tagChain StoriesEnchanted Twelve: Cecilia Ch. 02

Enchanted Twelve: Cecilia Ch. 02


Cecilia smiled at the sound of her sister Danielle's giggles and soft squeals of pleasure. She could not see what Simon was doing to her oldest sister, but she knew at times, she had made those same noises. Her fingers tightened in the curls of her lover's hair. She felt his tongue sweeping over her sex, bringing the juices of her arousal to the surface and greedily licking them up. Perhaps it was this place, she thought for a moment, that gave her the ability to simply ignore everything and everyone around her.

Maybe it was the man she called hers that drove her to behave wantonly and for the first time to do so in front of others. But Cassius had insisted, or so his touch had forced her to act the way she was. Had Danielle told her to stop behaving like a common trollop, she would have, but... much to her surprise, her sister's sounds told her that Danielle had no qualms about showing her desire in front of her sister's sightless eyes.

The two women shouted almost simultaneously, their men rose from between their legs, shared kisses with their respective lovers and then pushed their hardened rods into slick openings. Cecilia hissed, her lids became clenched. Cassius shoved his dick deeply into her heated core, her legs came up, wrapped tightly around him and together they moved. Each came closer to release; when Cecilia's body stiffened, she felt the knowing rush of fluids erupt from her pussy as his exploded from his shaft.

A new sound interrupted the state of numbing bliss that had overtaken Cecilia. She jerked slightly, looked around, though knowing she could see nothing, and instead focused on sounds and scents. She recognized the way oars hit rock and felt the jarring of the boat sliding against stone. "We're here?" she asked, then sat up, pulling at her dress and trying to arrange herself so she would appear proper to whomever greeted them.

"You look delicious," Danielle whispered. Cecilia blushed.

"I'd almost forgotten you were there," her sister admitted.

Danielle giggled, kissed Simon and then leaned over to speak with her sister. "You gave us great pleasure. It was beautiful to see your face in such a state of bliss... I wish..." Her words faded.

Cecilia smiled, reached over and found her sister's cheek. "I often wish it, more so when I am here than I ever had in Westingfield. Thank you for coming with us. I fear Cassius is trusting the wrong woman."

Cassius frowned, the look lost to Cecilia, but not to the others. Danielle's hand reached up and she took Cecilia's. "I am here now and I will be your eyes, though your senses have never led you wrong, so trust them."

"As you trust yours?" Cecilia asked. She sensed the tension in her sister, felt it thick in the air and wondered why it was suddenly there. However, before she could ask, Cassius was aiding her in rising and stepping from the boat. She listened to him speak to a servant, and also heard her sister and Simon leaving the boat behind and following them.

Cecilia felt Danielle's hand on her arm; she turned and looped hers through her sister's. "Cecilia, where are we going?"

"We are going to meet a witch," Cecilia whispered. Again she felt tension rise up in her sister and patted her hand, hoping to relieve it. "I trust Cassius, I really do, but I too feel less at ease. I do not know this witch. There is so much magic here in this world. I am reminded of the stories mother shared with us. Stories we forced her to stop telling us. Yet... I have questions. Questions that maybe this woman can answer."

Danielle nodded her head and smiled. "I love it here. When I wake up at home I have no memory of this place, but yet as soon as I see my Simon," she looked adoringly to her Prince, who walked with Cassius, "I remember this place as well as our home."

"What is wrong?" Cecilia asked. She had noticed the sound of her sister's voice changing. It had been full of excitement and joy, then suddenly sorrow and shame.

"I have done many things... many things I shouldn't do. I love two men," she admitted.

Cecilia stopped short, jerked her sister to her and asked who the other man was. It was obvious to her that Simon had to be one of them, but what other Prince had stole her sister's heart? Before Danielle could answer though, Simon and Cassius had stopped walking and were heading to the girls. Cecilia allowed Cassius to lead her across what she felt certain was a path made up of some sort of stone or brick. The coarse material dug into her shoes forcing a frown from her as she thought of how hard the cobbler had worked to ready them all new pairs.

A quick knock on a door brought her thoughts back to the moment at hand. The moment of meeting a witch, a witch that was to help Cassius reach the other side of Oarthland and enter Westingfield. The hard pull of the door brought a warm rush of air over its threshold. Cecilia shivered as the heat invaded her flesh. She had not been aware she'd been growing colder as they traveled down the path, but now as heat escaped the dwelling, she was being taken into, she welcomed it.

"Prince Cassius, you have come and look you have the beautiful Cecilia and... who is this?"

The voice of another, a woman that sounded familiar but not completely washed over Cecilia. Her brow furrowed as she focused sightless eyes on the space where she felt the woman was standing. "My sister Danielle and her..."

"Ahh, Prince Simon," the woman whispered, stepping up and bowing to the lad as well as the other royals in her presence.

"My beautiful nieces, it has been far too long," the woman whispered, before reaching out and grasping first Cecilia and then Danielle into her arms.

Cecilia stiffened and pulled away. "Nieces?" she muttered, her face showing her confusion.

"Angora?" she heard Danielle ask.

"Yes, my beauties. It is I, your mother's sister."

Cecilia felt the blood drain from her face. She stepped back, hitting a torch that burned along the wall. She was quickly jerked away from the pending danger and slammed against Cassius's chest. "Be careful!" he exclaimed, "I have not walked the room with you yet!"

She felt her cheeks grow flush at the chastisement, but had to admit her shock had made her less cautious of her surroundings. She did not want to admit it was the woman whose home she was currently standing in.

"Ahh, yes, the blind one," Angora whispered. Cecilia felt a hand on her arm, travel down to her wrist and then wrap around her fingers. "Come, I will lead you. Your sister and friends can follow. You look so much like our mother... Your grandmother, yet there is a hint of your father in you."

Cecilia walked with the woman, wondering if her words were true. Did she look like her grandmother and though others had said she looked somewhat like her father, did she really? Her features were a mask to her, made up of how she felt she looked. She would touch her face and try to comprehend the curves and dips, always hoping that she was passingly pretty and not some freak of nature. Often though her siblings, her parents and even the people of Westingfield were complimenting her on her delicate features. She had to take them at their word, for she had no image to rely on, but the ones her fingers provided.

The smell of roasted bird, or other creature of the woods made her stomach churn. She blushed, placed a palm on her abdomen and whispered an apology. "No, my child. You are hungry. I'm sure all of you are. Come I have had my girl prepare a meal fit for ... a Princess."

Angora led the group into a room. The smells overwhelmed Cecilia for a moment, but as she paused taking in several breaths, she was able to identify some of the herbs that had been used to flavor the foods. "Everything smells delightful," she admitted once Angora placed her in a strong, sturdy chair. Her fingers ran over the arms, noting the delicate carvings, which she traced with the tips of her slim digits. She felt Cassius's presence next to her and slipped one hand down. He took it and placed it on his leg, then patted her hand in reassurance that she knew she'd desperately needed.

The sound of chairs scrapping floor helped her identify where her sister and Prince Simon were seated, just across from her and then another chair scrapped the floor and she assumed Angora had take a seat at what she thought to be the head of the table.

"Aunt Angora," Danielle's voice piped up, "Cecilia was led to believe you have a way of helping Prince Cassius to reach the other side of Oarthland."

Cecilia's interest moved from everything in the room to the one voice she needed to hear, the voice of her Aunt, a woman that she'd been told was a horrible woman, a powerful witch and yet... by the confession of the man she trusted, the only one that could bring the couple together into her world. Again she wished for the sight to see the woman's expression; instead she was forced to rely on intuition.

"There is a way to unite all of you. You come to Oarthland through a portal. A portal long forgotten by your world and ignored by mine. You leave here with no memory... or at least what you believe are only dreams. Even this night you will not remember what transpires and I..."

Angora's voice fell short. Her words stopping abruptly. The chair she'd been sitting in scratched the floor and Cecilia jumped. She sensed the others were as surprised by the woman's actions as she'd been. "Aunt Angora! What is it?" Cecilia's voice mimicked the concerned expression on her face.

"You have brought a traitor with you!" Angora shouted, unbeknown to Cecilia a long bony finger was pointed toward the royals.

Cecilia felt Cassius rise from his seat. She reached out to grip his arm and pull him down. He ignored her urging and moved around the table. "We have done no such thing. Where is this traitor?" he demanded.

Cecilia's heart beat rapidly. Whomever Angora saw as a traitor was putting her and Cassius's happiness in jeopardy, yet she'd not sensed or felt another entering the room. Her brow was furrowed and her features pulled tight with confusion and worry.

"Aunt Angora," Danielle's voice cut in on Angora's rambling, "there is no one here but us and we do not seek you harm. We seek answers. We need a way to..."

"Enough! That whore has brought magic back into my world. Her magic! I sense it. Smell it! I can not see it, but it is there. YOU seek to trick me. You are just like them! You are spawns that have come from between the thighs of a treacherous slut. But you are here now. In my world and here is where you shall stay!"

Cecilia was hauled up against Cassius's chest. She heard the chairs of Danielle and Simon move simultaneously away from the table and then the sound of blades being drawn reached her senses. She swallowed nervously and fought the urge to panic.

"There is no one here that seeks to harm you!" Danielle shouted.

"Aunt, we only came for help... There is no one here with magic."

Angora snarled. The sound riveted over Cecilia and made her skin grow cold. "We will go. It is obvious that you do not wish to aid us. But perhaps aid yourself."

The witch's laughter echoed around the group. Cecilia heard her footsteps moving closer to her and Cassius. Out of one ear she could make out muffled sounds of Danielle and Simon whispering to each other, as well as moving around the table. "Oh you will stay here and then your sister, the lying whore of Oarthland will come and she will..."

The sound of a woman screaming rang out and Cecilia covered her head, not knowing who or what had been hurt, but seeking to protect herself as best she could. Shouts and muffled prayers for salvation bounced off the walls. "We must flee now," Danielle shouted and grabbed her sister's hand.

"What happened?" Cecilia shouted at her sister. She stumbled as they ran back through the keep. After a few moments, she pulled herself from Danielle's grasp. "Danielle! What happened?!" she demanded again.

Danielle's breath fell across Cecilia's face. "A demon... a demon appeared and stabbed Angora. The traitor was there. But ... I didn't see him. No one did. Suddenly a knife was floating in the air and being plunged into her back!"

Cecilia felt the blood drain from her face, and then she was swept up in Cassius's arms. She felt the wind on her face as he ran quickly from the keep. Danielle and Simon followed, their footsteps were easy to make out as well as their heavy breathing.

They reached the woods and rested against thick trees. Cecilia stood still. Her hands clenched in fists and her face now red with anger. "What is happening!? Is she dead? Who brought a traitor? And..." her gaze shifted to Cassius's, "how will you..."

"Shh, my sweet," Cassius whispered in a low voice. He gripped her face and pulled her close. His lips covering hers in a rushed kiss, before pulling away. "I will still find a way. There has to be a way. We can not continue to live like this. I can't."

They kissed again, just as hungrily as before, eventually pulling away because they both needed to feed their starving lungs the air it craved. Tears fell from Cecilia's eyes. "I just don't understand what is happening."

"We aren't supposed to understand," Danielle's voice whispered through the night, "she doesn't want us to. Cecilia if you could have seen her face. If you could have seen how she looked when she spoke of our parents."

"I heard her words. I heard the hate in her voice. I did not need to see it to feel it."

Cassius pulled Cecilia down as he sat on the moss-covered grown. "I fear she is dead though and without her so are our chances at merging our two worlds."

Cecilia ran a trembling palm down Cassius's cheek. "We'll find a way. There has to be a way."

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