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Erotic Dance Roleplay

bycentaur mare©

AUTHORS NOTE: This is written as an actual "cyber chat". It begins as if the two people were having a normal conversation that proceeds into the fantasy sex. Words inside *stars* are actions and emotion descriptions, and words inside (parentheses) are out of character comments between the characters.

E-mail me and tell me if this sort of story is enjoyable!

centaur mare: *wraps her arms around you* did I say thank you yet for your enthusiastic welcome back?

Barnabas: *grins and shakes his head* Not yet, I don’t think. *kiss* I'm waaaiting!!

centaur mare: Thank you! thank you! thank you!

centaur mare: *sultry voice* is there any other way you'd like to be thanked?

Barnabas: *grins slowly* Mmm… I’d like to see you dance for me. Would you do that for me? A nice erotic dance *settles down into a comfortable chair*

centaur mare: Yes Sir...Sir? Do you want me to strip too?

Barnabas: *pretends to think for a moment, then tries to say, as if on an afterthought* Sure.

centaur mare: *smiles inside where you cant see it* Oh…ok…Yes Sir *steps back...head bowed as I reach for the hem of my shirt and begin drawing it off...my hips beginning to sway slooowly*

Barnabas: *lazily relaxes in the chair, watching what you do softly, appraisingly*

centaur mare: *bites her lower lip because she is nervous and has never tried this before...her hips swaying gently she begins unfastening her pants*

centaur mare: *pulls the pants down my thighs, spinning slightly so you get a side view as I crouch to remove the pants*

centaur mare: *my hips beginning to rotate in a slow circular motion as I run my hands up from my thighs to my breasts...*

Barnabas: *licks his lips slowly as he watches you, one hand wandering down to the crotch of his pants and rubbing himself for you to see*

centaur mare: *my breathing quickening as my hands run behind my back and I turn to face you again...* Si-sir? Do you want it all off?

Barnabas: *nods* Yes. Show off your body to me, Brandy. *keeps rubbing himself, right in front of you, and you can see the obvious bulge in his pants from his excitement.*

centaur mare: *licks her lips, staring at your cock in your pants...her hands behind her undoing the clasp of her bra and letting it fall to the floor...her hands running up to take the rubber band out of her hair...hips swaying, feet braced apart*

centaur mare: * her hands lift her hair and let it drift back to her shoulders...she then rubs them downwards and cups her pussy...thrusting her hips gently into her hands, then swinging her hips in wide circles, cupping her crotch*

centaur mare: *she returns to the gentle swaying...hooking her thumbs in the panties, she slowly works them down and turns to face away from you...so that when she bends over you will see her pussy open and wet...* EQ Barnabas: *licks his lips and slips his hands into his pants, rubbing himself still, taking his shirt off because he is sweating ...alot*

centaur mare: mmmm Sir? Am I doing ok? *leans her head wayyy back, then sways her whole upper body back and forth so her long hair brushes over and over the top of her hips and ass*

Barnabas: *pulls his shorts and briefs down to his ankles and lets you watch him stroking his cock, very hard from watching you, and whispers* What do you think? *grins softly*

centaur mare: I'm glad Sir...I’m glad I can make you happy *spins around so that her hair flys a little...then leans over in front of you and begins a swaying motion that causes her large breasts to sway heavily side to side...her mouth open, breathing hard, her eyes holding yours...*

Barnabas: *stares into your eyes, and his lips part as he starts to breathe heavier, shifting slightly in the seat* Mmm...yes, baby… that’s very good..

centaur mare: * throws her head back as she continues swaying side to side, slowly straightening and beginning a thrusting motion of her hips...her hands coming up to cup her breasts...lifting one to her lips...*

Barnabas: *watches intently, licking his lips, his cock very hard and firm as he strokes it, watching everything you do, every movement*

centaur mare: * begins sucking and licking at each breast...her hips swaying...she begins to lower herself towards the ground...sinuously crouching and swaying...then she releases her breast and places her hands on the floor in front of herself...whispers to you * Sir? may I.…do you want me to crawl to you?

Barnabas: *releases his cock reluctantly, and moves his hands to the arms of the chair, his legs parting slightly* Yes…crawl to me, Brandy…crawl over, then get on your knees at my feet.

centaur mare: *nods* *begins crawling on hands and knees towards you...her ass and hips still swaying...until she is kneeling between your feet...she places both hands on one thigh and lays her cheek against them, her eyes staring up at you she purrs* Thank You Sir.

Barnabas: *reaches down and strokes your head slowly with his fingers, brushing them through your hair* Come up closer to my cock... you want that. You like how my hard cock looks don’t you… Do you want to feel it?

centaur mare: Yes...yes please! *scootches closer between your legs...lifting her head to look up at you...*

Barnabas: *looks back down at you, right into your eyes* Touch it, Brandy.. touch my cock, and stroke it.

centaur mare: * my mouth falls open, and I slide my hands up your thighs until they are resting at the base of you cock...I then use one hand to gently stroke over your hard cock* Like this?

Barnabas: *lets out a slight moan and watches you, gripping your hair slightly with his hand* Yes…like that…good.

centaur mare: * licks my lips and stares down at your cock...one hand clenching it and pumping up and down slowly...I then cup it in that hand and bend my head so I can run my cheek along the length of your cock* mmmm...your cock is beautiful Sir

centaur mare: *I continue rubbing my face against your hard cock, rubbing the tip with the thumb of the hand cupping it*

Barnabas: *gasps softly and bites his lip a little, breathing heavily, but manages to keep his voice level as he whispers* Mmm, your kind words aren't wasted, dear Brandy. You may kiss my cock, if you wish to.

centaur mare: *glances up into your eyes, then returns to rubbing her face into your crotch...turning her head so her lips are brushing up and down along the shaft*

centaur mare: *mumbles against you* Thank you sir! *opens her mouth and drags her lips and tongue from the bottom to the head of your cock*

Barnabas: *moans softly* Yes…very good…so nice…*his fingers stroke over your head and through your hair, and he moves his other hand down and caresses the side of your head softly, teasing around your ear with a fingertip*

centaur mare: *shivers at your soft touches...her hand lifting your cock so that her lips can wrap around the tip...her tongue flickering back and forth over it*

centaur mare: * begins sucking on you gently...lowering her mouth more and more with each stroke into her mouth*

Barnabas: *moans and grabs the back of your head and shakes slightly* Yess baby…yes…let me fuck your mouth…

centaur mare: uhmmmm *moans around your cock, hearing about how you’re going to fuck my face...getting excited by the idea of your hands gripping in my hair and thrusting my head onto your cock*

Barnabas: *grips your hair and slowly helps you move your mouth up and down on his cock, his hips shifting* Yess…suck it, baby…suck me hard...

centaur mare: *begins running her tongue down under your cock so she can use it to press your cock into the roof of her mouth and suck hard as she pulls back...releasing to shove your cock into my mouth then sucking hard as you pull out again*

centaur mare: *pulls off your cock to whisper* Sir...Sir can I make you cum a different way?

Barnabas: *moans louder, and bites his lip slightly, then nods* Yes, baby…make me cum however you want.

centaur mare: Thank you sir! *places one last kiss on the tip of your cock...then moves to kneel even closer between your legs...lifting her breasts, she lets them rest in your lap...then cupping them, squeezes your hard cock between them...*

centaur mare: *begins to cup and lift her breasts...so that they stroke up and down on either side of your warm wet cock*

Barnabas: *stares down at you and moans out slowly* Yess…ooooh this feels soo nice..

centaur mare: *continues strocking your cock with her breasts...dipping her head down to suck on the head of your cock as it thrusts up from between her breasts...moaning and shaking as she pleasures you*

Barnabas: *groans, his hips arching to push his cock between your breasts, fucking them, your tongue making him pant with ecstasy* Yess…I’m going to cum Brandy…going to cum so hard...

centaur mare: * wraps her breasts tighter around your cock...massaging it with them as her mouth sucks hard at the tip of your cock...moaning and flicking her tongue*

Barnabas: *moans and arches his hips up, crying out, shaking and shooting his cum hard into your hot, eager mouth* Oooh! Brandy!

centaur mare: *releases her breasts and thrusts her head onto your cock further...trying to swallow everything*

Barnabas: *moans and grips your hair and holds you firmly on his cock, groaning, shooting another hot load of cum into your mouth…his hands loosening as he releases your hair...sliding down tiredly in his chair*

centaur mare: *lifts her head to begin lapping lovingly all around your cock...cleaning you off*

Barnabas: *moans softly again and pants for air, breathing heavily** ooooh...

centaur mare: *whispers against you* did I do good Sir? David? *continues sucking and licking because you taste good.

Barnabas: *whispers shakily, grinning* Yes… yes, Brandy, you did wonderfully. *moans slightly as you continue to suck and lick, still sending shivers through his whole body*

centaur mare: *lifts my head away and smiles brightly at you...then places her hands again on one thigh and rests her cheek there...her legs curling under her so she can sit between your knees*

Barnabas: *brushes his hair slowly across your hair and over your cheek* Come up and sit on my lap, Brandy

centaur mare: * smiles up at you again...then raises herself on shaky legs to sit astride your lap...resting her cheek against your shoulder*

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