tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEllie Lost a Bet at a Party

Ellie Lost a Bet at a Party


"You can change in there." Riri said simply, trying to hide her grin. It wasn't working.

"Don't you mean undress." One of her lackeys corrected.

I didn't bother to reply and instead just headed into the dark room. The first part was easy, removing my shoes and socks, then I pulled my T-shirt over my head, before unbuttoning my jeans and sliding them down my legs, I then untangled them from my feet. I unhooked my bra, exposing my breasts to the cool air in the darkness, and then finally hooked my thumbs into my panties and left them where they fell, stepping out of them. Well, this was it. I was stalling now. Swinging my arms. Anxiously. I would have been a real treat had somebody saw me. The constant motion of my arms swinging back and forth was having quite the effect on my breasts. That was when I heard a knock.

'Shit' I thought, instinctively covering my chest.

"Everything okay in there." It was Riri.

'Oh yeah, everything is just peachy...' I thought.

"Yeah..." I called back.

"Can I come in?" Riri called back.

"No!" I almost shouted, "I-I'm not ready..."

"That's the point." She replied, before turning the handle.

I quickly covered myself as best I could.

"What are you talking about? You are ready." She said, looking me up and down.

I was speechless.

"Not very good at covering yourself are you?" She smiled, "Would you like to shave first? Personally, I like it the way it is, the carpet really does match the drapes too." She added, smiling ear to ear.

My cheeks burned with embarrassment.

"Shall we go?" She asked, beckoning me to the door.

I slowly walked, still covering as best I could, which clearly wasn't as good as I had hoped. It felt worse the further I got from my clothes, left in a heap on the floor of that dark room. I squinted slightly, as the bright lights of the hallway illuminated my naked flesh, as they adjusted themselves. Then I felt, and heard, a hard slap on my bum as I past Riri. Her hand stayed where it had hit, my left cheek.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist." She said, before she began caressing it with her hand.

I wasn't expecting her hand to wander so far though, and soon found her reaching beneath my legs from behind, stroking the lips of my pussy. I jumped slightly, gasping as I did so.

"Sorry, couldn't resist that either." She laughed, giving it one last quick stroke. "You are getting wet though, I guess you must like it."

"No, I don't." Were the words I let escape my lips, and instantly regretted it.

"Oh, so how do you explain this." She replied.

I really hadn't expected what she did next. Her middle finger slid straight into my pussy, causing a stifled moan to then escape me, her other hand then grabbed an exposed breast. She began squeezing my breast, caressing my nipple, and still she worked my pussy. I wasn't covering anymore, and was now unable to contain my moans. She had me right where she wanted me, under her control. She pinched my nipple, hard. My nipples were at full attention, and my pussy was soaked. I could hear Riri giggling behind me with glee. And then she stopped. I felt her hand release my breast, and her finger slide from my pussy.

"She's ready!" Riri practically screamed, to make sure everybody at the party had heard.

Within a second, before I could even muster the strength to cover myself, the entire party of twenty-odd people had crowed the hallway. All to get a glimpse of my naked body. And they had... and more. Instantly, flashes from cameras erupted, and the ones without cameras used their phones. And right at the front was Riri's lackey with a video camera.

"I didn't expect her to enjoy it so much..." Riri's lackey said.

"Really?" Riri asked, "I thought everybody knew how much of a slut this dirty bitch is." She said, putting an arm around my neck before taking hold of my breast again, causing another moan to escape, "See, you barely have to touch her."

Everything felt so sensitive, Riri had worked to build an orgasm and stopped before I climaxed, and it was having the desired effect on me.

"I think she's done enough touching on her own." Riri's lackey quipped.

The crowd had been pretty rowdy, but now they were ecstatic with chatter. I didn't bother to cover myself again, at the time I just thought it may look worse, to show how embarrassed and humiliated I was. On retrospect though, it may have made it slightly better. After seeing the video myself, in all it's vivid detail. I'd made it look like I'd enjoyed it.

"Oh I think she wants more, sure looks like she needs more." Riri said.

"Yeah, I guess." Riri's lackey replied, "It doesn't look like she got finish."

I looked down and was mortified to find that my pussy was swollen and red, it was begging to be touched. Riri tweaked my nipple, a gasping moan escaped me.

"Do you want to be touched, Ellie?" Riri asked me.

"N-no." I almost whispered.

She caressed my breast, "Are you sure?"

"Yes." I whispered.

"Oh, so you do want me to touch you then." She said happily.

Her hand shot to my pussy, stroking the lips, teasing me, before sliding a finger inside.

"No." I managed to say between moans.

Two more fingers joined her middle one, and I soon found myself falling back slowly, as my legs grew weak and Riri helped lower me to the floor.

"Oh I think you do." Riri said, "I think you want to show everybody here how much of a slut you are don't you?"

Her fingers were gone for a moment, missing in action. In my weary state I felt my legs slowly being spread wide. Then I felt Riri's hands again, this time though I felt them spreading the lips of my pussy. I later found that Riri's lackey, and I'm guessing quite a few others, got some great shots of that. The video though captured it all in action. It just added to the tension building within me though, and with my legs still spread Riri circled my pussy, precariously dipping in a finger, before she slid all three back in and started to build her motion and speed. Before long I found myself screaming, and thrusting my hips. At one point I found myself crudely thrusting my pelvis in the her at Riri's motionless hand, my breasts bouncing, almost dancing as I did so. My body shot a crimson colour.

Riri stopped, letting me thrust my pussy onto her fingers, letting the crowd enjoy my humiliation all the more, "Now, say it Ellie, say you want me to continue."

I was lost, still thrusting my pussy onto her fingers, my breasts now bouncing wildly.

"Say it Ellie, say that you want to orgasm or I'll stop." Riri continued.

"I want it." I whispered.

"I'm sorry?" Riri said.

"I want it." I repeated, this time louder.

"You want what?" Riri asked.

"I want to orgasm." I finally said in defeat.

Eventually the moment came though, without Riri continuing. I began to thrust my hips faster, I then started caressing my own breasts, tweaking my nipples as they bounced freely. The tension built to breaking point, and the orgasm washed over me like a wave. I screamed, bucking my hips as Riri slid her fingers from me out of reach, but I continued to caress my breasts, and the fingers of my right hand now began to play with my pussy as I orgasmed. As the wave slowly receded, and my breath began to slow, with the last of my moans escaping me, I wished that the wave would wash me away with it. As I opened my eyes, I saw a crowd of faces hidden behind cameras and mobile phones, and one videocamera.

My left hand was still gripping one of my breasts, while my right hand was still over my pussy, a finger still buried inside.

"I think your crowd await a bow." She said. I could still feel everybody's eyes on me as i released my breast, and slid my finger from my red and swollen pussy. My pussy was dripping as Riri helped me to my feet, I felt my breasts jiggle beneath my chest as I leaned forward to bow.

"Wait." Riri suddenly said, "We missed out one final thing." She completed. And with that she turned me around while I was still bent over, revealing my bum to the crowd.

"Spread your legs." She almost commanded. I did so. I knew the kind of display I was giving now, it wasn't just my bum that was on show anymore.

"Everybody get a good shot?" Riri asked.

The crowd replied, a mix of answers.

"Now, before Ellie returns to the room to retrieve her clothes, anybody who wants to spank her may do so. Three spanks each." The crowd erupted with noise once again, many cheering. "We will choose the order, once you have spanked her, move to this side of the corridor to get a better look at her goodies on this side." Riri added, fondling my hanging breasts.

"In fact." Riri said, "Hold on."

Riri left for a moment and returned with a chair, "Here." She said, sitting on it and bending me over her knee, "Spread your legs." She said. I did so. "As wide as you can." She added. I did. "Much better." She said.

"I'll go first then shall I?" Riri asked rhetorically.

I felt three drawn out, hard slaps on my bottom, causing me to jolt a little each time. My nipples stood to attention again, and I was glad that nobody could see. I couldn't believe this was turning me on so much. Was I really this slutty?

When everybody else had a go though, I felt a number of different hands on my body. Some gave quick, light taps. But others drew theirs out a bit longer. Some though spanked me, hard. Most kept silent, others voiced their opinions. Some girls called me a slut, or a dirty bitch. But it only added to my state of arousal. I was hoping that nobody had noticed, and was hoping that nobody would. But with each spank or comment, and the longer I was there, was bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. I could feel my pussy quickly becoming wetter and wetter, until finally I knew that Riri had to feel it through her dress, though thankfully she stayed quiet. The final three spanks were to be given by Sam, a quiet and shy girl, that I barely knew. I had barely swapped a word or two with this girl, and here she was about to give me three spanks. My bum was red now, Riri had commented on it seemingly endlessly throughout. I could feel it anyway though, the burning sensation. It almost mirrored the fire that now burned beneath my legs.

Sam stepped up, her first spank was a little tap, her second had more confidence behind it though. Her third spank was taking a while though. Then I realised that I had begun gyrating against Riri's thigh. I was practically humping her leg.

Riri just laughed, "Really? You want more? Okay then." Riri reached between my legs and began teasing my pussy again. I continued gyrating, only this time against her fingers again. During which she turned to Sam and said, "Give her your last spank, make it a hard one."

Sam's final spank was a hard one, I jolted and squeezed Riri's fingers. Riri's other hand soon found one of my breasts, and again for the second time in that night she began fondling it. My other breast was still free though, jiggling before the crowd. Then it stopped, as another hand began fondling it, then more hands on my chest, and others grasping my bum, squeezing and caressing. It had turned into a free for all, as multiple hands fought to caress my body. Another wave washed over me, as I had the biggest orgasm of my life. I came, the longest orgasm I had had in my life so far, eventually my orgasm subsided and I collapsed over Riri's lap. Her fingers slowly slid out of me, and the other hands retreated. Once I had managed to gather the strength to get to my feet I retreated to the dark room. I found most of my clothes still there, my underwear had gone though, I pulled my jeans on, and pulled my T-shirt over my head and called a taxi.

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