Enslaving Elliot Ch. 05


It was a statement, not a question, but Elliot answered it with first a nod, and then when she saw the look in Jordan's eyes said, "Yes Mistress... please make me your slave... I want to be your slave."

Jordan smiled at this response and said, "Look into my eyes stick and don't look away unless I tell you too. I want to look into your eyes as I take you."

Once their eyes were firmly locked Jordan pressed her strap on firmly against Elliot's pussy lips and slowly began to push forwards, enjoying the look on the blonde's face as she pushed her way inside her.

Elliot whimpered softly as she felt her pussy lips stretch wider than ever before to receive the head of the huge strap on, the young doctor crying out in a mixture of pain and pleasure when the head finally forced its way inside her pussy. Luckily Jordan stopped to allow the pain to fade before pushing forwards again, the older woman giving Elliot a little time after each push forward so that the blonde wouldn't suffer too much as she was stretched out like never before.

After a lot of stopping and starting Jordan was able to fill her new slave's pussy with her cock, every inch of that big fake dick buried all the way inside the blonde's cunt.

After more weighting Jordan ordered, "Wrap your legs around me stick."

Elliot did as she was told and once her legs were tightly wrapped around Jordan's waist the older woman began to slowly pull back, removing inch after inch from deep inside the young doctor, before pushing forwards until it was in all the way, burying the strap on back inside the other woman.

Soon Jordan established a slow but steady rhythm, thrusting in and out of the younger blonde beneath her, greatly enjoying the sound of her moans and the look in her eyes of submission.

Normally Jordan didn't like eye contact during sex, mostly because her interest in her sexual partners was very fickle. Sometimes she would forget why she had even chosen to have sex with whoever she was fucking in the first place. Sure she was normally focused on whoever she was with the first time they had sex, but after that Jordan usually lost interest pretty quickly unless it was somebody who somehow managed to keep her interest. For all of his many, many faults Perry always manage to keep her interest, although she did sometimes pretend she was with someone else when with him just so she could damage his precious ego. Naturally submissive people like Elliot also kept Jordan's interest as there was nothing Jordan liked more than dominating another woman or man.

The one time Jordan always loved to look into someone's eyes was when she was breaking in a slave, especially at this stage of their submission. Just looking into someone's eyes could tell Jordan all she needed to know about where that slave was in the breaking in process and that was definitely true for her new little plaything.

Elliot's eyes were telling Jordan that her young conquest was feeling a little overwhelmed, probably still struggling with the fact that another woman was giving her so much pleasure, but because of that pleasure Elliot wasn't going anywhere. The girl wasn't even thinking about protesting, and even though she was a little afraid about what was going to happen the blonde clearly wanted to be Jordan's little fuck pet.

Jordan was definitely doing this girl a favour by turning her into her slave. The blonde was so submissive she obviously needed someone dominant to take care of her and give her what she needed. For devoting her precious time into dominating this girl and training her to be the perfect little slave Jordan was doing Elliot a huge favour, and she was going to make sure this cute little blonde was going to thank her for it every single day.

At that moment Elliot was thinking how she could persuade Jordan to give her this type of fucking every single day.

It was amazing to Elliot that even though Jordan hadn't been born with a cock the brunette was using a fake one to fuck her better than all the guys she had been with combined. Then again considering Jordan's dominating attitude and how easily she got into Elliot's scrubs it wasn't hard to imagine Jordan had more experience fucking girls than all the guys she had been with combined.

Jordan just made it look so easy. She wasn't fucking her too softly or slowly that Elliot wasn't properly aroused, and she wasn't fucking her too hard or roughly to the point where it would be painful, Jordan was fucking Elliot just right. That strap on was moving in and out of Elliot's pussy at just the right speed so that her pleasure seem to build with every stroke without giving her too much too soon.

Effortlessly Jordan brought Elliot to a heightened state of arousal that only a few of her previous sexual encounters had taken her too, the big difference here being that she was taken there in about a 10th of the time.

Quicker than ever before Elliot was ready to be fucked hard and roughly, but Jordan had other ideas.

The blonde's new mistress seemed more than content to just continue fucking her at this slow, steady pace, each new gentle thrust making Elliot want to scream in frustration. She didn't though, or make a complaint of any kind. She was far too afraid too.

Ever since the initial penetration Elliot had been staring into Jordan's eyes, barely even blinking as the other woman filled her pussy with strap on cock and then began fucking her with a skill she had never experienced before.

Those eyes had captured Elliot's and held them hostage, Jordan staring into Elliot's soul and seeing her for what she truly was.

Jordan had seemed to know what Elliot was from the moment she first saw her and had treated her accordingly.

Everything Jordan had done to her felt so right, so natural, and now staring into Jordan's eyes Elliot felt like whoever she thought she had been was being destroyed by Jordan's gaze, the dominating woman somehow reaching into her soul and changing it to her liking. No, Jordan wasn't changing Elliot, she was showing her what she was, what she always had meant to be.

Elliot was so horny at this point she would have loved nothing better than to beg to be fucked and fucked hard, but she was so captivated by Jordan's gaze she couldn't say a word, she could barely even think, all she could do was lay there and allow the stronger, more dominating woman to use her body as she saw fit.

For a long time not a word passed between them, Jordan simply enjoying the look in Elliot's eyes as she fucked her new plaything into submission, but eventually Jordan wanted more. She wanted to hear Elliot's submission too.

"Who's pussy is this?" Jordan asked as she continued thrusting in and out of the blonde.

This question confused Elliot as the answer seemed obvious but from the look in Jordan's eyes she felt it was probably the wrong one. Unfortunately it was the only answer she could think of.

"It's... it's my pussy Mistress." Elliot answered hesitantly.

"Wrong, this is my pussy." Jordan corrected, "I own it, it's my property, therefore it is mine. Who's is it?"

"Y... Yours. It's yours Mistress." Elliot stammered.

"What's mine?" Jordan questioned.

"My... my pussy... my pussy is yours. It's your pussy Mistress. You own it. It's your property." Elliot answered.

"That's right stick, this is my pussy. It's been mine ever since you crawled through my door like the pathetic little slut you are, but what we're doing right now, is making it official. I'm going to make your pussy officially mine." Jordan said, never slowing her thrusts into her plaything's pussy, "Do you know how I'm going to do that? I'm going to mark your pussy. I'm going to mark it with my cum. I've already cum in that pretty little made for pussy eating mouth of yours and soon I'm going to squeeze the balls of this strap on so that my cum inside them will shoot through the dildo and deep into your cunt, marking that hole as mine. After that just one more hole to mark and you'll be completely mine. You'll be completely and officially enslaved. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress." Elliot replied softly.

"Good." Jordan said, before adding, "I mean, that's what you want isn't it stick, to be mine, to be enslaved, to be my slave, isn't that right twinkie? Answer me!"

"Yes Mistress, I want to be yours." Elliot whimpered pathetically, "I want to be enslaved. I want to be your slave. Please make me yours. Please enslave me. Please make me your slave. Mark me. Mark my pussy. Do whatever you want. I'm yours."

"Good girl." Jordan said smiling before leaning down to capture Elliot's lips with her own.

Shortly after her lips were pressed against the blonde's Jordan pushed her tongue into Elliot's mouth, her submissive plaything eagerly accepting the invading object and it's easy conquest of her own tongue.

As Jordan bullied the girl's tongue with her own she began increasing the speed and power behind her thrusts, slowly building the steady pace into an almost brutally hard fucking.

Hearing Elliot's words of submission really inspired Jordan to give this girl the type of good, hard fucking she had probably never received in her life, the type of good, hard fucking she clearly desperately needed.

Elliot's pussy was so tight around Jordan's strap on that it was pretty obvious that the blonde hadn't been receiving a lot of fucking and/or whoever had fucked her had done a lousy job of it.

It wasn't really surprising, the blonde seemed like the type of girl that would be too shy to go after the guys who could really give her pussy a work out and her awkwardness probably drove a lot of guys away or at least made them uninterested in her leaving her with mostly the type of guys which were just as weak and pathetic as she was, and from a earlier discussion Jordan knew Elliot hadn't allowed another woman to give her a decent fucking.

All that was about to change though. In a matter of moments Elliot would be completely broken in and after that Jordan would be free to fuck the blonde as often as she wanted, and in any way she wanted. Jordan could stretch out this tight little pussy as much as she wanted, and that was exactly what she intended on doing. She would use Elliot's pussy until it was nice and loosened up, and then she would pass it around, letting everyone in Sacred Heart get a piece of this pussy, turning the tight little bitch into a loose little slut.

As much as the idea of making this uptight little girl into a slut for a whole hospital was a turn on Jordan had to admit she quite liked how much effort she had to use to move her strap on through Elliot's oh so tight little cunt as it gave her a workout and, well, it was just so fun. Jordan was definitely going to enjoy stretching this hole out, just as she would enjoy stretching all of Elliot's holes out.

Before it had entered her Elliot had worried that the dildo wouldn't be able to fit inside her, and when it was being pushed into her and when it was all the way inside she worried about it tearing her open, but she wasn't worrying about any of that now. She should be, even though Jordan had done a fantastic job on stretching her out the dildo was still forcing her pussy open wider than it had ever been opened before, and Jordan was pounding her pussy harder than it ever had been pounded before, two things which should have terrified Elliot but she didn't care.

Let Jordan tear her pussy apart, let her pound it and stretch it until it was loose and useless, let her ruin her hole, let her do anything she wanted as long as she continued to fuck her like this.

Elliot had no idea it could feel this good. She had no idea something this big could fit inside her, or that it could move so fast, or that it could give her so much pleasure.

Jordan really was putting all of Elliot's former boyfriends and one night stands to shame, the dominating brunette stretching the submissive blonde out until she was ready and then giving her the type of fucking she had always secretly dreamed of but never imagined she'd actually receive. Elliot was receiving that fucking now and it was better than she'd ever dreamed. So harder, so rougher, so better. The fact that it was another woman giving her this fucking and not some super stud surprisingly didn't seem to bother Elliot at this point in the slightest. As a matter of fact after everything she had been through today taking such a hard fucking from another woman only seemed to make the fucking better.

In no time at all Elliot was at the edge of what felt like the biggest orgasm of her life, the young blonde so close to that edge she didn't think anything could stop her going over it, but she was wrong.

At the last possible second Jordan slowed down, just enough to prevent Elliot from going over the edge, the dominating brunette finally breaking the kiss so she could smile down at the helpless blonde as she denied her the orgasm she craved.

Elliot tried to will herself to cum but it was no use and slowly she started coming down from her high at which point Jordan sped up again only to deny her orgasm again.

Too afraid to complain Elliot whimpered and cried pathetically in frustration as Jordan mercilessly kept her on the edge until the brunette's right hand found its way to her neck.

"I own you. Your my property. Mine. I own every part of you, even your breath. You don't breathe unless I allow you too bitch." Jordan growled, crazy with lust as she squeezed Elliot's neck tightly.

The blonde's eyes rolled in the back of her head in pleasure as she struggled for breath.

She was being choked. Oh how she'd always dreamed of being choked.

Her first sex dream had involved choking and over the years it had become one of her biggest fantasies.

"Do you understand me stick? Do you understand that from now on even breathing is a privilege you are only allowed to do because I say so. Do you understand that?" Jordan asked.

Elliot tried to answer but because of the choking all that came out was a muffled gargle.

"Nod or shake your head stick, do you understand?" Jordan asked.

The young doctor nodded her head.

"Good girl." Jordan said smiling, continuing to choke the girl as she fucked her, "Do you want to cum?"

The blonde frantically nodded.

"Then beg for it. Beg your Mistress's permission to cum." Jordan demanded, removing her hand from around Elliot's neck.

Elliot gasped as air filled her lungs properly again before begging, "Please Mistress, let me cum. I need to cum so bad. Please can I cum? Please. I need it. I need to cum."

"That depends, do you understand what you are?" Jordan asked.

"Yes Mistress." Elliot replied.

"Well then tell me, tell me what you are." Jordan ordered.

"I'm yours. You own me Mistress. I'm your property." Elliot answered submissively.

This answer caused Jordan to smile, "In that case... yes... I give you permission to cum."

With these words Jordan radically increased the speed of her thrusts, pounding into the blonde's pussy with all her might.

Knowing she was seconds away from her orgasm Elliot began begging for something she wanted without even thinking about it.

"Please... please choke me. Please choke me Mistress." Elliot begged.

Jordan frowned, hesitated for a moment and then leant on her elbows so she could wrap both her hands around Elliot's neck and began squeezing tightly.

The moment the choking started again Elliot's eyes rolled in the back of her head and she came in the most powerful orgasm she had ever known, which considering the quality of orgasms she had received today was really something. It rocked her to her very core, her body becoming like jelly as she melted even further into Jordan's body, the dominating woman almost choking the life out of her as she continued pounding her pussy to pulp. Jordan didn't stop, not even for a moment, her brutal thrusts bringing Elliot quickly to another climax which was somehow even more powerful than the first, and then a third which was more powerful than the second, and then the fourth which was more powerful than the third, and so on, and so on, and so on, until Elliot felt like she was on a constant high, her wonderful new Mistress taking her higher with every thrust.

Jordan held her own orgasm back a long time so she could savour the look of total bliss on her new slave's face and the adorable actions of her body as she broke in her pussy, but soon the combination of the mental stimulation of dominating this girl and the physical stimulation of the clit stimulator inside the toy doing its job all became too much and Jordan herself experienced a good, hard climax which almost forced her to stop fucking her new plaything, almost.

At the peak of her orgasm Jordan removed one hand from Elliot's neck and moved it down in between her legs to the balls of her strap on. Grabbing hold of them Jordan savoured the moment of conquering a new pussy before squeezing down and forcing her stored up cum through the toy and deep into Elliot's cunt, officially enslaving Elliot's pussy. A smile crossed Jordan's face as her cum filled the girl's cunt, in her mind marking it forever as her property, something for her to use and abuse from now on as she saw fit. Just one more hole and Elliot would be officially her slave.

Once she was sure all of her cum was inside the girl Jordan began slowing down until she came to a stop and then pulled out of Elliot's now enslaved pussy, got up and replaced the fake balls with fresh ones before admiring the sight before her of her freshly well fucked new slave lying on the bed panting and wheezing.

"That... that was amazing Mistress..." Elliot panted, trying to remember the last time she had ever had such a good fucking and coming up with nothing, "How... how do you know I always wanted to be choked?"

"I didn't." Jordan laughed, "You really are a little closet slut aren't you stick."

Elliot blushed.

"Oh twinkie, don't be embarrassed. Be proud of the perverted little slut you are. I know I'm looking forward to seeing just how slutty you are, but right now we've got one more hole on your body to break in." Jordan said with a wicked smile, "Now, turn over, get on all fours and present your ass to me."

Elliot opened her mouth to protest but the look on Jordan's face made her think twice. Instead the blonde hesitantly turned over and got onto all fours as instructed.

Jordan smiled to herself as her new pet did as it was told, the dominating brunette admiring the sight of the submissive blonde on all fours with her ass ready and waiting to be used for a few moments before reaching over to her nightstand for the bottle of anal lube she always kept there for occasions such as this.

Once she had spread a generous amount of the lube on a couple of her fingers Jordan pressed her index finger to Elliot's puckered rosebud.

The moment her fingertip touched the tight opening Elliot immediately tensed, the blonde clenching her ass hole tightly, obviously fearing the inevitable invasion to come.

This earned her a hard smack on her ass.

"Twinkie, every inch of this strap on is going up your ass, so if I were you I'd relax and let me lube up your butt hole, unless you want me to try taking your anal cherry without any lube. You don't want me to try taking your anal cherry without any lube do you stick?" Jordan asked.

"N... no Mistress." Elliot whimpered.

"That's what I thought." Jordan said, "So what are you going to do?"

"Relax Mistress." Elliot mumbled.

"Good girl." Jordan said, pressing her finger firmly against Elliot's tight ring.

Elliot whimpered and relaxed as best she could, waiting for the rectal invasion, but it didn't come.

Toying with her new slave Jordan moved her finger away from Elliot's butt hole and slid it up and down the crack of Elliot's ass, covering it with lube, stopping occasionally to rub some of the lube into Elliot's tight pucker, making sure there was plenty of lube on the hole for when she was going to try butt fucking the blonde with her strap on. Jordan did this for a long while before finally pressing her fingertip against Elliot's ass hole, stopping again when the blonde tensed only this time leaving her finger where it was and when the young doctor relaxed again Jordan forcefully pushed forward.

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