tagErotic CouplingsEmma's Story Ch. 02

Emma's Story Ch. 02


Emma’s Story, Part 2: Emma the escort

Cory finished cleaning himself up and dressed as I put my bra back on and shimmied back into my dress. I could tell he was still a little stunned by the intensity of his orgasm, so when he was dressed I took him by the arm and led him out of the massage room and down the hall to the waiting room. As we walked I pressed myself tightly against him. When we got to the front door I said, “Thanks for coming, sweetie. I Hope to see you again.” And I gave him a big hug. While I had my arms around him I slipped a card into his hand and whispered into his ear, “If you’d like to see me again sometime, call me at this number. I also work as an escort. Remind me that I met you here and I’ll give you a special discount.” The card was simply printed with ‘Emma’ and my cell phone number. With that I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and he stumbled out the door.

A few weeks later my phone rang and I head Cory’s nervous voice at the other end. “Hello…I’d like to speak to Emma, please.” If he had seemed a little nervous at the Hide-Away, now he seemed absolutely petrified.

“This is Emma. How can I help you?” I purred.

“This…uh…this is Cory. You gave me your card…” he stammered.

“Of course, I remember you sweetie. I’m glad you called. Would you like an appointment?” I asked brightly.

Cory hesitated for a second, and then answered “Yes”.

“Super. I said I’d give you a discount, didn’t I? You can have a full service massage for $150 an hour, same rates as at the spa. Would you like an in-call or out-call service?”

“Uh, what does that mean?”

“In-call means that you come to my apartment. Out-call means that I go to you, at your home or at a hotel somewhere.”

“I’ll come to you. I think that would be best. When, er, when you say ‘full-service’, what does that really mean?”

I almost giggled. Even though I knew Cory was about the same age as me, he seemed so naive. I’d better go easy on the poor kid. “It means that at Emma’s apartment there are no rules, so it can mean whatever you want it to mean.” I told him. We agreed on a time for the appointment the next day and I gave him my address.

“By the way,” I interjected before he hung up, “is there any special way you’d like me to be dressed?”

I could almost hear the possibilities running through his mind. Finally he answered, “Just something nice.”

My apartment is in the basement of a big older house, with my own entrance down some stairs at the side. The land-lord knows what I get up to down there, so he charges me $200 a month more than he ought to, but I don’t mind because it’s a nice little place and it suits my needs just fine. As you come down the stairs you come into the living room, which is where I do my business. It’s a dim, spacious room which I’ve decorated with lots of dark, rich fabrics and heavy furniture. I always have lots of candles burning. There is a futon with satin sheets in the corner behind a Japanese screen. Off to the side there is a nook with a small dining room table in it, and an archway leading to a tiny kitchen. Beside the kitchen is a door leading to a bathroom. On the other side is the door leading to my bedroom. That’s my personal space and I always keep the door locked.

I found myself kind of looking forward to Cory’s visit, and I put some thought into what would constitute ‘something nice’ in his eyes for me to wear. I finally settled on a dark red silk basque which made my already tiny waist look even slimmer and emphasized my round, full breasts. I also put on a matching garter belt and black thigh high stockings. I pulled a black thong on over the garter belt. That was a trick I’d learned at the Spa, if you wear your panties on the outside of your garter belt then you can take them off but still leave your stockings in place -- a lot of guys like you to leave your stockings and garter belt on. To complete the outfit I wore a pair of black high heels with a four inch heel. In short, I looked like sex on a stick and Cory was going to be one very happy guy.

At precisely the time we had agreed the bell rang and I looked through the peep hole to see Cory standing there. He had worn a shirt and tie for his big date. How sweet. I opened the door just wide enough to let him in and ushered him inside. He surveyed the room quickly, taking in all the candles and the satin covered bed in the corner, then his gaze fell on me standing by the door. His jaw literally dropped. I had never seen someone do that in real life, only in cartoons. I suppressed a giggle, reached out to his face and softly closed his mouth. While my hand was there I caressed the side of his face and playfully tussled his hair.

“Hi there big guy,” I said, “you look like you are glad to see me.”

Cory could only bob his head in agreement. He seemed fixated on my body, staring for long seconds at my tits pushing up from the top of my basque, and then letting his eyes wander slowly down my firm stomach to where the tiny bit of material of my thong disappeared between my legs. He took in my stockings and garter belt, then finally looked back up to my face. I gave him a big grin and said cheerfully, “Come on in and sit down. Can I get you something to drink?”

He finally found his voice and answered, “Yes, please. Whatever you’re having.”

Taking Cory by the hand I led him to one of the two big overstuffed chairs which sat facing each other near the center of the room. Cory obediently sat in one and I headed to the kitchen for the drinks. I could feel his eyes still checking me out, so I gave my ass an extra wiggle as I walked. “Would you like a beer?” I called, “or how about a nice whiskey? I have vodka, too.”

“Oh…beer, please.”

I returned with two opened Bud long-necks and handed one to Cory. He took a long swig of his, but I held mine in my hands, contemplatively running my fingers up and down the neck.

“First thing’s first, do you have the money?” I asked.

“Yeah…of course. Here you go.” Cory said, reaching into his front pocket and pulling out a wad of bills. “It’s a hundred and fifty, right?”

“That’s great,” I responded, taking the money and putting it in a little antique box on a table next to my chair. “Now that that’s taken care of, what would you like to do?”

“I’d like…well, uh…maybe we could…”

As Cory squirmed in his seat, I leaned forward resting my elbows on my knees, giving him a really good view down my cleavage and with my hair cascading down one shoulder. This only made him stutter more. This guy is so cute, I thought. He’s scared to death of me. He’s just handed over his money but he doesn’t want to offend me by suggesting anything. Even the nice guys who come here usually spend all their time ordering me around. ‘Do this, do that more.’

“Well, while you are deciding do you mind if I amuse myself a little?” I asked, a wicked smile playing across my lips. I slipped out of my seat and knelt on the floor in front of Cory. Licking my lips seductively I ran my hands up and down his thighs, then brought them together at his crotch. While Cory sat motionless I gently caressed his groin, finding the outline of his hardening dick under his pants and tracing up and down the shaft with my fingers. Deftly I unbuckled his belt and unzipped him. I heard him moan softly as I reached in and closed my fingers around his now rock solid dick. Cory’s erect dick was so big that I had a little trouble maneuvering it out of his pants, but with a little help from him I was able to get it loose. I stroked it several times, letting the anticipation build. I was really anxious to get my lips around his big, beautiful dick. Holding his shaft firmly in one hand and tenderly cupping his balls with the other I lowered my mouth down onto his dick. Sucking gently I slid his dick all the way to the back of my throat. It filled my mouth and I would easily have choked on it had I not carefully kept my hand on his shaft, keeping him from penetrating my mouth too far. Sucking harder now I started bobbing my head up and down, sucking on the way up, licking and caressing with my lips on the way down. It didn’t take Cory long at all to cum. After only a few strokes and I felt his cum start to explode in my mouth. Remembering from the spa what a gusher I was in for, I started swallowing immediately. Spurt after spurt of warm sticky cum filled my mouth and I hungrily gulped them down. After he finished cumming I continued to hold his dick in my mouth, carefully licking up every bit of cum. Finally, regretfully, I let his dick slip out of my mouth and wiping a stray glob of cum off my chin I climbed back into my chair and took a long swallow of my beer. “Cum with a beer chaser, nothing’s better.” I observed. “So, now that we have that out of the way, maybe you can relax a little.” I smiled.

Cory simply grinned and sank further back into his chair. “Wow, that was the best blow-job I’ve ever had.” He sighed.

“Thanks!” I responded, “I really enjoy giving them.”

“Really?” asked Cory sitting up, “I mean, you’re not just saying that because…”

“As part of the show?” I finished for him. “No. I really enjoy giving blow-jobs. And I enjoy giving hand jobs. And I really, really enjoy having sex. I wouldn’t do this otherwise.” I said earnestly. “I see girls at the spa who are just in it for the money. Most of them are, probably. You can tell; the guys can tell, I’m sure. But with me, I’m there because I want to be. I love making guys cum – It’s so rewarding. I like making people happy and helping them out, and that’s my way of doing that.”

Cory looked deeply into my eyes, and I thought I could see a little respect there. “You said you’ve been doing this since your eighteenth birthday?” he asked.

“I’ve been working at the spa since a few days after I turned eighteen. I started doing escort work a month or so after that. One of the other girls got me started – she and I were going to go into business together, but before we could get it organized she decided to move to Florida. She’s modeling and escorting out there now…queen of the wet T-shirt contest I understand. But I thought it was a good idea so I set up on my own. I don’t really advertise or anything, just people I meet at the spa or guys referred from someone I trust.”

I took a second to look at Cory. He seemed genuinely interested in what I was saying, which is to say that his eyes were on my face rather than my tits. I liked that. “I’ve always been like this, though. Way back in junior high, when I first started to grow my tits, I was twelve or thirteen I guess, I used to take money from boys to look at them.”

Cory looked a bit shocked at this, which made me giggle. “There was a generator building out behind the school, and I used to go out there at recess and take off my shirt for five dollars. After awhile someone offered me ten to touch them, so I started doing that, too. Not long after that someone squealed on me and I got expelled.” I laughed. “Who knows how much further it would have gone.”

“So what happened then?”

“My parents were livid and sent me to an all girls school. I calmed down for awhile after that, without so much temptation around.” I said.

“Your parents…do they…?”

“Do they know what I’m doing now? No. We haven’t seen much of each other for a couple of years now. I’m not sure they know where I am.”

“I’m sorry.” Said Cory.

“Why? I’m not. They said that they were only responsible for me until I finished high school, so I studied hard and graduated early. And on the honor roll, no less.”

“Good for you.” Said Cory.

“Thanks. I’ll probably go to college in a year or two. I’d love to visit my friend in Florida, so maybe I’ll go to school down there. Florida State. Or University of Miami.”

I noticed that Cory had finished his beer. “Can I get you another one?” I asked. When he said no I smiled coyly and asked, “Have you thought about what else you would like to do with me?”

“Could you show me what you used to do with the boys behind the generator house?”

Nodding I stood and took a few steps towards the futon in the corner. “I never wore a bra back then, so if I was wearing a T-shirt or a pull-over top I’d just pull it off.” I said, reaching back to unfasten the clasps which ran down the back of my basque, “but if I was wearing a top with buttons I’d have to unbutton it one at a time,” I continued, reaching the last clasp and holding my top on with one hand. “I used to love the look on their faces when I’d get to the last button and open my shirt for them.” As I said this I let my top fall to the floor and stood before Cory with my big, firm breasts exposed. “I’d let them look for just a few seconds. But sometimes I’d let the boys touch them.” As I said that Cory moved towards me and took my tits in his hands. My nipples are very pale, almost the same color as my skin, but when I am aroused they get a little rosy. They were rosy now. He held my tits gently in his hands, caressing them, squeezing them. His thumbs found my nipples and he flicked and pinched them, bringing them to hardness. While he played with my tits I started loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. After undoing a few of the buttons I grabbed his shirt tales and pulled his shirt over his head. His hands got caught in his shirt cuffs and he had to flap his arms to get hands free. I always have trouble with men’s shirt cuffs. Cory’s pants were still unfastened, so when his shirt came off his pants fell to the floor. Seeing this I dropped to my knees and carefully pulled his underwear down over his bulging dick. Taking his dick in my hand I licked it up and down like a popsicle before rubbing it between my tits.

“Are you ready to go, big boy?” I whispered. He nodded and I sat back on the futon and pulled my panties off in one quick motion. As Cory stepped out of his pants and pulled his shoes and sox off I took a condom that I keep on the bedside table and ripped it out of its wrapper. I slipped the condom into my mouth, and as Cory came to the side of the futon I took his dick in my hands and sucked on it again, slipping the condom on as I did so.

Usually when I am entertaining a guy I give my pussy a few drops of lube before they arrive, to help myself get ready if I need it. I didn’t have to do anything like that with Cory, though. Just thinking about finally getting his beautiful dick had kept me moist all day, and now that my panties were off and his dick was in my hands, I was dripping wet.

Giving Cory’s dick a last lick I lay back on the futon, spreading my legs wide and pulling my knees almost up to my shoulders. Not needing any further invitation, Cory climbed on top of me and in an instant his huge dick plunged into my pussy. He penetrated me in one long, slow stroke, stretching my pussy wide as he buried his entire length inside me until I felt his balls brush against my body. I let out an involuntary gasp as he slid out and plunged in again, harder and faster. I wrapped my legs around Cory’s body squeezing his sides; I still had my shoes on and my heels raked against him like spurs, pulling him into me.

“Oh, God!” I cried, “Come on, Cory. Come on baby. Oh, Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” When I’m having sex I easily loose control, and with Cory’s massive dick inside me I was soon panting and moaning and crying out. Digging my fingers into his back, squeezing him to me, urging him on.

Cory responded to my pleadings, pounding my pussy harder and harder until I was sure I was going to split open. Finally I felt his body tense and quiver as he delivered his load of cum. I don’t know how he could have had a drop of cum left in his body after all that I had already eaten, but by the way his body rocked and his dick throbbed it felt like he was shooting another gallon.

Finally Cory finished cumming and collapsed on top of me, clutching me tightly to him. It was warm and comforting to feel his body held tightly against me, and I let him lie like that for some time. Eventually though, fearing that he was going to fall asleep, I gently rolled him onto his side and whispered, “it’s almost time for you to go, sweetie.”

Cory blinkingly sat up and stretched. Looking down at himself, he slipped the condom, ballooned with cum, off his dick and looked around for a place to put it. Discretely I took it from him and, slipping out of bed, carried it to a trash container in the kitchen. When I returned Cory was standing up, his pants back on, buttoning up his shirt. I waited while he tied his shoes, then, still naked except for my stockings and garters, led him to the door.

Cory hesitated awkwardly at the door, then he said, “This is probably out of line, but is there any chance you and I could ever see each other, you know, socially. Like a date?”

I blinked, taken aback for a moment. “You’re right, that is against every un-written rule there is for escorts.” I said, but then added, “But in case you haven’t noticed, I’m not famous for following rules. Why don’t you leave me your number and I might call you sometime.”

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