tagSci-Fi & FantasyEnough Ch. 02

Enough Ch. 02


Chapter 2



On John's 55th birthday he and Jake took John's last trip to Chaos. After their mission he had Jake get his own box and they transferred all John's equipment except for one set into it. John did keep one set of equipment, his favorites, in case he ever decided to undertake one final mission. Traci Caretaker cried when John was getting ready to leave for the final time. As he was going through the portal she said, "I will never forget you my Hero, my love. Remember me with fondness and if you ever decide to have just one more adventure know I will be waiting to take care of you once more. Give Tessa my love when you see her."

John and Jake stepped from the Portal in his arms room and Tessa rushed into his arms. There were tears in her eyes as she wrapped her man in her arms. She hardly noticed when the young woman who had been waiting with her flung herself into Jake's arms also.

Tessa and John walked quietly from the room and did not see or hear the young woman when she pushed back from Jake slightly and said, "So, it's true isn't it? Crossroads and Chaos really exist don't they? I saw you disappear and reappear in front of my own eyes or I would have never believed. Jake I'm going to be your Companion on Chaos just like I intend to be your Companion and wife here on Earth. When are we going on your next mission? I can't wait to meet your Caretaker!"

"Honey you not only get to meet my Caretaker, you get to help me pick one out just like Mom did with Dad. We'll go on our first mission together just as soon as Mom and Dad say we are ready. We have to get you trained a little better before I will take you to that dangerous place."

Allison threw her arms around Jake and gave him another kiss. "I love you so much Honey. Come on. Let's go see your parents now."

Chapter 2

Young Jake closed and locked the door into the inner arms room. After he was sure it was secure he turned back to Allison. She took his hand and they walked from the outer arms room holding hands. Jake stopped, closed and locked that door also then turned to Allison. He wrapped her in his arms and gave her a deep kiss. While they were straining against each other he gently, sensuously ran his hands up and down her sides and over the cheeks of her nearly perfect little ass. Each time his hands reached the sides of her breasts he let his thumbs run over her nipples.

In Jake's eyes Allison was absolutely perfect. She was about 5'6" tall. When she stood in front of him her forehead came almost even with his lips. She had absolutely perfect C cup breasts and her nipples were almost always hard and so, so sensitive. He could make her cum just by playing with those little nubbins of pleasure. Her small 24 inch waist flared out to that perfect ass he liked to watch and caress. And her pussy; her pussy was the perfect receptacle of pleasure. It was always moist, well lubricated and ready for him. It had the most divine flavor when he licked it. It was sweet yet redolent of constantly aroused female. The liquid that ran from it was sooo slick. Jake could never get enough of his little Allison. He always felt so alone as if a part of him was missing when she was not with him. He would gladly give his life for her if the need arose.

Allison moaned and pressed tighter against Jake. "Oh, Jake honey I love you so much. Now, please stop before we get in trouble here. We need to find your parents before they come looking for us and catch us doing something we shouldn't."

Jake laughed and said, "Honey don't you think they know what we're doing? Want to bet they aren't doing the same thing somewhere else? Mom and Dad are a lot like us; or rather we are a lot like them. We're all highly sexed individuals and are happy with just enough material things to live comfortably. I just hope you are as understanding as Mother is about all my duties on Chaos or rather on Crossroads."

"Oh, silly, of course I will be. I have heard the stories your family tells ever since I began dating you seriously. I've read your grandfather's journals and know you risk your life to rescue those Damsels on Chaos. I'm fine with that. In fact that is such a wonderful service you provide I am so proud of you."

Jake looked slightly worried when he heard her comment. He said, "Are you sure you understand everything I do for the Damsels Allison? You know a lot of what I do isn't just rescue them and escort them back to Crossroads."

"Of course silly. I know you care for them and see to their happiness. I have read time and time again how appreciative the Damsels are to their Heroes when they are rescued and taken back to Crossroads. I just can't wait to see the rewards they give you for your service. It would be soooo cool if you could bring the rewards back with you so we could show my parents and our friends."

Jake looked ill when he heard Allison's statement. He wondered how he would explain the rewards that were due him and the Damsels. He thought Allison had understood the rewards and duties he had back on Crossroads but now he understood she had somehow misunderstood; heck, she had just plain missed out on the knowledge of what his reward truly was for rescuing the Damsels. He sighed, took her hand and said, "Come on Honey. We need to find Dad and Mom. If you are really serious about being my Companion we need to completely fill you in on Crossroads and Chaos and clear up some misconceptions you may have about my duties as a Hero. We also need to lay out a training schedule for you so you will be able to protect yourself while we are on Chaos. Well, even if you don't want to be my companion on Chaos you need to know, to understand the rest of my duties to the Damsels after I rescue them. You also need to understand everything about Crossroads and Chaos before we make our first trip."

Jake and Allison walked into the living area of the house with their arms wrapped around each other. Allison was looking up at Jake with adoration in her eyes and a flush on her neck. From the look of her flush and eyes you would know she was in love and aroused by her man. The twin points at the tips of her sexily swaying breasts only accentuated the look of lustful love she was giving Jake. As usual Jake was thankful Allison was a woman comfortable with her body, one who chose to enjoy the natural sway of her breasts and did not wear a bra. Many times when she wore a skirt she also went commando because she enjoyed the way she felt with nothing on underneath her clothes.

When Jake and Allison reached his parent's living room they were nowhere to be seen. Jake looked around and smiled. He led Allison over to the breakfast area and opened the refrigerator. He reached inside and got them each an ice cold Mountain Dew. They had just taken the first sip when they heard rising moans and a rapid slap, slap, slap coming from the master bedroom. Allison's head came up and turned rapidly toward the door into the bedroom. When she realized what she was hearing she blushed deep burgundy and reached for Jake's hand. "Oh, GOD. Come on. Let's get out of here before they hear us. I can't believe"

Jake felt his cock rising when he realized his mother was getting royally fucked. He pulled Allison to him and interrupted her sentence with a deep kiss grinding his hard cock against her as he did so. Just as the kiss broke they heard Tessa scream out her pleasure as an orgasm ripped through her. They heard John's deep guttural groan almost at the same time then Tessa began giggling.

Jake gently took Allison's hand and led her to the couch. He sat down and pulled her into his lap. He gently ran his hand under her dress and found what he hoped he would find. When his fingers got to the apex of her legs she spread them slightly. Jake smiled while he gently caressed her naked and lubricious pussy. Every time his finger grazed her engorged clit she gave a quiet little yelp and thrust her hips toward his fingers. He pulled her to him with his other arm and began giving her gentle loving kisses.

As her peak approached Allison bit her lower lip and moaned. She grabbed Jake's hand through her skirt. She tried to push him away. "Stop Honey. I'm going to cum if you don't stop right now. I'd just die if you made me do that and your parents heard or caught us. Please stop and let's go somewhere."

Jake pulled Allison tighter to him and gave her another toe curling kiss. Instead of stopping he began to rapidly flick her hard little clit. He was enough stronger than Allison that she couldn't push him away. Finally she grabbed him and pulled him to her tightly. She engulfed his mouth with her own and slammed her crotch toward his teasing fingers. His mouth muffled the scream that she expelled when she tipped over the edge into her orgasm. Jake smiled and thrust two of his fingers into her dripping cunt to increase her pleasure. He tried to rub her G spot while she thrust her hips forward and back on his invading fingers.

Allison had just relaxed back against Jake, laid her head on his shoulder and wrapped her arms around him when his parents came from their bedroom. Jake still had his hand under Allison's skirt and was still gently stroking her dripping little cunt. Tessa looked at the two young people on the couch and grinned. She said, "Why didn't you just go into his bedroom and do it right Allison? We wouldn't have minded if you had done that. I know you heard us. I expected you to do that when we heard you come upstairs. We always get wound up when someone is having sex and we overhear them. It is a normal reaction."

Allison blushed a deeper red than she was already showing and hid her head in Jake's chest. "Oh, GOD. You heard? I'm so sorry. I tried to stop him."

Tessa said, "Oh, poo. Don't let something like this bother you. Believe me I know how it is. I've lived the life you are going to live and I know how you get when your man is in danger and when he gets home. On the trips John made alone I got soooo horny thinking about what he was doing on Crossroads that I attacked him like I did today just as soon as he got home. You'll hear and see more than you have today when you become Jake's Companion. Just because he screws his ass off on Crossroads doesn't make him any less anxious to get between your legs when he gets back home either. In some ways I think it makes him want to do you even more to reaffirm his love for you."

"WHAT? What do you mean he screws his ass off on Crossroads?" Allison turned and looked at Jake who, surprisingly, was slightly red in embarrassment. "Jake what does she mean by that?"

John wrapped his arm around Tessa and led her to another couch across from the one Jake and Allison sat on. After they were seated he said, "I suppose this is as good a time as any to finish your indoctrination on Jake's duties and on the whole Crossroads, Cassandra and Chaos system Allison. I know we've been telling you about some of the things for some time but I think you were like most of us and really don't or at least didn't believe it."

For the next hour John, Tessa and Jake told Allison about Crossroads, Cassandra and Chaos in great detail. This time they covered the reward system for the Heroes and Damsels. They also discussed in some detail the rules she would have to follow if she were to become Jake's Companion on his adventures.

As the briefing continued Allison became more upset and uneasy about her relationship with Jake and his duties and rewards as a Hero. Finally after the family had stopped the briefing and answered most of her questions she sat for a moment almost in shock. Allison looked at Tessa and John then turned to look at Jake.

Allison returned her gaze to Tessa and said, "I don't know what to say. You mean you actually let John have sex with all those women he rescued and even let him have an affair with the woman you say was his caretaker? How could you do that? How can you think I will let Jake do something like that?"

Allison turned to Jake and continued, "I thought you loved me Jake. I thought we were going to be married and be companions through our lives. How can you think of screwing around on me and expect me to just accept that? No. I won't do this. I won't let you do that. It's not right."

Tessa looked at the stricken expression on Jake's face then turned her attention back to Allison. She stood and walked over to the couch Allison and Jake were sitting on. She said, "Jake why don't you and your father take a walk or something. I want to talk to Allison alone for a few minutes. I'll call you when we need you back."

After John and Jake left the living area Tessa sat beside Allison and wrapped her in an embrace. Allison was gently crying. Tessa pulled Allison's head down on her shoulder while her body shook with her sorrow and tears.

Tessa said, "Allison I think I know part of what you are feeling. I wanted to kill John on our first mission to Chaos when I found out what he was doing and what was expected of him. Neither of us knew much about the Hero business when we took our first trip to Crossroads. He was staying at the place in Colorado and I was falling...Oh, hell, I had already fallen deeply in love with him much as you have with Jake. We were forced to go to Crossroads to save John's life before I found out Crossroads and Chaos were real places."

"I was dealing at a Casino in Cripple Creek then. Two men who had lost big at my table one night found out where I lived and were waiting on me to get home. They were going to beat me and rape me because they blamed me for their losses. They had already tied my grandfather up when I got home. They were fighting with me in my yard when John heard them and came to my rescue. We managed to subdue the men but John was shot during the fight. He would have died before we got him to a hospital.

"John and I grew up hearing the tales of Damsels in Distress and the rescues John's and my grandfathers made. We both thought it was just a bunch of stories two old men made up at the time. We were both partly trained in the skills we would need on Chaos but we really didn't believe. Thankfully we had enough skill to win that fight in my yard the night John was shot. Even better we were trained well enough to survive on Chaos when we got there.

"We were even more Lucky John had found his grandfather's ring and was wearing it that night. I pulled him into the house after he was shot. I was going to take him into the kitchen to try and stop his bleeding before we made a run to town and a doctor. I stopped a moment when I saw my tied up grandfather to release him. Instead of helping me with John Grandfather made me pull him through the door into the kitchen. Just before I backed through the door Grandfather told me to have the Hero Greeter put John into a healing chamber. There was a flash of light and we appeared in a bright white room. Almost immediately a very beautiful middle aged woman came through a door. I screamed at her that grandfather had told me to make sure she put John into a healing chamber immediately because he was seriously injured.

"At that time I had no idea what a healing chamber was but I was terrified John would die so I did as I was told. The woman took one look at John and raised her voice slightly. She said, "Healing Chamber" as I recall and another door opened. There was a coffin looking box inside with a panel of lights on its side. She picked John up and carried him into the room. She lifted him into the box then closed the lid. She pressed some buttons and the panel lit up. There was a slight humming sound.

"The woman turned to me and requested I follow her into another room to talk. She said her name was Evelyn Hero Greeter. While we were waiting for John to be healed she explained some of what I was seeing. She also got our names and the names of our grandfathers from me. I was so surprised when she raised her head and ordered files on all of us. She quickly scanned the files and turned to me with a smile. She said both our grandfather's and even my father were well known and respected Heroes on Cassandra. Both our grandmothers had been Hero Companions on some of the missions.

"Allison after John was healed and we were briefed on the whole situation I found my feelings changing about John and monogamy. I was partly swayed by the fact our grandmothers knew what went on and accepted it. I was even more swayed by the dire need those women on Cassandra have for Earthmen's loving and sperm. I won't lie to you. I participated in much of what John did on Crossroads. I watched him make love with his Caretaker and the Damsels he rescued and it hurt. I was excited but I was jealous. I was always jealous but Allison John was serving a higher need.

"Many of the women on Cassandra cannot have children. There are many reasons for that. Some of the reasons are the results of a war. Well I suppose in the end all the reasons boil down to that. Some of the women cannot conceive. The men are little wusses as a whole. It takes the women hours sometimes to get them erect and into their pussies. Many if not all the men cannot get fully hard so the sex is very unsatisfactory. Almost all the men are sterile. Without the Heroes it is possible humanity on Cassandra would completely die out. Our men impregnate the women and are slowly repopulating Cassandra. The reward, the reason those women put themselves into mortal danger on Chaos is the one child they are allowed to have fathered by the Hero who rescues them. Luckily enough of the Cassandran men manage to impregnate the women that the population is relatively stable. Of course over the years enough of the babies fathered by Heroes have been male that they are beginning to breed and increase the population.

"Allison I just couldn't ask John to stop being a Hero when I found out what his service meant to all those women on Cassandra. He has about 180 children living on Cassandra. Many of them were male we have heard and many of them are able to function normally. Allison can you not feel what it would be like to so desperately want a child that you would put yourself into mortal danger just for the chance to have a Hero rescue you and impregnate you?

"I made only one rule and it was iron clad. If I ever caught John fucking around on me here on earth he was toast. I know he got a huge charge out of screwing those Damsels and his Caretaker. I know he was in love with his Caretaker Traci and she was in love with him. We became almost like sister wives to John. She looked on our earthly family as if it were hers.

"Allison Jake is so much like his father it is almost scary. I know as you do that he loves you dearly. I also know as you should that he would never cheat on you." Allison started to open her mouth to protest but Tessa shook her head and continued, "Allison what he does on Crossroads and Chaos is NOT cheating on you. If you are his Companion you will be with him during the whole trip. You will be participating in much of what he does and will be helping." Tessa smiled and continued, "I don't know of any red blooded highly sexed female such as we are who wouldn't get aroused on those trips. Technically Jake is not supposed to make love with you during your stay on Crossroads and Chaos. Many of the heroes have found ways around those restrictions and so far whoever enforces the rules has accepted the stretching of the rules as far as I know.

"On Chaos the few times John and I made love we either just did oral or he took my ass. I believe the main reason for the restriction is because a pregnant female cannot pass through the portal. When we were on Crossroads we did oral some when I was especially needy after watching John with Traci or the Damsel he had rescued. He got me off then gave his seed to Traci or the Damsel. It worked and it helped me know John still loved ME just as Jake loves you.

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