tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 11

Emmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 11


Carl King was glad to be back in his own bed. He had just returned from a long and arduous trip on the continent, which was not without its moments.

He closed his eyes, luxuriating in the action going on 2 feet or so down his body.

Chas Dingle, his long term partner, had Carl's not insignificant penis, buried deep in her mouth. It had been late when Carl had returned, with Chas fast asleep when he climbed into their bed. He was awoken by a really sensuous kiss from Chas, followed by the blowjob currently taking place.

Chas loved sucking Carl's cock, almost as much as he loved having it sucked. He gave a little smile, as he remembered a thought he had during his trip. At about eight inches a time, how much had Chas swallowed during their relationship, must be hundreds of miles by now.

Down below, Chas was eagerly adding to the "mileage" slurping her tongue around the erect member, licking every inch of the throbbing flesh , before again plunging the entire length into her hot mouth.

"Morning" said Chas, as she kissed her way up Carl's body, paying attention to his nipples, which he loved. "Good trip?"

"Not bad, tiring, but I always have my special welcome to look forward to." replied Carl, with that he flipped Chas onto her back and asked "Ready?"

Chas spread her legs and Carl guided his penis into her hot, wet and very inviting pussy. They had been together so long, they knew each others bodies and "hot spots" so well.

As Carl began his rhythmic thrusts, Chas wrapped her long legs around him, welcoming his hardness deep inside her. She loved this man and was savouring the moment, when they were at their most intimate.

Carl loved Chas to, but being a hot blooded male, temptation was never far away and as he continued to pleasure her, almost to orgasm, it wasn't Chas laying under him, who occupied his mind. it was the last woman he had sex with, Edna Birch's granddaughter, Eve Jenson.

It was a routine delivery. Ferry from Hull, then a couple of drops in Holland and Belgium, then pick up and deliver in central France, boring, but a good earner, vital if the King's were to regain their millionaire status.

Carl & Chas had their usual eve of trip sex session, exploring every inch of each others bodies , with lips tongues, fingers and Chas's special treat, Carl inserting his toes inside her, she didn't know why, but she loved it.

After checking his load and documentation, Carl set off for Hull and the ferry. He had allowed plenty of time in case anything came up. He could never have imagined what did occur.

About five miles out of Emmerdale, about a quarter mile in the distance, Carl spotted a hitchhiker at the side of the road. Now hitchhikers were a common sight, usually students with hand made signs showing a desired destination, London, Manchester or Leeds in this area. However as Carl drew nearer he noticed the hitchhiker was a blonde female, wearing a skimpy vest top, a bare midriff and tiny shorts. Her destination board read "FUCK?" It was Eve.

Carl stopped the truck. Eve climbed aboard. Carl admiring the view said "Never been there, where is it?" pointing to Eve's cardboard board.

"With me, its as near to paradise as you can get." replied Eve seductively.

With that she leaned over and kissed him, her lips parting as they met his, her tongue seeking his, probing and teasing him.

As they broke the kiss Carl asked "how did you know I would be out here today?" Eve smiled and said "I sneaked into the office and peeked at Gran's files, saw you were on this run and thought why not, its about time I fucked that man, and here I am."

"But what if I don't want to, as you so nicely put it, fuck you?" replied an astonished Carl.

With that Eve pulled down her top to reveal a beautiful pair of breasts, the deep pink nipples already erect were surrounded by a deeper aureole.

Now Carl was used to Chas, and although he loved fondling, licking and sucking her breasts, they were on a woman in her mid thirties, not like the two beauties he was staring at.

Eve laughed as he put the vehicle in gear and tore down the road to the next lay-by.

When they arrived, Carl pulled the younger woman to him and they kissed again. Carl felt Eve's hand stray down to his groin and began to massage his already rampant cock through his trousers.

Then her hand pulled down the zip, releasing the large object of her desire from its confines.

"Oh my god Carl, its so big, I never imagined, no wonder Chas is always smiling." said a startled Eve.

With that she leaned over to the drivers seat and lowered her head. Taking his cock in her right hand, she gently massaged the organ before taking the end between her lips, licking slowly around the bell shaped end before taking a couple of inches of him into her mouth.

Oblivious to passing traffic, Eve continued to suck hungrily on Carl's cock. Occasionally she would take it out of her mouth and holding it by the end, lick up and down its full length with her oh so sensual tongue.

Carl thought to himself that Chas gave a great blowjob, but this blonde with her head buried in his lap, could hold her own with her.

Eventually, Eve took him from her mouth and said "in the back now." She had done her homework, knowing that the van had a small single divan type bed located behind the seats.

Carl did not need asking twice as he lifted his long legs over her, his erect cock still swinging out of his pants, and rolled onto the bed.

Eve quickly followed. There she lifted the vest over her head to reveal her magnificent breasts in all their glory. Then with difficulty in the confined space took off the shorts and a tiny black thong.

Carl drank in the sight of Eve's wonderful body. The breasts were probably as perfect as he had ever seen. Reaching out he brushed his fingers over the nipples, which sprung to attention at his touch.

Then Eve moved over him, her body moving over his until he caught sight of her pussy. It was shaved.

Now Carl loved the very hairy pussy of Chas, loved sticking his tongue into her and feeling the short ,coarse hairs of her pussy on his face. But this was something else. Eves lips were pronounced and hung down a little, drops of moisture were clear to see as Eve slowly lowered herself onto his hot eager mouth.

Carl tasted Eve's juices as soon as his tongue found her pussy. She was soaking wet as he slurped on her lips, then the inner silky skin of the inside before making her scream out in joy as he found her clitoris. She forced herself down onto his eager mouth, smothering his face in her soft fleshy pussy.

Finally she relented and moved to insert Carl's penis into her. As she took all eight inches, Eve moaned out loudly "Oh god, that is so good, so good, fuck me, never stop fucking me, oh, oh there I go again." as she felt her orgasm rip through her body.

Adjusting his body, Carl sat Eve on his lap, his cock still deep inside her soaking pussy. Kissing her deeply, whilst fondling those incredible breasts and still she rode his cock, Carl was in place sexually, he had not been for a long time.

Eve kept repeating, "fuck me, fuck me," and Carl was only to happy to oblige.

Desperately trying to avoid coming and ending this incredible sex, Carl tried to think of all sorts of obscure things, but Eve sliding his cock deep inside her combined with her breasts crushed against his chest and the incredible feel of her lips and tongue moulding themselves to his, brought him to the most intense orgasm of his life, shooting his sperm deep inside Eve's body.

Eve was only seconds later, coming with a force that surged through her like an erupting volcano.

Completely spent, the couple lay in each others arms unaware of the two faces staring at them through the van window.

"Just out for a little spin, are we sir." asked the Traffic cop.

Carl replied "I don't suppose you will believe that this is not what it looks like will you? "Actually sir, you and the young lady have given me and young Hoskins here a real treat, been watching for about 10minutes, nice technique by the way love, you could make an old policeman very happy." said the cop.

"Eve blushed and asked "what happens now?"

The cop replied "well I could book you for an indecent act in a public place, but as you have entertained us so well, I think you ought to get dressed and be on your way."

As the cops left Carl said "that was incredible, we ought to do it again some time, but perhaps without the audience."

Eve took his now flaccid cock in her hand, bent to kiss the tip and said "Oh yes, this big boy and I have some unfinished business.

Carl dropped Eve off at Hotten bus station, for her return to Emmerdale, dressed rather more demurely than the hitchhiker, and carried on to the ferry terminal. The trip had got off to a very good start.

Meanwhile back in Emmerdale Katie Sugden was admiring the view.......but that's another story.

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