tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEstrella War XVIIII: Mollo's Story

Estrella War XVIIII: Mollo's Story

byJoseki Ko©

Authors note: Estrella War is an actual gathering of the Society for Creative Anachronism. (SCA) It happens every year on Valentines Day at Estrella Park, just outside of Phoenix Arizona. On the average Eight to Ten thousand people come from all over the world to fight in this war. We put on armor, take up weapons and step onto a prepared field of battle where we beat each other senseless...all in the name of good fun. There are only three things to do at war, drink, fight, or fuck. If you can't get laid at Estrella War you just haven't had enough to drink.

It was interesting to find out that the Mollo (The Elephant) had women problems.

Mollo continues the tale...

We'd been drinking and carousing when it happened. As we were walking along with our rolling keg, she came rolling out of an encampment. Five and a half feet of mobile sex drive. She slammed into me and pressed me back onto the keg and reached here entire hand into my shirt. Now. I've always been somewhat hairy and the feeling of her hand running through the forest on my chest was, well, it was quite disturbing.

She kept repeating "You are my new husband." I really started to worry when she tugged on me trying to get me back to her tent. I looked to my cousin Osito and my buddy Joseki, and they just kind of looked at each other and shrugged. I was apparently on my own.

I was trying to make excuses and escape her clutches when she called in the cavalry. This veritable gaggle of women descended upon me. I felt hands on my shirt, my belt and even my butt. I was surprised enough that it got me moving. I cast one last desperate look back over my shoulder as I was led away. I saw the guys kind of wave at me and they turned back to the party.

I never really quite dug in my heels and I'm not sure it would have mattered. There were so many of them pushing pulling and tugging on me. I have to admit I kind of found it flattering as well. It's fun to be wanted by so many women, even if many are ugly as sin.

I thought we'd end up sitting by the campfire singing songs and drinking. I found this thought to be in error as they dragged me into a tent. Now I've always thought that you really couldn't force a man to ejaculate. It seems I was wrong. Before I quite had my bearings, the women had borne me down to the ground and were holding me down...one woman on each arm or leg.

I felt my kilt being lifted and then there was a greedy mouth sucking on me. I tried to fight my way to my feet but found several hundred pounds on each arm too much to move. As hard as I tried I was held fast.

In spite of myself I melt my dick harden. Then sensations it was going through were intense. A tongue would rub up and down it and I'd feel teeth just barely scrape along it. Faster and faster she worked bringing me to attention.

When I was hard enough to suit her she pulled up her dress and mounted me. I thought that would be the extent of it as she rode me. Again I was mistaken. One of her friends inserted her finger into my ass and worked it back and forth massaging my prostate. I didn't know it was possible to rape a man. I came as hard as I have in my life. I tried to arch my body but the large amount of weight held me fast and I felt my muscles strain and stretch as I tried to get away from that invading digit.

But I was not done. She changed positions with one of my holders and each worked their way through me, raping me one after another. That night I had more sex than I'd ever thought possible. I was taken by two blondes, three brunettes, a redhead, and Lord only knows why, a woman with pink hair.

By the time all seven had finished I was rubbed raw and tired beyond belief. They let me up and I managed to make my escape. As I caught up to the rolling party I saw Osito and Joseki look me over and grin at my limp and ruffled clothing.

The Bastards!

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