can contact me through your radio" she said. So we walked out of the room and down the corridor. As we approached the back of the building, she grabbed my hand and pulled me into a storage room. Next thing we were kissing, her hand feeling my prick hardening to her touch. I returned the compliment by squeezing her right breast. Suddenly a noise attracted my attention to back out in the corridor. Having checked what caused the noise, I found the cleaner just walking away from us.

I asked Eleanor "What wine do you prefer?"

she replied "Librafraumilch, why?"

"Well next week I will bring you a bottle for you to share with your staff and a separate bottle for you and me!" I answered.

What I did not know was fates conspired against me and because of my experience I was sent to a different site the following week and for the next four weeks was kept busy away from the sports centre. I thought Just my bloody luck.

Eventually someone must have complained about the standard of staff being supplied to the centre because on the Saturday morning I was told the following week I was to be back at the sports centre. That night I phoned the centre security officer and asked him to check out the first aid room. "Ask for Eleanor, and if she is there ask her if she is still on for the bottle of wine she was promised?"

Nervously I waited ten minutes for him to return "Eleanor says you bet!" was his reply.

I pick up during the week, a bottle of Librafraumilch and a bottle of champagne. When Eleanor arrived that Saturday evening, I approached her and said "I have something for you in my security room!"

she replied "all you security guards say that, you just want to get me into your room you. Kinky man" I let the comment go after pinching her arse as she turned to walk away, she looked back smiling.

Later I dropped off the wine for her to share with her staff and whispered to her that I have a separate bottle of stuff for you. Pick it up before you leave.

She asked "What time do you finish here, as I know this is not an all night site?"

"11.30 is my lock up time, I have ten minute window to set the alarms or we would be invaded by local police" was my reply.

"Ok, I will run my staff home and will wait outside in the car park for you afterwards!" she added. I nodded.

At 11.30 pm I went to set the alarm, but because of a cleaner wedging a door, the alarm went of and two minutes later the place was swarming with police officers. I advised them that the alarm had malfunctioned and was just going to reset it now. They waited till the alarm was set and the doors locked before they went away. I walked over to the only car left in the car park and found a not too amused Eleanor.

"What happened?" she asked.

I explained "a bloody cleaner had wedged cardboard in an external door when they had been putting out the rubbish, it triggered the alarm!"

Eleanor explained "I had two randy coppers come snooping around my car" I looked at her and thought well I can understand them being randy, because she sat there in the smallest mini skirt I have ever seen, a white sheer blouse which clearly showed her aroused nipples and told me she had no bra on.

I opened my bag and showed her the champagne, "Where do you want to drink this?" I asked.

"As my flat mates are away, let's take there to drink, shall we?" she replied. I nodded. As she drove to her flat she deliberately flicked the edge of her skirt up exposing the edge of her white knickers. Then her legs flopped open, or as much as she dare whilst driving. I notice a darker patch at the base of her knickers, obviously she was becoming aroused.

When we arrived at her flat, she collected two glasses as we headed for the living room. She turned to me and wrapped me in her arms, eager I suppose to renew that kiss from a month ago. Her tongue traced the shape of my lips and snaked its way into my mouth, I brought my hands up towards her soft breasts. Locating the already hardening nipples, I gave them a gently twist, which caused Eleanor to softly moan into my open mouth. She quickly pulled away and suggested I open the Champagne. I poured two glasses and offered a 'Cheers' as I took a sip, she did likewise.

She then said "Let's not waste anymore time. I want you in my bed!" she led the way to her bedroom where in 2 seconds flat she was stark naked. Hardly surprising though she only had three items to remove. She walk forward to me and began undoing my trousers.

We climbed into bed, as my arm cradled her neck she took another drink from her glass and said "Ray, I want you to fuck my brains out!"

"I will try my very best" was the only reply I could manage. Climbing into the missionary position, I rubbed my hard cock along her moist slit, before slowly pushing its full seven inches slowly into her.

As I built up the pace of our fucking, she suddenly said "Ray, what would be your ultimate fantasy?"

I stopped and looked at her, saying "I suppose like most men, to have too sexy horny women in the same bed at once!"

"Oh that's easy to arrange" came her reply.

"What's your fantasy, then?" I enquired.

Suddenly she went shy, saying "No, I can't tell you! You'll think me a pervert or something!" I assured her that nothing she told me would shock me, so with a little persuasion she said "OK, let me out and I will show you!" intrigued I rolled off her and watched as she climbed out of bed, walked over to a wardrobe, opened the door, reached in and the turned. In her hand she held a nine foot leather whip, the kind you see in western films. I must be honest and say at first I panicked, thinking she wanted me to use this on her or even worse she wanted to use it on me.

I think she saw the panic in my eyes, as she smiled and said "No, silly I don't want to whip you or you me, but I love to have this rubbed over my cunt and tits as a warm up for sex. And I love the feel of it wrapped around my hands in a sort of bondage way, with the handle end having been used on my cunt, being forced into my mouth for me to suck"

I breathe a sigh of relief and said "That's OK, if it's what turns you on!" she handed me the whip and for the next 20 minutes, I caressed every inch of her skin with the whip, teasing her nipples with the bulb like end before tracing a path down towards her cunt. By the time I reach her cunt, not only was he soaking but she was giving out little body tremors.

Easing the end between her cunt lips, I slowly inserted about five inches of the handle and began to fuck her with it. Suddenly her orgasm broke and she squirted some much as she came that my arm and hand were drenched in cunt juice. Never had I seen a woman shoot cum, it looked like she was pissing, an arc of fluid almost three feet. I removed the whip handle and starting at the tip end I wound the whip around her wrists, until about two feet of the whip remained.

"Open wide, Bitch. You're going to suck this clean!" I said. She shook her head in a feigned refusal. I brought the handle down to her lips, but she shied away from it. Almost forcing her head towards the handle I pressed the handle to her lips. Still she refused.

"OK, Slut, it's your choice! Either open up and suck this fucking sticky cunt juice from this whip or I am going to Spank you till you can't sit for a week!" I threatened. Her eyes widened as slowly she opened her mouth.

As she sucked the handle, I could see the passion in her eyes rekindle. This really was turning her on again.

"So, you like to be ordered to do things with the threat of punishment, do you?" I asked. She simply nodded. While she continued to suck the handle, I re mounted her and pounded her cunt. Just before I cum up her I pulled out and pressed the whip handle to one side of her mouth forming a little hollow between her lips and her tongue. I quickly wanked my cock into its first eruption and aimed it to deposit my load against the handle and her lips. A pool of spunk formed just inside her lips. Mind you a lot more went over her eyes, nose and even some into her hair. Almost as if stirring a pot I moved the handle around coating it in the white sticky goo.

"Now clean that off the handle, my pretty cum slut!" I ordered. After she had thoroughly cleaned the handle.

she said "I need to go to the toilet, Master, I need to pee and to clean this mess off my face"

I climbed out of bed and said "Come on then bitch!" again she looked wide eyed at me.

"What, you're going to go with me?" she enquired.

"Yes, why do think you're above me watching you take a leak?" I demanded.

"Sorry Master, I have never pissed in front of anyone before!" she offered. When we got to the bathroom, I instructed her to stand in the bath facing me,

"now squat down, with your knees as wide apart as you can" I demanded. "Now let's see you piss!" I added. A slow trickle began to emerge from her pee hole and quickly turned into a torrent as her bladder muscle relaxed.

"See it's not so hard is it!" I offered.

She smiled weakly and said "yes, Master!" I suddenly had the urge to relieve my bladder also, so I told her to remain there as I release a long jet of golden fluid over her knees, aiming my prick I directed the flow to her cunt and up towards her breasts. As I did so some splashed up towards her face, she instinctively opened her mouth and tasted my piss.

When she saw I had noticed this, she blushed, saying "I have always wanted to try that!" I turned the bath mixer taps over to the shower and rinsed her off. We returned to bed and slept with me spooned around her.

We both must have been really tired, because it was 10 am when we woke. I instantly became aware of other movement in the flat. I nudged Eleanor who said "Oh its ok that will be Teresa or Emma! My other flat mates!"

"Thought you said they were not home!" I enquired.

"That was last night, silly. Maybe one of them came home earlier this morning!" she offered. Suddenly her bedroom door flew open, standing there was a woman about 5'5" tall wearing a dressing gown which was not fastened. I immediately saw that was all she was wearing and her tits and cunt were on full view. She immediately snatched the edges of her gown and held them together.

"Sorry, I thought you were alone, Eleanor!" she said "I heard movement and thought I would offer you a cup of tea" she added.

Eleanor looked at me and said "Tea or coffee?" It was as if nothing had happened, I don't think I would have been so cool if my flat mate had just exposed himself to my overnight guest.

"Coffee, white with two sugars, please" I stammered.

"I'll have a coffee to please, Emma" Eleanor calmly said.

With that Emma turned and trotted off leaving the bedroom door wide open, although I did detect a sly over the shoulder glance as she walked away.

"Are you all like this when your home, don't any of you knock before going to each others rooms?" I asked.

"Why no, what have we got to hide, we all have the same equipment" she replied

"But we could have been making love, or something" I offered.

"You'll get used to not being embarrassed once you have stayed here a few times." "Although we do draw the line at making out in the front room in front of each other, after all that's why we have separate bedrooms" she added.

Not much later, Emma came walking down the hall towards us, her gown wide open again as she had a cup in each hand. Bold as brass she walked to Eleanor's side of the bed and leaning forward placed the cups on the bedside cabinet. Standing up again she smiled, not attempting to close her gown.

"Hope you like?" she said. Eleanor said

"Slow down, Emma, He's mine; Put your charms away there's a good girl". By the tone of Eleanor's voice I could tell she was not even annoyed at the play just been made by Emma.

"Spoil sport" was all Emma said as she left, again leaving the door wide open.

Eleanor and I slowly got up and dressed, I noticed that Emma had a clear view from the kitchen into Eleanor's bedroom. She was stood smiling with her dressing gown wide open slowly fingering her cunt.

I arranged to see her again on my day off in three days time. Eleanor's parting words to me were "See if you can come up with something really exciting for me to do, MASTER" really stressing the word master.

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