tagFetishErica's Debut Ch. 02

Erica's Debut Ch. 02


This is the second part of the series starting with "Erica's Debut".

Erica Reflects

A few weeks ago Mark turned 21. Just a little over two hours ago, my wife Erica and I met this handsome, well-built hotel bellman as he brought red wine and chocolates to our room. About an hour ago, my normally shy and demure wife had exposed every inch of her sexy body to this his eager eyes. Less than a half hour ago, she first viewed his impressive cock. Twenty minutes ago my faithful wife of twenty years begged our bellman to fuck her. Mark, being a gentleman, did as he was told. And I, being a good husband, cleaned up after him, as I was told. Three minutes ago, my wife, still naked, walked the bellman to the door of our hotel room and saw him off with a deep, lusty kiss.

As she closed the door behind him she turned back to me, smiling and still flushed with excitement, and said "Back in a minute...." She ducked into the bathroom and I could hear her peeing.

The memories of the last two hours were enough to keep my cock from softening fully. I lay on my back in the middle of the king sized bed, waiting for her to finish, and stroking myself back to full hardness, in case she needed me.

My own cum was still sticky on my thighs and calves. My orgasm had come as I knelt between my wife's legs, licking up the tasty residue of her sex with the bellman, as she described the meeting she planned with her new lover and his frat brothers this upcoming Thursday.

Normally I would have gotten a towel or tissue and cleaned myself up, but I was captivated with my wife's newfound sense of adventure and I wanted to be sure that I didn't limit her options.

Erica came padding back out of the bathroom quietly, still naked and still smiling faintly, but her eyes were slightly downcast, and her look was questioning. She hopped into bed next to me, her firm breasts bouncing. She curled up beside me and nestled her head on my chest, spreading her long golden hair across me as I wrapped my arm around her shoulder. She was facing down, so she could my hard dick laying across my belly. For a moment she ran her fingers gently down my chest, toward my belly, and then she paused and whispered, "Do you still love me?"

I chuckled softly at the absurdity of the question. "Of course," I replied. "I've never loved you more.... You're not really worried about that, are you?"

"Well, I mean I did just sleep with another man. While you watched...and I did say some things...and maybe I did some things that I never really thought I could do." She slid her fingers down to my cock and ran her fingers lightly along the underside, making me twitch. "You seem pretty pleased, down here at least." She turned to look back up at me and propped her self up on one elbow and looked into my eyes. "I just want to make sure that you still are happy with me...here," she said, putting her hand over my heart.

"Erica, I know this might sound strange, but not only do I love you completely, I'm really proud of you. I'm really proud to be with you. You're a gorgeous woman, and having you take charge like you did...it was very powerful. It was exciting for me, really...fulfilling."

She smiled again, broadly this time. "I was worried that I'd gone too far. Tugging on your poor balls like that...I didn't hurt you, did I sweetie?" I shook my head no and smiled back at her reassuringly.

"Good, I'm glad. Did I hurt your feelings? I wasn't trying to, just trying to live up to your fantasies. It was difficult for me, being harsh like that." My wife put her hand down on my balls to caress them gently as she spoke to me. "When we talked about your fantasies the things you talked about, they made me think you wanted to be submissive to me, and to my lover. Was I right?"

My heart started to pump quickly. Even after all we'd done and been through, we really hadn't talked openly about these things. We really hadn't prepared. It just sort of happened. I was anxious about telling her what I really felt. But now I was thinking that she had done all of this for me...even the parts that I thought she had done for herself. "Yes, I do enjoy giving up control like that...having you in charge and being explicit about what you want is a real turn-on for me." My dick twitched to emphasize my point.

"I'm glad, honey. But...." She paused and I froze, I was hoping there wasn't a reservation or a regret for her, and it sounded like she was starting down that path. "But I don't think I'm really dominant.... In a way, I was allowing your desire, what I thought you wanted, to control the way I acted. It probably doesn't make any sense to you, but you were in control the whole time." Phew...that was a lot less regret than I thought she might be feeling.

"Actually, it does make sense. I was wondering if you had changed that radically...it was so different for you. I liked it...a lot...and I'm really happy you took the leap."

"To tell you the truth, I've been wanting to spice up our sex life for some time. I just didn't know what to do about it. I got a little carried away at the end there, and made some stuff up to try and fit the dominant role, but I don't really think it's me. I do want us to be partners in our exploration, but I don't want to have to be in charge and making decisions...I want to make them together, or let you make them, even...within limits."

"So you weren't really going to get together with them on Thursday without me?"

"No, honey...I thought it might be nice if Mark could come over for a while, and sometimes on Thursdays you can get home early. If you really can't make it we can do it some other time. Oh, and I hope you're not too disappointed, but there is no 'them.' Mark's not in a fraternity and there is no Enrique or Demetrius...I made that up too."

"Oh, honey, I love you so much." The one thing that I had worried about, in hindsight only, was that she would go back on our promise. I made her promise that--as we fulfilled our fantasies--I would be there for everything she did. It was a big relief to find out she was just teasing me.

In the heat of the moment, the idea of her inviting three men to fuck her without me there to watch was both thrilling and dangerous. It was enough to push me over the edge. Now, I was really glad she hadn't meant it.

She was still playing with my balls, rolling them around in the palm of her hand, and brushed the wet, sticky spot of my cum on my inner thigh. "Hmmm, what have we here? Did you leave a mess? Tsk tsk tsk."

"Yes, I left it so you could decide what I should do with it, dear."

She smiled a wicked smile as she swiped one finger through my cum and brought it close to my lips. "Did you like the taste of Mark's cum inside me?"

"I loved it." She lowered her finger to my mouth and I licked my cum off of it lovingly, as though sucking it out of her beautiful blonde pussy. She started to push her finger in and out of my mouth.

"I really enjoyed you sucking his salty cum out of me...I really didn't cum myself when he was inside me," she said, reaching down between my legs for another dollop, "but when you ate me I came hard. It made me so excited to see and feel how much you were enjoying it."

She fed me another finger of my own semen, and then another. I lapped up every drop until she couldn't find any more to feed me. My cock was so hard it started to hurt.

"Who tastes better inside me, you or him?"

"Him," I answered quickly, impulsively.

"Hmmm, I wonder why that is? Maybe his cum really does taste better in my pussy, or maybe it's just the thrill of when you ate it that made you say that." With that, Erica rose up and straddled me, swiftly guiding my hard-on into her wet, hot box. She sat up and pushed her hips down on me so that I was as deep as I could go. She moved her hips side to side, slowly and deliberately. I felt the tip of my dick flicking back against the nub of her cervix at the end of her passage.

Erica leaned forward until her nipples touched my chest, her face now only a couple of inches from mine. She whispered to me as she ever so slightly rode up and down on my shaft, squeezing me with her tight pussy.

She sounded a little unsure when she asked "When Mark comes over on Thursday, honey...is it okay if we all just fuck? I think I'll get worn out if I have to play the role of the dominant wife the whole time...and I don't think being dominant comes naturally to Mark either. He only made me beg like that because I told him he wouldn't get any if he didn't." I nodded to her and grunted a positive response.

"Good, because I want to feel what it's like to have two men inside me at the same time. I want to get on top of him just like I'm riding you now, feel him deep inside me just like I'm feeling you now, and then I want you to lube up, kneel down behind me, and slowly slide into my ass." She closed her eyes as she said this, perhaps imagining what it would be like to be impaled on two cocks at once.

She started to increase the tempo, and opened her eyes again and whispered. "Then when each of you has filled me up with your seed, I want you on your back so I can sit on your face and feed you cum from both holes. Would you like that?"

"Mmmmm, yes."

"You're a little cum slut, aren't you, my dear husband?" She stopped riding me while she waited for my response.

"I guess I am, as long as I'm eating out of my juicy wife."

"Good answer! I know I said I'm not the dominant type, but I really do enjoy you licking me clean. I'm really glad I caught you jacking-off a few weeks ago." She leaned over and stuck her tongue in my mouth while she reached behind herself with one hand. I could feel her fingers working around the base of my cock and inside her own pussy.

She broke off our kiss and brought her wet fingers to my mouth to lick. "And another thing I want. While you suck the juice out of me I want Mark's gorgeous cock in my mouth. I bet you'd like that too, looking up and seeing him in my mouth while I sit on your face. I hope he gets soft after he fucks me, because I want to feel his soft dick getting hard again while I suck it clean."

Erica had never taken my cock in her mouth after we made love. It was turning me on to hear her talk like this, but I was wondering if she was play-acting or whether she was really planning to do something with her new lover that she never had done with me.

She slowed down again, and then stopped completely. She bent over and traced the tip of her tongue ever so gently across lips. "Then, once he's nice and hard, you know what I want to do?" She was squeezing my cock inside her pussy as she waited for her answer.

"Mmmm...no...what would you want?" I had to really concentrate to keep from losing my load at that moment.

She started rocking again, pumping up and down on my cock while she grunted out her next words. "I'd spin around...and get into a 69 with you...and while I suck your sticky cock...mmmm...sticky, hot, fat cock...I love it. While you lick my creamy clit...still drippy with cum, just the way you love it...I want Mark...to fill my pussy... with his hard...thick...long...ummm...ahhhh...."

She closed her eyes and started to tremble in orgasm as she imagined her mouth and pussy filled, while I licked her sweet little clitty. Her orgasm triggered mine, and we clenched each other tightly as we both came hard.

We lay like that for a few minutes. Wordlessly, she slid forward, my semi-hard shaft smacking wetly against my belly. Smiling down at me she pushed down on my shoulder with one hand. I knew what she wanted and gladly wriggled down between her legs until my face was underneath her wet lips. She sat up and settled down on my mouth, our mixed juices running out of her and onto my tongue.

"So, do you like that idea honey? Would you mind licking my pussy while Mark is inside me?"

She pressed her pussy down on my mouth as I answered. What I said was "no, not at all," but it sounded more like "nummm, num indall."

"I'm glad. I can't wait until Thursday. How about you?"

"Mrrm do!"

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