tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEllen's Exposure

Ellen's Exposure


What follows is a short story of a real experience, no fiction here. It may not reach the heights claimed by some of the stories on this web site but the event sure got me excited. I originally submitted this story to another web site several years ago. I am publishing it on Literotica due to this web site's much larger and more active audience.

My wife, Ellen, is a very conservative individual raised in a fairly religious environment. Today she is a professional engaged in a conservative job in the community. I don't think she had the occasion to engage in any significant sexual behavior until after she met her first husband in her late teens. During her first several years of sexual activity, it seems that sex was fairly pedestrian. A few wifely blow jobs, a bit of mild exploration but generally what happens in most conservative marriages.

Ellen and I have been married for more that 20 years, her second marriage. For the first several years of our marriage, our sex life was pretty average. That is not to say that it was not fulfilling, Ellen is a great lover. As the years have passed, I have felt the need for a bit of variety in love making. Not the need for a new lover, just something other than the standard sex in the bedroom. I have told Ellen of this desire to try other things. Some she has consented to, others are still pending (I keep hoping). The following is one of the more daring things that she has consented to do, for which I thank her profoundly. If you find this interesting let me know. I will pass appropriate comments on to Ellen, perhaps it will stimulate more adventures that I can pass on to you.


Christmas was approaching and I was preparing to head out to do some shopping. I paused at the door to ask Ellen if she would like to come along. As I asked, I remembered that earlier I had noticed that she was wearing no underwear under her pants. I quickly told her that if she went with me she would be riding home without her pants. She gave me a bit of a wide eyed look but said okay. This in itself made my dick stir. I have a desire (no secret from Ellen) that I would love to have other people see her sexy body.

Being cold outside, she threw on her coat, we said good-bye to the kids and set off. I drove to our first stop and we did a bit of Christmas shopping. Neither of us said a word about the agreement and we proceeded as if we were on a ordinary outing. Personally, I was quite excited that she had come with me and my legs were a bit rubbery at what might happen. As we started to leave the parking lot after our last stop, I told Ellen that I would need her pants now. She looked at me a bit startled and asked me "What are you going to do, throw them out the window?". Although tempting, I told her no that we still had to get back into the house where the kids were waiting. Being a sport about it, she peeled off the stretch pants and handed them to me. I tossed them in the back seat.

I reached over and ran my fingers up her bare leg and found her moist pussy. I continued to explore a bit as we sat in the parking lot and found that she was becoming quite wet. Ellen reclined the seat, leaned back and enjoyed herself. As the point to this event was to provide some exposure, I decided to start driving. I needed both hands to maneuver around the lot, get onto the street and onto the freeway, I had to leave Ellen to her own devices for a few minutes. She seemed to be enjoying herself. When we were on a straight piece of road, I could spare a hand to tickle her clit. On the curves or in traffic, I needed both hands on the wheel. Ellen suggested that I "find a straight road". This sounded good to me and I turned onto a straight secondary road that went to a small town a few miles south.

Once I got onto the straight part of the road, I looked over at Ellen to discover that she had unbuttoned much of her blouse to expose her 38DD breasts to the world. She was playing with her nipples with one hand and holding her pussy open for me with the other. I of course was hard as a rock.

As we drove down the road, I rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy, as Ellen moaned and pinched her breasts. I was in a state of excitement that I have felt only a few times and Ellen was having a great time! As we passed cars, trucks, and buildings along the road, I hoped that we were titillating a few folks. A couple of times, as we passed trucks tall enough for its passengers to see into our car, Ellen commented on the possibility of being seen. She seemed to be excited by the possibility and she knew that it would excite me.

As we continued down the road, the speed limit began to drop. By this time Ellen was in such a state that I'm not sure that she noticed that we were approaching the outskirts of town. Ellen was continuing to rub her nipples as I fingered her wet pussy. All of the buttons on her blouse were now unbuttoned, Ellen was exposed from head to toe with one of her feet (the left) up on the dash, spreading her legs wide.

As the speed limit dropped to 20MPH the traffic backed up a bit and I saw a traffic light ahead. We were near the center of town. Cars and trucks were passing on our left as I slowed for the light. I rubbed Ellen's clit in little circles, she seemed to enjoy this immensely. She moaned and stiffened just as we came to a stop at the light. Ellen's orgasms always please me. I love the way she sounds, the way she looks and the way she shakes. As the light turned green and I pulled away from the light she was still shaking and cumming. I was the first away from the light and as we pulled ahead of traffic, a fellow was climbing into his pickup at the curb. As he glanced our way, Ellen was virtually naked, and cumming on my hand as she rubbed her own breasts. I don't know what the man saw, but I hope that we left him with a smile on his face.

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by Anonymous08/15/17

Freeway ride

Headed down I-5 on a very hot day, my wife rolled down her window and unbuttoned her blouse. She never bothers with a bra, no need since she is a barely "b" cup and no sag at all (yet).
We rolled up alongsidemore...

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by Anonymous08/15/17

Love to show

My wife like when my wife rides around with her tits out. Connie wear tops that she can have her tits hanging out. We have had many men see her tits. We have had night at bars and Connie finds someonemore...

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