tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEntertainment at the Beach

Entertainment at the Beach


I have often been at the beach and noticed a guy looking me over really well or staring at me. Girls have a sixth sense about these things. Often times the guy appears to be looking at something in the distance behind you but he is actually looking at you. There are also guys that seem to be scanning the beach as though they are looking for someone but their eyes keep passing over you again and again. Then there are the strollers; these are the guys that keep walking past where you are laying, over and over again. One time he will walk past you on the right then a minute later you will notice him walking past on the left. Before long he walks past again, only this time he is going the other direction past you. Sometimes guys are not so subtle and they just sit and stare at you. Some guys will watch you until they realize that you have spotted them and then they look away from you and turn their attentions on another possibly unsuspecting girl.

If I am laying on the beach and I notice a guy looking me over I try and assess what he is looking at. I mentally check how I am sitting and that my bathing suit is not out of position. If I am sitting in a position that does not seem sexy to me and my bathing suit is covering me properly then I have to assume that the guy is just attracted to my looks. I find it very flattering to have a strange guy watch me because of my looks and not because he thinks that he can see a part of my body that he is not supposed to be able to view.

There are, however, times if I find the guy very attractive or sexy I may want to show him more than he should normally see. You know, just a glimpse of more cleavage on a peek at the lower portion of a hip. I am very choosey about who I expose myself to. I am not averse to allowing a guy to get an eye full of what he wants to see if I am in the mood to show it to him. More often than not, I am in the mood to show myself off but only to guys that appeal to me.

If I happen to be laying on my stomach and he is looking head on at me I might fidget around until the top of my bathing suit slides down a little, showing more of my small breasts than he would normally see. If my top happens to hang away from my body some then he can glimpse most of my breasts down the top of my bathing suit.

If I happen to be sitting up I might spread my legs, allowing him to see my pubic bulge under my bathing suit. Or I may pull my feet back toward my thighs, raising my knees and exposing more of my suit covered crotch that he can normally see. I have been known to fidget around until I get the elastic of one of the leg holes in my bathing suit to slip out of place; this exposes a part of one of my vaginal lips giving the guy quite a good show.

I learned most of these things as a teenager trying to attract the attention of certain guys that I liked. I liked having guys look at me back then, too.

I have always felt safe exposing myself on the beach. I guess that is because so many people are there and most of them are almost naked. If someone sees a part of my body that they aren't supposed to see, they probably chalk it up to being an accident. I like to be innocent and cause accidents to happen as though I really didn't intend for the guy to see anything. It gives me a chance to expose myself yet still appear lady like and innocent.

One of those incidents happened to me on the beach at the lake one sunny afternoon shortly after I was married. I had gone to my grandma's with my Mom, brother and my husband, Brad. My grandma lives in a small resort town on the edge of Lake Michigan. We often went swimming in the lake on our summer visits to Grandmas. We all swam in the lake while my grandma would sit on the beach on our blanket in her print dress and watch us. I have never seen my grandma in a swim suit.

On this occasion I was with my Mom, brother, husband and a couple of my teenage cousins. We had four blankets stretched out next to each other on the beach, pretty far back from the edge of the water.

I was in a very playful mood on this particular day. I had been teasing and "getting" my husband all day. Earlier, when we were in the water I was grabbing him underwater and then swimming away from him. Each time that he would try and get even with me I would swim away from him; totally out of his reach. I have always been able to swim faster than Brad.

I was laying on the beach with everyone except my brother, who had disappeared with a girl that he used to see when we went up to grandma's. As I lay there reading a book I looked up and noticed a guy staring at me. As I said before, a girl knows when she is being ogled and this guy was really ogling me. He was the staring type.

He looked pretty nice. He was probably in his early 30's and appeared to be rather fit and trim. He had short dark hair and a very attractive build. His jaw was square and he had a very handsome look to his face. He seemed to have no flab around his waist as evidenced by the lack of a roll at his waist as he sat on his blanket.

He was sitting probably twenty feet or so away from my blanket and there were no other people in the line of vision between him and me. H e was with a woman, probably his wife, and two adorable little boys who I assumed were his children.

The book that I had been reading had some sexual sequences in it and I had just finished reading about one encounter between the lead characters so I was a little excited already. Since I was already in a playful mood and my admirer was cute and not bashful about staring at me I decided to show him a little more than he could already see.

I was already laying on my stomach and my straps were dropped off my shoulders to give me a tan with as little tan lines as possible. I lifted up slightly, exposing a little more cleavage for him to see. As I lifted up I watched him as intently as he had been watching me. I wanted to see his facial reaction. He smiled slightly and continued to stare.

I really didn't have all that much cleavage to show him because my breasts are small. I wear a 'b' cup but my breasts are very perky. They stand up straight on their own without any support.

I laid my book face down on the blanket and looked over my shoulder to make sure that none of my family was watching me. My husband was laying on his stomach with his feet in the direction that my head was facing. His face was turned away from my direction and he appeared to be sleeping. My Mom was reading a book as she lay on her stomach, totally oblivious to anything around her. My grandma was on the opposite end of the blankets from where I was laying so she wasn't even a consideration. I felt I was safe so I continued.

Reaching my hands underneath me as I propped myself up on my elbows I slid my hands down my chest and into the loose cups of my bathing suit, cupping my bare breasts in my hands. I pushed the loose cups down off my breasts and onto my blanket. Lifting myself up on my elbows so that my admirer could see my chest plainly with my hands hiding my breasts from his view, I let him have a good look. I looked him straight in the face and grinned at him teasingly as he stared at me and my bare breasts hidden in my hands. After a few seconds I slid one hand slightly down my breast, slowly exposing it to him until my hand reached my nipple, then I stopped moving my hand and kept my nipple covered. I let him see most of, but not my entire, breast.

I laid back down flat on my chest hiding my breasts from view then slid my hands off my breasts and lifted up my bathing suit top and covered my breasts again. I looked back up into his face for his reaction and I could see disappointment written all over his face. I knew that the show was not yet over but there was no way to communicate that to my admirer.

Still propping myself up on my elbows I lifted myself up higher than I had been and let my bathing suit top slowly sag down my chest while my admirer watched. My breasts slowly became more and more exposed as my bathing suit top gradually slid down off my chest.

I looked over my shoulder once again to make sure that no one in my family was watching me. I was still safe, my husband was still sleeping and my Mom was still absorbed in reading her book. I was still safe.

Not wanting anyone else to see me, except for my cute stranger, I pulled my arms close to my sides as I continued propping myself on my elbows, hiding my breasts from anyone that may have been looking at me from the side.

When my bathing suit top had slipped down off my breasts completely and they were fully bared I arched my back slightly, lifting my chest up higher, and I pushed my chest out showing him my little bare breasts. I watched him as he looked at my breasts; he seemed to be slightly agitated in a good way as he stared at me. He just stared at my naked breast for a few minutes and I could tell that he was enjoying the view, from the smile on his face. He fidgeted some as though trying to accommodate something inside his bathing suit that had become dislodged from its normally comfortable position.

Trying to be very nonchalant so as to not attract anyone else's attention I slid my right hand over to my left breasts and toy with my swollen nipple a little. I tweaked it between my fingers then gently grasp it between my fingers and pulled on it, causing a very pleasurable sensation to run thru my body. I felt good all over as I exposed myself to this complete stranger. Little waves of pleasure were running thru me and my stomach was fluttering. I felt like a naughty little girl, a feeling that I have always loved.

After he had stared at my breasts for a few minutes he moved around and sat facing me with his legs flat on the sand and leaned back on his outstretched arms behind him. Slowly he spread his legs until I could see up the inside of one of the legs of his bathing suit. He was wearing a boxer style bathing suit and I don't think it had the netting inside the suit to hold his penis in. I could see penis inside his bathing suit leg pretty well. It wasn't hard yet but it looked as though it was well on its way to being hard.

At this point my husband stirred as he lay next to me on the blanket. I let go of my nipple and grasp the front of my bathing suit, pulling it up to cover my breasts. Looking over my shoulder at my husband I watched as he rolled over on his side in his sleep, facing away from me.

When my eyes shot back at the handsome stranger he was smiling in the knowledge that he knew exactly why I had covered myself. I smiled back at him as I lifted my straps and pulled them back up over my shoulders, pulling my bathing suit top back in place and covering my breasts completely. As I began to sit up I could see disappointment on his face again. There was no need for him to be disappointed because I had a surprise in store for him.

Once I was sitting I pulled my knees up in front of me and wrapped my arms around my legs so that I could rest my chin on my knees. Cautiously looking around to make sure that I wasn't being watched by anyone else, I reached down around the outside of my right thigh very slowly and slid my hand over to my cloth covered crotch. Sliding my fingers up and down over the tightly stretched cloth covering my pussy I teasingly tickled my pussy thru the cloth. I could feel my wetness soaking thru the crotch of my bathing suit as my excitement grew.

I wasn't sure that I could be brazen enough to do what I was about to do but just the anticipation was raising my libido very high. I slipped my fingers to the side of the crotch of my bathing suit then slid them under the elastic leg band and touched my lips under my bathing suit as he watched. My calves were separated far enough that he could easily see my fingers as they toyed with my pussy under the cloth covering of my bathing suit. I ran them up and down my pussy enjoying the good sensations that I was creating in myself and teasing my admirer at the same time.

By this time my heart was pounding and my head was starting to spin. I shuttered as I thought about what my next natural move should be. I wasn't sure that I should do it but there was an internal driving force deep inside me that was controlling my actions at this time. Having secretly rubbed my pussy in public for only him to see, I slowly started pulling my fingers out from underneath the crotch of my bathing suit. As I did, I pulled the crotch up away from my pussy and stretched it in such a way that it slid down my fingers and the elastic lodged itself in my slit exposing my right vaginal lip to him I could feel the fresh air on my pussy, causing the thrill of what I was doing to growing in leaps and bounds.

I had now uncovered half of my pussy and was sitting there in public on the beach allowing a complete stranger to look at it. I couldn't believe I was doing this but I was having so much fun and at the same time getting a huge rush from my actions.

I am normally a subtle flasher, allowing a guy to have a peek at my private parts when he thinks that I don't know what he is seeing. I had never been this brazen before. I was surprising myself at my bold shameless actions. What surprised me even more was the pleasure I was receiving from my actions and the level of excitement that I was attaining. I was close to approaching an orgasm just from being so blatant in my actions.

I slowly sensuously slid my fingers up and down my exposed vaginal lip, lightly tickling it with my finger tips and increasing my thrill. I toyed with my half exposed pussy for his visual enjoyment and watched his reaction to my little show. He lifted his knees in front of himself and assumed the same position that I was sitting in. As he pulled his knees up in front of himself he adjusted his swim suit, sliding one leg down his thigh toward his crotch. I could now see the head of his penis, tightly pressed against his thigh, almost sticking out of the leg hole of his bathing suit. I could see that he was now harder than he had been a few minutes before and his penis seemed longer now.

I decided to go ahead with the plan that I had been tossing around in my head. I knew that if I didn't do it now I would probably not do it at all and my excitement had grown to a point that I was so bold I would do just about anything. I reached down around my left thigh with my left hand and grasp the crotch of my bathing suit; pulling it completely across my pussy I exposed my whole pussy for my admirer's visual pleasure. As I did I moved my feet sideways a few inches, spreading my calves a slight bit more to make sure that he had a good view of my pussy.

Again I glanced over my shoulder to make sure that none of my family could see what I was doing. I was safe and they were none the wiser.

I held the crotch of my bathing suit over to my left, keeping my swollen pussy totally exposed. The feeling was exhilarating. My heart raced in my chest as I sat there in public, exposing my most private part to the gaze of a total stranger. I felt naughty, which added to my thrill. I almost felt humiliated with my swollen pussy hanging out for all the world to see. My thrill was complete and I had done what I had set my mind to do. I could go no further at this time as I had gone as far as I could go, which in a small way gave me a feeling of accomplishment.

With my pussy now completely exposed to his gaze, and I could see his penis was reacting in the desired manner. I ran a finger up and down my pussy lips a few times, as though I was tickling them and teasing him, but I was actually feeling how wide open I was. My inner lips had swollen open, pushing my outer lips aside. I was sopping wet and oozing with my juices. I could feel my clitoris swollen out from between my inner lips, (I have a very large clitoris when it is swollen) pushing its way from between them and protruding out in the open as it always does when I am at the height of sexual excitement.

I watched his penis swell as it became extremely hard and grew out of the leg opening of his bathing suit. He seemed to have a very long penis because it was extended about 3 inches out of his bathing suit. I thought I would only see the head but I saw a lot more than I had intended on seeing. As I lightly ran my fingers over my swollen pussy lips and touched my exposed clitoris he imitated me and ran his finger tip over the head of his penis. Each time I slid my fingers over my clitoris a shiver of pleasure ran thru my body.

Even from the distance that I was seeing him, I could see the glistening of a drop of his semen on the tip of his penis. As his finger moved over the head of his penis it was obvious that the little drops of his semen were being spread all over the head of his penis.

Seeing a complete stranger show me his penis as he watched me fondle my pussy in public served to further inflame my already burning desires. The thrill that this whole scene created in me was fantastic. Just the idea that a good looking stranger was looking at parts of my body that he is not supposed to be seeing had me extremely wet. I was tingling all over and my pussy was so sensitive that I wanted to masturbate right then and there. The idea even crossed my mind but I dismissed it and decided that I had probably gone as far as I should go. I lightly tickled my lips with my finger a little more then gradually I slipped my bathing suit back over my pussy and covered myself.

I sat there and continued watching him and he stayed hard for a long time. I guess I didn't help him any because I was sitting there pursing my lips into a round shape, as though I was sucking on him, and he was sticking his tongue out and licking in an upward motion as though he were eating me. Each time one of us would make a mouth movement the other would begin to laugh.

After I covered myself I must have watched him for a good 10 minutes before his penis went down and shrunk back into his bathing suit. I laid back down eventually and we stopped watching each other. I did keep my eye on him from time to time the rest of the afternoon, hoping to get another good peek at him.

He left the beach first and we left it a little later. As I was standing up at the changing room waiting for my husband to finish in the men's changing room, my handsome stranger came walking out. I sheepishly grinned at him and he grinned back.

Later when we chose a picnic table and started eating I noticed that he was at a nearby picnic table with his family. Once again our eyes met and we exchanged smiles. After we ate and before we left the picnic area I walked over to the trash can to dump our trash and he walked over at the same time. He lifted the trash can lid for me and as he did he mumbled under his breath something about, "Very nice."

I mumbled back, "You're not so bad yourself."

I never saw the guy again but I will never forget that day at the lake and I hope that he will never forget it, either.

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