tagNovels and NovellasEqual Shares Ch. 16

Equal Shares Ch. 16


Denise woke up.

She immediately wished she hadn't. True, this wasn't the first hangover she'd woken up with on this holiday, but that didn't make it any better. 'I'll have to get up and get some water down me, oh and some painkillers,' she thought. She put an arm down to help lever herself out of bed.

When her hand fell on something she wasn't expecting, she remembered, 'Oh, God! Jim!'

She looked across to her left, where he was still asleep. In the diffused light coming through the curtains she studied him for a moment. Fast asleep, face slack, she could still see the fresh, open good looks that had attracted her in the first place. But she wasn't sure why she'd been so eager to take him to bed.

Suddenly the world spun on her, and she shakily got out of bed and made her way to the bathroom. Denise just made it in time to vomit down the toilet. Once she was sure her spasms had finished, she sat on the toilet for a while, taking care of business there while she waited for the shakes to reduce a little.

Finally feeling it possible, Denise stood up and looked in the mirror. Her reflection was pale, looked clammy and she winced at the sight of herself. It was time to look after herself a little.

Denise had put a stock of painkillers in the bathroom cabinet. She grabbed a couple before making her way to the fridge for another bottle of water. She sipped it, swallowing her tablets, giving her body a chance to begin recovery.

She glanced at the clock. Eight forty-five. It was still early in the morning for the party-party people, but Denise knew she'd not get back to sleep now. 'Time for some toast and coffee,' she thought. Denise scribbled a note to Jim, telling him she'd be at the restaurant downstairs in case he woke. She threw on a t-shirt and some jeans shorts and, grabbing her key and her purse, made her way down there.

While Denise was eating her breakfast she suddenly stopped.

'Shit! He didn't wear a condom!' she thought. 'It's a good job I'm on the Pill, but...'

'No. No. It couldn't happen. Any way, Jim was clean and fresh, and wasn't very experienced so it's not like he's been sleeping around. There's no need to worry.'

'None at all.'

Denise went back to enjoying her toast and coffee.

- - - - - - - - - -

By the time Denise had finished and returned to her room, Jim was stirring. When she opened her door and looked across at the bed, Jim opened one eye and focussed, with a little difficulty, on the red-head.

"Hiya gorgeous," he managed. It was croaky and scratched, but comprehensible.

"Aw, did you have a tough night, little baby?" crooned Denise as if to a child. "Let me take care of you," she continued, sashaying towards the bed. On reaching it, she grasped the covers and pulled them off in a single fast sweep.

"Hey!" Jim yelped, then fixed her with a determined gaze. "Time for you to learn not to do that to the Jimbo!" he told her severely, before grabbing her, hauling her onto the bed and holding her down.

Jim began tickling Denise, concentrating under the short ribs, then holding one foot and tickling there. Denise was in fits, giggling laughing, and finally begging him to stop.

He let her go, and the two of them recovered for a moment. Then Denise told him, "You're still in time for breakfast if you want it, or I can make a coffee in here if you'd prefer. Or there's water in the fridge?"

"I'll get a water, I think," Jim told her, and went to do so. When he came back to bed he had sucked down half the bottle. Denise turned to him and said, "Jim, we need to talk. We both fucked up last night."

"Yeah, we did, it was fun!" he told her with a leer, but his face fell when he saw her impatient gesture and expression. Denise was serious.

"Don't fool around. Last night, we never used a condom. I'm on The Pill, so pregnancy shouldn't be an issue, but it's still unsafe. We can't do that again."

"Hey, I ain't got nothin'," he told her huffily, but Denise cut him off, saying "No, I don't expect you have, but we can't take chances like that. Besides, for all you know I might have had something for you to catch.

"All of which is past and besides the point. If you want to be with me for the rest of my time here, we use condoms. End of story. Do you want to be with me?"

This was the big question for Denise. Jim was attractive, young, fit and not afraid of trying new things. Denise was really hoping he'd say yes.

"Well, yeah. I mean, I've really enjoyed being here with you. You're fun! I think we could have more fun together for the next few days, and I'd like to be with you to do that," Jim told her.

- - - - - - - - - -

They spent the day together, going for a ride on the tour train. They had a drink in the little bar in Santa Ines like all the other tourists, and laughed together a lot. Jim was quick with jokes and comments, and Denise was captivated. They had lunch together at a Tapas bar, then Jim told her he had to go to his room and get some things. They agreed to meet outside her hotel that evening.

Denise floated back to her hotel. She couldn't believe how good the day had been, how much she'd enjoyed herself, how charming Jim was. He was young, raw and a little rough around the edges but his wit would always get him out of trouble and he certainly seemed to enjoy the attention he was getting from Denise.

She ran a bath, thinking about what to do tonight. After a while, thinking about tonight, she 'let her fingers do the walking'. It took a while - she made sure of that!

- - - - - - - - - -

Outside the hotel, Janice and the girls met her. They were ready to go down to the bars, but Denise wanted to wait for Jim, so she texted him "Where R U?" with a kiss at the end, only to see him walking towards her a scant minute later.

Jim was certainly a happy lad – he was with five pretty girls again! Well, four, because Sue had brought her conquest from the other night along, and she was keeping him very close company.

Denise was content to let Jim flirt with, and be flirted at by the other girls. She knew that Jim would be with her that night. Besides, he didn't pay much attention to the other girls, just enough to be friendly.

This time they never made it into Es Paradis or Eden, instead they spent the evening going from bar to bar, having fun, making noise and generally just goofing off. Around two in the morning Denise gathered Jim, now walking unsteadily, and pulled him away from the others.

"Spoilsport!" teased Devon.

"Yeah, 'We know where you're going'," sang Janice, with a wide smile.

"We know what yer gonna be doin' when you get there, too!" laughed Millie, her arm around an impossibly tall brown figure who had a somewhat goofy smile – testament to a quick trip for them both to the ladies a few minutes earlier.

"Yeah, just what you'd like to be doing!" laughed Denise, as she guided Jim out of the bar.

It was almost two hours after midnight but still the strip was busy. They had to step around a young girl, much the worse for drink, sitting on the pavement, holding her head and saying "I'm not gonna be sick," repeatedly. There were several similar sights, some worse, all normal for a summer night in San Antonio. It took a while and some navigational effort by Denise, but soon enough they were back at her hotel.

They followed another couple into the hotel, rode up the elevator and they were soon opening the door and falling onto her bed.

"Wee-Hay... that was brilliant!" Jim said, loudly.

"Shhh!" from Denise, putting her hand over his mouth. She couldn't help but giggle, though.

Jim was affected by the drink but not so drunk to lose his wits; he looked up at Denise and said, softly, "Right you are. Now, come here and kiss me!"

Denise eagerly complied. They kissed deeply, tongues twining, then his hands were at her top, lifting. Denise pulled back a little to let him, her breasts free a moment later. She removed his t-shirt in the same way, then attacked his shorts. Within moments they were both naked, and she threw herself onto Jim, tackling him onto the bed.

For a little while they wrestled for who was to be on top, but finally Jim flipped Denise over onto her stomach beneath him. He gave her a playful spank to her ass. "Oooh, you like it kinky!" she told him after a short yelp, and then flipped back over, pulling him onto her. She whispered in his ear, "Just how kinky do you like it? Do you want me to be your little slave girl? How about dress-up games? Would you like me to be a maid, or a devil...?"

Jim grinned at her, his white teeth showing in the near-dark of her room. He licked his finger – Denise's lessons again – and placed that hand on her mound. He traced her labia, finding Denise to be very obviously aroused, she was wet and slippery already.

Denise sat up, reaching over to her bedside cabinet. She groped in the drawer, got a condom out, and opened the packet.

Denise wished she could do what she'd read about, placing the condom on the man simply using her mouth, but it wasn't a skill she'd mastered. So she placed it lovingly onto Jim's penis and unrolled it to the base.

Denise was still whispering in his ear, making more and more outrageous suggestions. She stopped for a moment, taking his erection, now painfully hard, and placing him at her entrance.

He thrust home in one go, causing Denise to hiss, then began a slow, steady rhythm. Denise thrust back at him, adding to the excitement, and soon once again began whispering in his ear.

It was just as well Jim had been drinking, and had the condom, otherwise he'd have cum almost instantly, Denise reasoned. She could tell by the way his thrusts became more urgent, powerful, and deeper so quickly.

This one, she knew, would be for him, it would be her turn later. She urged him on, calling to him, telling him, "Cum in me. Go on, harder, faster, yes, yes, YES!" All pretence at being quiet was gone, now, the world consisted of just the two of them, grunting, thrusting, moaning. Finally, Jim held himself in her as deep as he could go, and with a loud "Aaahhhh!" he came, pouring himself into the condom.

For a moment the two lay together, recovering, then Denise gave Jim a small shove and he dutifully started to roll off. She held him for a moment, murmuring, "Condom," and held it onto him. Then she told him, "Better take care of that, honey!" and he got up and went into the bathroom.

When he came back Denise had turned on the bedside lamp. She patted the bed next to her, and told him, "Next time's for me. Get to sleep, we'll pick up in the morning."

Not long after, both were sound asleep.

- - - - - - - - - -

Denise was, again, the first to wake in the morning.

She turned over and gazed at her companion. He was softly snoring, barely more than a cat's purr, lying on his back, mouth slightly open. Denise bent over, kissed him lightly on the cheek, and got up to go to the bathroom.

She found Jim stirring when she re-entered the room. "Hey there, lover," she crooned, and Jim smiled at her.

They had coffee, made in the room, and then Denise pulled Jim to her. "My turn," she grinned at him, and spread her thighs. Jim dived in, going to put his finger in her, but Denise held him back, and Jim remembered, licked his finger, and began to carefully trace the crease between inner and outer labia, before dipping his finger into Denise's dripping hole.

He then started licking gradually from the base to the top of her cleft, as Denise whispered instructions, "Yes, more!" or "Lower" or such. It took a while but eventually Denise was huffing, panting, flushed and then Bam! Her orgasm hit her like a freight-train, all she could do was hang on for the ride. She didn't realize she was calling out to Jim, saying "Don'tstopdon'tstopyesyesyesYES!" Jim's head was clamped between her thighs, her muscles were in spasm, then she let go completely and rolled on her side.

Finally she was able to speak. "Oh, God! I needed that. I think you deserve a reward for that one, baby!" she told Jim, as she reached for his hard-on. She was still foggy from her climax, so at first all she could manage was to stroke him, keeping his erection going, but soon enough she lifted her head and took him in her mouth. Denise loved giving head, she enjoyed the texture and feel, and the ability to give her partner pleasure in this way.

She was working hard on Jim's cock, sucking, swirling with her tongue and jacking with her hand, and she felt it swell and pulse. She backed off so that she just had the head in her mouth, swallowing quickly, lightly sucking the head. Only when Jim's climax was complete did she let go and smile up at him, licking the corners of her mouth. Jim was staring at her, breathing heavily, with a 'just sucked' expression plain on his face.

- - - - - - - - - -

So, Wednesday flew by in much the same way as Tuesday had. The two relaxed and enjoyed tourist stuff during the afternoon, went around the bars with the girls in the evening and clubbed during the night time, with a heavy slice of sex thrown in. Jim was looking happy, Denise was having fun, all was well.

Finally, however, Thursday morning came. Denise woke up first... today she would fly home. She looked at Jim, fast asleep. They'd been up very late last night, and the sex had been good if somewhat of an aerobic exercise the last time.

Dense was looking forward to hooking up with Jim when they were both home. She'd fallen for the shorter boy, she found him physically attractive but also he, unlike other men she'd met here, lavished his attention on her without being distracted by the many other pretty things around.

She had to fly home that morning, so had to get up soon. Since she had to vacate the room, she nudged Jim, waking him.

"C'mon, honey, time to get up. I've got to get everything sorted, and get to the airport. Are you coming there with me?

"Unh? Yeah, whatever," came a grunted response, but Jim swung his legs over the edge, sat up, rubbed his head and began dressing. Denise watched fondly.

Jim helped her gather her things, and actually tried to help her pack, but soon Denise asked him to make a last cup of coffee to allow her to pack uninterrupted. It always seemed that she took home twice as much as she travelled out with! Finally she managed to get her suitcase shut – Jim sitting on it to help – and after a last check around the room, during which Jim embarrassed her a bit by holding up a pair of panties from the bathroom, they left her room for the last time. Jim stood discreetly aside as she checked out.

Janice and the other three girls were waiting outside for the courtesy bus as well. When the bus arrived Denise allowed them to enter first, then she got on. She turned and gave Jim a 'thank you' kiss as he followed her on, putting her bags on board.

Arriving at Ibiza Airport, Denise looked for the Departures board. Her flight was due to leave at 10:10 that morning, and it was already well after nine. They hurried to the desk, got their boarding passes and checked-in their luggage. Denise finally turned to say goodbye to Jim.

She reached out to him, and pulled him into her arms, kissing him deeply. Finally she pushed him back, with tears in her eyes, and told him, "I'm going to miss you, Jim, love. Call me tomorrow?"

For the briefest moment something shadowed Jim's eyes, then he replied, "Sure!" and kissed her again, before Denise tore away from him and went through to departures to board her flight. Her last sight of Jim was of him waving to her, smiling, his cellphone in his hand.

After an uneventful if bumpy flight, the plane landed at Stansted. There followed tearful farewells and promises to keep in touch and the five girls went their separate ways. Soon enough, Denise was home, happy with her holiday but sad that it had ended, as countless others have felt before her.

Denise went to bed that night tired by the travelling and the accumulated effects of the partying in San Antonio, but content in the knowledge that Jim would call her the next day. It was a good job she had Friday off! She put both her landline and her cellphone on her bedside table. Jim had both numbers, if he called her before she woke she wanted to be sure it would rouse her.

- - - - - - - - - -

Denise slept through to after ten am that Friday morning. She checked her phones: no missed calls. She breathed a sigh of relief.

She quickly showered and dressed, and made herself some breakfast. Both phones were never more than a few feet away. Now it was a quarter to eleven, which would be a quarter to twelve, Ibiza time. Still early. Jim would call later.

She busied herself in the minutiae of clearing up after a long holiday. There were clothes to wash, some to throw away, in fact. There were souvenirs to arrange, some stuff that needed sorting for her to take to work, 'All the usual stuff!' she thought to herself. She'd remembered to buy the customary bag of sweets for the office. Courtesy of the Duty Free at Ibiza and a last moment purchase she had the makings for Vodka Lemons, too.

Denise fixed lunch, around about one o'clock in the afternoon. It was now two in the afternoon in Ibiza. Jim hadn't called, so she tried to get through to his cell. She couldn't get a connection. 'Oh, yes I can, its ringing... it's stopped. His phone must be out of charge,' she thought.

The afternoon crawled by. Denise still hadn't heard from Jim. She couldn't understand it. He said he'd call. Gradually she began to wonder...

By half past seven, Denise was sure he wasn't going to call, ever. She made herself a drink, deliberately choosing a Gin and Tonic instead of a Vodka Lemon. Soon enough, she was making another.

Denise felt optimism returning as she began convincing herself that all was well, Jim's phone was simply out of charge and he'd ring soon, tomorrow at the latest.

Then the phone rang. Denise didn't bother looking at the caller ID, she just grabbed the phone and answered it.

"Hello? Jim?" she answered, eagerly

"No, sorry, it's me, Stan," she heard. Her face and shoulders slumped a little. "We wondered why you hadn't called?" she heard Stan continue.

Denise sighed. It wasn't Jim, it was Stan, the other man who didn't want her. Still, there was a chance Jim would ring, so she answered, "Oh, sorry. I'm waiting for a phone call. Um, sorry. Could you..."

"Of course!" Stan answered. He probably just wanted to get rid of her, Denise thought, but then Stan continued, "Look, I just wanted to tell you that we're down at the Mitre if you want to join us. I'll get off the line. See you Monday at the latest, yes?"

"Thanks, Stan. I'll probably stay here, in case my 'dreamboat' might call the landline instead. See ya!"

She wondered if Stan had noticed the sarcasm in the use of the word 'dreamboat'. Probably not, Stan was pretty clueless a lot of the time.

- - - - - - - - - -

So Denise sat by her phones until after midnight. Once again placing them by her bedside, she crept into bed, feeling sad and alone. It took a long time for her to find sleep. Perhaps Jim would call tomorrow. Yes. Of course he would.

Wouldn't he?

- - - - - - - - - -

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