tagErotic HorrorEnglishman In New York Ch. 12

Englishman In New York Ch. 12


Sutton was still scared. She stood naked and blindfolded, waiting for his command as only an eager slave could. Every nerve was on end. Every hair was standing. Every fiber of her was quaking, every bit waiting for his word.

"I play rough, detective. Can you handle that?"

"I can handle a lot more than you think, Jack."

"Really?" A thin tone of playful disbelief colored his words and she gritted her teeth against the tremble of fear that snaked through her. He purposely breathed against her neck, the heat causing her to shiver. "I can think of a lot of things to do to your beautiful body."

"I bet you can." She said softly. "But why don't you let me service you?"

"Why? That's a whore's job." His tone went from playful to angry in seconds, something that scared her. "Should I treat you like those whores?"

"No." Sutton said quickly. "I'm sorry, Jack." She sank to her knees, lowering her chin to her chest. "Please accept my apology."

"I accept your apology." She felt his boot on her back, pushing her forward onto her chest. "But if it happens again, I'll kill you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Jack."

"Good. I hate women who think they can outthink me. It can't be done."

"Yes, Jack."

"Lick my boot." Candace leaned down, knowing that his foot was under her face and stuck her tongue out, tasting a combination of dirt and salt from the road. The taste was awful but she tried not to show it because she was sure that he was looking. "Good. Now stand up."

She stood slowly, her body still trembling. Even as his hands came around her body, targeting her heavy breasts, she knew that the gentleness of his touch was a lie. The enjoyable caress turned into a litany of pain, marked by her screams. His fingers pinched her tender breast flesh so hard that she knew she'd have bruises almost immediately. She fought the urge to fight him off; she knew that was what he wanted. Then the torture would get worse. His fingers found new targets and Sutton nearly fainted from the pain of having her nipples twisted.

All at once, he stopped, letting his hot breath cascade across her neck. "You're pretty tough, detective." She didn't speak because she was trying so hard not to cry but she knew that he knew anyway. He grabbed her hand and led her down a long hallway, then helped her down a set of steps. "Let's see how you like this."

The moment she felt the slick leather band on her wrist, she knew she was in trouble. She tried to fight but he was much stronger, forcing her into the frame, fastening first one wrist, then the other. She tried to kick him but he caught her leg and easily wrested it into a leather clamp, fitting the other ankle in one as well. Now she was completely at his mercy.

"You were such a good girl, detective. It's a pity that you have to be punished."

"No!" Sutton wriggled her arms, trying to find some purchase in the leather and finding none. The frame moved and turned, flipping her so that she was hanging forward and a brash snap behind her fed into her worst fears.


The whip caught the center of her back and she gasped at the slicing pain that raced through her body. The lash fell again and again, each time making her scream but it came out as a whimper. Ten lashes later, she was a sobbing mass of flesh, jerking her hands and still trying to get loose.

"Let me go, you piece of shit!"

"Aw, what's wrong, detective? You wanted to play and now you don't like the rules?" The frame tilted yet again, lowering her a few inches and she knew what was next. "Well, why don't we get the party started?" She felt his fingers at her dry pussy. "Get ready, detective. I'm about to rip you open."

Sutton felt his thrust and heard his wordless scream. His hands left her body and he pulled out of her pussy, taking the cage with him. Still blindfolded, she could only imagine what the scene would be: blood running red down his legs as it bubbled from two holes in the head of his cock, two holes that had been drilled into his flesh by twin silver poles attached to a silver cage that fitted into her pussy. The barbs at its base would ensure that he would bleed profusely should he try to remove it.

"You bitch!" He screamed from somewhere behind her. "What the fuck did you do to me?" She yanked at her arms and legs and still found no release. "You bitch! You ... " Sudden silence was only broken by a whimper and she heard the cage hit the floor, quickly followed by the sound of his body crashing beside it.

Detective Candace Sutton hung from the frame, still sobbing, not from fear but from relief. It was over. Now, she only had to wait for the beacon to bring help. Fusco and Mainwaring would be breaking in soon. She would only have to suffer the office jokes of being found naked. It was all over now.

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