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Epistle To My Lady Ch. 04


This story is complementary to the ones called "Epistle To My Captain", written by RedHairedandFriendly. Due to the recent tragic passing of Colleen Thomas, aka "Colly", I dedicate this particular one to her memory. This is part of the "Epistle To My Lady" series that I have been writing, in conjunction with RedHairedandFriendly. I have had a lot of pleasure writing this series, and do not intend to stop until the Muse indicates that I should do so, or that she should stop writing it. I hope that you continue reading and enjoying this series as well.


My dear Lady,

Let me commence this letter by saying that I am pleased that you share my wish to become man and wife when we are older. This would make me happier than any other man, knowing that we could perhaps have some life outside of the traps of birth, office, and duty. Of course, this desire is one that we will have keep as our sweet secret, just a matter between us. No one else needs to know of our plans as yet. It will be our hidden happiness, to understand our mutual hope for a private life together. We could grow old as lovers, sharing what the Fates have so far denied us.

As for the issue of a child, well, I am also pleased that you appreciate my idea for Philomela to wed Ganymede. I had thought that advising them to use the services of a courtesan to allow them some pleasure would be a good one, but then I thought better of it. No, Ganymede can do his own dirty work in regard to looking for someone to make him a harder man. Clearly, Philomela, for all of her charms, will lack what it takes in that respect.

She will just have to find someone else as well to please her, albeit far from the palace. She doesn't need to linger after she has wed him, thus bringing fresh pain and longing to your heart. She can bear the child, give it to Arachne, and live as Ganymede's trophy wife. The Gods know that is all of the use that she will be to him. His money and fame will be all of the use that he is to her.

Regarding Anexagoras and the condition of the army, I regret once more having to bear ill tidings. He has chosen not to return to our country and face the consequences of his failure and capture. Instead, he has accepted an offer to spend his days in comfortable exile, providing information to the enemy as to our strengths and weaknesses. The man is nothing more than a traitor now. Rumor has it that he has plenty of companions, too, of both the male and female kind. I personally hope that he suffers a bit from Ganymede's disease. Whatever Ganymede's flaws, at least he was a patriot. He left his country rather than live under a Lysanian puppet.

Furthermore, there are reports that Lord Draco is force-marching his army eastward and southward, clearly trying to threaten us from the North. I only pray to Ares and Athena that Lord Hippolytus will do better than Lord Anexagoras. I fear that the war gods will not answer my prayer, but I will hope for a miracle. Perhaps they will be kind. Lord Hippolytus has a bad habit of moving slowly and cautiously, as you know, the polar opposite of Lord Anexagoras and his haste. Let us hope that he is the opposite of his treachery as well.

Well, my love, I very much look forward to our next meeting. Our last was incredible, at least for me. I very much hope and believe that you enjoyed it, as did Antigone. I got that impression from the way that you tensed up as you climaxed. It did not seem a false orgasm to me. Of course, being a man, I have no certain way to know that. Given your desire for buggery, however, it made sense that you would enjoy it with so much preparation made for your bottom.

I admit that my cock has never felt a woman so tight around my manhood. The only other time I had tried that entrance, it was that awful encounter with a man that I described. I changed my mind about the penetration of your anus (and that of Antigone), but I very much doubt that I will about men. That experience with my comrade basically proved to me that I like only the fairer sex when it comes to the pleasures of Eros.

In any case, since I filled your posterior with my seed and followed that up by doing Antigone the same favor, I can definitely say that I have been persuaded that anal pleasures are not to be scorned. I will not, of course, make it or attempt to make it the primary act of sexual intercourse with either of you, or of lovemaking with you when we are alone. However, I will definitely add it to the list of things that I find delightful and am willing to perform with you. So, my love, you have cured me of my fear and loathing of buggery. Once more, you have proven the dutiful servant of Aphrodite.

I also loved watching you and Antigone lick my seed from each other's sphincters. It got me extremely hard, as you know. It was a very sensual thing, to witness two women tasting each other. It was little wonder that I was ready for you again once I washed my phallus. I hope that Antigone appreciated her second helping. Given the fact that I needed to recover after that, as I am not Priapus, it had to be my last release at the palace that day.

That was not the sort of scene that makes me jealous, as I said before. It is the knowledge that another man will call you wife and you must call him husband that arouses my envy and jealousy. By all of the Gods, I swear that I will never disgrace myself by causing any scenes, but I will never be pleased at that thought. I suspect that you are jealous of my wife in that respect as well. It is also, of course, what I mentioned in my last letter to you: the idea that another man's seed will become a child in your womb, not mine. I understand, you see, your jealousy in that matter too.

I am just glad that I do not share the "oddities" of that traitor, Anexagoras. They invite blackmail and humiliation. That is not only true of his servile behavior in bed, but also of his taste for, how did you put it, "creatures of the woods"? Well, enough of that.

As for Laertes, I hear that he has a new lover. I naturally have to wonder if the young man he chose was really your selection. Either that, or it was Leonippus's, at your behest. He does have connections in those circles, as you know.

Whatever the case, I am impatient to meet you again. That is certain truer of you than of my wife, although I will not neglect her needs, either. I care about her and enjoy bedding her, but she isn't my lover. She never has been. It is just one of the tragic decisions of the Fates, that both of us must wed out of convenience and love each other instead. Then again, the Fates are often cruel that way. Of course, they might just have compassion on others in letting them enjoy a legal claim, since they couldn't have our love. Sexual relations with Arachne is a pleasant duty, while making love to you is an undiluted delight.

Regarding what you said once, when I close my eyes, I think of you as well. Coupling with Antigone and Philomela is one thing. They are delicious daylight diversions, and the former is done in your presence, after I have coupled with you. On the other hand, it haunts me at night when I do not lie next to you. Performing my spousal duties with my wife often requires me to pretend that it is you, though primarily when it is very late and I need to become erect quickly to satisfy a very old-fashioned housewife. Nothing is surer to make me stiff than to think of my lady, my Queen, my Elissa. Arachne owes you a far greater debt than she can imagine, my darling lover.

I look forward to the day when both of us are truly free to wake up next to each other, cuddle, make love at any time of day, kiss, eat together, and be openly a couple. Such a freedom is well worth the sacrifice of privilege and office. Until then, I will revel in what pleasures we have together, as well as what time we can steal from our public and social responsibilities. I remind myself that the better I do my job, the sooner that day will come.

Your Captain,

Lord Cadmus

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