tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErica's Journey of Discovery Ch. 03

Erica's Journey of Discovery Ch. 03


This is a sequel to "Erica's Awakening". I want to thank my editor "Navaura" because she convinced me that we couldn't let Erica's story end with her awakening. All the characters in the previous story return along with a new bad guy that tries to make his fortune by using Erica.

If you haven't read that "Erica's Awakening", it's not necessary but everything will make a lot more sense if you do. Once again I want to thank Navaura. I've monopolized her time with all my stories and she never once complained, she is the best friend a writer could have.

Chapter 3 -- The Test Shoot

After a lite brunch Erica dressed in a very tiny swimsuit and they went to Santa Monica for a day at the beach. Erica was concerned about getting sunburned before her test shoot and made Alan cover her in sunscreen with Alan making sure he covered every place on her body, even those places the tiny swimsuit covered. Erica loved the way Alan showed his love for her and by the time he finished his caresses all over her sensitized body, she showed him how much she loved him with her eyes as well as the goose bumps covering her and a deep kiss.

They played in the sand, worked out with all the fitness equipment located at the beach and spent their evening wandering the Santa Monica Pier shopping, eating and holding hands like the lovers they were. Once they got home they showered and spent the rest of the night cuddling, with each thinking about what tomorrow's Test Shoot would bring.

Erica eventually curled herself tightly around Alan, needing to feel his warmth. With his arms tightly wrapped around her, she could hear his heart beating in his chest, providing her contented safety. She had no doubts that tomorrow would change their life, but she hoped it would be for the better. She knew that she would never forgive herself if she didn't try for this. She also knew that Alan would support her all the way. She had confidence that she would blow them away, but it was Alan that scared her.

He loved her so much that he would sacrifice himself and their love for something he felt she wanted to do. When he found out about Erica's big cock fantasy with Mike, he gave her to him to fulfill her fantasy, even though he thought she wouldn't want him after wards. Erica knew he would sacrifice himself and his love if it was something he thought she really wanted, but he still didn't completely believe that all she wanted was him.

Erica wanted this, but not at the cost of Alan or their love. Erica knew this was really up to her and she had to keep her wits about her. She had to watch Alan, making sure he was never hurt by any of this. If she saw the slightest inkling that any of this would hurt their love or Alan specifically, then she had to make sure she cut her ties with Playboy immediately in order to save her marriage, her love and her man.

Erica was one hundred percent right, because at that moment Alan was thinking that something bad was going to happen and he was going to lose Erica. He loved her so much and if he did indeed lose her, he had to make sure she was truly happy and it was for something better than him. Even after everything Erica had said and done, Alan still had trouble believing that this incredibly beautiful and talented woman could be in love with him. He was okay looking, was a decent lover with a slightly above average cock, but the only talent he ever really had was running his business.

He had never allowed himself to fall in love with anybody and knew that most women were trouble. When he met Erica all his resolve went out the window. From the moment he saw her, he was smitten and every day since he had fallen more in love with her. Even when she shunned him and his love, he still loved her more than he could say. His entire married life he had this feeling of dread, fearful that someday she would find somebody worthy of her beauty and kind heart. Alan knew if she ever did find someone worthy of her love, he would die inside.

Eventually they both fell asleep wrapped tightly in each other's arms and slept restlessly until the morning sun woke them for their fateful day. In the agreement Playboy said that Erica could bring some of her favorite outfits and Mr. Hanson even suggested the outfit he first saw her in, so she did everything they requested. She packed a small gym bag with several outfits and made sure she wore a loose fitting sundress to the shoot. They requested she wear something loose fitting with no underwear, so there would be no residual strap marks on her body when they did the shoot.

They ate a small breakfast and then drove to the building in the warehouse district where the shoot would take place. Both Erica and Alan were still deep in their own private thoughts, and throughout the morning very few words had been said. As they pulled up to the building Alan grabbed Erica's hand and held her hand to his face and kissed her fingers. " Baby I love you so much, I've always loved you and I always will love you. If anything bad happens and you need me, please just tell me and I will be there, nothing no matter how bad, nothing could stop me from loving you."

Erica leaned over and kissed him, giving her own reply. "The only thing certain in this life is how much you love me and how much I love you. Nothing can break us apart and nothing bad will happen sweetheart. Today is going to be an experiment to see if maybe I could change careers, but nothing will take me away from you or you from me. Alan, we're joined at the heart and nothing can separate two people who are deeply in love. Nothing."

They kissed once more and then exited the car. They walked towards the designated warehouse with their fingers intertwined.

As they entered the door to the studio, they found a large group of people awaiting their arrival. Mr. Hanson was there as well as the two photographers she had met earlier. There were also several other women present and a couple of lighting technicians. Mr. Hanson came over and once again thanked Erica for coming, saying he knew this was going to be a fruitful relationship. As he finished talking the two photographers came forward and surrounded Erica and began pulling her into a corner. They talked about the three different scenarios they wanted to shoot and wanted Erica to show them some of the outfits that she had brought with her, since Mr. Hanson requested a particular outfit, they figured they would start with that in scenario number one.

Erica began pulling out the many outfits as she and the photographers huddled, going over different ideas and thoughts. He didn't know if Erica could, but Alan could tell the photographers already had things mapped out in their heads and they were just trying to convince Erica of their scenarios and she seemed to be buying into it. Several of the women came over to distract Alan from what was going on and as much as he loved Erica, having the beautiful scantily clad women fawning over him was definitely a distraction.

Ultimately the scenarios were agreed upon and the photographers left with the lighting technicians to start getting things set up. The two women that were not fawning over Alan went to Erica and said they needed to get her dressed and into makeup. Despite the distractions, Alan was paying attention to everything going on Erica and as the makeup artists steered her to the back room she gave him one last glance before she disappeared.

Everyone else walked out into the studio. It was basically a large warehouse with ten or so different areas set as different sets. The two women steered Alan to a chair back behind the lights where he sat and waited. They seemed to be very attentive and their only job was to take care of him. He didn't really understand why these women had him surrounded and kept plying him with liquor and distracting him by touches and rubs from their bodies. It was almost 45 minutes later when Erica emerged and stepped into the floodlights. Once again Erica took his breath away. Even though she was wearing the same stunning cowl neck top and miniskirt that Alan had seen her in before, but the professional makeup and the way they had fixed her hair made her simply breathtaking.

Everyone there stood stock still and all conversation died off to total silence as she stepped into the lights. It was apparent that everyone was just as stunned by her radiant beauty as Alan was every time he looked at her. Erica squinted at the lights, saw Alan, smiled broadly giving him a little wave and then the photographers were there taking readings and test flashes then suddenly Erica was on the stage alone, ready for her debut in front of the cameras.

Somebody yelled action and Erica slinked to a different spot on the stage where she rolled her shoulders and looked down suddenly looking very shy and innocent. She cocked her head to the side just a little bit, then brought her finger up to her mouth and chewed on her fingernail, with her eyes lifted in a coy, seductive yet playful move. Suddenly in front of the lights Erica became in every man's fantasy, a beautiful innocent woman suddenly understanding the power of her beauty and wants to use it so to seduce her lover.

Her hand dropped to the draped opening of her top and began subtle shifts showing more of her breasts, showing edges of her aureole teasing a close to uncovering her nipple. Her eyes still looked shyly down as if she was teasing herself and discovering her own body for the first time. Her hand slid lower over her taut belly sliding into the top of her miniskirt and as her fingers went further everyone imagined that her fingers were sliding into her pussy and she was playing with herself.

Alan was mesmerized by this temptress in front of him, but as he looked around he could see everyone else was mesmerized as well, several were standing with their mouths hanging open and eyes bugging out and even one of the photographers had the camera down and was watching in rapt attention. Suddenly Erica threw her head back bowing her body like she had just touched herself. Alan swore he heard several people gasp as she did this.

She slid her hand back out of her miniskirt and laid her hand on her belly as her head came forward again and she looked at the camera with smoky, lusty resolve in her eyes. Her hands slowly reached behind her and untied the bow around her back releasing the sides of her top with the top swinging in front of her breasts exposing the plump sides of her breasts with fabric catching on her hard thrusting nipples. Her nipples were the only thing stopping the fabric from completely uncovering her breasts.

Erica's eyes once again reverted to the shy innocent woman discovering her sexuality as her hands came forward and cupped the fabric over her breasts. She shyly looked down innocently watching as her hand almost on its own uncovered one of her breasts. Her mouth fell open in a gasping breath as that same hand and began to pinch and pulled on her nipple.

Her eyes were still innocently watching what her decadent hand was doing to her body and as her second hand joined in uncovering her other breast then her eyes lifted to the camera with a seductive glance while her lips formed and innocent pout. Her hands reached behind her neck lifting and framing her breasts as she untied the bow behind her neck. As the top fluttered to the ground Erica's hands went over her head and her back bowed presenting and showing her breasts to her unseen lover with her engorged nipples begging for attention.

Erica slowly brought her hands down and cupped her breasts presenting them to her unseen lover and with a look that almost said. "Please ravish me." The thumb and forefinger on each hand and began twisting, teasing and pulling on her nipples, causing her back to bow and her head fall back in a passionate moan.

As she teased herself pulling on her nipples her sweet beautiful innocent look came back to her face as she looked down at her breasts like she was not realizing her hands were doing. With her head still downcast her eyes raised looking at the camera in the sultry smile touched the edge of her lips as her tongue peaked between her lips. Her shy innocent look returned as her eyes looked down to see her hands leave her breasts and seductively slid down her tight rippling belly to the edge for miniskirt where one and held it in place while the other unzipped the side. Her shy innocent downcast eyes kept watching what her hands were doing and then as her belly sucked in and hips tilted forward her hands released the miniskirt and her glorious naked body was revealed in all its magnificent beauty.

Erica brought one hand to her clit where a finger gave it a light caress and then she stretched the hood of her clit with her innocent eyes wide with eroticism of the moment. Suddenly a look came over her face like she had suddenly realized she was naked and one hand cupped her mound while her other arm crossed over her breasts attempting to hide them. Her face looked up wide-eyed with a shy innocent stare as her hands tried to hide her already exposed sinfully delicious body.

Suddenly the spell was broken as everyone heard a shout from backstage yelling "cut, cut." Mr. Hanson strode forward and put his arm around the photographer and whispered into his ear. The photographer nodded and then said. "We are going to take an hour's break and then reshoot the scene." He and Mr. Hanson then scurried to the back alcove full of computers. Erica looked confused as did the rest of the crew and one of the makeup artists brought over a short terrycloth robe for Erica to wear.

Erica came out of the lights and came over to wrap her arms around her husband. Alan responded by sliding his hands underneath the robe and over her naked back and holding her tight. Erica whispered to him. "This is where I would rather be; I love feeling your hands on my naked skin. How did I do?"

"Oh my God baby you were fantastic. You're a natural for this." Then Alan tilted her head back and looked into her eyes and said. "All these people are used to beautiful women and you had everyone here mesmerized, even one of the photographers forgot to take his pictures. I've never seen anything like a baby, and I knew your beauty would blow everyone away, but I never knew you could act like that in front of a camera. "

Erica looked up into his eyes lovingly and said. "I wasn't acting. I pretended the camera was you and I was seducing you the way I've always wanted to. It felt like the camera was looking at me the way you do. It was like you were looking at me the way you do when you show me I'm the most beautiful woman in the world and you really want to ravish me. With every click of the camera I felt quivers in my pussy." Erica stood on her tip toes and kissed up at Alan's neck, whispering in his ear. "Do you think we have time to go somewhere where you can make love to me?"

Alan looked at her wishing the exact same thing and was about to respond when one of the makeup girls came up handing Erica a bottle of water saying. "You need to drink lots of this those bright lights dry you out horribly and Mr. Hanson wants to see you over by the computers."

Alan took his hands from around Erica as she looked at him and pouted. He quickly kissed/'s pouting lips and then pulled the robe closed and tied the belt around her waist. They wrapped their arms around each other and walked over to the computers. Mr. Hanson came over and met them just outside the bank of computers and said.

"I'm really sorry to stop the shoot, but Erica you blew all of us away. We knew you are beautiful, but you came alive and when you began to seduce the cameras; well to be honest we weren't prepared for the unbelievable eroticism of your performance. So I've ordered two more photographers and a complete video crew with three cameras."

"I can't say this officially because the talent committee has not gone over your shoot, but Erica in all the years I've been doing this, what you just did out there is one of the top five erotic performances I've ever seen. I don't think anybody in his studio was unaffected by your performance, so I want to use some of this material as your cyber girl shoot." He concluded.

Erica laid her head on Alan's chest and pulled hard to get his arms wrapped around her, likewise Alan held her tight and he could tell by her sniffles that she was trying to hold back her tears of joy and happiness. Alan kissed the top of her head and held her tight as Jonathan Hanson turned to the photographer, said something and then turned and left the studio.

One of the distraction girls that kept hanging around Alan brought over a plate of fruit and another bottle of water for Erica. They adjourned to the couch removed from the set and Alan set down with her in his lap, where they ate the fruit, but mostly just held each other. Erica was on cloud nine with her performance, she was really happy that everybody loved what she did and she felt a sense of accomplishment for the first time in a long time.

However, she couldn't shake the feeling that this was going to take her away from Alan. The last few weeks had really shown her what was important and it wasn't a career, or a job, or what people thought of you, it was the man who held her in his arms right now. Alan made her deliriously happy, so why was she doing this? She knew the answer; because it was in her upbringing.

She was raised to be independent, to never rely on anyone except yourself, to always strive hard and succeed in everything that she did. She felt like modeling could be her new career and she was going to flourish. The way she felt in front of the camera was exhilarating, titillating and exciting. It made her feel beautiful, sexy and desirable, just like Alan did when he looked at her and when she stood naked in front of the camera, it turned her on enormously. The flip side was when she was turned on, all she could think about was Alan making love to her.

As the hour break started coming to an end, a whole new group of people came in and much more equipment was set up. As she watched all the equipment being configured, readying for her to be naked in front of them, Erica felt her nipples harden and her pussy leak tHE nectar that Alan loved to lick. Just thinking about being in front of those cameras was making her quiver all over. A new photographer came over and introduced himself as the director, and then introduced the videographer. The director now had complete control and called Erica back in to make up.

She twisted in Alan's arms and gave him a look that begged him to kiss her, which of course Alan did in a manner that only added to her passionate quivering anticipation. As she headed towards makeup, she glanced back over her shoulder to look at Alan and saw him following her every move; so she gave a little hip shake to let him know that she loved him. She glanced back over her shoulder as she saw one off the distraction girls jump in his lap and try to wrap her arms around him. Erica saw him stand up; looking extremely annoyed and unceremoniously dumped her onto the floor. Erica giggled a little bit and then smiled because Alan's eyes never left her during the entire incident and she knew he loved only her.

In the makeup room they touched up her makeup, she dressed in the same outfit and again when she came out, everyone stopped and silence pervaded the room as they all stared at the feminine vision getting ready to perform for them. Erica repeated her shy, innocent, yet seductive striptease, but this time she couldn't help but give her clit a few more rubs. This time she seemed even more turned on and had a difficult time controlling the quivering need inside her sexual core. She desperately needed Alan to make love to her. She could still smell his scent lingering on her skin and taste him on her lips.

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