Emmerdale Fun


Just as a customer from the background of the Woolpack handed Diane the change for his drinks, She dropped the money on the floor. When she leant over to retrieve it, Marlon came out from the kitchen and saw Diane's wonderfully curved backside; in her tight black skirt. Unfortunately for him, Donna had just walked into the pub to take Marlon home.

"Marlon! What do you think you are doing, looking at Diane's bum like that?" Donna asked.

"Well, it is inviting," he answered.

Diane shot Marlon a sideways glance with a smile,

"Well you find my backside inviting do you?" she said, with an air of satisfaction.

Marlon turned bright red, and made his excuses to leave. Donna grabbed his arm and led him over the road to her awaiting bedroom above the Post Office. A couple of minutes afterwards, Rodney entered the Woolpack, He asked for a small whisky and Diane leaned over the bar towards him.

"You'll never guess what Marlon was looking at a few minutes ago?" Diane asked Rodder's.

"No. What?" He replied.

"My inviting backside, that's what!" she told him. Relaying the whole story to Rodney.

This turned Rodney on immediately, his erection thrusting his expensive suit trousers to a point, rubbing up against the bar. He noticed Diane's cleavage in front of him and moved his fingers to her top buttons. While she was talking to him he unbuttoned the top two. She failed to feel them being undone due to the fact she was still stunned by Marlon's advances.

Another customer approached the bar and asked for a couple of drinks, and Diane turned to the thirsty punter and pulled a pint for the gentleman. However, the customer was now getting an eyeful of Diane's open cleavage; she still did not realise what she was showing her customers. He thanked her and left her a tip.

She then walked over to a table in the corner where two other customers were sitting, she leaned over to collect the glasses and asked if they were enjoying their meal,

"Well one of us is" the wife said, ogling Diane's cleavage.

Suddenly Diane realised her predicament.

"Rodder's!" she exclaimed.

Rodney was on the bar stool laughing at her; in a school boy prank kind of way. She approached him, and kissed him perkily on the lips, then unzipped his flies and pulled out his still erect penis,

"Perhaps you should collect that ladies glass for her, I'm sure she would like that!" Diane mentioned.

Rodney agreed, after all his penis was a good eight inches long and thick enough for most women to enjoy. The lady was very pleased that Rodney collected her glass, she caressed his hard manhood and started to masturbate him, while Diane looked enviously on.

Meanwhile . . . Donna led Marlon upstairs towards her bedroom over the Post Office. As they reached the top of the stairs they heard a noise coming from Donna's mother Viv's bedroom, the door was slightly ajar. Donna and Marlon looked in through the gap in the door and saw Viv lying on her back totally naked on her bed, fingering herself.

Donna felt Marlon rub against her backside and noticed he was still hard. She crouched down and removed his trousers and underpants, and helped herself to a couple of quick sucks of his throbbing penis. She then opened Viv's bedroom door and led the half naked Marlon in with her.

Viv opened her eyes at the sound of someone entering her bedroom, but relaxed when she saw Marlon and his erect penis.

Viv spread her legs so that Donna and Marlon got a better view of her neatly trimmed pussy. Marlon glanced at Donna for approval and then placed his mouth over Viv's vaginal area. Donna laid next to her mother and lightly rubbed her mother's breasts, gently kissing the fully erect nipples.

A few minutes had passed when Viv removed Donna's t-shirt, exposing her daughter's beautiful 36c breasts. Viv placed her warm hands onto the breasts and caressed them the way Donna had done to her. Viv slid her hand down Donna's torso into her warm jeans and under her silk panties, feeling the pubic hairs on her daughters pussy.

Marlon, although not entirely unhappy licking Viv's pussy, re-arranged himself to insert his penis into the cunt he was just licking the juices from. He pulled back his foreskin and let his bell-end rest against the pink lips of Viv's vagina, She sighed at the feel of his manhood against her wet juicy pussy. She sighed even more when he started to push himself into her.

Donna could not help watching her boyfriend inserting himself into her mother, this turned on her immensly. Donna stood up off the bed and completely removed her jeans and panties; Viv glanced lovingly at her daughter's exposed vagina,

"My, how you have grown up" she told her daughter.

Marlon glanced in Donna's direction from Viv's pubic mound, and winked at her, and thanked her for letting him have sex with her mother. Soon after Marlon ejected his warm semen load over Viv's body and she rubbed it into herself. Donna moved away from her mother and took Marlon's penis in her mouth to suck off the excess cum.

She had however left her arse pointing in Viv's face for her to explore. Viv without a moments hesitation, inserted her tongue deep into her daughter's crevice, tasting all the sweetness Donna normally saved for Marlon.

Once Donna had finished cleaning Marlon's penis, he went into the bathroom to urinate. Upon his return Donna and Viv were kissing and touching each other like long lost lesbian lovers,

"Perhaps I should give Zoe a call?" Marlon suggested in a jokey way.

"I don't want to shag that posh tart!" Viv answered abruptly.

That night Marlon, Donna and Viv slept together in Viv's bed.

Meanwhile back at the Woolpack. . . Diane had locked up the Woolpack, with the customers who wanted to stay still inside. Diane had by now removed her blouse, and got a customer to remove her bra. Rodney was still having his penis caressed by the lady who wanted her glass removed.

Soon Diane was pulling pints behind the bar; totally naked. When she was pulling one pint for a customer, He walked around behind the bar to be with Diane, pulled down his trousers exposing his floppy unerect penis to Diane, and asked her to pick up the change he had just dropped on the floor. She bent over, again, displaying her inviting arse to a man. The man's penis shot into action and he held Diane firmly by the waist and inserted his erect manhood into her; he was thrusting her with the full force of his shaft.

While she was being pumped by the customer, another customer walked up to the bar and asked for a pint of bitter, with a smirk on his face. Diane reached up to the taps on the bar and tried to pour a pint of beer whilst being shafted from behind. She was reaching the pump and pulling, but the beer was spilling everywhere; the motion of her swinging buxom breasts were not helping the matter.

The customer's were leaning up against the bar watching her large breasts flop about in all directions, they were having a good old masturbate on the other side of the counter. Once the man who was shagging Diane had finished, he enquired who would like to suck his cock clean of semen. A woman seated with her husband, who was also naked by now said that she would love to suck him off.

The man who was the first to start staring at Diane's bouncing breasts then walked around to join Diane. He too thrust his penis into Diane's awaiting cunt, (once the other gentleman had finished). His penis was not quite as formidable as the last customer's, but it did suffice Her current hunger for raw sex.

It wasn't long before everyone in the Woolpack was having sex with one another and swapping partners, alcohol and sex was making it's way around like wildfire.

Once they were all worn out and wanting to go home, Diane opened the side door for them to leave, she opened the door exposing her still fully naked and satisfied body to the Yorkshire countryside and local villagers; although most were tucked up in bed by then. The cool night air brushed it's way over her body, stimulating her nipples.

She returned back into the Woolpack and into the warm and comforting arms of Rodney, and retired up to bed for another session of passionate sex, but more intimate this time.

As they lay on the bed, Diane looked thoughtfully into Rodney's eyes and said,

"Thank you Marlon, for noticing my inviting backside."

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