tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEmily's Choice Ch. 02

Emily's Choice Ch. 02


Sharon Winters unlocked the door and entered the room at the end of the second floor hallway. Though it was rapidly approaching mid morning, the room was dim due to the drawn blinds. Careful not to awaken him too soon, she took off her shoes and tip toed across the carpet in her socks. Sun spilled into the room as she slowly rised the blinds. It landed on his prone body and though he winced and turned his head in reaction to it, he did not awaken.

She got her first look at the boy lying on the bed before her. In his slumber he had kicked his sheets onto the floor beside him and lay naked, one arm across his belly, the other beneath his head. His genitalia remained exposed between his spread legs. Sharon was engaged, and though she enjoying sex with her fiancé often, she never had time to enjoy his body. She was never able to enjoy the nuances of the male form; the slight trail of hair below the navel, their tiny nipples and the inherent beauty of the penis in its restive state.

Even while flaccid, she was sure he was larger than her husband. His balls hung loose between his thighs while his cock rested limply on his leg. Her breasts swelled beneath her blouse and she stroked his inner leg with the tips of his fingers. He stirred and opened his mouth slightly. Sharon imagined that's what he looked like at the point of orgasm, his fist clutched around his thickened member pumping himself to a finale. Or, better yet, ridden by a crazed lover, his pussy muscles sucking every drop of seed from his organ.

Before her eyes she noticed it growing. It inflated at a slow rate, as if, rousing from a long hibernation. She breathed in quickly, surprised at the sight. Never before had a subject- such an ideal subject- caused such feelings inside her.

He mumbled and she knew he had awakened. She cursed herself for lingering too long at his sex. He would surely notice. He sat up on his elbows and looked around, acclimating himself to the new surroundings. He appeared to not know where he was and spoke before he could ask any questions. She thought it best to establish her authority early.

"Good morning, Richard. My name is Dr. Winters. I'm the person you will spend the most time with during your training at the Burke Estate. We're going to be friends, you and I, but I caution you it will take a lot of work. I ask for a lot and I expect you to give me everything you have. I am very strict if need be." She caught herself stroking his scrotum with a lone finger, alerting him to his state. He covered himself in embarrassment and she did all she could to stifle a chuckle. "One thing you must learn is to never hide yourself from me. I will get to know you as well as your mother. In fact, that's how I want you to see me- as your mother. I'll be very good to you and take care of you but cross me and I'll be just as stern." She demanded a good morning hug and he complied hesitantly. She smelled of warmth and roses and he soon uncovered himself and relaxed in her arms, sleepily resting his head on her shoulder.

She found herself growing attached to the beautiful, naked boy. He was very handsome and had a magnificent body to boot. It would be difficult for any woman to resist him. She knew her place, however, and after a deep hug broke away from his embrace. With a peck on the forehead she ordered him out of bed and into the shower. When he didn't obey fast enough she helped him up and sent him scurrying to the shower room with a hard smack to his well formed bottom.

She allowed him time to catch his bearing under the warm spray of the shower before she entered the shower room and observed his bathing. He didn't notice her at first and just when she made herself known. He resumed only after she assured him that it was standard procedure. To his shame she mentioned his history of poor self control and the fact that she must accompany his every bathing period to be assured that he would remain chaste as his training required.

While she watched, arms crossed, he began to lather himself. He could not remember when he last slept so well or when a day's events had so fatigued him as yesterday's did. The water felt rejuvenating and he took his time, allowing it to soak every inch of him.

All that was available for him was a body lotion and he squeezed a generous amount into his cupped palm before spreading it along his chest. She watched this with interest, first as he soaped his chest, each arm and his legs. His member had grown to half fullness and, perhaps hoping she'd disappeared, he looked up and quickly dropped his gaze. Sighing he worked the lotion into his privates. He gripped his balls in a way that Sharon was certain must be uncomfortable, then continued on his shaft.

She could watch him all day. She enjoyed viewing him caring for his body the way a man should. It was rare to watch one in such a private moment. In that she felt very fortunate. She had a job to do and, though it went against everything she felt as a woman, she knew it must be done.

"Stop it Richard."

His head jerked upwards, as if forgetting she was there.

"It's clean enough. I don't want you forgetting yourself."

He sighed and stepped beneath the nozzle to let the suds flow down his trim physique where they reached the drain and swirled out of sight.

"Don't forget your rear." She pointed out, not wanting him to omit what she'd been waiting for. He nodded humbly and reached back to wash himself.

"No, turn so I can be sure you're doing a good job."

He seemed thankful to not have to look at her during this private moment and gladly turned so she could admire his freshly soaped buns. Reminding him to wash thoroughly, he ran one hand up and down the crack of his cheeks until she was satisfied. She couldn't deny her arousal at watching him. He was learning to follow directions and having such a beautiful man obediently follow her instructions during such a private time caused moisture between her thighs. On her word, he leaned forward to turn off the water.

She helped him sit down onto the specially made section of the shower room. It was shaped like a reclining chair which forced him to raise and spread his legs. She disappeared for a moment and returned with a can of shaving cream and a straight razor. He immediate sat up but she placed a hand against his chest, reassuring him.

"You must learn to trust me. I've done this many times before and I would never hurt a boy this way. I know how important it is to you. I promise I'll be extra careful." With a gentle push, he returned to the position and she gathered warm water to drip onto him from her closed palms. In time the sensual feeling of warmth settled him and his erection returned to its full size. With soft, cooing sounds she lathered his male area from his tiny butthole to navel. He seemed to enjoy it and, with his eyes closed, he smiled.

As promised, she was careful and took her time. He didn't bat an eye as she slowly scraped the hair from his body. She was used to the duty, even took some pleasure in it, but she was aware of the importance of doing it well. As her razor slid over his balls she held her breath. She made her was down between his legs to find only sparse hair between his cheeks. She removed that as well. Examining him for any spots she missed, she cupped palmfuls of water to remove the excess shaving cream. As he rested, she massaged his groin with the tips of her fingers, tugging and pressing on the sensitive flesh around his shaft and balls. He seemed to appreciate this and his cock bulged, hoping for similar attention. Kissing him lightly on his shaven sack, she stood and left the room.

She brought over a fresh towel and helped dry him off, first scrubbing his hair then wrapping it around his torso and drying his chest from behind. Richard felt very loved, wrapped in her arms. She knelt behind him and ran the towel up and down both legs before using it to dry the strong muscles of his buttocks.

She allowed him to finish drying himself and remained behind him; one hand clutching his freshly scrubbed bottom. When he finished she hung the towel and led him by the hand out of the suite. He balked, and pulled back to look for his clothes but this only earned him another rapid swat to the bottom followed by two more when he cried out.

"You have no need for clothes. You are to remain exposed for the duration of your training. It's more than warm enough to keep you comfortable and being naked will teach you humility, something it appears you sorely need to learn."

With that she ushered him into the breakfast room, almost dragging him like a stubborn puppy. No one saw them, save for the female cook who found his condition a common sight and would not have noticed were it not for his reluctance that inspired the dark red handprints on his bottom.

He dug into the bowl of hot oatmeal placed in front of him as Sharon reviewed his notes. As he ate, she explained his schedule. He would meet with his athletic coach and spend the mornings in physical training until they met again at lunch. From then on she would teach him what he needed to know to help run the family's business- economics, business and investing. She would also introduce him to the etiquette that will be expected of him at his level. She would teach him how to dress, how to speak and how to carry himself, all things he is lacking.

He nodded absently, more interested in sating his hunger than discussing business. When she finished the cook placed a plate of bacon, toast and eggs before her as well as a cup of steaming coffee she brought to her lips immediately. They ate almost wordlessly and when he finished he asked where he should change for his exercise. Even the cook laughed at this suggestion.

"Sweetheart, you don't need to change into anything. You're dressed appropriately enough."

He questioned her, wouldn't it be too cold to go naked as he was?

"It's a crisp morning, yes, but that always gets the blood flowing. It won't harm you and," she added. "If you're worried about being seen, don't. The Burkes have a large enough piece of land that no one that would be shocked to see a naked boy running around will see you." She swallowed her last bite of toast with jam and rose to accompany him to the exercise fields.

Nancy Willis first saw them walking hand in hand towards her at the end of the field. The boy was naked (and as they came closer she noticed already shaved) but he seemed unconcerned with his state. He was erect, and most likely had been for hours. He blushed when he saw her, a tall blonde with marathon legs and a starlet's build doing calisthenics by the side of the trail.

She was dressed in only a spandex top and bicycle shorts. Richard's cock reacted before he could, twitching at the sight of the exercising beauty. She approached and held out her hand.

"You must be Emily's boy."

He nodded, indicating that he was.

"I'm your athletic coach, Ms. Willis."

He smiled and shook her hand, resisting the urge to cover himself. Stepping back, she viewed him.

"I see you're already in fine shape. Emily really does have good taste." At her command he turned so she could assess his rear, back and legs. "You could always use a bit more exercise, though. I'll help you with that."

Sharon thanked the woman and, placing a peck on his check and a healthy tap on his bare bottom, left Richard in her care.

The best way to begin is with pushups. He was familiar with them and she expected he would have no problem doing a great number. As he got in position however, he was very conscious of his erection pointed towards the ground. As he descended it pressed uncomfortably into the soil. Though she was more than aware of his plight, she pretended not to notice, only encouraging him when he seemed to show difficulty.

He did his best to ignore it and soon churned out the sixty pushups she suggested. Standing up, he wiped the dirt from his organ as she smirked. Athletics was his specialty and it will take a lot more than a little dirt to get him to break. Nancy was the type of woman he'd always been attracted to- tall, healthy with classical beauty. There was no way he would fail with this woman pushing him. He ogled her full breasts a bit too openly and she caught his gaze, forcing him to look away. His cock regained what it had lost a moment ago, angling itself towards her body.

Sit ups were next. She demonstrated the kind she expected him to do. Laying down on the trail she put her hands behind her head and touched each elbow to the opposite knew twice in a quick succession. Bounding up, she ordered him on his back to complete his set. He laid down and she knelt in front of him, holding his feet down to give him stability. She counted off the three dozen on each knee that he was to do. As he began her eyes wandered to his naked body. His penis was still stiff, though had lost some of its shape during the workout. The fact that he was completely denuded of any pubic hair gave her the perfect opportunity to observe him for her report.

He had a more than adequate sized phallus, perhaps even too large for the youngest of the Burkes and large testicles that shook each time his elbows touched a knee. She noticed, with much amusement, that his hole had been stripped clean as well. She wondered if he had any idea why. According to the briefing, his first husbandry class was this evening so he had not yet met Kate but she was certain that when he did, he would have a much different perception of his training.

He sprinted through the last few and she counted them off, congratulating him for finishing so quickly. He laid against the ground, breathing deeply as she gave him a moment to rest.

As his breathing resumed its natural pace she explained; "We're going to go on a five mile run together. Every morning of your training you and I will be running together. This will develop your cardio as well as your strength. In addition, it wards off illness. We can't have you getting sick now, can we?"

He stood to face her, his penis slightly drooping from his previous exertions.

"If you've ever began a running program before, you know the most important part of a good run is the stretching beforehand. Without them you face sprains, cramps and muscle tears. Follow my lead and I'll work you through the regimen I have planned for you."

He stood just behind her and as she moved into deep knee bends he followed suit. Looking over her shoulder, she watched as he managed to keep up with her. His balls hung low between his legs as his body dropped to the ground. They repeated the process with the other leg and the, putting her hands on her knees, she told him to reach as far to his feet as he could without bending his legs. From his vantage point he had a perfect view of her tight butt. It seemed to expand the material of his bike shorts to its utmost and he could easily make out her crack and the mound of her pussy. It was obvious she wore no underwear.

Having gone too long without a satisfying orgasm, he was unable to keep his eyes off her. She was sure of this, even hoped for it, and did her best to entice him. She flexed and released her buns, acting as if it were a regular part of the stretch. His penis, held cramped between his belly and thighs, expanded almost to full size.

Though he was strong and could run the five miles without a problem, he could only make it to his knees before his knees folded. Seeing this, Nancy stood to his side and placed her hand on the small of his back. With gentle presses, she helped him down further. It took some time but she was sure he was capable of this simple movement. He had a very appealing backside and, unable to resist, she placed her hand against both of his cheeks. His tight hole pressed against her middle finger and she pressed every so slightly.

Shocked at the sensation he managed to reach until his fingers were easily touching his toes. She held him there for a moment, enjoying the position, before allowing him to stand.

After they finished, she explained the proper positions for running. She jogging around him, demonstrating the correct stance- hands clasped lightly at the side, head held high, chest inhaling deeply, legs outstretched. Then she had him demonstrate all the positions she explained. As he held them frozen, her hands glided over his body. She gripped his buttcheeks, and placed an open hand on his tight belly.

His cock suffered from the exertion and now stood only at half mast. Still, she enjoyed seeing his form, now slightly sweaty from exercise. When she was certain he had learned the correct positioning, they began running together.

He was in fine form and could almost outpace her. She allowed him a few steps ahead of her so she could absorb the sight of his muscular bottom bounding with each stride. It caused her heart to beat faster which enabled her to pick up her pace. She laughed as she thought how something so pleasing could get her blood flowing so quickly.

He had easily accepted the idea of his nakedness, even seemed to revel in it. Her nipples erected and she felt juices begin to flow. This was a common occurrence during her morning runs- her mind had a tendency to wander to fantasies when alone but she was now living one she'd had for quite some time. She had lusted after well shaped, athletic males since she was a young girl and one of her deepest fantasies involved running clothed alongside a completely naked male. Emily would enjoy this specimen. If she didn't, Nancy had other plans for him.

Caught in her thoughts, she barely noticed they were coming near the end of the trail. His cock had lessened quite a bit, though it still hung generously almost to his mid thigh. His balls swelled- most likely from the exercise mixed with the fresh air- and they slapped against his body sloppily. She ran alongside him and gawked openly. Surely he was aware of her actions, why did he not cover or stop her?

Looking up into his face, she could see his jaw clenched. The expression on his face was one of stubborn strength. He was obviously uncomfortable but fought the instinct to hide himself. Sharon must have explained the consequences the males in the household face when their shyness overcomes them. He was a strong man and was resigned to seeing this trial through to the end.

The end of the trail appeared and she challenged him to the end. With a bolt, she took off. Though he still had a reserve of energy, he couldn't overcome her speed. He came in a disappointing second place.

She waited, hands on her muscled hips, glowing at her win. She was breathing heavily through her nose and he bent over to catch his breath. Her breasts seemed fuller as her chest puffed out and he noticed with interest that her nipples had become hardened points.

"A good run," she said triumphantly.

With almost a groan he dropped to the ground and lay on his back. He looked delicious like that, thought Nancy. His body, glistening with sweat, his cock resting against his naked body, eyes closed, mouth open and panting, he looked like the picture of lust.

"You're lucky you're not my husband," she taunted. "You'd have hell to pay if I beat you. You've got some work to do."

She sat behind him and rested his torso between her crossed legs. With a soothing touch, her hands kneaded the muscles of his neck and shoulders. He didn't need the attention but Nancy wanted him to get used to spending their mornings together. She enjoyed touching him and eventually he will learn to love her hands on him. His performance had been better than she expected. There is much he will accomplish.

Together they waited for Sharon to take him to lunch. As he rested against her she happily stroked his body, noting it did not take much to make his penis recover and begin swelling before her eyes.

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