tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 09

Emmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 09


Debbie Dingle was enjoying her new life on the island of Jersey.

Having landed a job as a mechanic in an upmarket motoring organisation, she and daughter Sarah had settled in very well indeed.

The only thing missing from her life was a man, or more to the point, sex, it was months since she had enjoyed sharing a bed with either a man, or she had in the past a woman.

She had been on a couple of dates with one of the other mechanics, but no with spark between them, that avenue fizzled out.

Laid in bed one night, she visualized having sex with the boss of the organisation Tom Hoyle.

He was in his mid forties, tall with a look of George Clooney about him. Having inherited the business his grandfather founded, he was very rich, with a string of sports cars to run around the island, a couple of boats moored in the marina, a stable of horses, not to mention a beautiful wife, yes you could say he had it made.

Debbie's neighbour was always pleased to take care of Sarah after school, allowing Debbie to work overtime when required.

One night whilst working on an important clients BMW, Debbie was under the hood, bending over the engine, when a voice from the back of the workshop said "now there is a sight to warm the heart of an old man," it was Mr Hoyle.

"What do you mean?" asked Debbie.

"To see a pert bottom like that, I was always a bottom man, and yours, Debbie isn't it? Is one of the nicest I have seen in a long time".

It was the first time Debbie had spoken to the big boss, and she surprised herself by turning around and saying "so you like what you see?"

"I certainly do, and I will be keeping my eye on you, young lady, goodnight Debbie." And with that turned around and left the room.

Debbi was disappointed, but over the next few weeks, she kept 'accidentally ' bumping into Mr Hoyle and a mutual kind of flirting took place, which built into sexual innuendo, and sexual tension was in the air.

Then one night, after all the others had left, Debbie left the maintenance section , crossed the floor of the car showroom, with its BMW's , Porches' and other top of the range automobiles. Debbie ran her hand along the side of a Audi sports and looked up into the executive offices, the light in Hoyle's office was still on.

Still uncertain ho things would go as she planned, Debbie nervously climbed the stairs and knocked on the door of his office.

"Come in" Tom Hoyle said in a surprised voice. He was taken aback when he saw Debbie standing in the doorway.

"This thing is going to happen sooner or later, so I thought we could get it out of the way." said Debbie, her voice trembling with nerves as she turned and locked the door.

She walked to the centre of the room and slowly unzipped her blue works overall, revealing a basic black bra, but with enough lift to create a nice cleavage.

Tom Hoyle was speechless as Debbie, climbed out of the rest of the suit, pulling off her big work boots as she did so. The black panties matched the bra.

She turned her back on him and pulled the panties tight into her crotch, exposing her bare cheeks to his sight.

"As good as you imagined, Mr Hoyle?" she said seductively .

Tom got up and crossed the room, turning Debbie round, his lips met hers, her tongue snaked into his mouth and was pleased that he responded quickly, he was a good kisser.

He moved his hands to her ass and gave a sigh as he caressed the soft skin of her cheeks, murmuring "oh Debbie, Debbie, Debbie" into her ear.

He then turned her round and dropping to his knees began to kiss her arse, covering the soft flesh with his rasping tongue, sending both of them into raptures of delight.

They move over to the couch in the corner of the office, Debbie quickly unbuttoned his shirt and was delighted to see he had a hairy chest, which she liked in a man. She leaned down and began to lick his nipples, which sent him wild with pleasure. After unbuckling his belt, she eased his zip down and slid his trousers over his hips and then all the way off.

He kept in shape for a man of his age and Debbie was getting moist just thinking about what was about to happen. His knitted boxer shorts followed and his cock sprang into her view. It was magnificent, about eight inches long, already erect, with good girth and a lovely suckable knob.

Debbie stood up and removed her bra, giving Tom a first sight of her breasts, beautifully proportioned, the nipples a deep pink, with fairly large aureoles. Her panties followed, revealing the triangle of dark brown pubic hair at the juncture of her thighs.

Tom reached out to her and pulled her toward him. He kissed her with great tenderness whilst stroking her body. Pulling her down onto the couch he kissed her neck , nibbled on her ears before attaching his lips to her right breast, feeling the soft but firm flesh on his tongue, he moved slightly to take the nipple between his lips. Debbie's nipples were very sensitive and instantly sprang erect under his touch.

As Tom continued to feast on her breasts, Debbie was becoming very moist, an as much as she loved the attention Tom was giving her breasts, she was ready for him to explore further south.

She lifted her hand and gently pushing on the top of his head intimated her desire. Tom got the message and his lips and tongue left a wet trail down between her breasts, over her stomach, until her reached her pubes. His tongue swept over the hair, coating it in his saliva, the muskiness of her femininity emitting from her filled his sense's, driving him mad with desire as he placed his lips on her labia, then gently parting the lips, he slid his tongue into her and began to lick ever so slowly.

Debbie had not had this done to her since Jasmine, the image of her lesbian lover flashed across her mind as Tom continued to administer the most intense pleasure.

Tom could not believe his luck, lying naked in his office with a beautiful twenty year old, his tongue lapping away at her soaking pussy, with the prospect of more to come, it really capped a great day, when he had clinched a deal to make even more money, life was great.

When Tom placed two fingers inside her and began to slowly move them, Debbie was on the point of her first , not self induced orgasm for months. When his tongue reached the tip of her clitoris, she reached her climax and her whole body arched as the intense and powerful orgasm ripped through her entire body.

Tom eased up the full length of Debbie's body and kissed her, her own juices finding their way to her lips, she found this so erotic and reached down to find his cock, hard and ready.

"Would sir like to fuck me now?" she asked in a husky, sultry voice. With that she eased him into her opening and sighed loudly as the entire eight or so inches entered her. Since she had first lost her virginity to Andy Sugden when she was fifteen, Debbie had loved the feel of a mans cock inside her.

As Tom's expert rhythm built up, she could feel herself again approaching a climax, his veined cock, brushing against her clitoris as it pushed in an out of her soaking pussy. She experienced many lovers but Tom ranked right up there with the best, when it came to using the tool of pleasure that nature had given him.

His stamina seemed unending as he continued to give Debbie the most intense pleasure. Pulling her on top of him, he suckled her breasts whist continuing to plunge in and out of her. Then turning her over onto her knees, he smeared his cock all over her ass, covering the flesh with the joint secretions of their coupling, before plunging deep inside her, holding onto her hips as he almost brutally thrust his cock into her as far as it was possible for it to go.

Debbie came yet again with a loud scream, just as Tom withdrew and splattered his sperm all over her cheeks, rubbing his cock in his own cum, and easing it slowly over Debbie's burning skin.

Allowing Debbie to recover, Tom lay on the couch and she came over and lay on top of him, kissing him gently and stroking the side of his face.

"Guess you just won employee of the month" he said with a smile.

Debbie angrily replied, "Do you think that is why I did this? Continuing "Look, I like sex, as you have no doubt just found out, I haven't had a good fuck in ages." She smiled at him and said, "bye the way, that was a very good fuck"

"Thank you, always a pleasure to satisfy" he said.

Debbie continued, "We have flirted for weeks, so I took a chance, you might have objected, pleaded that you are married and faithful, I might have been fired. It was just a fuck, if it happens again, great, if not, we both had a good time, and we move on .

Tom looked into her eyes and said "You are a gobby northern gal aren't you?" Then kissed her tenderly and said " of course its going to happen again, and by the way, the employee of the month gets £250."

"In that case, I accept" said Debbie laughing.

Tom lay naked on the couch as Debbie quickly dressed back into her overalls. She walked over and kissed him deeply whilst her hand began to stroke him to erection.

Anticipating the next step, Tom was disappointed when Debbie placed a small kiss on the end of his erect cock stood up and left the room.

Next morning Debbie was working on the BMW when Tom entered the workshop.

"Morning Debbie" he said cheerily "hope you are settling in here Ok"

"Yes thank you Mr Hoyle, I am very happy with my work" she replied with a smile

Two weeks later Jim Hamilton one of the salesmen who had managed to sell, a Bentley, two Porsche and two BMW's was planning what to spend his £250 employee of the month cheque on , when it was announced that the new girl, one of the lowly "grease monkeys" had in fact won.

There was speculation as to how, but only Debbie & Tom really knew.

Laying naked in Debbie's bed a few weeks later, Tom asked "Fancy a trip?"

But that's another story.

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