tagLetters & TranscriptsEmail from Cindy's Box #01

Email from Cindy's Box #01


A male reader asks if his sexy emails affect me:

Do I get wet from what you write me? Just let me check... well, that question alone seems to be having a bit of an effect on me ^.^

I love conversing... like, you write some of a story, then I write some. The whole interaction there is what gets me...

Like, I could write you a story of how I only get on here when I'm already in the mood, and usually only in my underwear. I could tell you how I play with my little pussy through the fabric of my panties, until I have to slide my fingers into them and down my wet slit. How reading your story builds me up and then writing back just makes it so much more intense.

I could tell you how much I get off by reading what you write and writing back to it. But it wouldn't be true.

That is to say, it would be factual. I do only get on here when I already want to get off, and I do get turned on by reading and writing back and forth, by the intellectualized interaction of email stories. But to tell you a story about it, that would be the lie.

It's not a story. I don't start out slow and build up to the climax. I just... start out slow and build up to the climax. But I know from the very beginning just what climax is coming, just who is cumming, there's no deceit there. A story is a naturally dishonest construct, building up drama and suspense along a standard formulation. I won't lie to you like that.

So, yes, I do get wet. Very wet. And I love it. My tight, clean shaven little pussy dies for reading and writing sexy little stories. That's why I got on lit in the first place. In fact, I like it more than I liked my last boyfriend. At least with lit, I don't end the night unfulfilled in bed.

So I won't lie to you by making a story out of it. I won't hide behind the construct of a sexy story about me getting off. I'll tell you the truth right out.

I get wet reading your stories. I get off by writing back.

And I very much enjoy it. ^.^

I promise to "enjoy" everything you write. ^.^

~ Cindy

I tell a male reader about my creative process:

Gosh, it's been a while, ya? I'm sorry! I'll have to make it up to you ^.^

I'm having a naughty Saturday session of my own, hehe. I just finished up the next part of my story and sent it to my editor, and have to admit that my little blue cotton panties are a bit damp ^.^

You see, in the story, I'm super horny. I've been getting more and more turned on all day by getting exposed everywhere I go, and I was in the shower getting off when Wanda's boyfriend showed up. I end up in the living room wearing only a skimpy bathrobe, sitting with him and a mostly naked Jess, my pussy still burning.

Writing it is a lot of fun. It's hard to imagine myself in a situation like that without, well, feeling it a little bit ^.^ I've home alone today, so I'm hanging out in just a plain old pair of blue panties right now. My breasts, well, let's see if they're very tender... They most certainly are! Just running my fingertips along them is very much enjoyable ^.^

Typing, though, doesn't really give me a free hand, so I can't type and, well, really get into the story, haha! At first, I was just running my fingers a long the crease in my panties between my lips whenever I wasn't typing, but that quickly became not nearly enough. Soon, I was sliding my hand in and out of my panties, pressing my fingers against my smooth skin. I've been clean shaven down there lately, and it is definitely enjoyable. I'm sure that girl you saw on the beach was a very fair comparison ^.^

Eventually I just had to take my panties off. It's a hassle, you know! Haha ^.^ By the end of editing my story, I was sliding a finger in and out of my slippery, wet hole, teasing my little clitty every now and then, just as I'm doing right now ^.^ Maybe I should take my panties back off again...

I hope you enjoy this as much as I'm, well, continuing to enjoy it... ^.^

~ Cindy

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by Anonymous05/15/17

Excellent choice!

At last, your pussy is shaved smooth, Cindy. Cute, hot little Asian girls should always enhance their beauty by keeping their pussies completely displayed.

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