Erin's Backdoor Adventure

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Cheating girlfriend experiences her first anal sex.
8.8k words
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[Author's Notes: This is an Eroshire short, giving you some smut that doesn't require the best part of an afternoon to read, because I know some of you like a quick jerk off story. Unlike my long form stories, which are written to be stand-alone, the shorts usually expect you to have read another story. In this case I recommend reading 'A Sordid Arrangement' so you know who Erin, Peter and Kyle are.

As for the kinks: this is a story focusing on anal sex. That's it. Just butt fucking. Lots of cock in ass, and a bit of tongue as well for those who like it. I don't write the shorts to be deep.

Except for the penetration. That's deep. Balls. Deep.]

"Congratulations, you survived!"

Peter Follett, still wheezing and gasping despite it being a half-hour since they left the gym on the campus grounds, gave his new best friend, Kyle Matthews, a veritable death glare; he could still feel how red his face was (almost as red as his hair!), and his heart still pounded in his chest! "Yeah... but... for how... *gasp* for how long... *wheeze*?"

"First time is always the hardest," Kyle said. His glorious tanned body wasn't even shining; he had barely broken much of a sweat before deciding Peter had done his gains for the day. Despite it being early November, Kyle had his shirt off and was enjoying a rare day of sunshine and 16C temperatures thanks to warm air travelling up the UK from France. Winking at the girls glancing his way as they passed, Kyle slapped Peter on the back, causing the shorter and chubbier man to stumble a little as they both traversed the university path from the main campus buildings to the place where Kyle and Peter shared a dorm. "Second time will be easier!"

"Oh dear God..." Peter wheezed, although he knew he wouldn't back out. He was determined to prove to Erin that he too could lose weight. He had seen his girlfriend of some six years now change herself from a tall, chubby girl with big tits to a lean, toned, athletic Amazon... with large tits (honestly it was impressive how Erin had burned so much fat yet hadn't changed the letter in her bra size). It wasn't that she had teased him or anything - Erin would never do that to him, it just wasn't in her nature - but she had dropped casual hints that she would love for them to work out together at the gym. 'The couple that gains together stays together!' Or something...

"Hey, at least you haven't thrown up yet," Kyle said, secretly enjoying watching this chubby bit of lard sweat, pant and gasp as he struggled to keep up with the pace the six-foot-three-inch hot, muscular unholy hybrid of a Scottish father and a blonde bombshell Italian mother set with his toned legs (shown off to the admiring glances of passing women thanks to his gym shorts).

Oh yes, while Kyle may be Peter's new best friend, the feeling wasn't mutual: unknown to the ginger, wheezing boyfriend, Kyle was actually fucking Erin, on the condition (set by her) that he 'be nice' to Peter. It had been a month now since Kyle and Erin had first hooked up in the men's changing rooms of the campus gym (the very one Kyle and Peter had just attended): a night full of sex that had seen Erin awaken to her sexual capabilities; astounding Kyle with how good this sexy brunette could fuck! No mean feat considering Kyle had, in the space of a month, managed to fuck over three dozen women on campus (his exploits before uni are better told elsewhere).

"Thanks mate," Peter muttered, breathing hard to quiet his roiling stomach.

"Mr Matthews!"

Kyle and Peter stopped dead before the presence of a well-dressed woman; blonde hair tied in an elaborate bun behind a long, shapely face with thick black glasses; a slender nail, painted red, pushed those glasses back up in front of brilliant green eyes that regarded the taller man with a look of utter contempt.

"Ah! Sandra! What a pleasant surprise!" Kyle said, immediately adopting that smug smirk that normally made women weak at the knees.

Not this one: "That's 'Mrs Rothfuss' to you, Mr Matthews," Sandra Rothfuss, newly promoted (or side-moted, considering her paycheck hadn't changed) to Head of Campus Facilities (her old position as Head of Diversity and Inclusion given over to someone less white and less straight), looked from Kyle to Peter; her expression immediately changing to a warm, motherly regard. "I have a message from your mother, Peter dear: she's disappointed you haven't popped by to say hi to her yet. It's been over two months."

"Yeah... I've been busy..." Peter muttered. Horribly embarrassed that his mother, Betty Follett, was the Head of Psychology for the University of Eroshire. "I'll pop by tomorrow..."

"No problem, sweetie," Sandra said, then looked back at Kyle; her contempt returning like she had never lost it. "I heard about your bed, Mr Matthews. I will take a zero tolerance attitude towards damage of any kind to campus property. Consider the cost of its repair added to your student debt! I hope there won't be any repeat performances - I've heard plenty of stories about your... nocturnal activities."

"I don't only fuck in the dark, San... Mrs Rothfuss," Kyle said, unable to help himself.

Sandra poked him hard in the chest. "Whenever you fuck, Mr Matthews, do so without causing damage to university property!"

And with that she strode off, leaving Kyle miffed that his charm had, once again, had no effect on the statuesque forty-six-year-old blonde stunner. How the fuck had his friend Brad managed to seduce and fuck the woman?

"What happened to your bed?" Peter said.

"Fucked a girl too hard," Kyle said, truthfully. That the girl had been Peter's girlfriend, Erin, was something Peter didn't need to know (not if Kyle wanted to continue fucking Erin...)

Luckily Peter didn't ask any further questions: the man knew about Kyle's sordid sex life, and was quite content to not probe any deeper than what he already knew.

Approaching the building where Kyle and Peter had their dorm, Kyle chanced to look up at his window; noticing a figure retreating into the darkness of his room, Kyle grinned. Sure enough a sound told both men that Peter's phone was ringing.

"Hey Sweetie," Peter said, answering it. "What's up? Tonight? Of course I'm still good for film night... Back To The Future right? All three. It has to be done. Snacks? I've got-... oh... you want cheesy puffs? I haven't got any... no, it's no problem; I'll just head into town and pick some up... no the campus shop doesn't sell them... no I've asked... Apparently you're the only girl who eats them... no it's not too much trouble... I need the exercise... it's a nice day... love you too, Sweetie! See you later!" Hanging up Peter looked at Kyle: "Got to go shopping for the girlfriend. I'll catch up with you later. Thanks... erm... for the torture."

"Next time will be easier: I swear!" Kyle said, grinning as Peter headed off towards the bus into Clinterus; a small town along the Eroshire Valley between the university campus and the coastal city of Coytoss. Small in comparison to other towns in Eroshire like Kreenpye, Bear Bak and the picturesque coastal town of Petty Moore, but large enough to have a decent Tesco.


With Peter out of the way, Kyle couldn't keep the knowing smirk from his face when he finally climbed the stairs to his room; opening the door he found her kneeling on the bed. "Very smooth there," he said to her.

Erin Winters smiled the innocent smile of a loving, caring girlfriend who would never cheat on her wonderful boyfriend of some six years. "You like? Peter's a good man: he'll be out of the way for at least an hour or two... because today, Kyle... it's TIME!" She pulled out a small tub of lube from behind her back. That smile turned into a wicked grin as she bit her lip in anticipation.

"Fuck... it's time!" Kyle said, tearing his t-shirt in his haste to declothe. "You been doing those exercises I taught you?"

"Fuck yes!" Erin said, pulling off the black Tool t-shirt she was wearing. "Anal stretching, anal bleaching; you fucking name it my ass is READY BABY!!!"

God, Kyle had been *waiting* for this day. They had briefly tried anal sex the second night that they had hooked up, but it had quickly become apparent Erin wasn't quite ready for a man Kyle's size in her tight asshole. Kyle had given her some homework to ease her ass into taking a cock of his considerable girth, and a few weeks later it seems Erin had diligently followed his advice!

In less than a minute the both of them were naked and on Kyle's (brand new) bed. Kneeling in front of him, Erin lowered herself to all fours, giving her shapely toned ass some inviting wiggles as Kyle knelt behind her; looking like the cat who had got the cream, the cream factory, and a lot of stocks in future cream sales.

Placing his hands on her ass cheeks, Kyle gently spread them to give himself a good look at her asshole. It definitely seemed a little more inviting than the last time he had tried to push his big nine-inch cock inside it. "Hmm... I can't tell if you've done what I asked you to," he said. "Might have to test it a little..."

"What are you- OH MY FUCKING GOD!" Erin gasped as Kyle shoved his thumb deep into her asshole. "Warn me before you do that!"

"We need to get you a little more relaxed about stuff going in here," Kyle said, grinning as his thumb explored the first few inches of Erin's sphincter. She moaned with how good it felt as his thumb pushed deeper into her; then Kyle's fingers moved beneath her to find her pussy.

"Oh you cunt!" Erin moaned as he began a two-pronged attack on her ass and pussy. His thick thumb was stimulating her asshole nicely, while his fingers were warming up her pussy, rubbing her clit as his other hand reached down to cup one of her huge tits. "Oh fuck! You going for all of the zones?"

Kyle grinned. He and Erin had fucked like rabbits these past few weeks, and he had come to know her erogenous areas quite well. Erin's tits, that had miraculously kept the fatty weight even though she had trimmed the rest of her body to a lean, muscular frame, were especially good for getting her on the road to cumsville. He was hoping her ass would be equally sensitive, and from the way she was wriggling as he wriggled his thumb inside her asshole it seemed that he would soon be onto another exciting discovery on Planet Horny Erin!

Speaking of which: "Oh you fucking piece of shit! Push harder!" Erin moaned, her voice lower slightly in that way that Kyle now associated with her horny side taking over all rational thought. "Fuck me up good! You cunt! You piece of glorious shit! Oh I fucking love what your doing to me with your fucking piece of shit hands!"

She also got really fucking potty-mouthed. Combined with her accent - that Eroshire twang so horribly similar to the mispronunciations common to residents of Essex to the south - it made her seem like she just stepped off one of those God-awful reality TV shows on Channel 4.


"You like this?" Kyle grinned as he shoved his thumb in nice and deep. Really opening up her asshole for his cock in a moment, while his fingers worked their magic on her glorious cunt. "Do you like it when I play with your ass?"

"OH GOD YES!" Erin leaned forward into the sheets and moaned as she came. Jesus! Kyle had only been finger-fucking her ass and pussy for ten minutes, but he had already made her cum! God! She *loved* fucking this man!

Kyle, likewise, was loving watching this horny woman, that he had chased after for almost a month before she finally agreed to fuck him, cum like a banshee after only ten minutes of play. If she came this hard now, then Kyle was looking forward to seeing how she would cum when the main event started.

Which was right now.

Holding his cock next to her asshole, Kyle grinned with savage determination as he gently held the tip of his cock against her tight orifice. Erin whimpered, but in that cute way that told him she was eager to feel this next event.

"Ready?" Kyle said.

Erin nodded. "Do it!" She said; her voice charged with eroticism. "Fuck me in the ass!"

Kyle pushed. His cock met brief resistance, and for a moment Kyle wondered if this would be a repeat of the first time they tried anal sex; Erin's asshole resisted his entry until they had given up and gone back to vaginal intercourse for the next six hours.

Then... he felt something give. His cock moved forward, squeezed between the sides of the anal opening like a thick meaty worm squeezing into a tight hole.

"Fuck!" Kyle gasped as he felt an incredible pressure around the head of his cock. If she was so tight already, how would it feel further in? He had barely gotten one inch of his cock into her ass, and Kyle had eight inches to go! "Jesus, Erin! You're fucking tight!"

Turning her head to regard him with a smug grin, Erin said "tighter than my pussy?"

"Oh Jesus Christ yes!" Kyle said breathlessly. "Oh sweet fucking heaven, you're going to feel so fucking good around my cock!"

"Hmmm..." Erin smirked as she listened to him. Oh, she really did enjoy surprising a guy like Kyle Matthews with her body and her skills in sex. While Kyle was still evasive about exactly how many women he had slept with, Erin knew it was a sizeable number; so every time he said to her how much he enjoyed having sex with her a primal part of Erin's brain couldn't help but score a point on an imaginary blackboard: Erin 15, other sluts 0.

Kyle meanwhile was concentrating on pushing his large cock head (considerably large, even by the generous standards of Eroshire men) into Erin's ready-and-willing arsecrack. This was all he had been thinking about since their first brief taste of anal sex on that night when Kyle had seen to Peter with the aid of some potent sleeping pills, and taken his almost-six-feet-of-pure-sex girl back to Kyle's own room and proceeded to fuck her silly for literally the whole night. Kyle hadn't kept track of how many times he had pumped his load into Erin's pussy, mouth, and all over her tits, stomach, face, arms, and legs - but that one attempt to fuck her ass had refused to leave his mind for days.

This would finally banish those thoughts with a feeling Kyle knew he would never forget.

Her ass was resisting his cock like the Gates of Moria*, but Kyle was a determined fucker of ass and continued to press forward with his hips, relishing the feeling of her hot ass cheeks pressing against his cock. "Fuck yes!" He gasped. "I've waited for this!"

"Hmmm... you have," Erin said, unable to keep her eyes off of his face as Kyle pushed himself into her eager anus. "You've been a very patient boy. So much waiting while I've been prepping my ass for your amazing cock... I hope my pussy, mouth and tits haven't been too disappointing for you."

"Nothing about you can be disappointing!" Kyle said, grinning as he continued to apply a lot of pressure to his cock as he slowly pushed it further into her colon. "Oh sweet Jesus! How can you feel so fucking good? Your ass is gripping my cock like it owns it!"

"Maybe it does!" Erin grinned. Her fingers were gripping the sheets as she felt Kyle's massive rod slowly invade her ass. Holy shitballs! Kyle felt huge inside her vagina, but somehow he felt even larger inside her ass, or perhaps because she wasn't used to him yet? Whatever the reason, Erin couldn't help but moan in appreciation as Kyle continued to push inch after inch into her.

"You like that?" Kyle said, grinning triumphantly as he pushed another inch in. He was five of his nine inches into her ass, and the pressure around his dick was threatening to crush it into a fraction of its size. Kyle, though, was determined to conquer this ass, as he had conquered those before it. "Fuck yeah! Take my cock you horny bitch!"

"Oh fuck! God, you feel so fucking HUGE!" Erin moaned as he pushed six inches deep into her tight asshole. All the work she had done to increase her anal flexibility still hadn't prepared her for just how large Kyle was. Or how large he felt, at any rate.

"Bigger than Peter?"

"Jesus! We've already fucking established last time you're bigger than my boyfriend!" Erin said in frustration despite the pleasure now shooting through her as she felt Kyle's rock hard and hot as fuck cock slide another inch into her - two to go! "Have you not got any new dialogue?"

Kyle frowned - constantly reminding cheating girlfriends that he was bigger, thicker, and could fuck them better than their boyfriends was generally his go-to cheating sex banter. He never had to think outside the established tropes before, but then Erin was not like the other girls. "Erm... I love your tits, Erin!" He said, and leaned forward to reach beneath her; sinking his fingers into a pair of luscious mounds that had, through the miracle of contrivance, not lost any fat despite her ferocious workout routines.

"Oh I know you do!" Erin grinned as Kyle's face appeared at her shoulder. "How much do you love my tits, Kyle?"

In answer he gave them a squeeze, before returning his hands to her thighs and pulled hard.

Erin gasped as Kyle pushed forward those final two inches. He was actually balls-deep inside her ass! "OH SHIT!" She moaned as she felt all nine inches of Kyle's impressive fuck engine in a tight ass that was ready for a good pounding. "YOU'RE IN MY ASS, KYLE!"

"FUCK YES!" Kyle said, grinning deliciously as he sank his fingers into her pale thighs, his legs on the bed braced for the power to be unleashed. "You ready, Winters? Ready for me to fuck you in the ass like the cheating slut you are?"

Turning her head round to look back at him, Erin grinned. "Oh I'm ready, Matthews: give me your best shot!"

With the gauntlet thrown, Kyle pulled back with his muscular thighs; gasping with how good it felt as his cock slid back. Her ass sucked at his lengthy rod like it was reluctant to let it go. With his length almost fully withdrawn from her ass - only his thick cock head still remained inside - Kyle clenched his own ass to ward off blowing his load too early before he slammed all nine thick inches back into her.

"FUCK!!!" Erin screamed as she felt Kyle slam his length back into her. Even after feeling him pound her pussy so many times by now nothing had prepared her for the feeling of nine inches of rock hard cock plunging into the depths of her guts like Kyle wanted to blow his load directly into her stomach.

Then the pounding truly began: with his path secured Kyle clenched hard on her thighs, as his hips began to move back and forth hard and fast. His cock slammed deep into her ass; each time he pulled back her anal muscles sucked at his dick like she was loath to let his dick go. Sucked at it with more force and power than her vagina ever gave him.

"HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" Erin moaned. Her hair flying all over the place as her body shook so violently her bones were vibrating with the power of Kyle's thrusts. "OH GOD! YOU'RE SO GOD DAMN DEEP! SO FUCKING HARD AND DEEP! OH MY GOD! YOU'RE RUINING MY ASS!"

"That's the FUCKING idea!" Kyle roared as he hammered his cock deep into her. All of his big, nine-inch cock plunging deep into her anus. Shoving all of his rock hard cock meat deep into her guts. His fingers clutched at the soft, pale flesh of her thighs. Sinking into that warm flesh like he had done so many times already these past few weeks, but this time his hard cock was plunging into her tight anus. He was conquering her ass like he had conquered her pussy so many times.


"You get to appreciate a good hard cock when it's in a tighter hole!" Kyle said, grinning as his cock continued to piston deep into her ass. Oh, but did it feel so good when he pulled back, and Erin's tight arse sucked and pulled at his cock like a vacuum cleaner. Kyle practically felt the hot cum in his balls roil at this invitation to erupt and flood her guts with his potent seed.