tagLoving WivesErica's Debut

Erica's Debut


My wife Erica and I have been together for over twenty years. We're both in our mid-forties and, though she's had two kids, she still looks ten years younger and there's not a stretch mark on her body. She's not a diet and exercise nut, but she's naturally well shaped and very, very sexy. Her breasts are a large B cup or a small C, and because she always wears a bra, they are still firm and perky without the slightest bit of sag. I still get an erection every time I see her naked, but I have to admit that hasn't happened very often lately. We both have good intentions, but our sex life has dwindled down to maybe once or twice a month, at best.

So I started to turn to the internet for porn. Every night, several hours after everyone else in the house had gone to bed, I'd sit alone in my home office and surf for pictures that excited me. At first it was the standard stuff, pictures of naked women, and couples fucking and sucking. I especially liked pictures that featured women going down on me that featured the woman's face and the guy's cock. Pictures like this of blonde, blue-eyed, pale-skinned women (like my wife) sucking on big cocks got me especially excited, especially when the woman was taking a face or mouthful of cum. I also found "gloryhole" pictures--with women orally and manually servicing an anonymous cock stuck through a hole in the wall--to be really hot.

After a while I collected a good number of pictures like this, and I started to search the various erotic story sites for additional stimulation. I'd cue up my favorite pictures on a slideshow and read a story, all the while playing with my cock. Initially I found the threesome stories most appealing, both those with two women and a man and those with two men and a woman. Then one night I stumbled on a cuckold story...it featured a woman who caught her husband cheating with his secretary, and she decided to punish him by forcing him to watch her have sex with another man. This story made my body course with erotic sensations that I really hadn't felt since my earliest sexual experiences in high school and college...a kind of delicious tension that went beyond ordinary sexual excitement. I stroked myself slowly while reading it, afraid I'd climax before the story did. I had to stop reading and stroking several times to control my tempo. When I reached the part at the end where the wife straddled her husbands face and made him lap up the creamy deposit her lover had left in her pussy, I came so hard I couldn't contain it with the two tissues I typically used to blot up the mess. Cum poured out and overflowed the tissues onto my pants and my boxer shorts.

I spent the next few nights scouring for the best stories. I generally liked cuckold stories of all types better than all other stories, but the one's that got me the hottest were the ones where the husband was made to watch his wife and her lover. The stories where husbands would arrange another man to seduce his wife were almost as exciting, but the stories where the wife went off with the lover and had sex without the husband watching just weren't as hot. Every time I found a story about a man who was forced to watch his wife have sex with another man, it had the same effect on my orgasm, and I found myself cumming so hard that I would soak and overrun three or even four tissues. I made a collection of my favorite stories on my hard drive.

On these first nights after I found the cuckold story, I tried to find pictures to match the stories, but really didn't have any luck. For some reason there were just not a lot of pictures illustrating this kind of fantasy. Instead, over several nights I made up a special slideshow of my favorite pictures showing women who looked a lot like my wife, and especially showing them giving head and taking loads of cum on their faces or in their pussies. Once I had the right sequence of about fifty pictures I started to page through it slowly, imagining a scenario where a man had sex with Erica right in front of me. A few pictures into the process I started to fantasize out loud...it excited me even more, and it reinforced the idea that this was my wife I was watching.

This was probably the most exciting masturbation ever. I used a little bit of lubricant and as I slowly worked my hand up and down my cock I quietly said things like "Suck it, Erica, suck that big cock," and "That's it baby, make me watch while you get that huge cock in your tight blonde pussy." I was on the edge of coming the whole time I stroked myself, and had to go slow and tug my balls occasionally to keep from cumming too soon.

I was looking at one picture about halfway through the set, and saying to myself "Oh, Erica, that cock looks so good in your pussy. Are you going to make me eat the cum out of you when you are done?"

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard my wife's voice behind me "Is that what you'd want me to do, John?" I scrambled to cover myself up and hide the images on the screen, more in reaction to being caught than as a rational response. After all, she obviously knew what I had been doing. Her question was asked in a curious tone, not an accusatory one, as though she really wanted to know if that's what I wanted.

"Is this what you do at night when you don't come to bed?" Again, her voice was soft and she sounded really curious, though maybe a bit concerned.

I was embarrassed, and my heart was pounding a mile a minute. The picture on the screen was taken from below, between a blonde woman's legs, and showed the head of a long cock just easing into her shaved pussy. "Umm, yes, yes it is. Are you angry? Have you been there long?" I turned slowly in my chair, covering myself with both hands. I hadn't had much luck getting my cock, still hard, back into my pants. I looked up at her; she stood in the doorway to my office, dressed in her nightshirt, one hand on the doorknob and the other on the doorframe.

"About five minutes.... Don't worry, I'm not angry. I just wanted to see...I mean, I guess I wanted to know what you were doing. I'm sorry I startled you." She closed the door behind her and locked it, and took a step toward me. The only light in the room was from my computer monitor. She seemed to have a slight smile on her face.

"Well, this is what I do at night." I was starting to feel a little defensive, now that I had gotten over the shock. "I mean, we don't really do stuff...sex...much any more, and I have to get some relief." I was sitting in a desk chair facing her. She pulled over a wheeled stool and sat down in front of me, her knees touching mine. She reached over and took both my hands in hers, exposing my cock, which had begun to shrink.

She looked me in the eyes. "I don't mind, John. I know you want more sex than I do.... I guess it's sweet that you take care of things yourself and try not to bother me." She looked down at my cock. "And you have such a nice cock. It was turning me on to watch you play with it, especially since you were fantasizing about me." She put my hands back on my dick, which had begun to swell once again. "Play with it for me. Tell me what you were thinking about."

I started to stroke my now hard cock again. She stopped me. "Would you be more comfortable without your clothes?" I nodded and stood up, taking off my shirt, and then dropping my pants and boxers around my ankles. I sat back down and kicked my pants off. "Go slowly, and tell me your fantasy, please." My wife put her hands on my knees and spread my legs apart a bit as I grabbed my balls in one hand and my cock in the other. I started to slowly stroke and told her my fantasy.

"I think about watching you...with another man. He has a big cock, and the two of you make me sit on a chair, or lay on the bed, and I have to watch you suck his cock and watch you get fucked." It was really hard for me to not cum immediately as I told her this.

"This really does turn you on, doesn't it, John? I haven't seen your cock that hard in a long time." She stood up and went over to the desk and leaned against it, partly facing my chair and partly facing the monitor. I turned to face her as she did this. She looked at the screen. "That's a big cock he's got there. I'm not sure I could fit all of that in my mouth, and it might not fit in here either." She lifted the front of her nightdress to show me her pussy. She always wore panties to bed, so she must have taken them off before she came to visit me. She picked up one foot and put it on the edge of my chair, giving me a clear view between her legs. Her labia glistened with her juices, and she reached down and parted her pubes gently to better expose herself. "Tell me more. Show me more pictures and tell me what you think of when you look at them."

I advanced the slideshow. The next picture was of a woman on her back on the bed. The man was standing next to the bed between her legs, and her feet were up on his shoulders. He was rubbing his hard, uncircumcised cock against her pussy lips, but hadn't yet penetrated her. "I imagine your lover has tied me naked to a chair and made me watch as he prepares to fuck you, and cum inside you. You've sucked his cock to make him hard, and now he's getting in position to fuck deep into your sweet pussy."

"Ooh, I've never had an uncut cock in my mouth or my pussy. I wonder what that would feel like with the extra skin? Would it feel more slippery as he pushed it in and out of my mouth? Would it taste different? Would it feel bigger and thicker going into my hot...wet... cunt?" My wife never used language like that before, and never talked about the possibility of sucking or fucking another man in such graphic terms. When she said the word cunt I started to erupt in a powerful orgasm, the first blast of which shot straight up and straight back down on my hand and still spurting dick. I came with a greater intensity and with more volume than I could remember, and my wife took note of it. "This really does turn you on, doesn't it, John. I've never seen you cum so hard or so much." She squatted down between my legs and examined me closely as I milked the last drops of jism out of my cock, so close I could feel her breath as she spoke. She put both her hands between her legs and started to rub herself as she stared.

"Imagine I'm riding that big uncut dick right now. He's ramming it in and out of my hot, wet cunt, and you're watching us. Do you want me to make you lick his cum out of me? Do you want that?"

"Yes, yes I do."

"Prove it then." She reached up with one hand, slick now with her own wetness, and with two fingers scooped a big sticky glob of cum off the shiny tip of my dick. Her other hand was still between her legs, working her clit. She held up her fingers in front of my face and the cum ran down between them. "Pretend that's my pussy slit and lick up his cum."

I'd never before tasted my own cum, but without hesitation I leaned forward and licked her fingers from her palm to the tip, slurping up my semen and swallowing it eagerly. I was enrapt in the fantasy of what she was saying, and I closed my eyes and imagined her creampie spread before me. I pushed my tongue between her fingers and worked it around feverishly to get up every drop.

My wife started to shudder and groan as I licked my own cum from her fingers. She threw her head back in an intense orgasm. I could only stare in wonder as she trembled and shook for nearly a minute...much longer than she typically came. When she was done she opened her eyes, stood up and took off her night shirt. "Rub your juice all over my pussy and lick it off. You have to prove to me that you really want this."

It should have been proof enough that my cock was still hard as a rock. I usually get soft and stay soft for some time after an orgasm, but I was hard enough to cut glass. Still, I didn't hesitate...I needed to prove that I was committed to this, in case she was really entertaining the idea, and not just feeding my fantasy. I didn't want to mess this up, since Erica was typically demure and very shy sexually, her change of character gave me the feeling that she might really be considering this as a reality.

I spread the cum from my hand between my wife's legs, all over her trimmed blonde bush, making sure to rub it over her slick lips. I made sure I wiped every last bit off my dick and thighs, and spread it all over her pussy. She leaned back against the desk and spread her legs, and I immediately knelt down and started to lick all the way from her back door up to her clit. When I reached her clit she cried out in another orgasm, so loudly that she had to cover her own mouth with her hand to keep from attracting attention to what we were doing. I gently cleaned her up completely as she slumped against the desk, spent.

After she recovered, she looked down at me. I was still stroking my hard dick gently, staying ready in case she needed any other service. Her tone was serious as she spoke again.

"This really does turn you on a lot, doesn't it? You're still hard and you're willing to eat your own cum off my pussy." She took my chin and tilted my head up so that she could look me straight in the eyes. "John, are you sure you want this?" I started to answer, but she stopped me. "I want you to think it over carefully, because you know me...you know I can't be casual about sex, that sex always involves emotions with me. I want you to know that I will always love you, but if I decide to go through with this, it is going to affect me, and I'm not sure how it will change things, but things will almost definitely change. You also know that I'm not the dominant type, that I can't even play act that very well. Think about that before you decide."

My mind was racing...my fantasy might actually come true! My cock and balls were all screaming YES!!, but there was a corner of my mind that was seriously considering the caution Erica was giving me. "I do really want this, Erica, and I think, from the two orgasms you just had, that you really want it too." How could I not want it, kneeling between my wife's legs with her pussy juice still wet on my face after the two of us just had the strongest orgasms of our marriage? "But I'd like you to make me a promise. Will you promise that if we do this that you won't have sex with another man if I'm not there to watch? I really couldn't take the idea of you having sex with a guy if I wasn't there."

"I haven't agreed to do this yet, John. I just said I'm thinking about it, or rather that I'm seriously considering it. A powerful orgasm is one thing, but I fantasize about all sorts of things I would never hope to come true." She paused for a moment. We'd been down this road before, where she considered some sort of sexual exploration but then became more and more cautious as I became more eager and involved. "But yes, if I decide to really do this, I'll make you that promise." She squatted down in front of me and kissed me full on the lips, her tongue probing my mouth for the combined taste of our juices. She stood back up with her nightshirt in her hand, and went padding off toward our bedroom. "Now clean up in here and turn off that computer, you kinky little bugger!"

For the two weeks, I didn't say anything more about what happened that night. Like I said, I'd been down this road before so I hoped that by staying quiet about it, she wouldn't be put off. Every night for the next week or so, though, she made sure that I came to bed with her, and every night she pulled me on top of her and begged me to fuck her hard and not let up. Each time I was able to stay hard through my own orgasm, and ride her until she was able to cum herself. And every night after she came she wordlessly pushed my head down between her legs and had me clean up our sticky mess.

On a midsummer night a couple of weeks after she caught me at the computer, Erica e-mailed me at work, saying "I'm jealous that you are looking at pictures of other women when you masturbate. I want you to start looking only at pictures of me from now on. I know I've never really let you take many pictures of me naked or doing sexual things, and I'm going to remedy that. Tonight I have a hotel room reserved for us downtown. After work I want you to go out to one of those sex shops and buy three realistic looking fake cocks. One of them should be pretty small, because it's going in my ass and you know I'm tight back there. One of them should be black (not the small one!) I want them all to look so real that if you were to take a close-up of just me and the dildo, it would look like I was sucking or fucking a real cock. I'll get us checked in and get all ready for you, and I'll text message the name of the hotel and the room number at 6:00. Bring the dildos and a two bottles of our favorite red wine and meet me at 6:30 and you'll get all the pictures of me you'll ever need to fuel your fantasies for years."

I'll have to admit that while I was hard as a rock at the prospect of photographing my wife in simulated sex with three cocks, I was also worried that this spelled the end of my fantasy of seeing her with another man for real. Still, maybe if she got really turned on by the scene, she'd be more open to the reality. On top of that, she'd never in all our years together been this direct about what she wanted, or this forward about asking for it. I did what she asked, and went over to the local adult toy store right after work. I bought a four inch, a six inch and an eight inch dildo, all realistic, all with balls. I could have gone larger, but I'd bought her a ten inch toy in the past and she never used it, saying she thought it would tear her apart. I tried getting the eight inch in black but they were out, and the six inch was the biggest they had in stock. It was also the most realistic, with a dark black shaft and a head the color of lightly-creamed coffee.

Just as I was checking out I got the text message to meet her in room 426 of the Washington Arms hotel, a very swanky place overlooking the river. I raced over to the hotel and up to the room, arriving just after 6:30. The "Do Not Disturb" sign was hung from the door handle. I knocked and through the peephole I could see as my wife approached the door and looked out at me.

"Who is it?" she asked playfully.

"Room service," I answered. Glancing down both directions there was noone else around. "I've got the cocks you wanted, Ms. Smith." I held the opaque, black plastic bag in front of the peephole. The door opened, but only a little as she still had it chained from the inside.

"Hmm," she said, peering around the doorframe so that I couldn't see anything but her face "there could be anything in that bag. Show me those cocks of yours."

I reached down into the bag and got the smallest one first, holding it up for her inspection. "Okay, that one looks like it's just the right size to go into my tight little ass. Is that the one you got for my ass? " I nodded. "I'll take it." She held her hand up on the other side of the opening, and I handed it through to her.

I grabbed the biggest one next. At eight inches it was firm enough to penetrate her (at least the clerk had insisted it would, and insisted his boyfriend took a larger one than that all the time with no problems), but it still dangled somewhat as though half-hard.

"That's a pretty one, but I've never had anything that big in my pussy before. I'd like you to watch me try to fit that big cock into my hot, wet cunt. I hope I can take it!" She held her hand up and I snaked the big cock through the opening. I took out the black dildo last. "Ooh, she gasped, turn it around." I turned the black cock so she could examine it from all angles. "That one looks absolutely yummy. Black cocks always make me think of chocolate. Maybe we can drizzle some hot fudge on it so it tastes like chocolate too. I'll take it." She held up her hand and I handed over the last of the dildos. I waited for her to close the door to unchain it and let me in, but after a brief pause during which she must have been putting the dildos away, she returned.

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