tagSci-Fi & FantasyEnlisted Ch. 02

Enlisted Ch. 02


That evening after hunting, Richard carried what he had procured into the tavern's kitchens before heading through into the bar. Damon slapped him on the back and cheered before getting back to the business of drinking and playing cards. Richard wondered briefly if Margaret was around, before settling into a seat at the bar, trying to come up with a plan.

Unable to see the couple, Richard was surprised but happy to see his friend Nadia approaching, a full-figured woman with long black hair and the kind of tawny-brown, approaching golden skin that put him in mind of a sunset in the forest. He felt himself stiffen as she smiled, drinking in her warmth. Their friendship was mostly cordial, though Richard had more than once plunged his cock deep into her as she steadied herself against the bar he was now sitting at, after hours. Nadia worked and lived here, keeping the place clean. Despite rarely being without a boyfriend, she had a somewhat relaxed approach to monogamy, but her kind and loving nature made it all too easy for Richard to see why someone might be persuaded to try. They would be disappointed, of course, as Nadia almost absent-mindedly started orgies in her bedroom, but this just further endeared her to Richard.

He was fond of those who felt no reason to be anything other than themselves.

"Richard!" She beamed, slamming a beer down on to the counter, the splashing drink almost threatening to spill out and on to her large, barely contained breasts in her low cut dress. "How the fuck are you?"

"Nadia!" Richard stood up, and moved to hug Nadia from the side, smiling and kissing her cheek before sitting back down. He inwardly noted Nadia glance down at his thickening cock under his trousers, and smiled again. "I'm great, all the better for seeing your beautiful self tonight." Her dress was a sparkling and radiant blue colour, a step above most of the clothing in Mearhaven. Plenty of envious eyes would be upon her, and Richard knew that anyone's tongue in the tavern would be licking its way up her soft, full thighs tonight if she so wished.

"Where the hell did you get that dress? You look amazing!" Richard asked.

"Oh, you like?" Nadia batted her eyes in faux-modesty, turning to show off the cut of the dress, the way she was turning putting Richard in mind to picture her in place atop his cock. "My new boyfriend got it for me. It's a gift," she explained, her eyes fixed upon his, her expression waiting for Richard to transgress, push further into the role she had assigned to him.

"Then he is a lucky man indeed," Richard replied, taking his own beer into his hand, "to have such riches and beauty before him." He took a drink.

"A servant of the Duke, I am told... Though I of course kneel before any I wish." Her hot, thick calf brushed against Richard's as she drank from her own beer. It remained there, as Richard saw her soft, glorious thighs spreading almost imperceptibly slowly beneath her dress. "Do you kneel before the Duke, Richard? Or are you one of those vile traitors, who would slip behind him and force a dagger to his back?" Richard felt her calf push up against his, as she flexed and pushed out her sizable and clearly wanting arse for emphasis at the end of this barely concealed entendre.

"I suppose... Well, I might do either yet..." Richard trailed off, brought suddenly and unwillingly into contemplation over the thought of betraying the Duke, sexual innuendo though it may be.

Nadia noticed the shift in Richard's thoughts, her face moving towards concern after it became clear that he wasn't just flustered. She extended her hand across the table, calf still pressing against his, and put her palm upon his wrist. "Richard? Is something wrong?"

Richard's expression moved from contemplating an idea to contemplating the result. "Nadia, I..." Nadia was a good friend, and he knew that she could be trusted, but he didn't know where his path was going to lead. He leaned in towards her, conspiratorially. Lowering his voice, he told of his meeting with the married couple, and of their suspicious packages, presented as 'gifts' for the Duke.

"I have seen this couple," replied Nadia. "And you wanted to fuck them, no doubt?"

Richard smiled. "... Maybe. But, I don't know, I guess I can't shake it... I just get the feeling there's something going on, and I just..."

"Want to be a part of it?" Smiled Nadia in return. "I have always liked that about you. I was hoping to see if there were other people here eager to join in clandestine activities, but I suppose we can go fuck on their bed and take a look around?" Nadia rose, feet squarely on the floor, and looked up at Richard, fumbling and producing a set of keys from a pocket on the dress. "They mentioned they were going out to the woods tonight. And you can eat me out in public here another time, which you do owe me. I wore this dress to get fucked in public, Richard."

Straightening herself up after her stern lecture, Nadia relaxed and led Richard out of the bar and up the stairs towards the tavern's bedrooms, feeling lustfully energised by the men and women watching them as they left.

They stopped outside the door to a stranger's room, and Nadia leaned back against it, her butt pushed up against the hard wood. "Okay, stop." Nadia looked at Richard's red-bearded face, his scruffy copper-red hair and broad, muscular chest. "Fucking me over a table while the customers watch is one thing, that's practically expected of me at this point."

Richard nodded, having watched Nadia's after-hours performances on several occasions, besides the few he had engaged in personally.

"But breaking in..." She lowered her voice, and looked around, warily. "But breaking in to someone's room is a different matter entirely. Especially those two. They..." She looked down at her dress. "Well, they look like they could afford this. And if they're really up to something... If we get caught..." Richard looked back up her gorgeous, fat, short golden brown body to her cautiously excited face, as she brushed her hair out of her eyes and bit her lip.

He grinned. "Nadia, are you suggesting you might need some... Persuading?" Richard stepped forward, closing the gap between them and locking eyes with her, his lips pressed almost to hers as they breathed thickly, both caught up in the excitement of the risk. With one rough hand, he brushed against her soft face, before pushing it on to the door beside her head. She looked up, pleadingly, as he leaned in from above and kissed her deeply.

"My... My boyfriend..." Nadia blushed and bit her lip again, squirming against the door. "He never..." She pointedly glanced down her body towards her crotch, now thrusting herself toward Richard as his hand slid up her thigh, the delicate material of the dress parting easily. She played with her feet and wiggled her toes. "He never... Y'know, kisses me... Down there..."

Richard chuckled at his friend's obviousness, and moved down her incredible body, kissing her neck, licking her cleavage and lifting her dress to reveal her lack of underwear. He looked up at her smiling face, awed, before inhaling her scent and diving under her dress to begin sliding his tongue up the sides of her pussy.

"I told you I wore this dress to get fucked..."

"Mm," came the muffled reply, Richard's red-haired head buried between her thighs as he lapped over her clit.

Nadia reached down and grabbed the back of his head, pushing him in further as she spread her legs, writhing and riding his face. "So... fuck... Fuck, okay." She shoved him off, and he reeled back, steadying himself on the carpeted floor.

With the keys still clenched in her hand, Nadia moved off and over to another door, knocking as Richard struggled to stand, his cock thick and hard in his trousers.

"Hello? Room service?" Nadia called, before looking back at Richard. "Fuck," she grunted, staring at his cock as she unlocked the door.

The bedroom inside was plain, with a few things on a desk, but that was about all Richard cared to notice as he followed Nadia into the room, as she got on to the large bed. Her fat, hot body wriggled into the centre as she got into position, taking a pillow to place under her hips before running her hands over her tits and sucking on her fingers.

"Please," she moaned as Richard closed the door. "D-don't tell my boyfriend... He thinks I'm a virgin," she began masturbating her wet, pink pussy. Richard half-questioned for a moment if that statement was true, as Nadia was pretty up-front about her life with most lovers, but decided that he didn't care.

"I'll fuck you in front of your boyfriend," he growled, taking his pants off. "I'll make him suck your slick juices off my cock."

"Mmm..." Her fingers fucked faster. "Yeah, fuck yeah. Fuck me in front of everyone..."

"When these two get back they'll see you getting fucked over their bed with my cock in your arse," Richard continued. "They'll be so fucking turned on by you getting fucked... Mmf," Richard got cut off as he climbed on to the bed, jerking his cock, as Nadia grabbed him by the shirt and kissed him deeply, still fingering herself. She flipped her dress up over her stomach and guided Richard on top of her.

"Richard... I... Fuck, I don't want to think about how stupid this is. But this is so fucking hot. I want you inside me, fuck your little virgin..." Nadia lined up Richard's cock at her entrance, and felt him pushing up against her, her lips parting as his cock pushed slowly inside, not needing further encouragement.

Richard looked down upon the wondrous beauty beneath him, his fingers clasped between hers as he stared into her eyes, seeing the same varied frenzied lust and worry he felt as he fucked her, gently and slowly, kissing her fully. For far from the first time, he saw the delicate, wonderful woman in her eyes as she opened herself up to him, and he pushed further inside, feeling even more how incredible she was. He loved her, and she loved him, but part of that love was in knowing that this would only be for now.

Richard ate his come out of Nadia, and fucked her over the desk, spanking her fat, brown-skinned arse. He grabbed her tits and stomach as he fucked her rough and hard, the room filled with the smell of their fucking and the chorus of their moans. As she took his cock into her throat while he stood before the desk, Richard briefly scanned over the papers there, before losing interest. He held the back of her head and grasped at her long, black hair as he groaned, flooding her mouth with come. She shuddered at her own orgasm, before removing her hand from her pussy and standing up, kissing Richard with her mouth still full of come.

"Fuck," she said, simply. "That was... Yeah! I um, fuck, yeah that was nice." She wiped her mouth. Richard agreed, before looking back over to the papers on the desk. "Oh, shit yeah, sorry! I guess I got caught up..."

"Ha..." Richard laughed, breath slightly ragged as he looked Nadia over, her dress dishevelled and riding up over her hot arse as he stood behind her, his body yearning to reach down and take her again... But, too exhausted to be able to do so just yet. She was looking over the papers as well, as they both stood there, not really being able to take anything in. Richard thought about what he'd said earlier, about making Nadia's boyfriend suck his cock. Would there be a good time to ask about that kind of thing? Would now be that time? He carried on looking over the papers, strange numbers and diagrams.

They both slowly straightened up and dressed, searching to try and make sense of things, as the door creaked open behind them.

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