tagRomanceEmily and Her Person...

Emily and Her Person...


In the previous installment of Emily's story we found our friends meeting in a hotel... There were a few twists and turns and now that we know one of the few kinks to this story we can continue with their vacation together...

All people mentioned in ANY sexual manner are 18 years or older, don't bother asking otherwise.


Emily and Mike walked out of the hotel room after spending a week in Paris continuing their relationship and enjoying the pleasure that "young love" so often brings. The conversations were the typical sappy and lovey young sweetheart type and quite usually banal.

They were mutually attracted. Mike was still very much so in shape from the Marine Corps training he received. Emily, being a horseback rider, was in very good shape as well. Neither were overly attractive, it was that simple beauty that you find in the person you love.

Needless to say, they were mad about one another.

Let's begin now shall we?


"Where too hun?" Mike asked Emily as they stepped out of their hotel. "Train station first or perhaps some food?"

"I'm hungry, let's eat?" Emily said with the vaguest hint of a smile playing at the edge of her lips. "Something light though, I don't wanna have a full stomach on this train ride."

They walked hand in hand to a small cafe across from the train station, Mike carrying his suitcase and backpack in one hand, with Emily's travel bag on his back. The strain from the weight didn't seem to bother him until after they sat down to eat.

"Man what all did we end up bringing with us baby?" Mike said with a grin. "Did you pack the couch and forget to tell me?"

"Mikey, I told you that I'd carry my bag but you had to be a show off." Emily shook her head and returned to the menu. It was a pointless task, they both knew she was going to order a small salad, probably a Caesar with a small side of dressing in a dish.

The waitress arrived and they placed their orders, Mike ordering for both of them without even a second thought. "I'll have a Turkey BLT on wheat bread please? For her a Caesar with the dressing in a side dish please, also we will take two glasses of water, light ice."

The waitress smiled and took up the menus.

"Thank you ma'am." Mike said as she walked off. They returned to their talk about the rest of the vacation. "Should we go into downtown Berlin, or maybe stay on the outskirts?"

"I don't like a lot of chaos, let's stay at that hotel we looked at online last night. They said they had openings and it is so close to the edge of town that we can beat a hasty retreat if anything goes bad." Emily said grinning. "Really though, how much of Berlin do we plan on seeing? I think you just used the vacation as an excuse to take me to as many foreign countries as possible to say we went there... We only have like 2 pictures from Paris I mean cmon hun!!!" She smiled wickedly knowing full well that she was right.

"Well the sex was great and you said no pictures of that..." Mike replied without blinking. "Besides it's Paris.. We can get a postcard or something. Berlin is so much cooler to me!"

They continued chattering away about the vacation until they had finished their meal which arrived quite soon after the order was placed.

After the bill was paid they walked to the station and sat holding one another until the train arrived, they broke the embrace just long enough to get on board and get their things settled. After getting all their belongings safely put away they laid in the sleeper car together and just relaxed, Mike letting Emily lay on his bunk so that she was half on him and half on the bed.

The bouncing and rubbing of their bodies from the train running down the tracks started to cause some problems that Mike knew would not go unnoticed.

"Dear god, really Mike? I didn't even do anything!" Emily said, stunned at how soon after the ride had begun that he was hard.

"What? You're laying on me, the train is bouncing us together... What did you expect?" He smiled, he knew she loved it secretly even if she wouldn't admit it out loud. "Besides, this is a bucket list moment! How many times can you say you had sex on a train?"

"Idiot!" Emily said with a smile, but her hands betrayed her...

As she spoke her hands were playing with his hardon through the pair of jeans he wore that day. Mike closed his eyes and sighed softly...

"For you.. I'll be anything." This always made Emily happy to hear. She had never been the priority. Mike was so in love with her that he always tended to her needs above all else. Even if it meant he had to stop doing something he enjoyed, nothing made him happier than to please Emily.

As she slowly stroked him from the outside of his pants he leaned in and kissed her lips. He let his lips linger longer than usual, this was not a moment to ruin by getting overly zealous. He ran his fingers through her silky hair. As he pulled her lips into a fierce passionate kiss she returned the favor and climbed on top of him... She didn't usually mind either way being on top or bottom but she really wanted to ride him at the moment.

As he felt her grinding herself against him gently he moaned out... "Mmmm baby that feels so good..." She cut him off by kissing his lips then down his neck a bit. He raised her shirt off of her and let it fall to the floor by the bed. Her bare chest exposed Mike couldn't help but stare in wonder for a moment. Her tits stood proud before him. He leaned up and sucked one into her mouth. Letting his tongue flick gently over it while she worked her pants off quickly. As soon as they were off she pulled back and undid his pants buckle, pulling them down and off of him a bit. He raised his hips to make it easier for her to slide his pants off... He watched a bit amused as she knelt over him so lovingly.

As she crawled up to him, kissing her way up his stomach to his lips he held his arms out to her. She let herself be wrapped in them and kissed her lovers soft lips. He responded in kind and kissed her lips back as he moved his hips in line with hers.

His thick head pressed against her warm, moist pussy. As he gently pressed inside her she let out a soft gasp. He was not her first but she hadn't ever met a man with his girth, her previous boyfriend and only other sexual partner was not only inexperienced but rather poorly endowed. He felt her shuddering as he gently thrust deep in and out of her tight hole. She moaned into his mouth as they made out while they made love...

More to come guys... This was just a teaser for the rest of the chapter... Don't worry, more will come!

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