tagNonHumanEnough With Trek Already, Guys!

Enough With Trek Already, Guys!

byPirate Tregare©

The Ramada Inn's party was so boring I decided to head back to my suite to spend Halloween night alone.

Oh, the gala had the usual ghosts, skeletons, and even a few Dubyas. But nobody had gone overboard on their costume. There was nothing clever or original, at least not nearly so much as mine.

See, I'm a "Star Trek" fan, and I had gone all-out: an Orion Slave girl, right down to the revealing wrap and green body paint. The lower part of the wrap left most of my legs exposed, and my tight buns looked right out of the oven. My 34Cs were just barely concealed, supported in such a way that it forced people to wonder what kept them from falling out. I figured the potential for a free show would draw horny guys galore in my direction, but it seems like I'd picked the wrong fest; most everyone seemed to arrive aalready paired up!

So, I was on my way out the door, when, lo and behold, who should come in? A Cardassian and a Ferengi! Now, whereas I thought I'd put a lot of effort into my costume, these two guys put me to shame: they looked like they'd wandered right off the set of "Deep Space Nine"! I *had* to approach them.

"Let me guess," I said introductorily. "Garak and Quark?"

The Ferengi, a very short man with a large head and oversized ears, turned to his friend. "Garak, do you know this ..." He glanced me up and down "This intoxicating creature?"

"Isn't she one of your Dabo girls, Quark?" the Cardassian asked amiably. He was of normal height but grayish in pallor, with bony-ridges about the face, down the neck... and one could only speculate what the clothes concealed! Truly, an extraordinary effort went into his costume. and such interesting dialogue! This was gonna be fun, I could tell!

I approached "Quark" seductively. "Hmmm, are you hiring Dabo Girls? I could use the latinum... and I give great interviews! I don't suppose I could convince you to audition me?" I pleaded my case by pressing against him, and lightly stroked the tips of his large ears, a technique Ferengi males found incredibly sensuous.

Garak was clearly amused, while Quark was all weak-kneed. He wrapped one arm around me, mostly to keep from falling down, as he sighed heavily. "Ahhhh, oo-mox!" He glanced around conspiratorily. "Perhaps we could find a private place for this discussion?" I don't think it was discussing he wanted- it was more oo-mox, which, to Ferengi, was the equivalent of a hot blow job, when done right!

I leaned in closer and whispered, "I am loving this by-play. I think maybe we each could live out a few fantasies tonight." Then I glanced towards the guy in the Cardassian get-up. "Coming, Garak?"

He grinned broadly. "Ah, yes, that's the human term for it, I believe. And, when in Rome... No, not coming yet, but one can always hope. Lead on, Miss... Miss... ah?"

I realized I hadn't given them my name. Stepping out of character, I said, "Miss Sarda." I turned and tugged Quark along with me. "Let's head to my suite."

Quark followed my lead, with Garak right behind, as we headed for the lobby. "Sarda?" Quark repeated. "Odd, I once had a Bajoran Dabo Girl with that name. It doesn't sound very Orion."

I grinned. "Boy, you guys don't stray at all, do you?" I hit the call button on the elevator. "OK, consider my first name to be Vina." The elevator arrived, and I joked, "Shall we beam up to my place?"

As we stepped in, Garak seemed puzzled. "Beam up? Is there something wrong with the turbolift?" I just chuckled and hit "4" as he continued. "From your sumptuous figure and enticing accoutrements, I presume you're a courtesan as opposed to worker or comfort girl?"

Wow! These guys knew Trek as well as I did! "Let's just say I've been known to dabble in all three!" I replied. The elevator stopped, and in only a few steps we were at my suite. I ran my key-card through and, before pushing the door open, stage-whispered, "Anyone up for playing 'Vulcan Love Slave'? "

Quark seemed genuinely taken aback by this. "I didn't bring any of my holo-programs with me, I didn't think they'd work here!"

I led them both in, and shut the door behind us. Wrapping my arms around the cute little guy, I offered, "Not to worry... I can play a Vulcan!" Then I kissed him full on the mouth. He was probably surprised, as he returned it rather shakily. "Wow!" I said. "Your attention to detail is amazing. How'd you do that authentic bridgework?" In the Trek universe, Ferengi had somewhat odd teeth, including excessively pointed canines. He seemed confused by this, so I changed the subject.

"For that matter, where'd you get those clothes?" I was really amazed at much they looked like the uniforms you'd see on Deep Space 9. "Wait, let me guess.." And I turned to face "Garak." "From your tailor shop?"

He smiled. "Well, my clothes are from there. Quark's are from... somewhere far less classy!"

"Ooh, zing!" I laughed. "Just for that, you have to sit and watch while Quark gets first demand!" I turned back to the Ferengi. "Ok, Mr. Quark: consider me your Vulcan Love Slave. What's your pleasure?"

Lasciviousness captured his face. "Why don't you show me your oo-mox technique again?"

I thought about this a second, then led him to a chair next to my bed. "Look, I'm all for some great role-playing guy, but why settle for that? I mean, how much pleasure could that really give you, me rubbing on your foam-rubber ears? I have a better idea."

I knelt in front of him, and opened his pants up. He helped me gently tug them down. He wore nothing underneath, and a rather large penis sprang out. "OH!" I gasped. "That has to be 10 inches!"

Quark seemed to be upset by that. "Ok, ok, you don't have to belittle me. So I'm a bit smaller than the average Ferengi. It's not size, it's what you do with it. After all, I think Rom got the two inches I didn't get, and he AHH!"

I'd decided to shut him up by plunging my mouth over his bulbous prick head. I mean, I can only go with the Trek role-playing so far. Right now I was pretty horny, and needed a cock in me somewhere.

So here I am, on my hands and knees in front of a guy dressed up like a Ferengi, sucking his dick as deep as I could (which was barely past half way!). While I'm concentrating on trying not to gag on his length, I'd completely forgotten about the guy in the Cardassian outfit behind me, until I felt his hands working my wrap.

"Do you mind if I inspect this garment?" he asked. "It's rather well-designed, I'd like to perhaps offer a modification of it in my shop."

I stopped blowing Quark long enough to gently chide the man. "Look, stop the play-acting and get to the fucking. REAM ME!" I managed to get the last word out just before Quark grabbed my head and slid his stiff cock back into my mouth.

"AhhhAAH, this is an exquisite sensation! Rom is so into reforms on Ferenginar, let's see him make this action a requirement for females!" My stuffed mouth formed a frown around his prick to show my disapproval, as I thought "OK, enough with the role, now you're just weirding me out!"

That thought went by the board however as Garak found his goal. Having lifted my wrap, he took a moment to investigate my quim. Seeing it was plenty slick, he rested his prick-head at my pussy lips, then gently slid himself into me. Immediately I could tell he wasn't nearly as large as Quark, perhaps only half as big. But, OHHhhh! I thought, "What brand of condom is that?? I can't even tell he's wearing one, except for those incredible ridges!"

I started to move with Garak, bouncing my ass back towards his crotch. His balls (which felt plus size, even if his dick wasn't) slapped me every time we met. The motion made me increase my sucking on Quark's cock, in both speed and depth. I don't know how I was able to refrain from gagging, but we all started working in unison, Garak fucking me from behind as Quark fucked my mouth. My wrap really was not designed for so much motion, and my tits did indeed fall out, and they really started to swing back and forth in time with our fuck-fest.

Garak leaned forward and grabbed one, causing me to squeak in pleasure. Quark followed suit and grabbed the other. They played with my nipples, which was the breaking point for me. I kept sucking Quark, but screamed as I attained an enormous orgasm. That must've been enough for him, too, as he yelled out loud, shoved his cock into my mouth one more time, then held it there as deep as I could manage... which, incredibly, was right down to the scrote! His jizz starting pumping into my mouth, and it bounced powerfully off the back of my throat, and I swear I could feel it flow all the way down my pipe into my stomach.

Quark pulled out, huffing and puffing, which let me concentrate on the doggie-fuck I was getting. I dropped my shoulders to the floor and reached back, opening myself up wider with my hands. "Harder, Garak!" I demanded. "Fuck my CUNT! Ram it in! HARD!" He obliged, increasing the pace of his thrusts, and began to gasp faster. Grabbing a hip in each hand, he used that leverage to work us back and forth. With his speed, depth, and that incredible condom design, I was in vaginal ecstasy. "That's it, I'm gonna come again!" I yelled, "AhhhHHHHHH!, yes, Yes YES!!"

As the tidal wave came over me, Garak was right behind. I exploded again, my pussy going through a virtual trembling of quakes as my entire body shuddered. He yelled too, and pulled out for some reason- I felt his first shot hit my ass cheek as he barely got out in time, but the next one hit the back of my neck, and a couple others landed on the floor next to my head. Those must have arced 4 or 5 feet! "Apologies!" he said, "I nearly impregnated you!"

That's when I realized that his rubber must've fallen off at the very end. No matter, I'm on the pill.

I lay flat on the floor on my stomach, relishing in the afterglow. "Care to go again, guys?" I asked, keeping my eyes closed. "I'd love to stuff Quark's schlong up my cunt. And your beautiful cock should be able to slide right up my bung, Garak, if you're into that."

Garak seemed hesitant. "We could, but I think Quark and I would be interested in attempting a double penetration."

I furrowed my brow. "I think that's whatI just described!"

Quark had finally found his voice. Still breathing heavily, he explained, "I think Garak meant double vaginal."

I lifted myself a bit to look at him, aghast. "Are you kidding me?? I'm gonna have to work hard just to get you in there, let alone add Garak's! Even if it is considerably smaller!" Turning to look at him I quickly added, kindly, "No offense! You really work it well!"

He smiled. "None taken. Biology is biology! But I believe Quark was implying we each get our own."

I was really lost now, looking at both of them. "Your own what?" I assimilated the conversation so far. "Your own PUSSY??" They each nodded. I sat up, getting a little irritated now. "Guys, look, this has been a hoot, and I love the role playing. I haven't come that good in years. But enough with the Star Trek shit!! Hell, I don't even think it's even been mentioned in any episode that Orion women have two cunts. You just made that up! So, do you wanna fuck or what?"

They looked at each other for a moment, and Garak finally said, "Yes... we do! But might we take a moment to refresh ourselves?" Still a bit irked, I just waved in the direction of the bathroom. In the time it took them to clean up a bit, I'm sure I'd calm down enough, especially when I mused over the possibility of getting stuffed full of Quark dick!

Garak got up and strode over to the bathroom, but Quark remained seated. "Quark? Coming?"

"No, I'm good."

Garak seemed perturbed. "I think some of the supplies require latinum, I'll need to borrow some... at a very advantageous interest rate, of course!" Huffing, Quark followed Garak into the bathroom. They shut the door behind them, which aroused my curiosity. I padded over there and tried to listen in.

(Whaddya mean not really Orion... Chief O'Brien said she was... How can she be hew-monn, she's green... he played a practical joke on us?? ... whaddya mean, `Sssh,' she can't hear me, she's Orion, they have bad hearing... Oooohhh! ...)

OK, these guys were OUT there. Sheesh. I heard a couple weird noises- sort of like a mechanical chirp, then a mumble of something, then the same mumble repeated slightly louder. Then a high-itched whine. Then nothing.

I'd had enough. After they got out of there, I was gonna boot`em and try my luck at the party again. However, I heard nothing for a few minutes. "Guys? You ok?" Nothing. What were they doing, sucking each other off?? "Fuck this," I said. "I'm coming in!" I yelled.

But the bathroom was empty. And it had no windows And I'd been standing in front of the only door.


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