tagIllustratedEnglish Rose Gets Plucked!

English Rose Gets Plucked!


When a young woman has everything she needs to get by in life, what else does she crave?? Beauty and good looks, brains and an enquiring mind, a warm, loving family, good friends and a boyfriend who dotes on her.

Kay had all these things at the age of 19. She had been brought up in an upper middle-class English family in the south of England, been educated at grammar school, and then went on to University to study science. Life couldn't have been better, but on top of all this, Kay was attractive, sexy, with a superb, young body, and didn't she know it?

She was 5'8, with dark hair, straight with little curls at her shoulders, brown eyes and she possessed a luscious figure measuring 34c 26 35. She had acted like a pure English virgin right up to her marriage to Dave, and had only allowed him deep fumbles here and there to keep him satisfied until their wedding night.

It had always been Kay's (and her family's) intention to use her considerable academic abilities to forge a career for herself and, after university, armed with a degree, she took an appointment with a big, multi-national company on the English south coast. Kay was flying now, and marriage to Dave just rounded off her young life to a tee!

There was no doubt about it.....Kay was 'Posh Totty,' in the fullest sense, with a plum in her mouth, and she was a bit of a snob. She knew men admired her and perhaps lusted after her, and this sometimes made her even more aloof in her demeanour! She was brought up to believe that her body was her own, only to be given where true love existed, and in marriage, and there were times when even her husband could only drool at his wife's sexy figure, almost pleading with Kay for a night of passion in the privacy of their own house.

Kay's husband learned that, after a few drinks in relaxing circumstances, Kay would sometimes become less austere and perhaps she could more easily be persuaded to enjoy the fun and erotic excitement of wonderful sex. It was fantastic when it happened but, for Dave, it didn't happen often enough. The thought of his wife's body and what it was capable of doing, and enjoying, kept going round and round in his mind, driving him crazy with lust.

It got to the stage where he couldn't stop fantasising about Kay and her 'posh' body and how it was so enticing and teasing. For her part, Kay enjoyed her sexual power, and knew that she could control her husband quite easily by teasing him, speaking down to him, and perhaps allowing him just a few glimpses of her firm limbs only now and then. If she was feeling particularly randy and horny, then Dave might be allowed to enjoy his wife's pleasures until such time as she was satisfied, and then he had to live with just his lust and fantasies once more!!

She wouldn't talk about sex, or her feelings, thinking it was improper and somehow 'dirty.' Her parents had never discussed sex in front of, or with, the children and Kay was now just the same. Whatever her feelings, whatever fantasies she may have had (if any), she kept them to herself, and poor old Dave just had to be patient.

Kay had an important job, one that she treasured, and her scientific experiments were respected enormously by her company, and she didn't let anything interfere with her work. She knew she was well thought of, and was tremendously competitive at work, giving her a feeling of even more power!

This only added to Dave's frustration because Kay would always go to work looking wonderfully feminine and attractive. She loved the best clothes, the best underwear, and Dave knew she would be wearing stockings and suspenders under her smart skirts and dresses as she went off to work, and his fantasies about his wife seemed to get worse and worse.

She didn't give any indication that she was dissatisfied with married life, but gradually their life assumed the hum-drum daily grind of many normal couples. Kay would enjoy Dave in the matrimonial bed when circumstances were right, but life, work and upper class propriety always came first with Kay. Dave learnt never to try and discuss his fantasies with his wife, because he knew he would get a 'telling off' from his posh wife, and told to 'behave yourself!'

This led to Dave's fantasies getting worse and worse. He was quite confident that his wife was not playing around.....she knew that wouldn't be right, and her scientific work was far more important.......but he couldn't stop imagining his wife letting her guard down just now and again. He'd love Kay to allow a glimpse of her stocking tops to other men, he buzzed with excitement when she was wearing a skirt or dress that was clinging tightly to her firm, curved ass, or wearing a blouse that showed a hint of shapely cleavage.

Like most men, his fantasies became worse the more Kay seemed to be in control of her behaviour. Dave imagined her submitting her charms in the worst way, strange hands caressing and molesting her body, and he couldn't get these thoughts out of his mind as time went on. Kay didn't even like shopping for clothes with her husband, thinking that it was a private thing that only she would control. Not that Dave was complaining!

She always bought colourful, fine clothes and underwear, the best stockings and suspenders, the finest shoes, but Dave just wished that the clothes could be put to better use!!!

He managed to lose some of his pent up frustrations by spending a lot of spare time yachting with the local yacht club at Eling in Totton on Southampton waters. He had joined the club at the instigation of a few friends who were also members, but he was pleasantly surprised when Kay seemed to take a keen interest in the sport, and she also joined the club and became an accomplished yachtswoman in her own right. The social life was wonderful, they made new friends, but they didn't sail together. Kay went out with one crew and her husband sailed with others.

It gave them a common interest, kept them fit and healthy, gave them some sort of friendly rivalry in who was the best yachtsman of the two of them, and generally made their social life more lively and energetic. Of course, Kay had to have the best sailing gear, the best yachting shoes, the best wet weather gear, because she would never let her prim and proper attitude and demeanour down, particularly in public, among new friends.

There were dances, discos, BBQs, meals at the club, and these gave Kay the opportunities to wear her posh clothes, her posh shoes and underwear, and it always brought on Dave's fantasies, knowing that other men would be ogling his wife, even though Kay never gave a hint of being promiscuous or flirty.

However, after a few drinks, Kay did seem to become a little merrier, laughing and giggling more freely, and letting her guard down a fraction. Men liked to chat her up, in the nicest possible way, and it was after one of these social evenings that something wonderful happened for Dave......or was it awful, disgusting.......Dave couldn't quite work out which!!!

It was late on a Saturday evening, the bar at the yacht club was closing, and Mike, one of the friends in the circle, suggested that a few of them went back to his flat for a night-cap. These included Kay and Dave. Well, there was no reason to refuse, as they could have a lay in on Sunday, they had had a good day on the water, and they were both enjoying the company and the relaxed atmosphere.

Back at Mike's flat, there turned out to be 7 of them, 3 girls and 4 boys. There were partners, husbands and wives, and the host Mike, a single guy! They were all much the same age, although Kay was probably the youngest there. The 3 women sat on the knees of their partners, while Mike sat alone. The group had a few more drinks when Mike got up and subtly dimmed the lights really low and put on some soft music.

Nothing untoward was said, and the conversation continued in a light-hearted manner until Mike suddenly said,

'Look, you devils. I'm sitting here like a sardine while you guys each have a gorgeous woman sitting on your laps. I don't think that's fair.' There were silent looks and a little laughter from the others, but gradually it was decided to play a little game. After each disc on the hi-fi ended, a girl would move along onto the next male lap, and she would stay there until the next disc ended. Pretty straight-forward but it brought butterflies to each stomach in the room.

There were little giggles and flirtatious laughter as defences were slightly lowered and minor liberties taken, but nothing embarrassing seemed to be taking place. Each man took a turn at being 'on his own,' and when Dave found himself the odd one out, he took the opportunity to sit back on the big sofa and enjoy a cigarette.

He had enjoyed the day at the club. It had been sunny with a good breeze for the sailing, and the relaxed atmosphere in the evening had been ideal to finish off the day. As he took a welcome drag on his cigarette he looked up and almost froze to the spot. Kay was sitting on Mike's lap at the far end of the darkened room and they weren't playing 'I-spy!!!' The music, although soft and melodic, was enough to hide any conversation, but there wasn't much conversation going on between Kay and Mike.

Luckily, Kay's head was facing away from her husband but Dave could see her little dress had slid up her thighs to show off a wonderful expanse of her legs, and Dave was able to just sit and ogle at one of his fantasies happening before his eyes.

Mike was holding Kay quite firmly to him and his mouth was almost devouring her. There was no mistake that they were engaging in a hard French kiss with both tongues fighting recklessly in each other's mouth. Not only this, but Mike's hand was right across Kay's breast on her dress, and he was helping himself to the bulges of her gorgeous chest, cupping the flesh, rubbing the nipple through the material, pushing the mound against Kay's chest and generally making the most of the wonderful opportunity.

And even more exciting for Dave.....Kay seemed to be thoroughly enjoying every moment, actively allowing her chest to thrust forward for Mike's exploration, and using her tongue to give as much pleasure as she was receiving. Dave was initially stunned with anger but also with excited lust. He had thought of moments like this for months, and now that it was happening, even just a lusty kiss and a fumble, he found himself getting turned on, with his cock starting to strain against his trousers. He finished his cigarette but seemed glued to his seat as he watched his wife, and all sorts of thoughts went through his mind!

He didn't want the moment to stop, he watched Kay shuffle with lust on Mike's lap, he wanted it to go on and on and, in fact, Dave was hooked. Jealousy soon gave way to the male fantasies that most men seem to have about their wives, but suddenly the music stopped.

Dave was in a daze at what he had just seen, and he just hoped that he might see more although the evening was now very late. There was no doubt that drink had helped to lower Kay's defences, but the game seemed to stop now and couples just laughed and cuddled one another, and Dave had yet another drink. Suddenly, only a short time later, another shock awaited Dave because as he talked to one of the other girls, he looked for Kay again in the darkened room.

This time, even more excitingly, Mike had Kay standing up against the wall at the far end of the room. As Dave watched, his body almost shaking with emotion, Mike was just undoing the last of the buttons on Kay's blouse. Christ!! His hand was pushing up her bra!!

Mike's mouth covered Kay's lips, and the posh wife again opened her mouth gladly to accept another bout of tongue fighting and erotic lust, while at the same time, Mike's hand began to explore the naked skin of Kay's shapely breasts. Her bra was hanging above her breasts and Mike's leg was wedging itself between Kay's wonderful thighs, and his hand now began to explore every contour, every inch of the pert, young breasts and nipples. Dave could see his wife's tits heaving with excitement as Mike mauled them like a kid with a toy, and once again, Dave's cock was starting to get like a rock in his trousers.

How far would Kay go? How far would she allow her defences to be lowered, even with her husband in the same room? Would Mike get his hand up her dress and into her panties? Would everyone in the room see her stockings and underwear? They could all see her wonderful tits and the way she was allowing Mike to play with them as though they were his own, but what did Dave want to happen next?? God, he felt so embarrassed, but so horny!

What happened next was that someone shouted that they were going home, and then another couple said the same thing. Mike and Kay quickly broke apart, and Kay hurriedly buttoned her dress and became decent again. The party closed down with everyone saying goodnight with kisses on the cheeks, and then Dave was driving Kay home.

Dave didn't know what to say, and Kay wouldn't say anything, with her 'holier than thou' attitude, but Dave just had to fuck his wife that night, he was so turned on, and when he began to shoot his cum into Kay's soaking cunt, he knew it was the best fuck he had enjoyed for months. Kay felt pretty good as well!!!

Dave's mind couldn't get the pictures of his wife out of his mind and this went on for days and weeks. Kay didn't want to talk about a 'silly little thing that happened at a party, after a few drinks,' and would just change the subject whenever her husband mentioned 'that' evening. But now Dave was hooked!

He had seen another man openly kissing his wife and mauling her naked tits, and the more he thought about it, the more he wanted to see some more! His sex with Kay was wonderful, and they indulged in all sorts of wonderful practices in the privacy of their marital bedroom, but Kay would never, under any circumstances, entertain any sort of hint from Dave that he would love to see her enjoying frivolous play with other men.

'I'm a respectable, married woman, Dave. I don't want anybody else. I'm happy with my life, and I really love my job, so please put the idea out of your head once and for all.' That would put Dave in his place, but still the fantasies would play across his mind, and gradually they seemed to get the better of him.

His wife really was 'posh totty,' and he would just love to see her defences lowered again, only this time, quite comprehensively. He tried to leave her alone at parties to see what would happen, he would question her about her days at work, and he would even sometimes hint that if Kay took a lover, then he would have no particular objection. But still nothing from Kay, and this only increased Dave's frustrations.

He would watch her walk off to work in the mornings, really looking smart, dignified and sexy, and he knew that under the smart dress, or blazer, she would be wearing stockings and the finest underwear, and his fantasies would become frantic and excessive. However, he knew Kay was switched on, and would never play his games, nor walk into his fantasy life. She wanted to progress at work, perhaps go on up the company ladder, and if anybody was going to be on the end of her seductive teasing, it would be her mature boss at work. A Dr of science, Kay's boss was dashing, intelligent, suave, quite a few years older than she was, and he was a man who appreciated the intelligence and sexual beauty of his female employee.

The doctor would often make compliments or comments to Kay that would make her blush, and this would turn her on even more than her husband's continued innuendos about taking a lover. Her admiration and respect for her boss would make her 'all soppy and shy' with him to such an extent that she wondered, in her own naïve way, if this was the way to progress in the company!!

This puppy love admiration for Kay's boss didn't go unnoticed by Dave, and it often gave him ammunition to tease Kay about giving in to his obvious advances, so increasing Dave's lustful fantasies regarding his wife. As ever, Kay fobbed off all the leading remarks, and still proclaimed her faithfulness. She would never become involved in conversation about the subject, however hard Dave tried, but it didn't seem to affect their sex together.

In private Dave seemed to be able to take any kind of liberty with his wife's sexy body, including taking wonderful photographs of her in all number of poses, but conversation about his fantasies were a no-no.

Months turned into 2 or 3 years as Kay continued her important work, while Dave's fantasies didn't get any less wild. Every now and then, he would tease Kay and tell her that she was so sexy and seemingly unobtainable that he loved the idea of her taking a lover, but it always seemed to fall on deaf ears. Then on a journey home one evening, after visiting a restaurant in Bournemouth, and after Kay, now 23, had enjoyed a few drinks, Dave thought he would broach the subject once more.

'You're looking really hot and sexy this evening, darling. Did you see those men lusting over you in the restaurant? Does it do things to you, Kay, you know, thinking about those fantasies I have? You can't say you've never thought about enjoying another man, can you?' Her reply rocked Dave in his seat and the car nearly veered across the road. Sheepishly, in the darkness of the car, Kay whispered,

'It's already happened, Dave!!!'

Dave was almost sick on the spot. 'Who, what, where, when??' All the questions came spewing from his mouth, not because Kay had been fucked by another man, but because she had not told him at the time, and that he had not been there to see it.

As well as feeling sick, Dave's cock almost sat bolt upright in the driving seat. She's actually done it! Her prim, upper class, posh body and mind had actually given in to her animal instincts and Kay had enjoyed a sexual liaison with another man. What was he like, what was his cock like, was it bigger than Dave's, what did she do, how long did it last?? All the questions kept coming from his mouth as he tried to keep the car on the straight and narrow as they drove home.

In the darkness of the country road, Kay slowly, quietly and embarrassingly, sketched just the outline of the day in question. Dave sat open-mouthed.

'A man at work named Phil, in his 30s, has been flirting with me for months. A couple of weeks ago, we all went home early because the heating and electric in the factory and offices had broken down. Phil offered me a lift home, he bought some vodka, and one thing just led to another. He just fucked my brains out!! I'm sorry Dave, you've been keeping on about and now it's happened!'

There was silence in the car for at least a minute. Dave was gobsmacked as millions of images flashed through his mind at once. Kay was right. He had fantasised about such an event, he had hinted to her that he would enjoy such a scenario, even encouraged it, but now that Kay had admitted to it, Dave just didn't know what he felt. It wasn't even her boss that had seduced her, so she hadn't done it to further her career!

He carried on trying to elicit more information from his wife, but she controlled her emotions and just refused to elaborate. This was even worse for Dave. Did this man Phil satisfy her, what did he make her do, how long did it last? It went on all the way home in the car, but still Kay refused to go into any more details. Dave was awake all night wondering, even stroking his cock as he thought of his high class, posh-totty wife giving in and fucking another man.

As things calmed down fractionally over the next few days, Dave watched his wife's movements very closely. If only she would tell him exactly what happened, but he could only content himself with wanking twice as often as normal, as he thought of Kay, as she so eloquently put it, 'having her brains fucked out.'

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