Enterprise Ch. 1


I had been assigned to the earth vessel Enterprise. But this wasn't any ordinary ship, this was the first ever Human Space ship. I was extremely lucky to be offered a place. I was recruited as a science officer, intended to work closely with the chief science officer on any of her projects. The only problem was that she wasn't Starfleet, Hell, she wasn't even human. Chief Science Officer T'Pol was a Vulcan. Its not that I hated Vulcans, but they were just so emotionless that there seemed no point in their existence. But that wasn't the only problem with T'Pol. She was drop dead gorgeous as well. She had a perfect figure. In Fact every time she entered a room, my dick went haywire.

But of course, as a Vulcan, she would not have sex until Pon Farr, by which time she would undoubtedly be married. And it was unlikely that a Vulcan would pick a logical useless human as a mate.

And so our Journey started. We got through our first mission, and began to boldly explore. But my dick still mimicked a flagpole when T'Pol was around.

It was late one night, and I was just going to head for my quarters, when the panel next to me buzzed. It was T'Pol. Even the sound of her voice made my dick hard. She wanted to talk to me in her quarters. I could hardly refuse as she was my superior officer.

I headed to her quarters, buzzed and went in.

"Ah Lieutenant!" she addressed me, "I need to address you about your efficiency. It is very low."

I felt insulted, but knew why I couldn't concentrate at work, "and" she continued, "I believe I know why. It has a lot to do with that!" She pointed to my erect dick. "I am fully aware of Human males high levels of testosterone, but your penis is impeding my work. I am also aware that I am very attractive to human males. Therefore I was greeted with 3 options, as one required surgery on my face, and another surgery on your anatomy, I logically chose option 3!"

"And what would that be?" I stuttered

"In order to decrease your sexual needs, we will copulate!" she said straight

I couldn't believe it! And couldn't talk!

"Am I wrong?" she asked after a long silence, "do you not find me attractive? Do you not wish to mate with me!"

"Yeah, Of course I do!" I spluttered, not wanting to offend the Vulcan, "But Vulcan women are meant to remain virgins till Pon Farr aren't they? And what about pregnancy? And is it even possible for a Human Male to mate with a Vulcan Female?"

"I believe," she said slowly, "that due to our mission in deep space, I will be allowed exception to Vulcan Traditions. And the point of Pon Farr is that it is the only time a Vulcan female can become pregnant. And as far as whether it is possible, I have put much research into it, and I am quite sure that copulation is possible!"

"Great!" I said, "but don't call it copulation!"

"What then should I call it?" was her reply

"I don't know," I tried to think of cleaner words to use, but eventually thought, what the hell, "call it having sex, or shagging or Fucking"

"So then, do you wish to 'fuck' me?" she asked, looking puzzled by the new words

"Hell yeah!"

I walked up to her, and kissed her deeply. She was a little wooden at first, but soon became more passionate. It was however her who broke the kiss,

"I am well versed in human sexual habits of foreplay and such like. Sit down, I wish to give you a 'blow job'"

She undid the my one piece uniform and slid it to the floor, leaving me only in boxer shorts. She quickly did away with those too. She pushed me onto the bed and knelt between my legs. My 8" dick stood erect in front of her face. She raised an eyebrow in a quizzical manner.

"What's wrong?" I asked, eager for her to begin.

"Vulcan Penises…"she began

"Call it a dick," I cut in, "or a member or a prick"

"Vulcan 'dicks' are only 4" long at maximum, most are smaller. My research showed Human dicks to be of similar size, but yours is almost double that"

"That's right," I said proudly, "I have a big cock, but that's nothing to worry about. I am sure you will find a logical was to tackle the problem."

She looked up at me. "Indeed"

She then looked down at my prick, opened her mouth and put the head of my penis in her mouth. Her mouth was wonderful. It was warm and her saliva lubricated my dick well. Her hands moved so hat one was at the base of my monster, and the other was cupping my balls.

She took her mouth of my dick and began licking down my cock. When she reached my balls, she took them in her mouth. Again, her saliva felt amazing on my nuts. She began to lick back up my cock, until she was back at the top. She began to suck on my dick's head again. Slowly I pushed my dick to the back of her throat. She began to gag, so grabbed her by the hair, and pushed harder. 4" of my dick disappeared into her throat. It felt amazing. Her throat was moist, and tight at the same time. The warmth of her throat enveloped my penis.

"This," I spoke to her, "is called deep throating. However it is illogical to stop with only half my dick on your mouth, we must continue!"

I pulled my dick further into her. She moaned a little. Very un-Vulcan. Finally I got the whole of my 8" in. Her throat felt divine. There was only one thing to do. I had to cum in this beauty's throat. I began to pump into T'Pol's throat. It didn't take long for my balls to begin to swell.

"I'm… gonna….. cum!" I moaned loudly.

T'Pol was obviously shocked as she started to wriggle about in the most un-Vulcan like fashion I had ever seen.

But this meant nothing to me. I held her in place, as I thrust forward for the final time.

I felt my load shoot deep into T'Pol's throat. I pulled out mid thrust, so as not to drown the poor girl. A large wad landed in her mouth, which she swallowed, and the rest gushed out onto her face, hair and Vulcan regulation uniform.

I was spent, and my dick went limp!

"That's the best blow job I have EVER had!" I told her.

"Good!" She said bluntly, "your sperm.."

"Cum!" I interrupted

"Your 'cum'," she continued, "is much thicker that Vulcan sperm I have seen from specimens from medical school. Also my Vulcan friends who have given 'blow jobs' to their husbands said their 'cum' tasted like sweet, where as yours is salty. It is indeed tastier than any earth food I have eaten. It is very good."

I was happy by this comment, it hinted at an encore.

"I can see that you are no longer able to function today. This session seems to have served its purpose. You should be more efficient at work!"

I was disappointed at this, it definitely did not sound like an encore was on the cards, after all.

I got dressed, and headed for the door, but just before I could leave, T'Pol said to me:

"Lieutenant, in order to keep a high efficiency level, I believe we should have these sessions at least once a week. I will see you this time next week!"

And then I left, with a grin on my face. Being in deep space wasn't going to be so bad!

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