Elevator Music


As I slid my hand down her silky smooth back, she continued to feast on my nipples until the feeling in my pussy from all the flowing cum and the almost sonic shocks that seemed to track from each amazingly hard nipple was overwhelming. I begged her to 'stop ...no, don't stop' several times until her lips slowed their wondrous attack and she began to lave each of my firm globes with her talented tongue. Her tongue was so smooth – nothing like that of the few men with whom I had experienced any level of intimacy. Her hand slid over my belly soooo slowlyyy...

Feeling that warm soft hand as it caressed my skin was so intense that my knees again buckled under me and I quickly held on to Meagan's shoulders for support. Frantically, I hoarsely whispered "whoa... what are you doing. Oh!" The question went unanswered as she ran her fingers over the exceedingly wet material covering my pussy (untouched by only my fingers in so long). "Oh; oh!" again.

"Mmmmm" that feels so wonderful" I gasped as she pressed the sheer piece of nothing between my engorged pussy lips.

Meagan, while still moving her fingers over and into my yearning special place, slowly rose as she trailed her lascivious tongue through the valley of my breasts, along my collar bone to my shoulder and up both sides of my neck to my ears, one by one. As she nibbled softly on one ear, she whispered "Stand and hold onto the brass rail, baby. You are about to catch the brass ring!"

This analogy to the old merry-go-rounds was not lost to me and I almost eagerly reached once again behind me to grasp the thick round rail surrounding the car. I felt that it was the one solid security I had in this new and wondrous event and I watched in the dimness of the emergency light's redness as Meagan started to kneel before me. She didn't immediately drop to her knees as I expected; rather, she started with her hands on my shoulders, slid them around my arms to my sensitive underarms (where she softly stroked me until my body shook with feelings of surrender to this extraordinary lover). Then my breasts! Oh, my! My breasts!

Her fingers, over rather the pads of them, so lightly stroked the sides of each breast that I tried in vain to thrust my chest forward to try for more; this was not to be so since those amazing fingers then slid to the underside of each tit and lightly brushed each with her fingernails – the pleasure resulting was almost painfully exquisite! Her lips returned fleetingly to worship each nipple as she lovingly cupped each of my yearning breasts in her hands. Amazing!

Excruciating slowly, her hands lightly brushed my trembling abdomen as they slid lower and lower; I cried out in frustration as she was torturing me by not helping me release all my pent-up needs. Without thought, I moved my feet further apart in hopes that the increased access would speed her on her way to my nirvana. She was driving me insane! She skirted my soaked pussy to lightly stroke my inner thighs with just the tips of her fingers. Her body started to follow the tracking of her hands as she lowered herself to crouch at my feet. I could hear her breathe in deeply as she inhaled the overwhelming scent of my arousal. I could feel, as never before, the flow of my excitement as it streamed down my inner thighs only to be lapped up.

In her recovery of my cum, her hot tongue seemed to burn its way along the surface of my skin and I held on to the rail behind me for dear life. I was that sure that my legs were going to betray me and I would collapse on the carpeted floor in a mass of quivering jelly. At my hips, I could feel the light touch of her fingers as she slipped them underneath the skimpy band securing my thong; I was so wet, I couldn't fathom just how she was going to extract them. I could feel them as they adhered to the puffy outer lips of my pussy.

With an exhalation of warm air directly on my most secret place, Meagan gently separated the saturated silk from my clinging labia. As she pulled the thong downwards, I felt the delicious wave of a small orgasm run through me like wildfire! If that is to be an indication of things to come, I was breathless with anticipation! Ah! Finally; the movement of cool air across my exposed labia as the last of the wisp of material was cleared and slid – with Meagan's assistance – down my legs. She gripped my ankles one by one and helped me lift my feet clear.

I looked down at Meagan with hooded eyes to see her turn her face upwards towards me and bring the sodden thong to her lips. Her pink tongue flicked out and ran the length of the crotch and lapped up the secretions waiting for her there. A deep guttural moan escaped her throat "Mmmmm! You taste wonderfull!" She then raised the handful of material to her nose and inhaled deeply. "And smell soooo good!"

With that, she tossed the thong over her shoulder and reached down to grasp my ankle and lifted my left leg to rest over her shoulder. I knew that this exposed my by now throbbing pussy to her gaze and whatever she was going to subject me to but I simply did not care. I wanted – no, needed, - to be ravished and I was prepared to do anything she asked. For the first time, I realized that I had stopped caring about being trapped – time had stood still and I never wanted it to start again! My raw emotions and feelings of unbridled lust for the stranger gazing at my hungry pussy were overriding my sense of reason. Instead of a logical mind, I was possessed by pure animal instinct!

I curled my raised ankle around her neck to encourage her incursion into my flowing puss. Her warm breath that flowed across my engorged labia was sure to drive me mad and I pleaded for her to give me relief. "Oh God, please! I need you lips on mine!" I cried.

My reward was the slight stirring of the sparse hairs covering my pussy as she blew over me; no where near to what I had asked for but at least a beginning. All I knew at that point was that I needed her to taste me; that would be all it would take to ... Lord God! There it was ... Mmmmm!

I growled deep inside my chest as I started the climb. "Now! Pleeese!"

Meagan thrust her tongue deep inside my steaming pussy and my sweaty palms slipped along the bar as I bucked my hips wildly against her mouth! "Ooooh! Please don't stopppp!

Meagan slid her tongue repeated inside me as I orgasmed again and again. She then replaced her tongue with two fingers and, while fucking me thus, ran her smooth hot tongue – now slick with my cum – over my clit. This resulted in another orgasm so fierce that my hands could no longer support me and I slid slowly down the wall. When my rump landed on the soft carpet, Meagan followed me down and with her lovely ass in the air, continued her amorous assault. My legs spayed apart to welcome her unimpeded access and I was rewarded with a series of massive orgasms as they swept through my very fibre.

I continued to pant rapidly as I strained to control my shaking and finally slipped into euphoric blackness. The 'petite-mort" lasted only for a moment but it seemed like an eternity. As I regained my composure, I found Meagan's eyes gazing fearfully into my eyes. "I was worried about you there for an instant, Caro" she smiled. "I have never had that happen to a lover before"

My heart skipped a moment as I felt a rush of jealousy sweep through me; the thought of her sharing herself with another woman weighed heavily in my heart. I wanted me to be the only one! Then reality struck as I accepted the fact that a woman with this talent to overwhelm me had to have had many lovers in her past. I found myself reconciled to this until she leaned into me and whispered into my ear "Would you come home with me, Cherie? I want to spend the weekend with you. And more beyond if you so desire"

Hope swelled in my breast as I swooned into her arms and whispered my response. "Yes!"

Sounds of voices and banging in the elevator shaft above us drew our attention from the exquisite kiss that sealed our intent. "Is anyone in the car? This is the fire department"

I called out, at first huskily and then with a bellow of shared relief and sadness that our interlude was interrupted. "Yes! There are two of us here – Meagan and I!"

"We'll have you out soon, ladies. Relax and you can be freed within an hour or so. We have been searching all the high-rises downtown and getting trapped people free"

Calling our OK, we turned into a lingering kiss and then searched the floor by the flickering emergency light for our strewn clothing. As we finished dressing, the main lights came on and we sat side by side as we whispered endearments to each other.

The beginning!

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