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This is the second of stories exchanged by Eric and Lisa. Road house, written by Lisa touched on the subject of public sex. This one was written by Eric for Lisa. These first few stories were written and exchanged while writing a story together, which has continued much longer than originally expected. We both look forward to submitting that one when ready, but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy our first few "prequels."

* * *

We were enjoying a day off, doing one of our favorite things. Driving, sight seeing and spending time together. Getting out of town and forgetting about daily life was always a time for renewal, and a chance to catch up with us and our relationship. Our travels took us through wine country. Gentle rolling hills and farmland, the weather couldn't have been better. We stopped mid morning to put the top down and enjoy the sunshine and the wind rustling around. The sights, sounds and smells of the countryside were invigorating and put us both in a playful mood. Dressed in a soft cotton sundress Lisa looked as lovely as ever sitting beside me. Her hair flitting about her as she lay back in the seat. Her legs were always appealing and I would often give her a gentle caress there, as a loving gesture.

Today it was more playful than usual... a tease. Sly smiles were exchanged. Moments passed and I noticed her hemline had raised some from when I'd touched her last, I hadn't noticed how this happened. Looking out of the corner of my eye, she must have noticed my glance. "You're enjoying the view... hmm?"

"You know I am, but it does make it hard to pay attention to the road," I replied. Off of the back roads and onto the highway to get over the hills, we found ourselves back in traffic.

"We'll be out of this soon, don't worry" I reassured her. It was only a few miles to the exit we wanted, taking us back to the countryside and away from the hectic pace of the interstate. A truck driving in front of us slowed our progress and I changed lanes to pass. As we slowly came around, Lisa's legs must have attracted the driver's attention from his height above us and it must have looked quite nice. He tooted his horn, we both looked to find him grinning, obviously thrilled by his view.

Continuing onward, I was just about to merge over when Lisa said, "I think he liked what he saw, what do you think?"

"I'm sure he did."

A moment of silence followed, as she obviously contemplated what happened. "What do you say to slowing down a bit and giving him a thrill?"

"Hmm. What do you have in mind?" I asked.

"Nothing big, we're on the interstate" she said laughing. "You'll see... just a little tease." I slowed the car, not noticeably but enough to slow our progress in front of him allowing him to very slowly come alongside us again. Lisa turned and looked at him. I couldn't see her expression from my position, but she must have smiled because it was plain she didn't "discourage" his observation of her. Suddenly, she leaned way over to me, on one knee and almost in my lap, and kissed me. Not a soft gentle kiss, but a hot, deep and sensuous one. Her ass high out of the seat, she continued. I tried to remain safe and keep my eyes on the road, but noticed out of the corner of my eye she was giving him quite a view. Her skirt was high enough on her ass to show the bottom of her panties.

Something about Lisa, she wears only the sexiest lingerie. She could fill a boutique with her collection. And she ALWAYS wore something extra nice on our outings, whether or not we "expected" something to happen. Today was no exception, as she had apparently selected one of my favorites today. A beautiful peach colored pair of "boy shorts" that just covered her lovely ass. Stretch lace was one of her favorites and mine too. I knew these were giving our trucker quite an eyeful. I reached around and grabbed a cheek and slowly massaged it. Our little display was met with approval in the form of another toot from his loud air horn. As suddenly as she started, Lisa plopped back in her seat. She turned to look at him again, very briefly. I imagine she gave him a wink. Knowing the game was over I sped up, leaving him behind.

"Where did that come from?" I asked. Lisa had never shown any exhibitionist tendencies and it took me by surprise.

"I don't know" she said. "It just popped into my head and I went with it. Just a little harmless fun is all. I hope you didn't mind."

"No, it's fine. It just surprised me is all. You're right, there's no harm in it. Actually," I continued, "it was kinda hot, don't you think?" I long silence ensued. I didn't know if she was going to continue, or drop it.

"To be honest, it was really... "More silence, the wind blowing past our ears.

We ventured on, still enjoying the scenery and being together but there was a palpable air between us about what had happened. We chatted about little things, the vineyards, the road... Soon it was midday and I mentioned getting hungry. "I am too," she agreed. "How about something small and quick, a burger or something?"

"My thought exactly. Just not sure where we might find something." We were almost to a small town, and we were both getting very hungry. Driving down the main street we came across Hank's Burgers, it seemed as good as we'd find. "O.K. with you?" I asked.

"I'd eat just about anything by now. Sure, let's give it a try."

It was one of those mom and pop type places, nicer than average inside but not terribly busy, given the hour of the day. Mulling over the menu took no time and we ordered. "I'll bring it to you, it'll be just a few minutes," the girl said. We grabbed a table near the back and took a seat with our lemonades.

The food came quickly, and just as quickly we dug in. "Really good," Lisa said between mouthfuls. After the first few bites we both slowed down to enjoy it. Not being so engrossed in getting food in my stomach, I noticed a woman, across and a few tables down from us. She had finished a meal and was reading a magazine.

"Funny place to catch up on your reading," I commented to Lisa.

"Yeah, it is" she said. We continued, our food thoroughly enjoyed. "She's pretty too, you'd think she'd have better things to do on such a nice day, or someone to do it with," she said.

"You'd think..." I replied while watching her. Just a moment later she looked our way. I couldn't help but smile. Anyone would. She smiled back. Lisa noticed as she slid another french fry into her mouth.

"I think she likes you," Lisa joked and poked me in my ribs.

I chuckled, "yes, but I'm not up for grabs, I'm yours and yours alone."

"You're damned right you are," she replied, "and don't you forget it." Loving smiles were exchanged. Just then, under the table, she must have slipped off a sandal, I felt her foot slide between my legs and press lightly against me. She rubbed me with her toes.

I smiled. "I wouldn't have it any other way." I squirmed a little from the feel of her foot there, and whispered, "Shouldn't we leave that for home?"

Lisa got this devilish look in her eyes. "Why? I thought you liked this sort of thing, you know, in public." "Well... uh..." was all I could muster, suddenly feeling a bit self conscious. The woman across the way was obviously observing us, but trying to look discreet. "Well, for one thing, we have an interloper. The "reader" was watching you doing that. Be good."

"I didn't think that I was being bad. Besides, she's a grown-up, I'm sure it's not anything she hasn't seen before." The woman was staring at her magazine again. Lisa turned to look at her. The woman looked up at her and smiled. Lisa turned away quickly and I could tell she was blushing.

"See? I told you," I playfully scolded her. Suddenly Lisa had a serious look come over her. She got up and sat down next to me. She grabbed a few fries and popped them down. Then she grabbed one and slowly fed it to me. As I took the last of it between my lips, her hand slid to my lap. She looked into my eyes, as if she was about to say something very important. Instead, she just watched me. Her hand began to caress my cock through my shorts. "What does she think she's doing, here... now?" I thought silently to myself. Lisa turned and looked at the woman. She just glared at her. "My god, she's teasing her!!!" my mind thought. The woman stared back. Her eyes going first from Lisa's, to under the table, and back again. Lisa's hand continued...my cock stiffening with every passing second. "Lisa," I whispered. "That's getting uncomfortable, my shorts aren't that accommodating."

"I can fix that," she quietly said. She reached up the inside of my right leg finding my cock. Slowly with her wrist she pushed up the leg of my shorts and pulled gently on me, exposing me completely under the table. I looked at the woman, in my mind thinking Lisa had gone way too far, that she'd get up, say something, or worse. Instead, she just sat there, watching. As if nothing unusual was happening. Lisa continued. She watched the woman, occasionally glancing at me. The woman continued with her magazine in hand, as if everything was normal. I quickly became excited beyond belief, barely believing what was happening. Being masturbated while a beautiful stranger watched, and no one else could tell. I carefully kept track of the few other people around, aware that we could be caught at any time. Lisa continued her stroking, slowly increasing pace as she knew I loved.

"You're so hot," I whispered quietly.

"Just enjoy it... and her watching you" she whispered back. I slipped a bit lower in my seat and spread my legs slightly giving her more room.

"I'm going to cum baby..." I said.

"Yes, please, cum hard in my hand while she watches. I want her to see. "That pushed me over the edge. I felt that rising, tightening pressure in my loins as my cock began to twitch, Lisa encouraging it as she felt the beginning... "Yes baby...cum for her...for me" I exploded, as if it had been too long, as if our love had been missing one another for weeks. Lisa kept it from making a mess...covering my head as I came, containing it within her hand wrapped around me. The woman grinned. As if to say, "that looked really good." Lisa brought her hand from beneath the table, and slowly, sensuously licked her hand and fingers. I looked at the woman, and at Lisa. Their expressions said everything. Our voices said nothing.

The woman put her magazine in her purse, slowly stood and turned, and walked away. As she exited the front door, she glanced over her shoulder... and smiled.

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