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Erotic Induction for Women


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This induction is designed to make a woman feel very good. I will post a similar induction for a man in the future. First make sure that your clothes are very loose. No clothes would be even better. Sit in a comfortable chair with your head back. If you can listen with ear phones while you listen that would be even better. You must concentrate on everything I say and let your body react to the simple instructions. Do not fight the instructions they are designed to make you feel very good.

If you would be more comfortable lying in a bed do that with a small pillow under your neck. Now take a deep breath and start to relax. We will do some relaxation exercises to get you ready. Take another deep breath. Another deep breath. With each deep breath I want you to focus on how relaxed you can make your body. Try relaxing your arms. Good! Your arms are now relaxed. They feel limp and heavy. You do not feel like moving them. Relax your legs. Your feet feel limp. Your thighs feel limp. Your legs are still. Very still. They are feeling like they are lead. You don’t feel like moving them. Your arms and legs are now still. Breath deeply until I tell you to stop. With each breath the tension is leaving your body. Deep ...breath ... hold it...hold it. Now exhale. More tension leaves your body. You are feeling very relaxed. Very relaxed.

Keep taking deep breaths. I want you to count out loud. One, two, three, with each number spoken, you can feel your body sinking into a very pleasant state. Your nipples are feeling very sensitive, very sensitive. With each breath you can feel your breasts becoming more aroused. Your nipples are more and more sensitive.

Four, five, six. The feeling is traveling down to your pussy. You can feel the moisture gathering in your vagina. The moisture is building up. You feel like you want to touch yourself there, but your arms are too limp. You are feeling very aroused. With each deep breath and with each number your breasts are becoming more aroused and your body more limp.

Seven, eight, nine, ten. Your eyes are closed and they feel locked. With each number your arousal and trance deepen. Eleven, twelve, thirteen. Now end the deep breathing. Breath normally.

Start to slowly move your right hand to your pussy. As your hand gets closer to your vagina, your anticipation grows and you become even more moist. Put your hand directly on your pussy. Feel the moisture. It makes you even more aroused. Slowly rub yourself. As you rub, your trance is getting deeper. Your whole body and mind are focused on my words and your arousal. The feeling is getting stronger. Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen. The feeling is now radiating down from your breasts and up from your vagina. It feels so good. So good. Your mind is now completely focused on my voice and how your body feels.

The feeling in your body is growing stronger as I talk and you feel yourself. Your fingers are making you feel wonderful. You are making love with yourself with my help and it feels wonderful. Wonderful.

Now you are going to slowly wake up. When I get to twenty you will waken feeling gloriously. Your hands and arms are now limp again. You have stopped massaging yourself. You are slowly coming out of the trance. Slowly, slowly. Seventeen. You are feeling very good. You feel like you want to do this again. With even deeper feelings. It feels so good. So good. Eighteen. You will email me and tell me how this induction made you feel. You will ask how you can repeat it and make it even more intense. It feels so good. Nineteen.

Your body is coming out of the revery. You are waking up, feeling terrific. It feels so good. Twenty. You are now wide awake. Feeling very good. Very good. Email me and tell me how you feel. This is Masterhypnotist and you can email me at Masterhypnotist9@aol.com.

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