tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 16

Emmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 16


Bob Hope still thought it was a dream, he could not believe what was happening. Then he glanced down. Yes it was real.

He was in his bedroom, standing at the side of the bed, he was naked. The head of his nicely sized penis was resting between the lips of Eve Jensen, one of the most striking looking women he had ever known. Eve was also naked, as was Genni Walker, who was licking the remainder of his penis, whilst gently massaging his balls.

No this was not a dream.

It had all begun a few days earlier.

Eve after being dumped by Carl King had decided to have sex with as many villagers as possible.

Cain Dingle and Genni had been the first. She had a slight regret that she had used Genni to experiment with a woman and then sort of just left her hanging.

She knew Genni and Bob Hope had a brief fling, which caused the break-p of her relationship with his son, Jamie and the break down of his marriage to Viv, who had since died in a fire at the café.

With her hand deep in her panties, fingers probing her very wet pussy, Eve set about planning to add to her "collection" whilst getting Genni involved with Bob again.

She sent a text message to Genni, asking to meet in The Woolpack, that night.

Over a few glasses of wine, Eve explained her plan, Genni refused to go along at first, but when Eve pointed out that Bob was now single, had re-opened the café and was for a man of fifty plus, quite fit, plus the fact she had already fucked him, and enjoyed it, Genni agreed to give it a go.

Next day Eve went to the café to collect the sandwiches for the office. Carefully timing her entry when there were no other customers.

"Quiet today Bob" she said.

"Yes, not very busy on a Monday, will pick up later, about lunchtime usually." he replied.

After a little more small talk, Eve started on the trail.

"Can I ask a very personal question,?"

"Ask away,"

Eve gulped, not quite believing what she was about to say, "when did you last have sex?"

Taken aback, Bob hesitated before stuttering out, "what kind of question is that?"

"A simple one, when did you last fuck a woman?"

Still confused Bob replied, "I don't think its something I want to discuss."

"Why, were both adults, Eve said, "I can tell you exactly how long I have gone without, ever since that bastard, Carl King dumped me for that slapper Chas Dingle, seven bloody frustrating, fucking months, I need a man, and I think it is you."

Eve had gambled on this outburst, lying through her teeth, of course she had been fucked, a couple of one night stands in Hotten and Leeds, as well as Cain a few weeks ago.

Bob now more composed said , "well its been a while, probably that night with Genni, god that's over two years ago, I can't believe its been that long."

"So how about it? A bit of harmless fun between two consenting adults, no strings, no attachment, no commitment, just a good old fashioned fuck, how about it Mr. Hope?"

Bob was wavering, still not knowing what to decide, is mind was in a turmoil. Then like a bullfighter, after teasing with a cape, Eve delivered the deciding blow.

"Besides I haven't sucked a guys cock for ages, and I perform an incredible blow-job."

Bob smiled and said, "you're on."

They arranged to meet at his flat over the café in a couple of days time.

Eve immediately rang Genni and gave her the good news, ensuring she still had a key to let herself into the flat. Remembering how hairy Genni was, she suggested that, "trimming the black forest, might be a good idea. Both girls laughed.

The day arrived, Eve got ready. About 7.30 as arranged she slipped into the unlocked café. Bob had arranged for his five year old twins to stay with Genni's mother, he had asked Genni, but she said she had something planned, he could never in a million years guessed what.

Eve entered wearing a white raincoat, despite the fact that rain was not forecast. She walked over to Bob and without saying a word, they kissed.

As her tongue found its way into his mouth, her hand slid down his shirt, she was amazed how firm his chest was, and down to the already significant bulge in his trousers.

As she rubbed him, she said, "Wow, now there's a big boy, does he want to come out to play?"

With that Bob, took her hand and led her up the stairs.

Once in the bedroom they kissed again, long sensuous kisses hat Bob had so missed since splitting with Viv.

Eve moved her lips from his mouth to the neck, then slowly unbuttoning his shirt, kissed his nipples, which became erect under her expert tongue. His chest hair was fairly thick and tinged with silver to match his temples. She moved lower, kissing across his not quite flat stomach, but not bad for a man of his age, she thought.

She undid his belt and then unzipped his fly, tugging his pants down to reveal a pair of black boxer shorts.

"Shall we see what Bob's hiding in here from little Evie?" she teased, before inserting her hand into the shorts and encountering his cock for the first time. "Oh he's nice," she said as she rolled the erect flesh on her hand. "Would he like a little suck?" she said teasingly.

Bob's mind was reeling, here he was with a gorgeous girl, his throbbing cock in her hand, gently rubbing him, asking if he wanted a blow job, he thought he had died and gone to a sexual heaven.

With that Eve, holding the end began to lick the length of the erect member. Not a big as Cain, the thought went through her mind, but more than adequate.

Arriving at the tip, Eve slowly licked around the now blood filled head and then took the bulbous knob into her mouth.

Bob had thought these days were over, after four marriages and numerous affairs, he was content to live on memories, but this beautiful blonde on her knees in front of him, her mouth slowly devouring every inch of him, occasionally removing it, to lick around the head, before plunging back in, made him realise he was still a man.

As she continued to suck, Eve was wondering if the rest of the plan would be as successful.

She reluctantly took Bob's cock from her mouth and stood. All the time she was still wearing the white raincoat.

Bob looked at her in amazement as she slowly unbuttoned the coat and let it slip from her shoulders. Apart from her white stiletto shoes, she was naked.

Bob looked at the vision before him. Blonde hair, cut into a bob, pretty face, breasts that any woman would want, nice pink oh so suckable nipples, flat stomach, cute belly button and a nice triangle of light brown pubic hair, with pussy lips below. The legs were very shapely and long. A vision, a goddess and he was going to fuck her.

She shoved him and they fell onto the bed a frenzy of arms, legs hands and mouths as they writhed lost in a world of lust.

Bob found himself on top. He kissed her, then started downwards. Taking a breast in his hand he lowered his head and pulled the nipple into his mouth. Bob had always been a breast man. Twirling his tongue around the hard nub. Eve was enjoying the attention, appreciating the attentions of an older, very experienced lover.

After her breasts, Bob moved down, kissing his way past her belly, his lips found the pubic hair, which he coated with his saliva. Then after gentle little kisses on her inner thighs, finally ran his tongue along Eve's pussy lips, which he then parted with his fingers, before inserting his tongue into her for the first time.

Eve was loving the attention, Bob certainly knows his way around a pussy she thought as his tongue or fingers caught another sensitive spot.

They were lost in their own little sexual world, when the door opened suddenly.

Bob removed his mouth from Eve's pussy, his lips coate3d with her love juice and stared in amazement at a naked Genni standing in the doorway.

"Is this a private party, or can anyone join in?" she asked almost flippantly.

"Come and join us please," said Eve, "Bob is man enough for the both of us."

Genni almost ran to the bed and climbed on to join in the fun.

Bob was on his back, Eve kissing him while Genni took him deep into her mouth, remembering the exquisite feel of him and she sucked him again. Eve joined her, taking each of his balls into her mouth in succession, feeling the testes on her tongue, knowing the merest, nip or bite, would rack his body with unbearable pain. They had him at their mercy, they were in complete control, as they fed his engorged cock between their eager mouths.

Bob was trying desperately to hold back his ejaculation, but after so long a sexual drought he finally succumbed.

Genni had him in her mouth when he came. Huge torrents of white sticky sperm fluid emptied into her mouth.

Some slipped down her throat, but a great quantity stayed in her mouth, which she now placed over Eve's and let the juice flow from her to Eve. After the last drop had left, Eve repeated to act, until all his cum had been swallowed. Bob had enjoyed some memorable sexual moments, but this beat anything he had ever experienced.

To cap it all, the two girls then engaged in a deep kiss, their sperm coated lips moving slowly against each other.

Fully sated, Bob sat back against the padded bed head, while Eve and Genni carried on with some deep lesbian kissing.

This soon materialised into full on sex. First Eve went down on Genni, her mouth and tongue working their magic on Genni's pussy lips. He noticed that Genni was quite sparse in the pubic region, she had taken Eve's comments to heart.

Then for the first time in her life, Genni tasted another woman. She kissed her way down Eve's slim pale body, the breasts tasted wonderful. She was amazed how instantly the nipples sprung to full hardness as she took them between her lips and teeth.

She slowly ventured down, kissing the fine brown hair before finally arriving at her ultimate destination.

The musky aroma emitting from Eve was filling her senses and she instinctively began to open and lick the soft folds of skin that guarded the entrance to Eve's most intimate place. She placed her tongue against the silky smooth skin and began to lick.

Foe Eve this was the first time as well. She loved to be eaten out, but it had always been by a man, this was so different. Genni seemed to know instinctively where to touch, how much pressure and most of all finding her clitoral hood and the pleasure button contained therein.

Bob sat staring at the spectacle unfolding before his eyes. Eve her eyes closed with the sheer pleasure that Genni was giving. Her breasts heaving as her breaths got stronger as she reached her climax. Genni's tongue and then fingers sliding between those wonderful pink lips until Eve cried out loudly, "oh god yes, that's it, oh god, yes, yes, yes I'm coming"

Her body seemed to go rigid for a second, then relax as a huge smile crossed her face. Genni, her face covered in Eve's juices got up from between her legs and smiled at Bob, then leaned forward and kissed him, leaving the taste of Eve's pussy on his lips.

After a loo break, Bob was ready again, his penis standing proud from his groin.

"Why Bob, I see you want to join us again," giggled Eve, "come on Genni, asses in the air, see which one he picks."

Both girls knelt on the bed, there shapely backsides pointing seductively towards Bob, the cleft of their pussy's inviting him to insert himself into them. He chose Genni.

Moving forward, he inserted a finger into her soaking slit, Genni winced, her body tightened until the sheer joy of Bob's cock entering her, relaxed her and she felt wonderful.

Bob continued to drive into Genni, his strokes long and hard, she was being penetrated as never before and she was loving it.

Bob glanced to his left. Eve was still in the same position, but her hand had snaked between her legs and her long slender fingers were working furiously in and around the engorged pink lips of her pussy.

Fucking one girl doggy style, whilst her friend masturbates, life did not get much better than this, thought Bob as he continued to thrust in and out of Genni's oh so welcoming pussy.

Much as he was enjoying Genni, he wanted to sample Eve, so reluctantly he with drew from Genni and eased Eve onto her back. Eve spread her legs and Genni having had her fill, reached out and took Bob's cock in her hand and guided it into the other girls wet and waiting pussy.

Bob eased his shaft inside her slowly, savouring the warm silky feel of her inner body against the rock hard flesh of his penis.

Eve moaned with sheer ecstasy as Bob thrust in and out of her, and Genni alternated between kissing, licking and nipping her nipples until she could stand no more and screamed out as her orgasm ripped through her body.

Bob was on the pint of coming and withdrew just as his cock again squirted a substantial amount of white sticky fluid, this time over Eve's pubes and lower belly.

Bob fell back on the bed, exhausted, while Genni moved down and licked the sperm from Eve's body. Holding a quantity in her mouth, she placed her lips close to Eve's and again Bob witnessed the sight of two girls exchanging his cum, before mashing their lips together in a wet, deep sensuous kiss, their lips swirling in each other mouths until the last remnants of his ejaculation was swallowed.

The three of them lay in Bob's bed, Bob in the middle. The two girls were playing with his limp penis, trying to coax it back to life.

Eventually, there was a response. As Bob's erection grew, Eve kissed him, leant over and kissed Genni, then got off the bed, picked up her raincoat, put it on and said. "You two were meant to be together, I am glad I helped it happen, now you enjoy the rest of the night." Glancing down at Bob's now fully erect cock, smiling she said to Genni, "Don't let that go to waste," and with that left the room.

As she descended the stairs, Genni's lips were around her new lovers cock, it was not going to waste.

Eve crept back into the cottage, her gran would be fast asleep. She slipped naked into bed and began to write her journal.

"Genni, upgraded to a 9 out of ten. Boy can she suck cock, and pussy, she was great."

"Bob, what a revelation, great pussy sucker and a really good fuck. Then with a smile she wrote 8/10

"That's three down," she said to herself, now who's next?

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