tagSci-Fi & FantasyEscape from Earth Ch. 02

Escape from Earth Ch. 02


By the time Adam and Xanxaa jumped back into the car, the rain had become torrential and they were completely drenched. He started the car, put it into reverse, "Alright, we'll head back to my place and figure out our next step."

She reached over and placed her hand on his forearm. Even though he was soaked to the bone, her touch almost took away his chill. "Do you have any food? I am quite hungry."

"Um... no, not here. When we get to my place, I have some..." He became a little dejected as he mentally perused his kitchen, because other than some cereal and questionable milk, he honestly had no idea what he could offer her. "Uh, actually I don't have much there. I can stop and get us something... well, whatever four dollars can buy us." He smiled at her, but as he heard the words come out of his mouth, Adam was amazed that this had been his life for some time. Before this particular moment it had all seemed natural, but now he couldn't believe how pathetic he sounded. "Hey, I'm sure I can scrounge up something for you!" He hoped he sounded enthusiastic enough to be convincing.

After driving down the road for a few miles, she pointed excitedly as the lights of a small convenient store came into view. "Does this place have food?"

"What, that Swifty Mart there? Yeah, but those places are a lot more expensive and I don't have..."

"I shall pay for us. Stop here," she asked, and he reluctantly complied. He wanted to ask her if she had any money, but she was entranced by the entire gas station, which to Adam was a tacky shithole that no one would willingly step into. Nevertheless she beamed with delight as he rolled to a stop by the front door.

A young man, probably barely out of high school, came to the front door with a tired look on his face. "We're closed," he said listlessly. But his eyes grew wide when he saw the naked woman with enormous breasts open the passenger door and walk towards the store.

"Whoa!" Adam called out, "You can't just..." but she ignored whatever he was about to say regarding public nudity. She was about to say something to the young man in the store, but the attendant immediately unlocked the door and opened it for her. She smiled at the boy as she strode by him, and he was so focused on leering at Xanxaa's body that he nearly shut the door in Adam's face as he tried to walk in behind her.

Xanxaa went to the front and examined different types of fruit, while Adam walked around and grabbed some bags of chips and candy bars that were on sale. He hoped the junk food in his arms would come out to be less than four dollars by the time he plunked it all down on the front counter. As Xanxaa placed a handful of apples and bananas on top of the Doritos and Twix, the boy said nervously, "Y... you want me to ring all this up?"

"What I want," Xanxaa said in a sultry voice as she walked around the counter, "is to give you your payment."

When she turned the corner behind the counter and approached the attendant, he nervously said, "Uh... you're not supposed to... you can't be back here." But he stood perfectly still as she knelt in front of him with a smile and unfastened his belt.

As soon as she had pulled his pants below his knees, she wrapped her lips around his quivering erection. She slowly pulled her head up and down his shaft as he moaned with disbelief. Adam was a little jealous watching her giving someone else a blowjob, but she had implied this was common in her culture so he felt judgmental and prudish about being bothered.

Xanxaa turned her head to the side and slid her tongue around the veins on his shaft, but when she licked the tip of his cock repeatedly, the boy threw his head back and groaned. His fingers were clenched on the side counter as though he were holding himself up as she pushed his throbbing dick deep into her throat again. She was sucking hard as her head quickly bobbed back and forth. Now that she was slapping her forehead against his groin, the attendant's carnal grunting filled the empty store.

Adam recognized the gasping smile of the boy as the signal he had achieved orgasm, but Xanxaa's head hadn't slowed down as he watched her gulp several times. Eventually she slowed down and when she opened her mouth, Adam could see strings of cum between her lips and the boy's quivering dick. She licked her lips and then spent a few more seconds sliding her tongue up and down his shaft until it was glistening with her spittle.

She stood up and smiled at him before spinning on her heels and rejoined Adam on the other side of the counter. She picked up half the pile of food and with a grin said, "Thank you!" as she sauntered out the door. Adam hesitated momentarily before he picked up the remaining food. He dropped a candy bar on the way out but decided to leave it there as he threw the snacks in the back of the car through the shattered back window and then drove away as quickly as he could.

Xanxaa examined an apple inquisitively for a few seconds and when she bit into it, she giggled as juice poured down her chin and onto her humongous breasts. Adam was trying hard to keep his eyes on the road, but he couldn't stop glancing over at her beautiful, naked body. He broke the silence with "Thank you."

"Oh, wonderful!" she said excitedly as she half-turned towards him. She sat expectantly for several seconds while Adam tried to read her face for clues about what to do next. After a while, he face became disappointed as she asked, "Aren't you going to thank me?"

"I'm sorry," Adam said confused, "I don't... know what it is you want me to do."

"I want you thank me."

"I just did," he said trying not to sound as surprised as he felt. "I... I said 'thank you.'"

"Ah, I remember. Things are different on your world." She seemed disheartened as she re-positioned her back against the seat.

"On my...? What did you think I was... I mean, I know how you thanked me." He paused for a moment as they drove under a long series of streetlights. "So... uh, how do guys say 'thank you' to you on your world?"

"At a minimum," Xanxaa spoke with a matter of fact tone in her voice, "someone would either fondle my breasts or put their fingers inside me until I became wet."

The car swerved slightly as Adam tried to keep his grip on the wheel. "You mean, men just... fingerfuck you?"

"Men and women. It's just simple courtesy." She said with a grin. "Of course, for a larger thank you, the person is expected to gratify the other." Adam had never heard fucking described so dispassionately, but he imagined a world where blowjobs and fucking were common ways to interact would be a very interesting place to live.

They drove another mile in silence, and Adam felt uncomfortable as though he had been disrespectful and insulting. He wasn't sure whether to do what she suggested, but he tried to imagine what proper behavior on her planet would be. He then decided to reach over and grab her naked, jiggling breast. As he rubbed her nipple in his fingers, he said, "Ok, well, it's a little difficult to do while I'm driving but... I mean, I don't want to be rude." He looked over and saw her smiling as his fingers spread across her chest and gently squeezed.

Her skin was the softest flesh had ever felt. The texture of her green skin was a little more spongy than human flesh, and he loved the feel of her beneath his fingers. He was happy when she began groaning in appreciation, which made him squeeze her tit even harder.

When he came to a stoplight, he looked over and saw her thighs spread apart a little to reveal her pubic hairs. He slid his hand down into her groin and found the folds of her pussy, which were already wet. She pulled her left thigh back so that he could push his fingers inside her. He felt around and tried to find her clitoris, but the little nub eluded him.

The light had changed by now, so as he drove down the street, he continued sliding his fingers in and out of her. He was disappointed that his apartment building was just ahead, because he didn't want to stop feeling the drenched walls of her vagina.

He pulled his hand back so that he could park along the street. She said, "You're welcome," with a voice that was more of a delighted sigh. He thought about doing something to cover his broken back window to make it less conspicuous, but he figured his back seats were already drenched and he didn't feel like standing out in the rain any longer than needed to get to the front door of the complex. He scooped up most of the food from the back and led her into his building.

Adam held the door open for her, and as she walked through, he asked "So your people just... you fuck people all the time?"

"Of course," she said, surprised at Adam's bewilderment. "One is expected to show manners." She shrugged as he led her toward the stairwell, "I find your world peculiar. For me, sex is a wonderful way to show appreciation. On your world, you keep your sex hidden in shame. Or else you use it as a weapon."

By this time, they had already walked up the stairs and Adam was fishing the keys to his apartment out of his pocket. "Weapon? Is that what that whole chase was about?" he asked as he let her inside and closed the door behind him, " I mean, I don't want to pry. It's just... I don't understand why the military is after you."

"Forgive me, Adam, I do appreciate all you have done for me. And I sense you are a good man. But I am still not sure how much I can trust anyone on this world, including you. I am sorry." As she looked around at all the crap in his apartment, he wasn't sure if she was really talking about all humans or just him. She seemed particular taken by a scattered pile of men's magazines with women in bikinis and cut off t-shirts revealing substantial underboob. Adam felt a little self-conscious about having those magazines lying around, but considering she was completely naked, he wasn't sure what he had to be embarrassed about.

"No, I get it," he said as he threw all the food on his table. "If I was captured somewhere strange, I wouldn't know who to trust either."

"Thank you for understanding." An awkward silence descended over the both of them for a minute, which was interrupted by a loud knock on the door.

"I know you're in there! Don't pretend you're not!!" Shit, Adam thought to himself, immediately recognizing the voice as his landlord who undoubtedly had seen him coming in. Mr. Wiggins had been writing notes that he was going to evict Adam if he didn't pay the rent soon, and he was afraid the old man was there to make good on his threat. "Open this fucking door!"

"Alright! Alright!" Adam yelled, as he unlocked the door. Mr. Wiggins was a man in his sixties with hair that was fading from his top and had almost completely changed to white. He had a thick white moustache and four-day stubble on his chin.

He bolted into the room directly toward Adam without looking anywhere else. "I want my money now or I will throw all your shit out to the front lawn." He pressed his wrinkled finger into Adam's chest.

"Here's the thing, Mr. Wiggins," Adam's mind swirled with possible scenarios and lies that he could offer to buy him more time, but he couldn't settle on anything that sounded reasonable.

"Can I pay for him?" Xanxaa asked. Mr. Wiggins hadn't noticed her before, but as soon as he looked in the direction of her voice, he froze motionless and Adam wondered if he was still breathing. Mr. Wiggins was dumbfounded as Xanxaa unsnapped his jeans and pushed his clothes to the floor. With his feet restricted, she pressed her enormous breasts against his chest and wrapped one of her legs around his waist. Her pussy was still wet as she pushed her groin against his cock until it slid inside her.

She moaned as though she received some pleasure from feeling the old man's cock penetrate her, but Adam couldn't help the sly smile on her face she had when she caught his eye as though admitting she was unimpressed but happy to go through the experience in order to help him. As Mr. Wiggins held on to her hips and grunted as he thrust his groin into hers, Xanxaa never took her eyes off of Adam. He wasn't sure whether to feel unnerved by the intensity of her gaze into his eyes, feel jealous that this woman he brought to his apartment is being fucked by another man, or turned on by watching their bodies erotically crash into each other.

She quietly motioned for Adam to approach her which he obediently, although hesitatingly, did. He stood behind her as she took his hand and pulled it up to her tits. Together, their intertwining fingers pushed into her soft skin as her moans of pleasure became louder. Adam reached around with his other arm and grabbed both of her breasts, switching between fondling her enormous mounds of flesh and pinching her erect nipples.

Her hands fell to her sides and, when they found his hips, pulled Adam closer until his crotch pressed against her buttocks. He stopped squeezing her bosoms briefly enough for him to drop his pants and release his throbbing erection. Xanxaa dug her fingers into her ass cheeks and spread them apart so that Adam could push his rock-hard shaft into her ass.

Adam had never had the nerve to ask any woman he ever dated to fuck her in the ass, and honestly he wasn't entirely sure it was something he really wanted. But now that he was feeling his stiffness pushing inside her small cavity that was clenching his cock with a tightness that made him have to remind himself consciously to breathe, he felt a sexual ecstasy that he had only dreamed of feeling with anyone. Her anal tunnel was so small that he would have been concerned about hurting her if his brain had not grown hazy as if sedated by a concentrated narcotic.

Mr. Wiggins's grunting transform into a growl, and his thrusting became faster as he gasped for air. Even in his blissful fog, Adam wondered whether the geezer might have a heart attack as the older man drove his body into her pussy with a lecherous smile frozen on his beet-red face glistening with sweat.

But his growl quickly became louder as the pace of thrusting slowed to nothing. Adam had only plunged himself halfway into her eight times before the landlord pulled his gratified, wrinkled dick out of her. Adam continued slowly pulling and pushing the top half of his cock inside her tiny cavity, as Xanxaa leaned over and kissed the man on his wrinkled cheek.

Adam had became self-conscious and embarrassed of his ass-fucking since Mr. Wiggins was now watching him curiously, as though wondering when he would also get the opportunity to fuck her in the ass, and Adam reluctantly slid himself out. As several globs of cum dropped to the floor, Adam shivered at the thought of cleaning up the old man's jism later.

Xanxaa pressed her lips into the landlord's ear and purred, "That was great," but she was looking out the side of her eyes at Adam.

He grinned for a few seconds, then jerked to reality and sneered at Adam, "Hrmmph," As he snapped his pants, he barked at Adam "you still owe me your rent, you bastard." His eyes darted to the side to catch another glimpse of the woman's humongous, naked breasts, "You have two more weeks," he said with a grumble.

He was heading toward the door when he stopped beside Adam and, without looking at him, whispered, "Bring your whore to my office tomorrow, and I'll give you another four weeks." He strode out the door and closed it loudly behind him.

"You didn't have to do that," Adam said with more disapproval than he intended.

Xanxaa giggled obliviously, "I was glad to offer payment on your behalf."

"Is that what that was?"

"Of course," she said as she flashed a bubbly smile. She looked around the room for a moment, "On my world, we clean ourselves often. Do you have a... what do you call it here, a place to wash yourself with warm vaporized water?"

"Like a sauna? No," he responded, "But I do have a shower. It's in the bathroom right there," he said pointing to a non-descript door nearby. He led her in front of the room so that she could see for herself.

Her eyes fluttered for a moment as she leaned in and looked into the shower stall, then she asked, "What is this... shower? It looks like water... falls on you?"

"Yeah," he said a little too eagerly, but he was excited that even his crappy apartment actually had something that would be useful to her. "Do you need me to show you how to turn it on?"

"I would rather you join me," she said with a devilish grin. After all the sex he had had over the last several hours, Adam was feeling a little overloaded, and he wasn't entirely sure just how much more his body could take. She laughed as she ran her fingers through her long hair, "I enjoy getting clean with others." And he subconsciously cursed his hormones as he followed her swaying hips into the bathroom.

As she slipped off her boots, it didn't take long for him to take off his clothes and start the shower running, although it did take longer than it needed with the distraction of her pressing her naked body behind him and slowly running her hands over his skin. By the time the water had warmed up and they entered the shower stall, she had already coaxed his penis into another full erection and was deftly stroking her fingers up and down the veins on his shaft.

The stall was not much bigger than the two of them, but neither minded being so close to the other. Adam poured some shower gel into his hands and then lathered her chest so that tiny soap bubbles formed and then slid off her giant tits. She laughed at the sensation and then did the same for him until they were locked in an embrace and massaging each other's backs and held their wet, soapy bodies against each other.

When she reached down and pulled his cock toward her crotch, he grabbed her slippery buttocks tightly to lift her up and press her against the tile on the shower wall. She wrapped her legs around his waist as his lubricated cock easily slid inside her drenched cunt. She gasped with approval as he slowly glided in and out of her receptive pussy while the warm shower water gushed onto their soaked, entwined bodies.

She closed her eyes and threw her head back with a smile when Adam leaned forward and began kissing the side of her neck, and small, drenched strands of red hair fell all over her shoulders and back. Adam remembered a time a friend confided to him that he didn't want to get married, then asked Adam to keep his secret, which he did even after the wedding. He felt her warm hands pull his head closer, so when he playfully gnawed on the soft slope of her neck with his teeth, she moaned with both surprise and appreciation.

Even though he was capable of completely holding her smaller, lighter body as he lunged his cock deep inside her, she used her legs and arms to hammer her body into his in rhythm to his quickening thrusts like a metronome. Their soapy, drenched skin slapped against each other as the steam in the shower swirled around them and encircled their passionate collisions.

Her panting became higher and pitch while his carnal grunting rumbled deep in his throat. When Adam was sixteen, he saw a fellow high school student steal some candy bars from behind the rack, which he told the police after the clerk reported the theft. He shook his head vigorously to dispel the weird memories surfacing in his mind and focus on the wet, voluptuous woman he was fucking. She clenched the muscles around her pussy so that the throbbing of his cock pressed against the pulsing, spongy walls of her vagina.

For a brief second, Adam saw a blur of colors race through his mind. He shook it off but he felt another wave of hazy images rush into him like a drill in his head. He felt his arms tied behind his back as a wrinkly man in an unbuttoned military suit slammed his body against his. The old man with the white moustache grinned before slapping his palm against his cheek.

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