tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErotic Adventures Ch. 17

Erotic Adventures Ch. 17


I had to admit that my initial experience of multiple sex, with two attractive men, had been satisfying beyond my wildest dreams. Both men caressed me, as we extracted ourselves, filling me with an emotionally disturbing sense of belonging to both of them. Rather than feeling used, I was in awe of Peter's calm acceptance of another man's arms around me but I was still no less at ease with what I had done. Dumbstruck, I didn't know whether to thank Jim or apologise for my aggressive sexual behaviour.

"I hope that I lived up to your expectations." Jim grinned as he held my blushing face toward his. He kissed me and I responded in kind, unable to reply in any other way. I still had some difficulty accepting the emotional turmoil of surrendering my body to someone that I had barely met in spite of the desire I had felt, earlier. I found it difficult to find appropriate words to reply. I turned my head toward Peter who then hugged me from behind while he broke the awkward silence.

"I think Pam might be a bit overwhelmed at the moment, Jim. We should all be able to use the en suite facilities to clean ourselves up."

Once my initial embarrassment was over and we were showering together the talk turned to Jim's unusual occupation. He seemed to understand my emotional feelings, telling us that he and Katrina had an open relationship with the others at his studio, allaying a few of my concerns.

"It's like acting in a play, but a lot more fun." He joked. "We all just enjoy ourselves and there are no cameras in the studio room. There's a huge bed and the room is decorated just like an ordinary apartment." He grinned ruefully, rubbing his bottom. "It's so much better than having a threesome on the floor." There was a round of embarrassed laughter and Jim continued to describe his unusual job.

"You simply get used to each other, much as we're doing tonight." He explained blandly. "It makes you more familiar with the full range of sexual fetishes. We all have them!" He gave me a knowing grin. "It keeps our lives interesting. Don't be too shy about it, Pam."

"I am trying, Jim."

I could feel my face burning, not so much from the sun but my acute embarrassment. It was like he understood the deep moral conflicts that were racing through my mind and was trying to help me overcome them.

As soon as the men had finished their shower and Peter handed Jim a fresh towel. I excused myself to use the toilet, hoping the men would give me a few private moments. They seemed to understand my dilemma and moved into the room next door to finish drying off. I discretely douched myself and went to the toilet to expel the remains of our earlier lovemaking while the men carried on talking in the massage room. I quickly freshened up, wondering what else Peter had in mind for the evening ahead.

By the time I rejoined them it was obvious that Peter had already expressed an interest in meeting the other partners of AMKO films and touring the studio facilities. Jim was arranging a visit and when he saw me, asked both of us if we had any other special interests that we wished to explore within a larger group. I blushed.

"Look! I've never contemplated having sex with two men at once before tonight, let alone making explicit adult movies."

Too late! I realised what I had said. I had only guessed that Peter might have mentioned the possibility of us having sex in front of the camera. Jim's knowing smile confirmed my worst fears. He was probably convinced that I wanted to become a movie star. I looked toward Peter to gauge his reaction to my outburst. His wry smile and relaxed attitude gave me the incentive to ask my next question.

"How did you get involved in making sex movies, Jim?"

"It's a long story. Next time you come over, you'll have to ask Katrina. She organised all the equipment and talked me into appearing in their first production. It's not as bad as you might think, you know." He looked me over, thoughtfully, changing the subject of movie making unexpectedly. "Have you ever thought about getting involved in body-building? You've got the right physique for it, Pam."

"In what way?" I prompted.

My curiosity was now aroused and besides, I was happy to change the awkward subject of making movies and stall a discussion about Peter's obsession with public sex.

"Your bone structure is perfect and you're already well muscled and physically proportioned, Pam. You are only need a small amount of toning up to be competitive." He turned to Peter. "May I make up a list of exercises for Pamela to try?"

"That might be interesting, Eh Pam?" Peter hugged me, warmly.

Peter readily agreed to help me with my training. I suspected that this new idea appealed to him enormously. I realised that it appeared likely that the intimate friendship with Jim, begun tonight, was set to flourish and became concerned about my feminine looks.

"I don't want to end up looking like a man." I began. "I won't be---"

Peter reacted immediately pressing his fingers firmly on my mouth and interrupting my objections. His eyes conveyed a contained warning.

"I thought we had an agreement, Pam." He reminded me.

There was an embarrassing silence which Jim helped to ease as he jokingly restored my confidence.

"You saw my sister, Annie at the beach?" Jim laughed. "She won the last competition at the champs."

"Does she work out with you too?" I gasped, just stopping short of asking if she did the sex movies too, although I had already begun to suspect the she might.

"At our own private gym at the studio." He confirmed. "I used to go out to a public gymnasium, but now we have our own facilities."

I remembered Annie alright. Her lithe tanned form was the essence of feminine beauty. I had admired the way her subdued muscle tone served to enhance her perfect figure. I understood what she had meant about being used to showing off her body. I admired the unselfconscious way she had presented herself when I first met her. Her smooth, bronzed naked form and her outgoing personality had reminded me so much of Sally.

"You'll see them tomorrow night." Peter smiled, grimly. "We'll be going over there after dinner. Meanwhile, Jim's agreed to spend the night with us. I'd like you to wear this on the way home, nothing else!" He handed me a BDSM collar, obviously from the stockroom that he had kept hidden from me when he ordered me into the massage room. It was plain leather with brass rings treble sewn in on two places. "Just this! But--" I gasped.

"It'll help to remind you that I'm still in charge." Peter interrupted my protest, indicating his annoyance.

Excited by the fact that Jim was staying the night I blushed brightly but allowed Jim hold up my hair while Peter adjusted the slave collar around my neck, shaking with tension and shame. I was actually more embarrassed by the thought of going home with no clothing on, now it seemed obvious that Peter had already informed Jim about our unusual Master/slave agreement. Despite my humiliation I realised that this was what I really wanted all along, to be taken control of in this way and ordered to express my sexuality. I smiled bravely once the collar was in place, somehow less ashamed of myself.

"Thank you Master." I said meekly.

"That's better." Peter looked at the clock. "Let's get going?"

He picked up my discarded clothing. "We'll clean up the gym tomorrow morning, sometime. We'll just go home for now, darling."

I watched as the men dressed for the journey home saying little about their plans. Keeping me guessing seemed to please both the men and we locked the door and walked through the empty stadium corridors, back to the outside, together. My nipples sprang to attention as soon as I felt the night chill on my skin and I walked between the men, hoping the area was as deserted as it looked. My knees felt weak as we made the agonising journey across the front of the deserted grandstand toward the parking area. Jim ushered me into our car, holding the door open and patting my bottom affectionately. This time I allowed his fingers to linger a lot longer, enjoying the sensual, intimate contact on my quivering flesh.

"I'll follow you guys, if you like?" Jim hesitated at the door.

"Your car will be safe enough here, if you want to come with us." Peter invited him. "Pam won't mind, I'm sure."

Jim excused himself to lock up his car so I moved closer to Peter as he fumbled with his ignition keys, smiling at my nervousness.

"Please be gentle, Master?" I pleaded with Peter. "I'm sorry if I embarrassed you earlier on. I'm just not used to this, I guess."

"Don't worry, darling. Just trust me." He whispered, reassuring me with a gentle kiss. "Jim knows that we're interested in a bit of mild discipline. You're supposed to be obedient. Just do what I tell you and don't me answer back, so much. I'll do my best to make sure that you enjoy the evening ahead."

I felt a thrill that I hadn't known before as Jim slid into the seat next to me. Although we had already been intimate, something like a jolt of electricity ran though me when his body touched mine. In the close confines of the car it was impossible to avoid reviving a few of the same feelings that I had for him when we all made love on the floor of the massage room, together. I sat as still as I could with my hands on my lap to make more room, shoulders hunched forward. I remained in silence and listened as the men chatted. The tingling inside me, as we prepared to make the journey home, magnified the delicious anticipation that I felt. I realised that I would probably be making love with both of them again, quite soon.

Jim's hand strayed to the inside of my leg and upward. I didn't resist as his arm grazed my erect nipple. I just smiled shyly at him, aware that Peter was certainly able to see what was happening to me. As vulnerable as it made me feel, whenever we passed under a street light, I began to enjoy myself. It was like one of my old fantasies and I felt myself getting juicier by the minute while Jim teased my slippery vaginal lips, almost to the point of orgasm. I closed my eyes and sighed as my body began to tremble.

"Are you OK with all this?" Jim whispered."

I nodded and smiled, hoping that he didn't think too badly of me but I was almost beyond caring by the time we got home. The scent of my juices and the subtle shivering of my body kept Peter aware of the orgasmic effect that Jim was having on me.

We pulled into our driveway and I looked at Peter with questioning eyes. He smiled at me, understandingly.

"Wait here and I'll open the front door for you, Babe. Jim can come in with me and you can lock the car up and join us when you're ready. Don't be too long though!" He warned.

The interior light came on and I hunched over while the men got out. I realised that there was nobody around at that time of the night but it was an automatic reaction. Peter just chuckled as he shut the door again, leaving me to bring in my clothing and lock up the car. I sat there for a few minutes wiping my seat with my discarded toga until I saw the light flicker on in the sitting room. Finally, I wiped myself clean and steeled myself to make a run for it.

I locked the car up and ran inside, closing it in one quick motion with the heel of my foot. Peter was waiting for me at the open ranch-slider door alone. I heard splashing out by the pool and I realised that Jim was outside. I paled as I noticed the remote hanging around Peter's chest and saw the vibrator toy in his hand.

"What do you want me to do?" I faltered.

"Go into the bedroom and tidy yourself up and put this in it's proper place." He grinned. "I want you to have a good cleanout, while you're at it, or would you rather Jim or I do it for you?"

"No Master, I can do it." I said quickly.

I knew better than to argue by now. I grabbed the toy and went to the bathroom, the butterflies on the move inside my stomach. I was wanted to clean myself out properly, earlier on, but had compromised with a quick douche instead. I soaked my dress in the hand basin firstly, before opening the cupboard. Peter and I had been used to giving each other enemas quite regularly, even before we started to enjoy anal sex, together. We enjoyed the trust and intimacy involved, but to do it with a stranger watching? I shuddered at the thought.

Our enema kit was in it's usual place. With shaking hands, I filled the bag up with warm solution. It had been a routine that we had both become accustomed to and I quickly had it ready to work. Lifting my leg, I tenderly inserted the nozzle end, fervently hoping that Peter wasn't going to send Jim in anyway, on the pretext of getting a dry towel or something. I wouldn't put it past him.

I couldn't deny the excitement I felt as my bowels flooded with warm liquid. I kept a watchful eye on the door, listening cautiously for any footsteps approaching. With my exposed position on the toilet seat it would have been humiliating to be discovered that way. As usual, I had the most intense sexual feelings during the process and my clit was soon fully erect. I rubbed my lower belly as the solution drained into my colon, caressing my engorged labia at the end of each stroke. My stomach felt tight and bloated as I reached capacity and I turned the valve off. I carefully eased the nozzle out and rinsed it off, holding my legs tightly together and fighting the natural urge to vacate my bowels. The urgent sensations within my pelvic area were overwhelming me by the time I put the kit away. I gratefully squatted and evacuated the liquid into the toilet first and then cleaned up my body under the shower. The urgency of my mission prevented me from enjoying the invigorating spray as much as I normally did, but I felt totally refreshed afterward. I towelled myself dry taking care not to aggravate the soreness of my erect nipples or the redness on top of my breasts. The pleasant sensation of readiness for intimacy with my two lovers was only marred by the knowledge that I would soon be subjected to unknown whims of an additional partner. What sort of odd fetishes did Jim enjoy? I had a feeling that I was certain to find out, before the night ahead was over.

Looking at myself in the mirror, before I inserted my toy, I decided to lubricate my rosebud as well. I massaged the gel liberally around my sphincter muscles and prepared for a repeat of the experience at the gym. The plain leather collar helped to remind me that I owed Peter total obedience. Lastly, the vibrator toy. If my beloved wished to demonstrate his control with this device, in front of his new friend, I resolved not to disappoint him. I might even enjoy it. The toy slipped inside my love canal easily and I was finally ready.

The uncertainty of the situation drove me to take more time in making myself presentable. I sat in front of the mirror adjusting my makeup and my hair. I dabbed some perfume at the top of my legs, between my breasts and under my collar. My body was tense with expectation as I took a final look at the bedroom to make sure it was immaculate. It seemed ridiculous to worry about tidiness but it helped to keep my fertile mind occupied while I prepared to go back out to the living room.

I could faintly hear the sound of the two men talking in the dining room area and sensed that they were waiting for me. Peter's office door was open and computer was on. I guessed they had been looking through Peter's stock and I was grateful that Peter hadn't called me into the lounge already, in his usual way. I walked on, toward their voices, as confidently as I could with the small penis shaped object nestled securely inside me. I peeked around the corner and when both men came into view, I hesitantly spoke.

"I-I've done what you told me to, Master." I stammered, slowly emerging into their view.

Jim looked around and whistled under his breath, gazing at me as if for the first time and taking in the full measure of my body in the well lit room. It was difficult to look him in the eye, knowing that my body was pre-orgasmic with nervous anticipation and my nipples were so noticeably erect. I averted my eyes and looked toward Peter, taking in the packages on the table for the first time.

"Would you like to have a look at the accessories that Jim and I have selected for you?"

"Accessories?" I repeated, halting abruptly.

"I'll let Jim try them on you while I make us all a fresh cup of tea." Peter jumped up and pulled a chair out for me. "Sit down here and have a look at them first, Pam."

Peter placed the chair out from the table, opposite Jim and easily within arms length of our visitor as he waited for me. Jim's twinkling eyes beckoned me over.

"You look ravishing, Pam. Don't worry! I don't bite, you know?"

I could see the gleam of approval in Jim's eyes as I moved hesitantly toward him. He reached over and patted the seat. There was no relief in sight from Peter, either.

"Just sit on the edge of the chair, sweetheart." He grinned wickedly. "You know! Kent's favourite submissive position, if you will. Don't let me down, again!" He touched the remote control on his chest, threateningly.

To Be Continued Tomorrow...

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