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Erotic Portrait


Angie had been married to Bill for 9 years now. It had been one of those quick engagement / marriage things in the 2nd year of college. You would think, for someone taking up the profession of accounting, that bill would be one of those kind of people that would do things slow and meticulous. That was true professionally, but when he had met Angie at a party one night, it seemed like the slow and sure way of doing things flew out the window.

At 5'7", long blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, full lips, and a stunning figure that accented her 35 C breasts, Bill could not take his eyes off her. She seemed to be the object of attention of every guy at the party. With so many other guys to choose from, Bill didn't think he had a chance to even get a response to a simple hello from Angie. The normally shy Bill finally got up the nerve to approach her and ask if he could get her a drink. Angie hadn't really been facing Bill when he approached, and when she heard a voice ask if he could get her a drink, she thought the offer was from one of the much younger guys she really wasn't interested in.

As she whirled around, she started to say "No thank you, I . . . .", she caught sight of Bill's face and her eyes immediately locked onto his. For a moment, she was speechless. This wasn't the immature nerd she had been trying to ditch; this was someone who had a more mature look and manner. Bill's eyes were riveted to Angie's and it was like he never heard her initial rejection. After what seemed like minutes they both kind of shook themselves out of the 'instant attraction' trance and started talking. What started out as 'small talk', progressed quickly to revelations of mutual likes. By the end of the party, they were inseparable. Angie's apartment was not too far away but Bill felt it would be safer if he walked her home. The 'front door kiss' turned out to be one that had both of them panting. At that moment, Angie decided that Bill just might be a 'keeper' and wrote her phone number on the palm of his hand, with instructions to call her tomorrow.

That was the start of a whirlwind courtship that lasted barely 4 months, culminating in a quick wedding. The speedy wedding was more due to Bill's hormones and insecurity of not wanting to let Angie slip through his fingers. The wedding and honeymoon were modest in nature. They soon found that neither Bill's or Angie's apartment were adequate for the both of them, so they moved to a larger apartment in a better location. With Bill having just starting with the large accounting firm, they both realized that they could no longer afford to put Angie through college, at least right now. At the end of the semester, Angie dropped out and became a stay at home wife.

In the early years of their marriage, both Bill and Angie were pretty happy. Bill was beginning to slowly advance in the firm and his salary advanced with it. Angie made the effort to make Bill happy when he came home, with at good dinner and fantastic sex later in the evening. Even at the start, Angie seemed to notice that her sex drive was higher than Bill's. It seemed like she needed relief every day, whereas Bill was more of a 'once every other day' kind of guy. Angie resigned herself to fact that they had 'differences' and she would have to live with it.

As time went on, Bill received a couple of promotions as was now working on some of the bigger accounts. Along with the promotions, his salary was increased to match. The only problem was that, working on the bigger accounts, he would sometimes have to travel out of town to the satellite offices to work for as much as 2 weeks at a time. This kind of routine was expected of the accountants at Bill's promotion level. While Angie knew this was expected of Bill, the long times away from home meant she was in sexual turmoil for days on end. It was only relieved when Bill finally came home for the weekend and they could do some catch-up.

This had been the situation for the last few years and Angie was beginning to notice the trips away from home were beginning to show on Bill. Maybe it was exhaustion from long hours or maybe it was something Bill was doing with his free time away from home; whatever it was, Bill's sexual performance at home didn't seem quite what it used to be. Angie was at a loss for what to do. If Bill's problem was due to the long hours, she couldn't very well tell bill to quit, they were too used to living well. If it was that Angie just didn't seem as attractive to him as she once was, she wasn't quite sure how to revitalize things.

One of the things she thought she might try would be to re-arrange and redecorate the rooms. She figured that a change in the way things looked at home might shake Bill out of the ' same old, same old' when he would come home. It was during one of Bill's out of town trips that Angie had acquired some new furniture and was now browsing through some out of the way shops to find something to decorate the walls with. She thought that a nice painting over the bed might accent the new bed and side tables, but all she had seen so far were paintings of fruit and flowers. Just as she was about to walk out the door, when the clerk offered to show her some of the more unusual paintings. With that, he lead her into a more private room in the back of the store. What she saw both surprised and intrigued her.

There were numerous paintings on the wall. Every one of them resembled an old masters work of art; the kind where the subjects were mostly nude. Each painting had a compelling aspect to it. It wasn't until Angie had examined a number of them that it dawned on her what was so compelling about the painting. It was not that the subject was nude but that it seemed like they radiated extreme sexual energy. She looked in the corner of one of the paintings and saw that the artist's name was Michael T.

Angie had never heard of Michael T., and as she started to turn around to ask who the artist was, she found the owner of the shop standing right behind her. The owner had one of the artist's cards in his hand. He knew from past experience that customers who had seen these paintings would be curious to know more. The owner said that the artist worked by appointment only and to call him if you were interested. Angie took the card and soon exited the shop.

Back home, Angie was in the newly re-furnished bedroom and realized that it lacked something. There was nothing on the wall over the headboard. It dawned on her that maybe what needed to be there was something to catch Bill's eye and stimulate his senses. She thought back to the shop with the paintings and thought, "Maybe a portrait of me would be just the ticket to get Bill's attention". She reached for the artist's card on the dresser with one hand and the phone with the other. As she dialed the number she felt her heart start to pound. She had never considered posing for an erotic portrait before and was really nervous about it.

The phone rang several times before someone answered. The voice on the other end answered with a somewhat impatient, out of breath voice. It was the kind of thing where you are in the middle of something and you try to finish what you are doing before answering the phone. When Angie asked to speak to Michael, the man on the other end responded that it was he she was speaking to. Angie explained that she had seen some of the man's work and was wondering if she could speak to him about doing a portrait of her. Michael said he was too busy to talk today but for her to come by tomorrow 1:00pm for a consultation. Tuesday would be fine, since Angie had the whole week to herself with Bill being out of town.

Tuesday afternoon came and Angie found herself sitting on a leather couch in the artist's study. As Michael started to explain his fees and policies, Angie sat back on the couch, sipping the coffee she had been offered earlier. She was still nervous, but somehow this brand of coffee had a calming effect on her. Michael, went on to explain that, in order for the portrait to have its full impact, Angie would probably have to pose nude. Michael said that sometimes he employed some unusual posing techniques to gain the look he was after. Michael asked Angie if she comfortable with that and she agreed without asking to know specifics. With Angie's acceptance, Michael said that he was just finishing up that afternoon with another client and that they could start at 1:00pm the next day.

Wednesday came and Angie found herself standing in large room with opaque skylights. She had dressed somewhat conservatively; button down white blouse, knee length casual skirt, and light makeup. In the middle of the room, under the skylights, was a divan type of couch with a comfortable chair opposite it. Next to the chair was a small table.

Michael again offered her some of the delicious coffee she had tasted the day before. As Angie sipped, she watched Michael busy himself with placing various pencils and a sketch pad on the table next to the chair. She hadn't paid too much attention the day before but today she started to notice Michael's features as he began to query Angie about how she felt about her body and, how she felt about posing, and what kind of lighting would be in the room where the painting would be hanging. As he explained that all those things affected the way he painted her, she made mental notes about his powerful facial features, large soft hands, the button-down shirt that hid what appeared to be a trim upper body, and casual slacks.

At last, Michael had gathered up all the things he would need for the initial sketches. He told Angie to stay seated as she was and just be comfortable. He explained that for the first few days, he would just be doing preliminary sketches of her. With that, Michael sat back in his easy chair and started sketching.

Michael was the kind of painter who was a perfectionist. He made detailed sketches of her arms, hands and fingers. As they talked about things in general, he began detail sketches of her face. He made notations on the sketch about her eyes, nose, and full mouth. He then had Angie stand up so that he could make sketches of her body. He drew different pages of first the front of her, noting her general body shape. He turned her to the side and made more sketches, noting how her firm breasts filled out her blouse. He also made notes about how her skirt flowed over her hips, and how her long hair flowed down her back.

At 5:00pm, he put down his sketch pad and told Angie that he was done for the day. He had made a number of sketches of her and that he would need some time to review them. It had been somewhat tiring for Angie as well, having to stand for long periods of time while Michael sketched. Michael got up from his chair and walked over to a desk in the corner of the room to retrieve his appointment book. Flipping through the pages, he told Angie that the next day was booked and asked if she could come back on Friday at 1:00pm. With her acknowledgement he unemotionally said "Fine, see you then". Angie felt her first day had gone well. Not quite what she expected since she had to do a lot of standing, but still felt very comfortable with Michael. On Thursday, Angie didn't really give the next day's session much thought. It was kind of like a notation on the calendar to pick up the dry cleaning.

Friday at 1:00pm, she again found herself in Michael's studio. Michael again provided her with some of his wonderful coffee. As she sipped, he busied himself with locating the pencils, charcoal, and sketch pad. All the while asking Angie how she felt about her first session and how her day went since Wednesday. As on Wednesday, Angie had dressed in similar fashion and so had Michael. Michael had asked that she not wear hose because he wanted the natural shape of her legs to be revealed.

After Angie had drank most of her coffee, feeling really relaxed, and Michael had gathered up and placed on his table all the things he would need for the session, he indicated it was time to proceed with his sketches. He told Angie that today, he would be doing full body sketches of her in various poses on the divan. Angie was about to sit down when Michael stopped her. He told her that she would have to do without the shoes, blouse, and skirt so that he would be able to sketch how her whole body looked in each pose. As she started to unbutton her blouse, Michael stopped her, telling her that he wanted her to be totally relaxed. To do that, he wanted her to stand up straight, close her eyes, and think of nothing except the sensations on her skin as Michael removed her clothes for her.

As Angie stood there, she felt Michaels fingers pull down the zipper to her skirt, barley feeling her skirt puddle around her ankles. She felt the palms of his hands gently caress her hips through the high-rise panties she wore. They felt so warm and stimulating. Next, she felt the top button of her blouse being undone. This was soon followed by the rest. When the last one had been undone, she felt his hands slowly open her blouse to reveal the frilly braw she had worn. With her eyes still closed, she swore she could also feel a warm breeze like someone's breath, make the skin around her cleavage come alive. She felt the blouse pulled off her shoulders and slide down her arms until it too lay on the floor at her feet. She was now in just bra and panties but she did not feel uncomfortable, as Michael led her to the divan to recline her partially at one end. With her eyes still closed, she again felt as if a warm breath were traversing down her whole body. She heard Michael move off and heard the sound of him sitting on his 'drawing chair'.

For quite some time, she stayed in that position as Michael sketched. As time went on, he began to pose her in various other positions. In one, she was standing sideways, bent over, with one knee on the cushion and both hands on the back of her back at her waist. In another, he had her standing with her back to him, bent over, with her legs wide apart. Angie thought it strange, some of the poses he asked of her but did not question him about it. Finally with the day getting late, Michael announced that he was finished for the day. As Angie dressed, Michael consulted his appointment book again. He said he needed the weekend to study his sketches and told her to report back on Monday at the same time as usual.

Angie arrived home in time to fix Bill's dinner and have it on the table just as he walked through the door. All through dinner, Bill talked of how his week went, barely giving Angie time to get a word in edge-wise. Bill seemed tense and tired at the same time and Angie sensed things would not lead up to the warm welcome she had planned. It seemed as though the portrait sessions during the week had put her in a higher state of arousal than normal and she was eager to find some satisfaction when Bill returned home. Needless to say, Bill's tense and tired state of mind only resulted in a mediocre love making session. Bill came as Angie felt like she just getting going. Bill fell asleep, as Angie lay there frustrated that he had not taken care of her.

The next day, Bill spent most of the day pouring over facts and figures he'd taken home from the client site. Bill told her that he was real close to wrapping things up with the client and that this following week should do it. After that, the firm would be giving him a week off as appreciation for his hard work. As the evening wore on and Bill worked late into the night, Angie knew that this would be another night of frustration.

Sunday came, and Bill was packing his suitcase for the trip out of town. Angie expressed her frustration at how the weekend had not gone as planned. Bill assured her that the coming weekend would be different. With that, he was out the door, heading for the out-of-town client again, leaving Angie at the door wondering how she would manage the coming week and the pent-up sexual tension she had hoped would have been relieved when Bill had been home. Maybe the portrait would stir Bill to a more passionate level. With that thought in mind, she looked forward to Monday afternoon.

Monday afternoon came and again she was in Michael's studio. As usual Michael had placed a coffee cup in her had while he prepared. Angie noticed that the coffee today tasted a little different. It wasn't a bad different but a more soothing, relaxing, energizing different. Angie was sipping the last few drops when Michael announced he was ready. As before, the couch was still in the center of the room but this time, 6 feet in front of the couch there was an easel with a canvas on it and a stool for Michael to sit on. Michael lead Angie over to the couch and stand in front of it. As on Friday, he told her he was going to have her that he was going to start with the actual painting and that she would be nude on the couch.

Angie started to undress but Michael stopped her. As before on Friday, he wanted her to stay in a completely relaxed state. In order to maintain that state, he would have her close her eyes and he would undress her. Closing her eyes and tilting her head back slightly, Angie relaxed and let Michael begin. She was feeling the effects of the soothing coffee Michael had given her and besides, Michael had done this on Friday and it was not an unpleasant experience. So Angie stood there concentrating on being in a relaxed state while Michael unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Next, he deftly unbuttoned her blouse, slid it off her shoulders, and let it fall to the floor.

Angie hardly noticed as her clothing slid off her body onto the floor. While Michael's hands were busy removing her clothes, her ears were bathed in an endless continuous appraisal of how beautiful her body was. Angie was becoming lost in his words. She barely noticed when he unhooked the clasp on her bra, slipped the straps off her shoulders, and let it fall to the floor. Angie's firm breasts barely moved when the support of her bra was removed. She also barely noticed as Michael slid her high-rise panties down her waist, down her thighs, and puddle at her ankles. She was totally nude now and her mind was totally lost in concentrating on her mind cleared of all thought.

Michael gently leaned her body back on the couch at one end so that her head was on the pillows placed there, her leg closest to the back of the couch raised up at the knee and the other leg stretched out full. He placed her one hand on her upraised knee. Michael turned her head toward him and at the same time tilted it upward. slightly. Michael told her to keep her eyes closed and empty her mind of all thought except that which might give her sexual pleasure. As a finishing touch, Michael draped a thin, transparent material across her arm and one leg. The effect was similar to a great 15th century master painter.

As soon as she was in the proper position, he instructed her not to move, whatever happened. With that, he sat down at is easel and began to paint. He concentrated first on he legs and arms. Next came her upper body. He filled in her stomach and chest, deliberately leaving her breasts and pussy unpainted. He knew that in her totally calm state, her tits and pussy did not exude the sexual feeling he wanted.

The sight of this beautiful naked woman in front of him was beginning to affect him. He began to feel warm all over. His erection was starting to strain in his pants. He set down his brush and walked over to Angie, whispering to her that he was going to stimulate certain parts of her body and that she was to keep her eyes closed. With that, his fingers started to lightly trace around her nipples. As the sensation started to take effect, her nipples started to harden and swell. In the mean time, his other hand traced down her neatly trimmed pussy hair to the top of her slit. Once finding it Michael began to probe her pussy, first brushing her clit, then pushing his finger deep into her pussy. His fingers on her nipple were replaced with his tongue and lips; she tasted so good. All this attention on her tits and pussy was driving her crazy. She started to thrust her breasts out to get more of his attention. Her hips started to slowly gyrate back and forth. Her breathing became ragged. Little sweat beads were starting to form all over her body.

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