tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErotic Adventures Ch. 13

Erotic Adventures Ch. 13


Jim and Peter began to talk about sporting interests and the various equipment for maintaining a good physique. I heard a reference to the Grecian Athletic Society and the relative merits of exercising in the nude. I was trying to listen to them but there was more interesting conversation taking place between Katrina and Sally with regard to their piercing placements. I listened until they went for a swim with Rebecca, Karen and Wayne. Peter and Jim carried on talking, fully absorbed in their discussion. Annie was just resting, almost asleep.

"I'll just stay with Harry, if that's all right." I declined when Rebecca asked if I wanted to come.

I asked Harry if he had finished for the day with his assignments, hoping that he might have forgotten about the surfing event to come.

"You don't get out of it that easily." His blue eyes twinkled with mirth. "I've got to say that I was surprised by your boldness earlier." He confided. "Just remember to be yourself and ignore any silly comments about your body. I know you still get a bit worried but there's no need." Harry was almost whispering now. "You seem confident enough whenever Annie's around. She's a good influence on you so stick with her if I'm busy, later on." He glanced at his watch and got his camera gear ready. " 1 pm. Only half an hour or so to go."

"Till the contest?" I pricked up my ears.

"No, till they make the announcement." Harry explained pointing to the main part of the beach. "They have to give notice to the rest of the beachgoers about the beach being declared a free beach for the afternoon. They have an obligation to warn the other people, before it's legal to be naked during the contest. Karen and Katrina were telling me earlier on." He cackled. "Like we had to at the protest rally, last night. You're suppose to get a permit for that sort of thing. Mind you, I don't think there'll be many leaving today." He looked around. "I've never seen so many people here on a Monday."

Harry fussed around with his cameras and I took the opportunity to read the smaller part of the novel he had brought for me. 'My Sexual Awakening' read like an introduction to exhibitionism, where Barbara come to realise the thrill to be had from displaying her naked body to complete strangers. I had been living this for the last three days and could readily empathise with her position. When I read the part that dealt with her first piercing, a clitoral ring, I took a lot more interest. I began to understand the motivation and the benefits that she experienced in having the procedure done. Harry took a few items and excused himself to go back to his car.

"Just stay and read your book for a while." He put his shorts on and left. Ignorant of time or passing people, I luxuriated with my head on a folded beach towel and soaked in the cloud filtered rays of the sun, idly flicking through the pages. I became absorbed in the book again. Upon finishing Ch.5 I realised that the four friends were intending to take their relationship into the realm of 'wife-swapping'. Barbara and Cathy both had fantasies involving the other's partner. The book reminded me of my own deep rooted fantasy world. Harry's casual words returned to haunt my thoughts: "Has Peter asked you to have sex with another couple?" Harry had openly admitted that he had tried group sex himself. I wriggled my body in the sand, dreaming about what my answer might be if Peter should happen to hold the same beliefs. That fantasy of mine, involving Gerry, might become more than a dream. I started Ch.1 of 'Addicted to Attention', eagerly turning the pages, with a growing interest in Barbara's narrative of her unconventional, philosophic beliefs.

"Are you going in for the contest later on?"

I looked up and saw three older, fully dressed men gazing down at me as I lay reading in the sun. I sat up with a start and looked around.

"Excuse me?" I queried, wondering if the men were officials or perhaps beach wardens. I felt a pang of guilt and fear, similar to the time Harry had discovered me in Peter's old shower room. I was alone and equally naked. Even Annie was no longer nearby, dozing in the sun. Her gear was gone and I was on my own. I dropped my book and reached for a towel, assuming that Harry had taken one of his trips back to the Volvo. Although there were still other groups of people around me, my friends were still in the water, swimming.

"Sorry to disturb you, Miss, but we were just curious. We came down that pathway over there." The ruddy faced older man pointed over toward the rocks with his fishing rod. "We came over to watch the new contest, surfing that is! There was a trace of a smile on his face.

"We understood it was going to be a nudist event." The bald-headed man with a weathered face interrupted. "We were fishing over in the next cove and we just wanted to see it." He explained.

"We thought we might have lunch over this side and watch the fun." The silver haired, walk-short clad man interjected. "Our wives think we're fishing all day. We've never seen a nude surfing contest before." He explained. "Hope you don't mind us asking you like this?"

He shifted his feet awkwardly in the sand.

I could see the humour in the situation. In a matter of moments I could see that the men were completely harmless. Only the man that had spoken to me first was still looking straight at me. The other two were nervous and endeavouring to make out that they were looking elsewhere. I dropped the towel and stood up. They were the ones that were embarrassed now. I pointed toward the crowd at the southern end of the beach.

"I believe it's due to start shortly, where all those others are, somewhere." I smiled, gaining confidence. "I hope to be taking part but I don't think they've made the announcement yet. What's the time now?"

The men all looked at their watches at once, as if relieved at being able to focus their attention on something other than my body.

"1-15, I make it." The silver haired guy spoke.

"You'll have plenty of time to walk over there. It won't be starting until they announce the beach as a free beach for the afternoon. Something about council permits, I believe."

I was proud of myself as I sat down, watching the men continue their journey. I realised that they had been more nervous than I was. They were part of an era that had been repressed by society standards that didn't include comfort with nudity, like my parents. The three men had obviously enjoyed looking at me, as I was reading, but direct eye contact was far more intimidating for them than it had been for me. Prior to meeting Annie and her friends, I still believed that it was wrong to flaunt my body and I had found it embarrassing to be seen without my clothing on, but the events of the last twenty-four hours had calmed my nerves. Peter had always wanted me to lose my remaining inhibitions and our relationship had been far more stable, since my return. The book that Harry gave me to read, plus his wise advice had further reinforced the position that my earlier fears were unfounded.

I resolved to relax and enjoy the sensations of my newly acquired freedom and understanding of human nature. I read on, turning the pages until I came to the part where Barbara first experienced group sex with her close friends, Cathy and Ken. It suddenly hit me. I had met Kenneth at the birthday party! He was Harry's younger brother! The sensual description of Ken was identical, in Barbara's book. The passage that I was reading brought a pre-orgasmic flush to my body that needed dampening in cold refreshing water. Barbara had just experienced double penetration, a long forbidden fantasy of mine. I read it twice. I waited for Harry to get back and then excused myself to go for a swim.

"The announcement's already been made now." He touched the top button of his shorts and offered to go with me.

"I'll be alright. I have to do this on my own, sometime." I smiled at him. "I'm going to take your advice and just be myself." I stood up and stretched my body, brushing the sand off my hardened nipples, then put the book away. "I'll be back shortly."

Harry smiled, knowingly. His searching blue eyes ran over my body.

"You seem much more at home with your sensuality now, Pam. It's perfectly normal to be excited when others admire your body. I saw you talking to those three men earlier." There was much greater respect in his gentle voice, as well.

"Thanks Harry, I didn't see you, watching over me."

"Good luck, Pamela. Just don't be too long and bring the others back with you."

I walked down the sand, threading my way past the scattered groups and sole sunbathers alike. My stomach was still full of nerves but I had a new appreciation of their reactions to my nudity. From the furtive looks from the older men through to cheeky comments from the younger people, as I passed by, I merely smiled and carried on. I forced myself not to cradle my breasts or turn away from the pointed gaze of the men that ogled my body. I would have to get used to that. Sally had obviously encountered all this before. How else would she have been able to cope with going out onto the street to meet Peter, yesterday afternoon, stark naked, as she had.

There was an old couple wading in the shallows. Their expression of initial shock became admiration as I ran the last five yards into the surf, my naked breasts bouncing free. I felt the welcome relief of the cooler water on my sun warmed skin as Peter swam toward me. He met me in waist deep water, hugging me and leading me over to join Sally and Rebecca when they swam in.

"It's almost time for the start." I gasped excitedly. "Harry wants to get going as soon as possible."

"Annie and her friends have already gone over there." Peter pointed to the southern end of the beach, where there was a larger crowd of people gathering in a concentrated area near a sizeable open tent.

We all walked back up the beach and helped Harry to pack up our gear. Most of the clothed bathers had drifted away to watch the activity on the main part of the beach and I almost missed the sort of attention I had garnered earlier. It felt great to have Peter and the other two girls walking alongside of me though. Sally always inspired me with her casual regard to bystanders.

"You'd better put this on." Harry handed me my toga. "You're getting a bit red in places." He explained, grinning. "Baby steps!" He reminded me.

The sensation of the breeze blowing through my tunic cooled my flesh while removing the worst effects of the afternoon sun. I allowed the skirts to billow, exposing the naked flesh beneath, marvelling at my willingness to let the skirts fall naturally back into place. All the agony that I felt earlier on, at having no bikini to wear underneath on the way back to the car, had vanished completely.

I seemed to attract more looks from other people in the car park than Sally or Rebecca, even though they had remained totally nude. After my experience with the three fishermen, I felt I could cope with just about anything. I took my book, a towel and wore my toga back to the beach marquee, where there was a large number of predominantly naked people and filming activity happening. Annie greeted me warmly and took our names and gave us a programme of events to read. Noticing my toga, she directed Peter and I to an area in the shade of the ample, gently billowing marquee. She handed me a folding beach chair.

"Just make yourselves at home over there, next to the other new entrants." She gave me an understanding smile. "Keep out of the sun."

The four of us sat together. Harry was talking to a tall, sandy haired man with a commercial film camera and a bikini clad lady with a short spiky hairdo. They appeared to be discussing positioning for the upcoming events. There was a stunning young lady, with voluminous breasts, talking with Katrina nearby and Jim was organizing the surfboards with Karen and Wayne, nearer to the pounding surf. They all seemed to be working toward a common purpose. I looked around and saw men erecting barriers to contain the growing crowd of spectators that we had needed to thread our way through to reach the marquee. Most of the organisers inside the barrier were naked and a few of them were wandering among the crowd, unconcerned by the bemused stares of the dressed spectators.

"I wish I had known about this, earlier." Peter mused. "I would have brought a few of the others from our society. It makes our town hall protest last night look tame."

"I've been reading this." I held up my book.

"It gets better as it goes on." Peter grinned. "Wait till you see her 'Mistress Barbara' novel. She's quite a versatile lady." The admiration was obvious when Peter spoke about the authoress. He spoke softly as he leaned over to me. "She really believes in fulfilling all her family's sexual fantasies."

I wondered if I should mention how far I had already gone though the current book. I decided to wait till we got home, changing subjects.

"When are we going shopping for new outfits?" I asked. "You seem to have left my wardrobe a bit light." Thinking about the way he has confiscated most of my underwear. "What about the wedding?"

"All arranged!" Peter smiled mysteriously just as the carnival loudspeaker cut in. "Later!"

A tall distinguished man announced the events that the assembly had obviously been waiting for. He welcomed any entrants from the crowd to register and compete. I followed the programme as he spoke, with butterflies in my stomach, listening for the ones that involved the latest converts to naked surfing. I was quite surprised at the number of entries in all the events.

Watching the early events with Peter, we admired the more experienced surfers like Wayne and Jim as they took advantage of some of the bigger waves. The spectators were noisy but well behaved, obediently standing clear of the triumphant return of the competitors as they made their way back to the marquee. Sally and Peter went out before me, their bronzed bodies disqualifying them from the event that I had entered. I was happy to see Jim and Wayne going out with them to advise on technique and suitable wave formation. I glanced at Annie who was now standing alongside the announcer. I gathered that he was her boyfriend, Patrick. She had told me that he was a bit older than she was. I looked back to where Jim was giving advice to Peter, Sally and two others. The thought of being out there with him was strangely enticing in addition to the excitement of trying a new beach sport.

My turn came unexpectedly when Annie came running over. She explained that there was a reduction in the size of the surf and they had moved the novice section forward. She pointed to the stack of surfboards and told me to swim out to Jim for a few quick lessons.

"Do you feel up to going out now?" Harry was holding a camera with telephoto lenses. "Just relax and do your best." He advised.

I peeled off my toga and looked at the good natured crowd. They were busy watching the antics of the current competitors as they struggled to make it into shore on the last decent wave and remain upright. With nerves stretched to breaking point, I picked a board and entered the water. I swam out beyond the breakers and met up with Jim and some of the other more experienced surfers.

Straddling my surfboard opened me up to their gaze. An electrifying thrill ran though my tensed body whenever my naked flesh met Jim's. There was a raw sexual excitement building within me when I saw that the attraction appeared to be mutual. It was hard to concentrate on his expert advice, with my eyes locked onto his semi-turgid manhood. He encouraged me to try to stand on the board with my feet apart while he steadied the surf board from below.

I had to fight to keep my mind from slipping into a sexual fantasy world, this time with Jim instead of young Gerry in a starring role. Erotic images, that the book had conjured in my mind, were constantly running through my brain and I was barely aware of his instructions, let alone the crowd on the beach. When I fell in the water alongside him, it was for reasons of modesty rather than my lack of balance. The growing wetness that I felt was impossible to disguise any longer. Jim helped me back on the board. His erect penis touched my leg while he guided me back on the board, reddening my face with a hot flush of desire. When our eyes next met there was a mutual guilt, written in our eyes. He wanted me as much as I wanted him. It was no longer possible to deny the animal attraction, for either of us. I tried to stand up again, keeping my legs close together.

"Just crouch on your knees and get used to paddling the board around." He advised as he remained in the water. "Just try to stand, the way I showed you, on the way in. I'll let you know when to start paddling in with the next decent wave." He gave me a knowing grin.


Chapter 14 will see Pamela confessing her deepest fantasies to her fiance Peter. She agrees to place herself entirely in his hands to direct as he wishes. I don't need to tell you, this opens up a new realm of delicious possibilities. Vote [5] and stay tuned. I'll get that damned prize one day.

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