tagRomanceErotic Dream Cream Catcher Ch. 04

Erotic Dream Cream Catcher Ch. 04

bySatin and Lace©

Katherine held the vellum envelope pulling out the invitation. To raise money they were giving a benefit. Please come dressed as your favorite character real or otherwise. At the stroke of midnight everybody will reveal their identity. Please come in the spirit of giving, and having a great time.

Steven hesitated but I mentioned he would be so handsome as the Phantom of the Opera. He was very athletic built. Over six feet tall, dark blue eyes, dark hair. In his tuxedo, black satin cape and the mask. He was unidentifiable. I loved hugging his tight buns. Making him know I was wanting him sexually. He had thought of getting a limousine service to get there nothing was going to give us away.

I allowed my mind to trail over the past few months the changes in our sexuality. The depth of our love had grown leaps and bounds. I realized it was because I had become the other woman in our marriage. I was housewife, friend, companion, and temptress.

I told Steven to leave for the afternoon, I wanted to get ready alone. After kissing my soul. He stepped back with the smile that allowed me to know anticipate more. He could come home take an hour and be ready.

"Later my sweet Katherine." He spoke smiling as he walked away.

I walked into the guest room, slipping my dress out of the garment bag. It was breathtakingly beautifully. Red, sequined, pearl encrusted, a Hugh billowy skirt. The bodice was to fit like a second skin. I brought out the lingerie. Laying it ever so daintily. First the red satin garter to hold up the red stockings. I bought a pair of red satin and lace encrusted with pearls thong panties. Victoria's Secret ordered them for me weeks ago. Then my corset it looked like a wedding gown, the bodice. The cups would cover my breasts barely half. Red satin, I cinched it took four inches off my waist.

Sitting I pulled on my garter standing to adjust the satin straps. So they would kiss my thighs. Then I pulled up my panties they made me feel so sexy. The thong bury itself in my ass. The satin covering my front. Slowly I put the left stocking starting at my toes. I pulled the sheer nylon using my hands to make the perfect fit around my ankles. Smoothing over my calf, over the knee. The thigh was perfect fit the lace at the top I fastened the garter and made it secure. The right stocking kissed my leg with grace, fastening it in place. I looked at the floor length mirror. I was the picture I wanted to portray.

I was a Lady in the Queen's court that was the primary lover to the king. I went down and sit in front of the vanity. Applying makeup artistically. I found the perfect lipstick

Devil's red. With my mask of sequins and satin and the feather plumes Nothing but my lips showed. Pinning my hair I added red strawberry ringlets giving me highlights in my hair. I placed the contacts in and my eyes became violet immediately.

I was about to step in my dress, when I heard Steven. He had been watching me I looked in the mirror and smiled.

"Who are you beautiful? That's risque all though I would be proud to walk you into the ball room looking so sensual." Steven's voice was hoarse.

"Steven I haven't put my dress on." I grinned as I brushed past him.

He followed me like a puppy. Seeing my dress he let out a low whistle. I stepped into it motioning for him to button it up. The bodice was a sheer red see through netting.

So my corset was the what you saw as I looked into the mirror. Down to my navel then the dress billowed out into a satin ball gown. The cleavage was iffy if I could manage the whole night without outing one of my nipples.

Steven's eyes showed approval as he kissed my bare neck. I reminded him to get dressed we would be late. We made such a contrast me in red and him in black and white. I applied my mask finishing off with the devil red lipstick


Being driven up the old oak lined tree drive, the anticipation was on high alert. Steven made sure my left nipple fell out. He came to it's rescue covering it with his own mouth.

I was already feeling the wetness, as the car slowed to a perfect stop. The country club had door men, opening them for us to come out. I gave the man my hand stepped gracefully out and bowed. Flicking my wrist my out sized fan covered my upper body. Steven walked to my side taking my elbow we started up the pink marble stairs. We walked through grand beveled cut leaded crystal French doors.

Horns blew as we were presented, people were dancing but turned to watch us make our entrance. Once at the bottom of the stairs. Steven took my hand we fell into pace with the ball room guests. After three fast paced waltz's we finally stopped to get something to drink. The flutes were filled with strawberries and Dom. Tables were laid out with decadent deserts. Chocolate flowing fountains.

"Katherine you are the most breath taking beautiful woman in this room." Steven whispered in my ear. ' I have listened to some men that are willing to be struck blind if they could but see you out of this dress." He smiled.

"Well, Steven I won't allow any man to go blind. But ... You are the only man that will see me out of this dress." I laughed boldly.

We whispered into one another's ears. Brushing our lips against the outer ear. I was wanting to go searching without interruption. Music was starting to play a song that I knew Steven loved dancing to.

"Go, Steven dance with Elinorea she will be all goggly eyed." I half pushed half tightened my grasp.

Elinorea was walking towards Steven with a mission. Steven see her walking towards him alluringly I turned and disappeared. I looked thru the windows seeing Elinorea brush Steven's buttocks. I just about ripped the door off the hinges. I did get serious Steven was mine! I will find what I'm looking for!

Looking around the halls I noted a glimmer of light. Opening the door it made me gasp. Were musical instruments. Laid out to bare their inner beauty. The ghosts were at the surface. Each a story to tell. In the far corner was a settee in faded red velvet.

A small curtain so it can be private. I had forgotten time, so I did rush back to the ball room. There stood Steven with Elinorea hanging from every word. I walked over without no doubt, Steven was mine!

"Elinorea A lady in lavender is saying some trashy things about you." I soberly whispered. Placing my hand under Steven's upper arm. Steven reacted like I was a welcome respite from Elinorea.


"Welcome back beautiful I thought I was going to have to dance with that woman again." Steven whispered.

I smiled and flicked my fan open just as I felt my nipple come falling out. Steven's eyes searched my face knowing what must have happened. He stood there smug seeing how I was going to put it back into my dress. Instead the music struck up and everybody partnered. I grasped Steven's hand in mine, walking through the doors I had just came thru.

"You want me to take care of your nipple Katherine?" Steven smirked as he laughed.

"You just follow me I have plans for you, Steven." I whispered.

We walked effortlessly, skimming the floor boards. My dress swayed as though my feet weren't touching the floor. Steven stayed close, as I opened the door I heard his gasp.

"Katherine this is just so beautiful." Steven said in awe.

The sheets were like ghosts from the past. Sheet music was strewn around. Instruments were sitting like they had just been laid down. The echoes of the orchestra playing from the main ball room placed an eerily yet so sensually mood.

"Come to me, Katherine." Steven asked quietly.

I allowed the fan to close he could see both nipples were exposed. His eyes were boring into mine. Walking towards me he slowly reached out and tweaked them both.

I felt the electricity travel down my spine. I didn't know if I was going to fall on my knee's from the sweetness. His lips bent down, suckling one while making the other become responsive to him. His fingers made the skin ripple up, erection became immediately so he could easily place his teeth around the very tips. I was breathless from anticipation.

"Oh yes, Steven you know me so well. Please take me here right now." I moaned.

He licked, sucked and volley his tongue wrapping its magical strength into my first orgasm. He felt the power coming on so he pressed me into a wall placed his thigh between mine. Attacked my nipples while holding my hands above my head. His biting, kissing, sucking was making it harder to not cum.

"Cum! Katherine you can. You want to." Steven said with confidence.

I felt the orgasm rip out of me leaving me shaking. I felt spasms, my knee's became weak only his thigh was holding me up. His hands still clasping mine. We kissed we

found it so erotic being in public and costumed, making love. His face was so beautiful when the moonlight joined us. He released my hands I went down his chest and straight to his zipper. It was stretched out to the limit. I undid the first set of buttons. Made it to the second buttons and finally to the zipper. His cock sprang out to meet that wet pussy smell.

His cock was very well endowed, tonight it was even more. Knowing we could get walked in on. Knowing we were going to free fall into passions. His hands pulled me up onto my feet.

"Suck my cock Katherine I need your mouth." He moaned.

I immediately fell to my knee's and brought his cock inside in one long swallowing motion. His body tensed, his moans bounced off the ghost like objects around us. I made sure to massage his cock up and down. Then up and down again. I was enjoying his body swaying to the constant assault my mouth was placing on his rigid organ. I saw his face eyes closed, smile on his lips. I placed both of his big balls inside of my mouth. I made sure they were rolled gently and had individual attention.

I slipped one finger in his ass, his knee's became solid. As the sensation ran through his brain I slipped the second one in and he screamed. I was making him become rabid with wanton desires. I was enjoying this when I felt myself being lifted off the ground. My feet were flying in the air. I was tossed like a rag doll onto the faded red settee. His eyes were determined, I could see he was being pushed onto the border line.

"You wanton wrench give me your honey pot." Steven said with determination.

I reached at my waist and found the hidden clasp. Went to the other side unclasped it

my skirt fell open. Baring me to him, he groaned as he fell to his knees. Taking his teeth he slipped the thong over as his tongue found my wet, juicy cunt.

All you could hear was his lapping up my cum. His breathing was labored. He was drilling his tongue in to me only to flick my clit each time he brought his tongue out.

He took his hands and easily ripped the thong off me. Throwing it behind him. He took his hands and raised my hips. Spreading my ass, he immediately placed his tongue on the rim.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh Steven No! I can't hold off......" I muffled my cries in my hands.

His tongue was rigid he was able eo enter me quickly. I was so shocked my head threw back off the settee. I was needing him to get in more. Deeper, I was out of control nothing was real but his tongue in my ass. My cum pouring out of my pussy.

His hands pulled me back onto the settee.

"Look at me Katherine, look at my eyes?" He said as he impaled his tongue back into my ass.

I wanted him so wantonly, so openly, I tried to maneuver him. He was raping me with his tongue. Playing inside my pussy. Bringing me to the edge then bringing me back.

I was shaking, chilling, screaming. He started to make changes in his body. He became more possessive. He pulled me close to his body. Kissing me with his sweet lips.

"Katherine I need you. Fuck it's more than need. I want you right now." He hollered.

His body was moving across mine, his weight was shifting. I felt the urgency he was feeling. His body was making itself ready for the ultimate orgasm. His legs opened mine He held his weight off me. Catching my face in the moonlight. He started to center my body. His shoulders were hard, his arms were made from steel. His thighs were as though chiseled from the finest marble.

I was anticipating him impaling his cock deep into me. My eyes kept looking in his.

He placed the head just laying it on my pussy lips. I gasped. Then he started moving up towards my clit. Playing with circular motions. I closed my eyes enjoying this play.

The searing pain of his cock thrusting completely inside of me caused me to almost fall off the settee. The quick thrust full length, I was lost my brain disconnected. He kept shoving his hips each time hitting my hips with his hip bones. He was drilling inside of me. Falling into a wet, hot, spasm full pussy. His breathing was labored as mine we were on the same plane.

I was moving my hips into his. He was grinning knowing we were determined to cum together. We couldn't seem to get inside of one another deep enough. I gathered my dress off to one side and brought my ankles across his back. Rigid with a purpose.

His ass was squeezing tight with ever downwards thrust. His head was looking right above me, his eyes were losing their focus.

His back was so straight, his thighs squeezed into mine. I knew the inevitable was near. I only had a second before I felt my body become rigid. I felt my mouth become dry. My eyes were unfocused. I felt the impact of his shoving his cock inside with such determination.

"Stevennnnnn nowwww I need your hand cummm with meeeee" I screamed as my eyes rolled into the back of my head.

"Oh Katherine here Iiiiiiii ammmmm take my hand nowwwwwwwwwww!!" Steven's last words.

His eyes rolled, his body stiffened. No motion but those fucking hot hips shooting the thick hot white cum spraying me all inside. His body was pouring out the cum he had

built up with me. My ankles dug into his ass you could bounce a quarter off it. The sensations, tingling, shivering. The need to laugh and cry. The shakes, the pain of burning coming from the brain center.

His elbows buckled, I pulled him on me we became enmeshed. In the back ground the Orchestra was playing. We had just exploded with one another. When we laid there for a little bit. We thought about the time. It turned out to be 11:45 almost time to reveal ourselves.

We laughed we had sent our regrets, sent our contribution. We dressed so nobody could tell we had done anything but perhaps found a quiet corner. We stepped back onto the ball room floor, to be able to make an exit perfectly timed. We ran to our car the driver drove us off as midnight struck.


In the Society pages there was a big write up about the ball. The lady in red and her partner Phantom of the Opera. Made a special note for the most beautiful costumes.

They had collected a lot of monies. All though Steven and Katherine was unable to come they contributed $150,000.00. Due to an illness in their family.

"Katherine it couldn't have gone better." Steven said with a smile.

"You think so, Steven?" My eyes had a glint in them.

Laying on the floor in front of the fireplace they put down their papers. Looking at one another they grinned. There was no turning back, they felt the passions from the night before coming over them.

"Katherine making love to you in public. I cannot tell you how that made me feel." Steven whispered.

"Steven, I wanted you so bad. Wasn't it erotic, sensually erotic?" I said as I crawled my way towards him.

Their lips were already finding each others. Besides a rainy cold, Sunday afternoon.

What better way than to explore each other?

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