Encounter on the Jundland Wastes


Then her eyes, which had been tightly shut, flew open and in them Jonta saw something that he, as a Tusken warrior who had lived 50 long turns, knew well. He saw death.

Heart pounding, but with fear now, not lust, Jonta tried to push the female off him, but Kron was still thrusting hard into her rear, pressing her body down on his. The female smiled, eyes burning with a frenzied light.

Moving faster than Jonta had thought possible, she rocked herself back and forth on both his meatpole and Kron's and, despite the fear growing inside him, Jonta's cock swelled within her blistering cunt. He came again, roaring hugely. Then he heard Kron's deep growl as he also came.

However, just before he died, all Jonta would recall of what happened was that as Kron pulled his meatpole from the female's rear, she had suddenly moved.

Moved so fast in truth that, as Jonta lay helplessly on the ground, his throat having been crushed beneath the layers of his robes by the uncanny strength of her hand, he could do nothing but watch as the female, whom Jonta now knew was a she-demon, slaughtered his band.

First Kron died, the she-demon decapitating him with his own gaffi stick. Next to die was Kron's son, Tekur, head tumbling along the ground, blood spurting from his neck as his headless body crumpled to the sand.

Foel tried to escape, but the she-demon pursued him, caught him and killed him, his blood splashing across her face.

Finally, only the tall, strong Aryk remained and, as Jonta watched, the last of his breath bubbling through his crushed throat, he was proud to see that his friend gave the she-demon a good fight. But to no avail. He too was soon dead on the ground.

Once Aryk was dead, the she-demon tossed the blooded gaffi stick she had used to kill the band to the ground. She then turned and walked over to where Jonta was clinging to his last breath. She stared silently down at him.

Jonta could not see her face, for the moon was behind her, but the bright, silver stars of the sky framed her hairless head. Then he watched, mesmerized, as a slender metal rod rose slowly from the front of her skull. It was the last thing his eyes ever saw.


Aurra watched as the last Tusken died. But, instead of a dying Tusken, she saw the twisted faces of the star pirates who had abducted and raped her while on her way to Ord Namurt with her Jedi master, the Dark Woman.

She saw the disgusting pile of pus named Nooga the Hutt who the priates had sold her to and who had continued the abuse the pirates had started and, finally, she saw the vampiric Anzati whom Nooga had apprenticed her to so she could learn the assassin's trade.

It was her Anzati masters who had taught her that pain and pleasure were but one and the same, violating her in ways that even now, deep within a dark, secret hole in her soul, she still screamed.

As she stared down at the Tusken, all she saw was a long line of beings who had hurt and betrayed her, and at the head of that line was her former master, the Dark Woman.

Body shaking, she raised her head and screamed at the dark and pitiless night sky, the stink of the Tusken cum as it dried on her body, and the perfume of their blood as it pooled on the sand, thick in her nostrils.

Then, as she lowered her head, a part of her was struck again by the symmetry of it all; the semen that engendered life, the blood that signaled its end.

She turned and made her way to where she had hidden her swoop and weapons. After she had strapped her weapons back on, she glanced down at her torn clothing and semen and blood-crusted body. She frowned. She did not have time to go back to her ship to wash and change.

No matter, she thought, as she climbed onto her swoop and roared away from the bluff, the light from her campfire illuminating the five piles of dusty robes that lay about it. Once her job was done and the Jedi was dead, she would have plenty of time for all that.

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