tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 08

Emmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 08


Nicola De Souza was in a foul mood. She banged around the kitchen, swearing and calling her partner Jimmy King every name in the book.

Jimmy ran Emmerdale haulage, with his brother Carl and at the moment was on a run to Prague, and would be away for 10 days.

They shared the cottage with their baby, Angelica, Carl and his girl, Chastity Dingle and Jimmy's half sister, 18year old Scarlett.

"Hey, what's all the noise about?" said Carl as he walked into the kitchen.

Don't start Carl, I'm not in the mood." replied Nicola

"Oh I see, Jimmy's away, so you aren't getting any ," smirked Carl.

Nicola threw a wet cloth at him and screeched "that's right, and you and Chas fucking each others brains out all night in the next room, doesn't help."

Carl smiled and said, "perhaps I can help, after all we are in partnership, and aim to give satisfaction."

Nicola gave him a look of utter disdain and walked into the kitchen to wash the breakfast dishes.

Carl followed her into the kitchen and standing behind her placed his hands on her hips. Leaning forward he whispered in her ear, "come on Nicky, Jimmy's abroad, Chas is at work, you know you want to."

"Piss off to work Carl, and take your hands off me." she snarled.

Undeterred, Carl moved closer and pressed his growing erection against the fabric of Nicola's sweat pants.

As Nicola felt his hardness against her, she froze. Sensing this Carl moved his hands from her hips and cupped her breasts, tweaking the nipples through her shirt and bra.

"Stop it Carl, I'm your brothers fiancé, and I hate you, unless you've forgotten." said Nicola, trying to squirm away from him.

Carl was determined however and continued to hold her tightly and caress her breasts.

Every fibre of Nicola's being told her to stop him, it was wrong, she was engaged to his brother, and she genuinely did dislike him intensely. But her needs as a woman, also required satisfying. Jimmy was not such a good lover, he came to soon and very seldom left her satisfied, but not withstanding her loathing for Carl, her body screamed for his touch. The final submission came as his lips played on her neck, such a sensitive part of her body, she could not resist.

Nicola relaxed and started to grind her hips into Carl's erection. He increased the pressure of his lips on the soft skin of her neck and slid his hand up her shirt and eased her breasts from her bra.

Then turning her round, lifted her onto the kitchen work surface and eased her shirt and bra over her head.

Nicola was still breast feeding and as Carl took the erect nipple of her right breast between his lips, the slight taste of the lactating breast radiated to his tongue. As he continued to suck on her breasts, Nicola was loving, yet hating every second.

Carl then lifted her hips and slid her sweat pants and panties down , then removed them. Nicola sat naked on the work surface as he parted her legs and began to lick at her now soaking wet pussy.

As Carl's tongue found her clitoris, she screamed out, "that's it, you bastard, that's it," as he continued to eagerly feast on the soft tissue of her pussy.

Then Nicola had her first orgasm for ages. She came loudly and long, her pussy producing copious amounts of juice, which smeared on Carl's face.

As Nicola came down from the orgasmic 'high', Carl lifted her down from the work surface and carried her into the lounge and dropped her onto the sofa.

She looked at him with contempt as he removed his trousers. "oh no, that's to far" she said as he placed his hand in his boxer shorts and began to take out his cock.

"Look you made me come, and I am grateful, but that would be a betrayal of Jimmy, no Carl, I can't."

Carl smiled and said "OK, if that's what you want, but look what you will be missing." Carl removed the large object from his shorts, he was enormous, engorged with passion, rock hard, he stood a good eight inches and was throbbing with lust.

All Nicola's resolve disappeared instantly at the sight of this magnificent tool. She reached out and stroked it, her long slender fingers caressing the rigid flesh.

She looked Carl in the eye and said in a really bitchy voice "fuck me you bastard, fuck me now and fuck me hard."

Carl was only to happy to oblige. He slipped his cock into her waiting pussy, no finesse, no gentleness just pure animal lust.

Nicola wrapped her legs around him, drawing him deeper into her with each thrust, her hips moving with him, as he continued to pummel into her with long, deep and satisfying strokes of his penis.

Nicola could not come to terms with his stamina, by now Jimmy would be laid at her side, telling her how wonderful she was, but Carl just kept on sliding his huge cock into her eager pussy.

As she approached yet another mind blowing orgasm, she felt a change in his stoke, it became more frantic and finally he started to climax. He hastily withdrew and his semen splashed over her belly and pubic hair.

"Well Mrs. De Souza, what do you think of a real man?" asked Carl, wiping the last drops of his come on her pubes.

Nicola did not reply, until Carl was dressing, then she said "I still hate you, I can't believe what I have just done, you are a real bastard, you know that don't you?"

Laughing Carl said, "Yes I know, but it was great wasn't it.?

Nicola still naked looked at him, smiled for the first time and said "great? It was fucking fantastic, now fuck off to work and let me get dressed."

As Carl closed the door behind him, Nicola rose from the sofa and started to dress. As she pulled on her shirt, Scarlett, switched off the video camera she had used to record most of the mornings events from the staircase. It would make interesting viewing, if either of the participants caused her any problems in the future.

Meanwhile, Katie Sugden was admiring the view of Home Farm from Masie's bedroom window.

But that's another story.

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