tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 10

Emmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 10


"Let me see," said Tom Hoyle to his young lover Debbie Dingle.

Debbie still holding his cock in her hand, opened her mouth and displayed the large amount of his jizz he had just placed there.

Debbie then placed her mouth over the slowly shrinking cock and covered it in his semen. Then doing what he had come to love during their four week affair, she licked every drop, savouring the salty taste of him as the hot liquid slid down her throat.

Slowly moving up his body, she kissed him deeply, his hands caressing her backside, content in their post lovemaking.

"Sorry lover, got to go pick up Sarah from Mrs. Jennings," said Debbie reluctantly.

"God has two hours gone that quickly?" moaned Tom.

They had a problem meeting for their steamy sex sessions. After Debbie had initiated the affair by going to Tom's office after hours, this had been deemed to risky a course to follow, so they had to fit in sessions as and when Debbie's neighbour could look after Sarah.

"We ought to get away, for some serious sex, I have a villa in Majorca that would be perfect," said Tom.

Debbie replied "you seem to forget I have a 6 year old daughter, though it does sound inviting."

"Well why don't you take Sarah back to Emmerdale for a visit, I'm sure her dad and grandparents would love to see her. Then you fly down and join me. I will pay of course."

"Why not, Andy would love to have her for a couple of weeks, I will ring him tonight."

Tom said " at the end of the month my wife and daughter are off to the Paris fashion week, I will have the ideal excuse."

Debbie looked at him with a puzzled expression "I didn't know you had a daughter?"

"Oh didn't I mention her, Sally's 20 and studying design."

"She is only 2 years younger than me, doesn't that make you feel creepy?" said Debbie.

Tom responded by kissing her and kneading a breast.

"I love our time together Deb's, don't spoil it."

She responded by planting a large wet kiss on the end of his now flaccid penis.

Three weeks later Debbie after a fleeting visit to Emmerdale, was landing at Palma airport.

Tom was waiting at arrivals, looking very handsome, and ready for an incredible week of unbridled lust.

After loading Debbie's luggage into his pride & joy, a 1956 MG Roadster, they drove up into the mountains, to Tom's villa.

Debbie was amazed, she knew he has wealthy but this was something else. The villa was on one floor, with a huge lounge, one side taken up entirely by a window giving panoramic views of the mountains.

Five bedrooms, a kitchen bigger than her house in Emmerdale and an en suite bathroom to die for.

Outside was a large swimming pool, with a hot tub and Jacuzzi, terraced gardens and stables. "God, what an amazing place," exclaimed Debbie, "it must have cost a fortune. "

Tom shrugged his shoulders and said "around two million, including furnishing, but its only money."

"Can I have a shower?" asked Debbie, who was feeling grubby having been travelling all day.

Tom led her to the bathroom just off the master bedroom, it was huge.

"Do you want to join me?" asked Debbie suggestively.

"Can I just watch?" replied Tom as he settled into a chair in the corner, "leave the shower door open, I can get a great view from here."

Debbie peeled off her T shirt, revealing a white sporty bra. "I like to be comfortable, OK." she said, seeing the look on his face. She unzipped her jeans and slid them down her slim legs. The plain white cotton panties, stretched over her bum cheeks as she bent to take off her ankle socks, sending Tom's pulse racing, he was an arse man and Debbie had one hell of an arse.

Turning on the shower, Debbie unclipped her bra, letting it slide over her breasts, revealing the twin orbs to Tom's gaze. She never took her eyes from his as she slowly peeled down the panties and stood naked before him.

"Still don't want to join me" said Debbie.

"Not just yet, I want to savour this moment" replied Tom.

Debbie stepped under the shower and began to massage shampoo into her hair. Then taking a sponge covered every inch of her body with the most exotic smelling body wash she had ever encountered.

Tom was fascinated how inhibited she was caressing her breasts, covered in luxurious suds, whilst her pubic region was also a fantasy of white foamy bubbles. And all the time, her eyes never left his, as if daring him to join her.

Finally his willpower gave way and he ripped of his clothes, entered the shower and took Debbie into his arms.

No words were spoken as their mouths clashed, tongues duelling, bodies slick with a mixture of soap and water.

Tom then lifted Debbie and her legs went around him, his rampant cock found her eagerly awaiting pussy as if guided by radar.

Debbie gave a little "Oh" as Tom entered her and eased her back to the tiled walls of the shower. Her legs tightened around him, her arms around his neck , mouths locked together and their organs joined as one in a frenzy of lust. This wasn't making love, this wasn't sex, this was pure animal instinct, two people performing the act for which man and woman were created.

It did not last long, Tom came inside her, she unlocked here ankles from around his back and slowly disentangled their bodies.

"Wow, that was something else." said Debbie.

Tom replied, "the first of many, I hope." And they washed off the sheen of passion under the needle point spray of the shower.

After dinner, they sat sipping long cold drinks and watched the sunset over the mountains, Debbie had never been happier.

That night, the first the first they had spent together, they made love, a tender almost gentle lovemaking after the sexual frenzy of the shower. Debbie fell asleep, her head on the chest of her lover, his arm wrapped around her shoulder, happy, content and very satisfied.

The next morning, Tom woke first. Debbie had turned on her left side during the night. Lifting the single sheet that covered them, he gazed down at the naked backside of his young lover. Easing gently down the bed, he began to cover her buttocks with tiny little kisses, occasionally flicking out his tongue to lick the smooth skin.

"Best alarm call I ever had" said a sleepy Debbie," how long have you been doing that to me"

Tom's tongue had now reached her moist slit and his mouth was full of a mixture of pussy lips and pubic hair, so no answer was forthcoming.

"Mmm, that's nice," said Debbie as Tom flicked his tongue around her pussy from behind, his nose almost adjacent to her puckered little anus.

Debbie eased her body from the bed and opened her legs slightly to enable Tom to replace his tongue and fingers with his rampant cock. Holding onto the headboard she felt the deep penetration of him as her first orgasm of the morning arrived at the same time Tom deposited his sperm into her.

They collapsed on the bed, kissing and caressing each others bodies.

"Breakfast time." said Tom, "what do you fancy?"

"Apart from you, you mean," laughed Debbie "toast and coffee will be fine."

Debbie got up and walked naked to the bedroom door. "Just going for a swim, OK?"

Tom looked out of the kitchen window and saw his young lover dive into the pool and begin to churn out effortless lengths. "is there no end to her talents ."he thought .

Even though Tom was on holiday, he still had to touch base with his business.

Later that morning, Debbie was laying naked on a sun lounger, soaking up the rays of the sun, whilst Tom, also naked sat next to her talking to his accountant on a mobile phone, his laptop connected to the net, by his side.

Debbie decided to have a little fun. Getting off her lounger, she sidled over to Tom and took his limp penis in her hand and began to slowly massage it.

Tom looked down and mouthed "stop it" to her.

This only served to encourage her to take the now slowly stiffening member into her mouth and sucking deeply on it.

Tom was now beginning to waver as Debbie's head continued to bob up and down in his groin.

"Can I ring you back, something's just come up." said an increasingly excited Tom.

Extracting his now stiff cock from her mouth, Debbie said "You can either talk business all day, or you can fuck me, you can't do both, you choose."

There was not much competition as Tom lifted Debbie onto his lap and inserted his cock deep into her pussy. She wanted fucking, he was only to happy to oblige.

They spent most of the day having sex. In the Jacuzzi, in the Hot Tub and rather kinkily on the bed. Tom amazed Debbie with his stamina. For a man of 48 he had incredible staying power.

That night, Tom just lay back in bed as Debbie took over, giving him some incredible hand and blow jobs.

The next morning, after the obligatory fuck. Tom drove Debbie around the island. After calling in a local village for lunch Tom promised her a treat.

Refusing to tell her until they arrived at their destination, which turned out to be a small cove, completely invisible from the road, a location known only to a select few.

After parking the MG, they strolled hand in hand through a beautiful wooded area to the beach.

"Come on, strip off, we are going skinny dipping." said Tom, removing his shirt and shorts.

Debbie was soon out of her bikini top and shorts and they ran towards the blue inviting sea.

Frolicking in the waves, splashing each other with the cooling waters, Debbie could not remember being happier.

Then Tom picked her up in his arms and waded out to deeper water.

"Ever had a watery fuck?" he asked

"No but I assume I am going to get one now." replied Debbie.

With that he got her to wrap her legs around him and with the water buoyancy helping him, he placed his cock in her pussy and began to move with the movement of the waves.

Kissing him deeply, Debbie had never felt so sexual, here she was with the man of her dreams, making the most wonderful love, in what could only be described as paradise.

After both came at the same time, they disengaged and swam leisurely back to shore.

There they lay on the hot sand, coating their wet bodies.

"Ever done it on a beach?" asked Tom.

"Debbie replied "don't you ever stop wanting to fuck me?"

"Never in a million years." and with that lay her on her back and took her in the old missionary position.

After they washed off the sand and cooled their bodies in the sea, before returning to the villa.

As the old saying goes, "sand gets everywhere" and they found out that night. As Tom thrust gently into her, Debbie kept feeling tiny bits of course sand catching the inside of her pussy, causing some irritation, though not enough to stop him. She thought to herself, "only two more nights of this, and then back to Jersey and trying to fit in the odd hour here and there." She wished Tom would leave his wife and marry her, but she knew that was never going to happen.

Next day, Tom took Debbie into Palma and bought her a very expensive handbag and shoes, plus some excitingly naughty underwear for his eyes only.

After lunch, taken in a very exclusive bistro overlooking the marina, they drove through the mountains back to the villa.

Tom was on the bed, talking to his accountant on his mobile phone. Debbie walked into the room, naked and said to Tom, "put it down, now," continuing, "time to thank you for the shoes, then the bag, then the undies. After that if you still have the energy, I would like you to fuck me, just for the hell of it."

Tom instantly switched off the phone and threw it to the far end of the room. Debbie climbed onto the bed and eased him out of his shirt and shorts.

Laying be her side, Tom kissed her lips, tasting her tongue as she slid it against his. He then moved his attention to her neck, which she loved, then onto her breasts, his lips causing her nipples to instantly harden, sending ripples of pleasure through her body.

He continued southwards, licking her navel, skirting around her pubic mound, he kissed the inside of her thighs, taking in the musky aroma emitting from the very centre of her femaleness.

Debbie was desperate to feel his tongue and lips on and in her, but he continued to kiss down the length of her slim legs and the took her foot and proceeded to suck on her toes and lick the sole of her foot, which tickled and made her squirm.

Finally she could take no more. "Tom, please eat me, I am so ready."

Tom happy to oblige, spread her legs and place his lips on her labia. Snaking his tongue inside, feeling the smooth silky flesh of her inner folds, he was in wonderment of joy at the exquisite taste of her young female body.

Finding her clitoris with his tongue, two or three gentle touches sent Debbie over the edge as her orgasm, ripped through her, another following almost instantly as he inserted fingers and set them to work.

Debbie relaxed and said "my turn," and reached for his rampant cock.

"I still want more of your pussy, 69,OK,"

Debbie smiled, it was one of her favourites, sucking cock, while Tom, licked, fingered and sucked on her pussy. She climbed onto him and opening her legs, lowered her pussy towards his face.

Tom looked up at this glorious sight, Debbie's perfect arse and in the centre, her pussy, glistening with her juices, the lips prominent without being long, framed by the light brown pubic hair, what more could a red blooded man want. A few seconds later Debbie took him deep into her mouth and began to suck gently on his rock hard cock.

Debbie began to trace with her tongue, the veins on his cock, thick veins gorged with blood, Tom had many sexual encounters, but never anything like this, as his young lover continued to amaze him with her sexuality.

Debbie was at the height of sexual pleasure, Tom rock hard in her mouth, his lips, tongue and fingers between her legs, taking her on incredible journeys. Her eyes were tight shut as she savoured the feelings she had at the moment, once in a lifetime moments.

She opened them suddenly as she sensed another person in the room. Looking over to the doorway she saw a female, early forties, very well dressed, standing with hands on her hips.

"Well Tom," said the woman coolly , "I suppose this is your little mechanic."

Throwing Debbie off his body Tom gave a nervous laugh and said "I suppose its no use saying this is not what it looks like is it?"

The woman laughed and said to Debbie, "go and get dressed, slut, then take yourself back to the backwater you came from, you have twenty minutes."

Debbie almost in tears said "I have no money to get home, Tom has paid all my fares."

The woman, who presumably was Mrs .Hoyle, opened her purse, took out several hundred euros', threw them in her direction and said "that should be enough to get you home. Oh also, take that in lieu of notice, your fired , don't show your face in Jersey again."

Debbie now in tears said "what about my stuff at the flat?"

Tom spoke and said "We'll send it on Debs, best if you go now."

Debbie gathered her clothes and was surprised to find a taxi waiting outside to take her to the airport.

Two hours later she was on board a flight to Leeds/Bradford, and to her old life back in Emmerdale. The last few hours had been both exquisite and traumatic, she smiled and thought to herself, "I have had some incredible sex with a very fit man, got a bag and shoes, I could only dream of owning and come away with a few hundred quid to see me through, not bad for a girl from a backwater."

Meanwhile back at the villa, Tom looked down as his wife eagerly gorged on his penis, sucking it deep into her mouth. His fingers were working themselves in and out of her hot sticky pussy.

He remembered her first words after Debbie had left. "An improvement on that French bitch you had last year, at least this one knew how to suck cock, I was quite impressed. Oh by the way Luigi sends his regards, he was especially intense this year, he fucked me until I could hardly stand and wanted a blow jobs in all the most public places, and said my pussy tasted sweeter than ever, still one week a year, adds spice to our marriage, doesn't it?'

She came over and kissed Tom, full on the lips, then said " there's a new young typist starting in the showroom next week, she should be ready and eager for you next year, though she will have to go some to beat Little Miss Cocksucker, what was her name Debbie Dingle?

With that she dropped to her knees, took his cock in her mouth, then removing it said "no one does this better than me, do they?"

He shook his head, but knew in his heart, that a certain mechanic from Emmerdale was far superior.

Debbie returned to Emmerdale, to her old life as a mechanic at the village garage, but with wonderful memories of a cheating bastard, named Tom.

Meanwhile Carl King was wondering, what if,

But that's another story .......................

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