tagInterracial LoveErika, Lee and I in Bangkok

Erika, Lee and I in Bangkok


This happened in Bangkok in about April 2006. The names and some places have been changed or left out to protect the guilty. Every time Erika and I tried something new like this, she surprised me with how incredibly sex and to-the-edge she would get because she didn't really come across as the cum-hungry slut that she was capable of turning into. Not that I was complaining.

Erika and I loved going to Bangkok once every six weeks or so. We didn't know anyone there and the anonymity of the place made us feel comfortable that we weren't going to have any unexpected meetings, like we might have had back in Hong Kong. It was a great place to unwind. And to fuck. Something about Bangkok just makes me want to lie on a big double bed, turn on the airconditioning, and have a tight, shaved Japanese pussy lowered onto my cock while I watch the lips spread open to welcome my dick inside.

Eri knew I wanted to take her to a go-go bar and she was into it. We found one of the many in Patpong and sat in a relatively dark corner while sipping over-priced drinks. As the dozen or so Thai teens danced slowly onstage, Eri's hand wandered to my crotch and she slowly began rubbing my already-hard cock off through my pants. Looking at all the tight, young Thai flesh onstage had made me hard and I could see from looking at her white t-shirt that Eri was maybe into it as well. Her nipples were pointing through her bra and shirt and I knew her pussy was damp.

"Are you wet, baby?" I asked.

"You know, I'm always wet," she whispered into my ear while continuing to slide her hand over my cock.

"I like that girl," I said, motioning to a girl who couldn't have been more than about 19 or 20 with long dark hair, medium tits, and long legs. Not quite as dark as most of the other girls, I guessed she was from Chiangmai or somewhere else in Northern Thailand.

"She's pretty. Would you like to fuck her? Or would you rather fuck my pussy?" Eri asked, obviously a little tipsy from the drinks.

"Erika, I'd like to fuck you both," I replied.

I expected her to get a little upset at that but instead she gripped my cock through my pants and said "Okay. Let's go then".

I motioned to the waitress and pointed to the girl onstage, asking how much it would cost to take her back to the hotel with us.

A 700-baht barfine was mentioned, I paid it, and the girl got offstage and went back to change into her street clothes. She came and sat down with Erika and I and we talked a bit.

"Your wife?" she asked, looking at Eri.

"Not yet. Just girlfriend now."

"I like her. Big chest. Cute. My name is Lee."

"Do you like girls Lee?"

"Yes. But only if pussy is smooth. Is she smooth?"

"Yes, I shaved her before we got here. And she will be very wet. I want to fuck you both, okay? And watch you both? How much?"

"2,000 baht for three hours. I fuck you both. You watch. I make you both cum."

Which sounded good to me. Erika was still slowly rubbing my cock under the table and by now, I had my hand up her little denim skirt, trying to get my finger past the crotch of her g-string. I could feel the heat coming from her pussy as well as the juice on her inner thighs. Her cunt was wet, her nipples were hard, and she'd had just enough to drink that I knew she would be in very prime fucking condition by the time we got back to the hotel.

The three of us left the bar and squeezed into a tuk-tuk. Bangkok being Bangkok, it wasn't a strange sight to see a white guy and two cute Asian girls together. Erika and Lee sat next to each other. Looking down I could see they were holding hands and had their legs pressed next to each other's. My cock was absolutely rigid as I thought about what was going to come.

Erika and I had done a few MMF threesomes together but we'd never had another girl with us although I knew a few of her stewardess colleagues had made passes at her either on their layovers in LA or Tokyo or in the shower at the gym. The thought of her having a girl's tongue and fingers in her pussy had fuelled many, many of my masturbation sessions while she had been away flying. We had also talked about it a few times either just before, or while we were fucking. It always made my cock swell bigger and her pussy feel wetter. She always rode my cock harder when we talked about her sitting on a girl's face, spreading her lips open for a hungry tongue.

At the hotel, Lee went and had a quick shower while I undressed Erika and began licking and pinching her lovely round Japanese tits. Lee came out of the shower, wrapped in a thick towel and Erika went in to quickly rinse off. Lee asked me to take a shower as well so I hopped in with Eri and of course went to work soaping up her tits, asshole, and pussy. She slowly soaped my cock but was careful not to get me too close to cumming.

Eri and I got out of the shower and kissed each other hard while I traced a finger around her clit and through her slick cunt lips.

"Thank you so much for this, baby," I whispered to her.

"Don't mention it. I've wanted to try this for a while," she replied.

Back in the bedroom, Lee had started playing with herself. Her long legs led to a tiny little set of pussy lips that she was holding open with one hand while slowly working her clit with the other. Eri and I sat on either side of her and took a nipple each, slowly pinching and pulling them, getting them nice and hard. Eri looked at me with a look of pure Japanese slut lust and slowly bent down to suck her first nipple since breastfeeding.

Watching my beautiful girlfriend suck the Thai girl's nipple the way I often sucked hers made me groan. My cock was so hard and I slowly rubbed the precum around the tip as I watched Eri work on Lee's nipple. Slowly, she moved her hips and legs around so that her pussy was within Lee's reach. Lee took a hand and slowly caressed Eri's bum, now only a few inches from her face. Eri looked up at me, Lee's nipple still in her mouth and gave me a slutty wink. She reached over and gave my cock a few jerks and then moved lower, positioning her face above Lee's Thai cunt and her Japanese slit right over Lee's face.

"Fuck this pussy. I want to see you do it. Put your cock in her," Eri moaned, spreading Lee's pussy for me. I knelt between Lee's legs and Eri slowly guided my cock into the little, splayed-open vagina. At the same time, she lowered her soaking wet slit over Lee's face and started grinding her cunt into the young Thai's mouth. I pushed my cock in as Eri watched Lee's pussy stretch for me. Eri put her head down and licked my shaft as I slid it in and out of Lee. She cupped my balls, licked her lips and said "I want your cum".

"Oh, baby. Not yet. Please. But this pussy is so tight that I might not be able to hang on," I moaned.

"Is her cunt hot?" Eri asked, continuing to grind her snatch into Lee's face.

"Yes, baby. It's very hot. Taste it. Let me see you eat this cunt." And I pulled my cock out so Eri could slip her tongue inside the hole I had stretched open for her. She brushed her beautiful hair back and slid her tongue into the smooth Thai pussy in front of her. I backed away slightly so I could watch the two of them tongue-fucking each other, being careful not to stroke my cock too fast or too hard.

Their moans were coming faster now and as Eri pressed her cunt down on to Lee's face, Lee pressed hers up to Erika's tongue. Eri worked two fingers in and out of Lee's pussy and my two Asian sluts licked and finger-fucked each other harder and faster. Both were moaning louder and had their legs spread as far as they would go. Erika looked up at me with those beautiful brown Japanese eyes and moaned that she was about to cum.

"Cum, Erika. Cum for me, honey." I said, moving around to watch Lee eating my girl's pink cunt. Lee clearly had been with women before because she was expertly sucking Eri's little clit into her mouth and lightly pressing against her asshole. She held Eri's pussy open for me to see and held her fingers up for me to lick. Eri moaned that she was cumming as her body shook and then went rigid for a second, Lee's tongue deep in her pussy. Eri shouted something in Japanese as she came and then she seemed to go limp, her pussy lips spread over Lee's face and her head resting on Lee's thigh.

The two of them got out of their Asian sex slut 69 and lay on the bed together, stroking each other and lightly kissing, tasting their pussies on each other's face. For a second I think they forgot all about me. That image of two slender Asian women, one Thai, one Japanese, their long, dark hair and their hard nipples and shaven pussies, will stay in my head for a very long time. Occasionally they touched each other's pussies and lightly shuddered while continuing to gently kiss. After a couple of minutes they separated and turned to look at me, my cock standing rigid, dripping precum.

Lee reached over to grab my cock and slowly guided it into Eri's mouth. It was still a little damp from Lee's pussy but since Eri had just had her tongue right up inside that Thai girl, she didn't mind the taste. She slowly worked my head and shaft, sometimes sliding a finger into Lee while looking at me with those big, brown eyes.

"I want to watch you fuck. You watched me and Drew. Now it's my time," she said between licks on my cock. I moved down to Lee's pussy again and again Erika spread the young Thai girl's vagina open for me. I sank my cock into Lee as she softly moaned. Erik pulled up a hotel chair and, with a leg over each arm, watched me fuck the hole her tongue had just been in while she had her right hand between her legs and her left squeezed a handful of her firm Japanese tits. Erika looked right at my cock as I slid in and out of Lee and Lee got up on her elbows to watch me fuck her, pinching and pulling on her nice hard nipples.

The girls watched my cock sliding in and out of Lee while I alternated between watching Erika play with her cunt and watching Lee squeeze her tits. Between that and the tightness of Lee's smiling Thai cunt, it wasn't going to be long before I shot my cum somewhere. Erika stood up and fed me one of her hard pink nipples while continuing to work on her clit. Then she moved the chair closer to the bed, got on it, facing away from me and pulled her ass apart, showing me her wide open cunt and little pinkish brown asshole.

Every since our second threesome with Drew when I fucked Erika's ass for the first time, she'd been keen to show off her little hole. Making sure I was watching, she slid her right middle finger into her ass, looking back at me as she did.

"You like this, don't you? You like watching me finger fuck my bum, don't you? I love doing it for you. And it feels so good. I love how my finger feels in my bum."

"Oh, honey. Please. You're going to make me cum. Her pussy's so tight and your asshole is so pretty. Please honey, don't make me cum yet".

But I was so close. I sped up my pace, pulling my cock almost all the way out of Lee before pushing it back in, hard. Erika moaned as she worked her finger in and out of her ass and Lee rubbed her clit, getting ready to cum hard. We were all moaning and Lee gasped "No cum inside, no inside" which was fine with me, as long as I came somewhere!

Erika moaned for me to cum on her face and she got off the chair and put her head on top of Lee's stomach, very close to her cunt, her mouth wide open and her little pink tongue sticking out, ready to catch my load.

"In my mouth, honey. On my face. Give me your cum. Give it to me!" she almost shouted as she kept her eyes fixed on the cock splitting Lee's cunt open.

"Fuck, Eri! Baby, I'm cumming. Oh, fuck!" I shouted as I pulled out of Lee and Erika jerked me off into her mouth and all over her face. After what I'd just seen and done with these two Asian pussies, my load was very full and I came very hard. I shot most of it in Eri's mouth but some went over her head onto Lee's tits. Eri reached up and rubbed my cum into the hard brown nipples while more cum dripped from her chin onto Lee's stomach. My cock was very, very sensitive but I milked the last of my cum out onto Lee's pussy lips. Eri moved her head down to lick it up, causing Lee to moan and shudder.

The three of us collapsed together on the bed, the girls breathing gently but me breathing somewhat harder. Lee had promised three hours of fun and we'd used up about half that time with our first round of fucking and sucking. I definitely wanted to go again, but I needed to recover first.

I whispered to Erika that that had been incredible and she hummed gently as she snuggled up against me. I noticed that she and Lee were holding hands. We lay there for about twenty minutes and then Erika rolled over and began to slowly run her hands over Lee's coffee-coloured skin, occasionally running her finger over Lee's little pussy mound. She traced her fingers through Lee's pussy, getting them wet with her juice and then spread the juice around her nipples. I leaned over to lick Lee's juice off Erika's tits, my cock getting hard again very quickly.

"I need to fuck," Erika moaned, spreading herself to show me her wet, pink pussy. "I need to fuck," she insisted. She got on all fours and presented her pretty gash to me while Lee moved underneath her to work on her swollen Japanese nipples. This was great because with Eri's gash in the air in front of me and Lee's cunt on the bed underneath, I could fuck one while fingering the other.

I pushed into Eri's pussy while fingering Lee's clit. Eri moaned like a slut as my cock filled her cunt. She looked back at me, eyes half-closed, mouth in an "O" as Lee pushed her tits together and sucked both nipples at once.

"Oh, fuck me. Please. Fuck my pussy. I love your cock in me. Please fuck me. I want your cum, honey." Erika's cunt was on fire as she pushed back to get me all the way inside her while Lee spread her pussy lips for me with one hand and cupped my balls with the other.

Lee moved out from under Eri and joined me behind her, lowering her head to Eri's asshole and licking it deeply. Lee looked at me and I moaned "Use your fingers."

Lee licked her fingers and slid one, then another into my girlfriend's anus while I watched, fucking Eri all the while. Eri turned to look back at us, smiling as Lee filled her ass with her little fingers. Erika was hotter than I'd even seen or felt her. Her pussy was so wet that I could barely feel her cunt walls as I fucked her although I could feel Lee's fingers fucking her ass. I was fixated on watching my cock and Lee's fingers moving in and out of her but I also noticed Erika was working her clit very hard.

"Fuck me! Give me your cum! Cum in my pussy, honey. Cum in my pussy!" She was slamming her cunt onto my cock now, no longer the demure little sky slut that she pretended to be at work. Her cunt and ass were full and her long, black hair was swinging back and forth as she writhed on the bed, biting her lip, shouting at Lee and I to fuck her pussy and ass harder.

Lee was really working her fingers up Erika's bum, sometimes spreading them apart so I could see Eri's pink insides. Fuck, it was almost too much but since I'd shot such a big load earlier, I could hold off for a little while.

"Baby, I can see inside your ass. You're so pink. Fuck, honey. So nice."

"Fuck my ass, Pat. Fuck my ass'" Eri shouted. We had done that a few times since our threesome with Drew but I hadn't heard Eri use that tone before. She wasn't asking me to fuck her ass, she was ordering me to stick my cock in her asshole. I pulled out of her pussy and Lee slid her fingers out of Eri's ass, spreading her cheeks open for me. Her asshole easily opened from the fucking Lee had given it and I slipped my cock straight in, going all the way up her right away as she let out the familiar long, low moaning noise that she makes when I'm in her bum.

"Ohhhhhhhh, fuck, honey. I love this! I love your cock in my ass like this. Fuck, I'm so full of your cock."

Meanwhile, Lee knelt beside us, watching me fuck Eri's little asshole and rubbing her own clit. She fed me a nipple to suck on but I was too busy concentrating on not cumming in Eri to really pay much attention. But being a team player, Lee got beside me and replaced Eri's hand on Eri's clit, working it slowly, than quickly, softly, then hard. At this point, Eri was in another world, moaning, yelling at me to fuck her ass harder, and cumming over and over from Lee's fingers on her clit.

"Give me your cum! Cum in my ass now, fucking cum in me! I want to feel your cum in my ass!" she commanded. I sped up my fucking, my balls slapping against her cunt lips which were opening and closing with the fucking motion in her ass. Lee's fingers worked faster in Erika's pussy making sexy wet sounds.

"Oh fuck, Eri, I'm going to cum. I can't hold it. Fuck baby, I'm gonna cum in your fucking ass!" I shouted. Lee reached down to squeeze my swollen balls and I shot off into Erika's bum, my head getting dizzier with every spray of semen that I shot into her as her ass muscles clenched my cock. I held her hips and ass right against the base of my cock so she could feel every spurt of cum that I sprayed into her while she screamed as my cock twitched and jerked in her.

I came so hard in Erika's ass that I'm surprised I didn't faint. I eased my cock out and Lee helped milk a few last drops onto her tits. I was very proud to see that, as usual, my cock came out of Erika's ass as clean as it went in. She obviously liked our anal sessions enough to plan her meals around them. Lee's little hand worked the remaining cum out of me while small streams of cum dripping out of Erika's asshole.

The three of us lay back, my arms around both little Asian sluts. One, a dancing girl from a Bangkok go-go bar. The other, a stewardess with one of the world's most high profile airlines. But that night, they were both my fuck toys, their smooth pussies wet and hot for my cock and their mouths and tits hungry for my cum. I kissed them both and then Erika kissed Lee and I while making sure to give Lee's clit a tickle and my cock a squeeze.

After Lee left to go back to the bar, Erika and I tried something else for the first time. She'd had a bit to drink at the bar and hadn't been to the toilet during all of that fucking and sucking. So I got in the huge marble tub, had her stand over me and spread her pussy lips, and then had her pee all over me. It was incredible to see her golden piss shooting out of rear little pee hole that I had licked so many times, I loved the heat of her piss on me and even tasted some of it. It was something we would do again.

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